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  • Feds Target Yard Sales

    Thinking of having a fall yard sale to clean out some of the clutter from your house? Be careful, or it could get you in trouble with the Feds, and cost you up to $15 million in fines. Its no joke: the Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched a new enforcement campaign, which it calls “Resale Round-up,” targeting the resale of potentially harmful children’s toys and other consumer products. Potential violators, the CPSC warns, include “thrift stores, consignment stores, charities, and individuals holding yard sales and flea markets.” Even e-bay sales are at risk.

    The initiative is an outgrowth of legislation enacted by Congress last year tightening safety rules in the wake of disclosures of lead and other defects in Chinese-made toys sold in the U.S. Of course, no one is in favor of unsafe toys. But does it really make sense to target the millions of Americans who re-sell items from their own home each year? Simply identifying what is prohibited and what is not can be a challenge — even with the help of CPSC’s 24-page handbook on the topic. Have books to sell? OK, says CPSC, as as long as they aren’t printed after 1985 and have a metal spiral binding (which may contain lead paint). Old clothing? Not OK if it has rhinestones or vinyl plastic snaps.

    Not sure if a toy has lead in it? The booklet happily explains that it “would make sense to test” for lead, suggesting: “You may want to hire a qualified, trained person in your area who can quickly screen all of your suspect products with a handheld device called an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) machine.” Or, presumably, you can do it yourself if you have a spare XRF machine in your basement.

    No word on how CPSC will be enforcing these rules. Will there be yard sale police going from cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac on weekends? Hotlines to report neighbors peddling black market Thomas the Tank Engine trains? The mind boggles.

    Product safety is a serious issue, and there certainly is a role for government is protecting consumers from dangerous products. But targeting neighborhood yard sales can’t be the best way to do it. Its no way to run a railroad, not even a little toy one.

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    32 Responses to Feds Target Yard Sales

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    3. Roger D Henderson Nv says:

      Toilet paper, yard sales, medical care its hard believe that all this crap is coming from people who really think that they are making all these LAWS for OUR own good. I can’t even imagine where people who think like this come from. They want to control every facet of our lives. There are already rumors of limiting the number of children a family can have. And remember they will us to thank them for taking such good care of us.

      "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed Lamb contesting the vote." – Ben Franklin

      "The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles."

      Ayn Rand

    4. Nutmeg State Conserv says:

      If you didn't know this was real, you would swear it was a joke! This is just a ridiculous example of government largesse and the tentacles of bureaucracy invading all areas of our lives. This must be stopped.

      I am glad we have big brother and Obama continuing to protect and guide us ignorant peons in the general public.

      What a disgrace!


    5. Perry OK says:

      US govt for sale!6.5 trillionm

    6. Charles W. Beck II, says:

      Remember, that all of the Feds don't work for free. It's our taxes that they're taking to do this nonsense.

    7. BTfrom Ohio says:

      "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

      -Thomas Jefferson

    8. Corky, Howey in the says:

      This is sad beyond limits. We need to just get rid of the democratic party altogether. They are NOT Americans. They are just children with some power and don't know how to use it properly. WE Will Shut Them Down in 2010!!! We're coming to get you Peloci, Reid, and the rest of your gang.

    9. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      Let's not forget the IRS. Reselling an asset has its tax liabilities. It certainly is comforting to wake up each day and discover another government intrusion into our lives. But I forget, look at all the people the government can hire to enforce these new regulations. How else can Obama reach his goal of 4 million new jobs to be created.

    10. Normca says:

      Government intervention is very intrusive and most of us who read this forum do not want any more of it. However as one who evaluates US distributors for products made in China, we do need some way to check for lead content on things children can be harmed from. Some distributors do not have their new products, made in Hong Kong checked for lead or for parts that can be easily separated and put in the mouth, a choking hazard. Parents who buy toys, whose package reads made in China do need to check them for lead. Look in the yellow pages for the x-ray services or best yet, only buy Made in America.

    11. Richard B Lewis, Ham says:

      Communism is alive and well in Obama Land!!

    12. Anita says:

      Buying at garage sales is the only way we can be sure that the money we spend stays in America. That is probably the reason we are being subjected to this kind of harassment. I can hardly wait to see what rights we'll be stripped of next.

    13. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      "If you forget the past, you are doomed to repeat it" Look at the was Hitler started and then was communism started,Cuban children in school, then look at the clip of the school children singing praise to Obama, this is called indoctrination. This President has showed his contempt for us and his alienation to Chavez and communism, he wants to control us, that is unconstitutional, NOT IF, BUT WHEN is someone going to bring him befor the Supreme Court and also force an empeachment, also criminal charges should be brought against Pelosi and Reid, this is TREASON

    14. Susan Zarowny, Detro says:

      The Dems need to get a life of their own and let the rest of us live our lives.

    15. S Barringer, Lansing says:

      Big Brother IS here.

    16. Tim Az says:

      The cruelty of liberalism knows no bounds. Liberals greed supplants those in need. How's that hope and change working out for you?

    17. Lori, Farmington Hil says:

      Didn't a law enforcement agency "shut down" a kids lemonade stand in the last year? Something about claiming the kids didn't get a permit to sell lemonade? ugh

    18. Alan, San Deigo says:

      This is another example of punishing the people for government inaction. Why didn't the CSPC do its job in the first place and require testing of all products made in China before they let them into ther country? Why wasn't Congress motivated to make such a mandate, given China's pathetic record on the subject? Or did illegal campaign contributions by Chinese agents get in the way?

    19. Peggy, Massillon, OH says:

      Watching tax evader Geithner on C-Span trying to sell the HR on Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Agency would regulate all financial product providers. Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Macy's, car rentals, CPAs and any other entity that provides credit or financial products will be regulated the same as banks. I do not get how CPAs offer financial products or credit cards or lines of credit. Another massive government take over of the private sector. Regulations will also create a "too big to fail" status for tier 1 financial firms, which will guarantee gov. bail outs in future.

    20. John Sharp,Federal W says:

      Simple answer here..Just have our benevolent "leaders" use some of the "Stimulus" $$$ to provide either ALL incoming foreign or local manufacturer's "goods" an "XRF"..X-Ray Flourescence machine (MENTIONED ABOVE ) to "scan" these "goods" for the hazardous contaminant substances they want to find…Then we can also have more of these XRF units installed in ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICES..NATIONAL & STATE..TO SCAN THE "CRAINIAL VACUUMS" OF THOSE WE'VE MISGUIDEDLY ELECTED TO THEIR POSITIONS FOR "CONTAMINATION" & THUS HAVE THEM "ELIMINATED" AS A NATIONAL & STATE "BIO-HAZARD"..ISN'T THAT A "LAW" THEY'VE ALREADY PUT ON THE BOOKS..?? Come 2010 & 2012 if WE DON'T GET'EM OUTTA THERE..AIN'T NOTHING GONNA CHANGE!! AMEN??

    21. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Sure going to be a lot of unsolved beatings!


    22. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Liberal Fascism is real. It is this and a thousand other things. Truly, the government has ruined my life! More than anything else. And most often it was Liberal Fascism! Smarmy do-gooder solutions from Democratic idiots, all nice and back stopped by Republicans who hummed and looked the other way.

    23. John Roane Sarasota says:

      When buying at yard sales use cash and when selling accept Euro's they are worth more each day then ours.

    24. Jerry from Chicago says:

      So we now have a "Garage Sale Czar"? Heritage please tell us the name of this individual. I would like to address my comments to the right person.

    25. Z-man Virginia says:

      At the rate the current administration is spending money we don't have and opening the borders to illegals,proposing cap & tax, Universal health care (even if you would like to visit the USA) You know just to get free health care…….blah,blah,blah enough is enough We cannot wait till 2010 to vote these fools out of office!!!

    26. Bo says:

      I suspect stimulus money will be spent at an accelerated rate as the Nov 2010 election approaches, so that the demo's can pander for your vote. Problem is, what about the financial hell they are intentionally putting us through now for their own selfish gains in 2010.

    27. Tony Fort Lauderdale says:

      Wake up people this was signed into law by President Bush in August of 2008.

      From the CPSC handbook:

      On August 14, 2008, the President signed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) into law. This Handbook for Resale Stores and Product Resellers was created by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to help sellers of used products understand the new law and existing regulations.

      Darn those Republicans.

    28. Slick in Nebraska says:

      Hey Fellow Americans:

      If you think it can't get any worse, get ready for Big O to appoint his next Czar after "The Garage Sale Czar". . . "The Toilet Paper Czar." You know, once we get all those hoarding garage sellers under control, we will have to find a way to drastically reduce the waste of trees "going down the drain." And the list will go on getting more and more ridiculous until FINALLY we stand up and quit paying our taxes.

      If they have NO MONEY and they can't print any more, they won't stay long because who is going to make their $175,000 a year salary good with a GUARANTEED 5% increase EVERY single year plus all those cushy benefits . . . and they only work about 185 days a year!!! After all, most of these folks never did an honest day's work in their live. They were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and learned at an early age how to suck the life blood out of others!!! When the host dies, the blood sucker either moves on or dies, too!

      I don't know about any of you but I am really tired of working my buns off six days week in order to send my tax money to Washington, and then watch them waste my tax dollars AND yours! Not only that, enough is NEVER enough so maybe we should just quit paying and see how that works since nothing else has helped to date.

      I say, DON'T PAY!!!!!!

    29. Ross writes in Brade says:

      For years now,cities and states continue to ignore federal law concerning immigration by declaring themselves "illegal immigrate free(friendly) zones"…sounds like a good plan.

      Maybe, we should do this for yard sales, toilet paper, and medical care; even "cap and trade" tax to keep the feds out of our business. What about it states, county, and city elected officials.

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    31. Paul from MI says:

      The elastic clause is being stretched beyond the comprehension of even FDR. Some day it may snap.

      In the mean while we lose more of our liberties.

      Free people are not equal and equal people are not free.

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