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  • Oops, Bush Did It Again

    Poor Dubya. Not even the 43rd president’s exercise regimen — biking and running in addition to hitting the White House gym — is safe from No. 44’s criticism.

    Joe Curl wrote in The Washington Times the other day how President Obama and congressional liberals think the ol’ “blame Bush” refrain will keep working  for them in the  2010 midterm elections. (Karl Rove, for one, doubts it. ”They have been doing that very intentionally in New Jersey and Virginia thus far,” the former president’s top strategist notes, “and both their candidates are behind.”)

    One clue Curl missed in the Bush blame game, though, was in the dishy details of that 25-minute, friendly interview with Obama published Sunday by the Toledo Blade and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    “President Bush biked a lot,” one of the four reporters and editors ventured. “Do you exercise daily?”

    To which Obama replied:

    I do, we got a little gym up there in the residence — treadmill, elliptical, and some weights. The biking thing or the running thing, the problem is that it really puts a strain on the Secret Service because they basically have to shut down a whole section and so I always feel guilty about asking them to do all that.”

    Although Obama faulted Bush for such selfishness, he stopped short of calling it stupid.

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    17 Responses to Oops, Bush Did It Again

    1. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Yep, this guy has alot of class.

    2. Concerned, Raleigh, says:


      Doesn't all the media appearances put even a greater strain on the SS?

    3. MotherRedDog says:

      I guess any comment I make will be met with racist, so I'll say nothing.

    4. GV, GA says:

      Obama needs to learn to appreciate the good he inherited. Enough whining!

    5. Steve M, Michigan says:

      And yet his wife brings an entourage of 36 vehicles to go produce shopping down the street. Lovely!

    6. Janette, San Mateo, says:

      Shut down a whole section around the White House? How about a whole section of NYC for a night of wining and dining and the downtown area of London for a little mom and daughter's shopping spree. How much of a strain was that? Did either one of them feel guilty then? I wonder.

    7. Mary L. Rose says:

      Why do you even give these idiots the time of day or space in the papers? I will tell you a little secret. The only reason President Bush was so hated was because he ignored the imbeciles in Hollywood and New York, and the main creek media, because it is no longer a mainstream. He had more important things to do and probably didn't feel the necessity to lower himself to their level. They would have adored him if they were sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom and being smoozed to blow up their egos. No, it wasn't because the President felt he was better, but just didn't suffer fools very well, especially when there were so many other great Americans out there that loved him.

    8. Julie, TN says:

      Guess he needs to talk to his wife then….she shut down more than a block when she had to visit the local farmer's produce stand near the White House last week. So much for going green.

    9. Lynne, Tampa says:

      LOL. It's OK for O-man to drag the SS to NYC for a date… But going around the block is bad. hmmm

    10. JC in Belvedere, CA says:

      The First Lady obviously does not share the President's concern for using secret service details. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post writes of her visit to a farmer's market:

      By Dana Milbank

      Friday, September 18, 2009

      Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament Thursday afternoon:

      The Secret Service and the D.C. police brought in three dozen vehicles and shut down H Street, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I Street and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station. They swept the area, in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs, with bomb-sniffing dogs and installed magnetometers in the middle of the street, put up barricades to keep pedestrians out, and took positions with binoculars atop trucks. Though the produce stand was only a block or so from the White House, the first lady hopped into her armored limousine and pulled into the market amid the wail of sirens.

      Then, and only then, could Obama purchase her leafy greens. "Now it's time to buy some food," she told several hundred people who came to watch. "Let's shop!"

    11. Nancy in Texas says:

      First of all- whatever exercise it takes to stay sane as President is, I think, justifiable. Secondly, perhaps if President Obama actually stayed put in Washington working, instead of jetsetting around the globe, maybe he'd understand Bush's need to "take a break". Finally, does anybody know how many security personnel are needed to take over Martha's Vineyard for one whole week, and that price tag for the taxpayer?

    12. Happy, VA says:

      I really think that was more a slap at former President Clinton who used create traffic jabs with his bogus jogs to McDonalds etc… In fact, some donor gave him money to build a White House jogging track so that he would stop cloggin up DC traffic.

      Of course, that track was rarely used by Clinton, too few cameras and gawkers.

    13. donal mastrangelo says:

      Fine, but it is OK to shut down DC to buy kale or half of NY for dinner and a play. Stupefied again.

    14. Jennifer, CA says:

      I think that these commentors are missing the point. The trips to the Farmers Market or NYC are unusual – not occurring every day, every week, or even every month. However, if he wants to exercise every day, it does put a greater strain on the Secret Service. Frequency is am important consideration.

    15. DANA, NEW MEXICO says:


    16. William, Illinois says:

      Obama seems to be very obsessed with a man the Liberals all think is such an oaf. What IS the attraction for them? http://openletter.avoiceofthepeople.com

    17. US Education says:

      I hope this was a very interesting post thanks for writing it

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