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  • Morning Bell: Hubris, Weakness, and Naivete at the U.N.

    The United States elected 43 presidents before the current occupant graced the office with his presence. We fought, and won, two world wars, liberated millions of people worldwide from tyranny, and worked cooperatively with other sovereign nations to rebuild entire continents. Some might even say the character of our nation is well established considering we have been a democracy for just over 230 years now. Not President Barack Obama, who told the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, “For those who question the character and cause of my nation, I ask you to look at the concrete actions we have taken in just nine months.” 230 years versus just nine months. No wonder, the New York Times reports, were UN delegates not only applauding Obama, but snapping photos of their hero like tourists.

    But the audacity of self-promotion was not the most troubling part of Obama’s speech. No, what most threatens America’s security is what Obama didn’t say. On March 27th of this year, while announcing his “New Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan”, President Barack Obama said:

    Al Qaeda and its allies — the terrorists who planned and supported the 9/11 attacks — are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Multiple intelligence estimates have warned that al Qaeda is actively planning attacks on the United States homeland from its safe haven in Pakistan. And if the Afghan government falls to the Taliban — or allows al Qaeda to go unchallenged — that country will again be a base for terrorists who want to kill as many of our people as they possibly can.

    But yesterday at the United Nations, the Taliban magically disappeared from this formulation. Instead, all we got was this: “We will permit no safe haven for al Qaeda to launch attacks from Afghanistan or any other nation. We will stand by our friends on the front lines, as we and many nations will do in pledging support for the Pakistani people tomorrow.” This was no slip of the tongue. On the morning talk shows this past Sunday, Obama openly questioned whether fighting the Taliban insurgency is necessary to stopping al-Qaeda.

    We do not know what new intelligence the Obama administration has that leads it to believe that the Taliban is now irrelevant in the fight against al Qaeda. We do know this though: At a time when the President is desperate to keep his base unified for his domestic priorities, polls show that, for the first time since the war began, majorities of liberals and Democrats alike now solidly oppose the war and are calling for a reduction in troop levels. Council on Foreign Relations Fellow Stephen Biddle explains: “Surely a big piece of the declining poll numbers for support for Afghanistan is that the public does not yet see the connection between Afghanistan and al-Qaida today.”

    But people in the region sure do. A recent public opinion poll by the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that 69 percent of Pakistanis worry that extremists could take control of their country. The poll further indicated that 70 percent of Pakistanis now rate the Taliban unfavorably compared to only 33 percent a year ago. The Taliban/al-Qaeda threat spans the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan; thus, failure in one country will contribute to failure in the other—just as success in one country will breed success in the other.

    According to media reports, President Obama is considering implementing a plan supported by Vice President Joe Biden to scale back the American military presence in Afghanistan and focus on targeting al-Qaeda cells primarily in western Pakistan. This strategy would be insufficient to curb the terrorist threat emanating from the region. Ceding territory to the Taliban in Afghanistan would embolden international terrorists in the region, including in nuclear-armed Pakistan.

    In their combined 16 years as President, neither Ronald Reagan nor George Bush ever felt the need to say they were not naive. For that matter, neither did President Clinton. But for some reason, President Obama feels the need to reassure the world in every foreign policy speech that he is no naif. He did it again yesterday (“Now, I am not naïve”). How might Shakespeare put it today? “The President doth protest too much, methinks.”

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    49 Responses to Morning Bell: Hubris, Weakness, and Naivete at the U.N.

    1. jim toledo says:

      I listened to the 'speech' and as an American I was sickened to listen to 'our' president lamblast our country and literally blame us for all of the problems in the world. The concrete actions of the last nine months seem to me to be more of soft sand and mush. It's hard to comprehend how any U.S. President could actually bebase the most inventive, caring, prosperous and free country on the planet to appease some third rate dictators who in the giant scheme of things mean nothing. I took offense with his term of “For those who question the character and cause of my nation", sorry Charlie, it's not yours it belongs to us.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      But – "the character of our nation"

      Hit an ALL TIME LOW

      when BUSH was elected.

      ONE of Obama's Many – FIX IT – Jobs

      is to REBUILD – "the character of our nation"

    3. Jim-Memphis says:

      Well, if he isn't naive then he must be to stupid to understand the facts. I guess it will take another attack on American soil before he gets smart. Then we will see the chest thumpnig and retoric that I am certain he will deliver.

    4. Catriona-Ohio says:

      Barack Hussein Obama is indeed a study in contradictions! It appears that no matter what he might say, if we just wait till the tide turns he is sure to change the story. A weak and disgraceful Marxist mentality filled with rhetoric and lies. This individual has merely used the office of President in an attempt to further his goal to become "KING" of the world! With narcissistic arrogance he continues to insult this country and inflate his worth. Shame on him and all of his cronies.

    5. Publius Huldah, Cook says:


      Here is an excerpt from "Basic Concepts of Government" at http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/

      2. “Federal” refers to the form of our government: An alliance of States with close cultural and economic ties associated together in a “federation” with a national government to which is delegated supremacy over the States in specifically defined areas.

      3. A “republic” is “a state in which the exercise of the sovereign power is lodged in representatives elected by the people…” (Webster’s 1828). A “constitutional republic” is a state in which the representatives (and other officials) are limited and restricted by a constitution. This country was established as a constitutional republic.

      4. A “democracy” is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.


    6. randy wright, ruther says:

      Obama has crippled America greatly in just EIGHT

      MONTHS…he has 3 years and 4 months to go!!! He

      will be "armed" with the liberal media that long,

      for sure. I pray to God that Americans will wake

      up and take away some of his power, causing him to have some accountability, by removing many of his cohorts in crime in next fall's elections. He realizes that he may lose much of his unhinged power next fall. That's the main reason, I believe, that he is doing all the un-American,

      against-the-constitution acts that he can as fast as he can. I'm afraid for America because millions of the "under 50 yrs. of age" crowd don't watch the news, ("its too depressing"!),

      and still wonder what's going on and thinks Bush made the mess we're in. Incredible!!! With all the people on our welfare rolls, illegals included, and all the uninformed working people voting, I'm not sure that America will turn this tragedy around next elections in the fall of 2010.

    7. Tom Mulshine, UT says:

      USA is paying 22% of the UN budget. Isn't it time to remove ourselves from this foul, anti-democratic organization, and put the money to better use?

    8. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      When are we going to understand Obama is neither

      naive nor weak. He knows exactly what he wants. He is greasing the skids to drag this country into the abyss of socialism the other countries of the world are decending into.

    9. gbass, Pensacola FL says:

      "Pakistanis worry that extremists could take control of their country." Extremists have already taken control of our country.

      It seems demonic how people who differ so widely on most principles are able to find such common ground with those whose desire it is to suppress the truth and to limit individual liberty.

    10. LeRoy Reed says:

      Really don't want to hear any more of obams's speeches, It so obvious he dislikes the country with a passion! Can't believe Biden can believe what comes out of Obamas mouth,except they are one in the same in belief as is the rest of the government. Someone better open their minds and eyes. You know, I believe they really all do know, but are afraid of not having a job this next time around. People are smarter than they give them credit for and will VOTE them out of office!!!! Guess I'm disgusted with all of Obama's ramblings. Agree we need to correct some things in this country but not to the extent of bringing us to our knees,like HE wants!!!!!

    11. Stephen Silver, Mont says:

      I live in Canada and have always been a very great admirer of the United States, its people and its founding principles.

      It is with shock and deep sadness that I watch what is happening to my dear friends and neighbours. How could you allow this to happen! With some 320 million people, how was it that the choice came down to either Obama or McCain? Why such a terrible choice of leaders? Was it not obvious before the election as to what Mr. Obama represented and what a danger he was? It was to me. The man seems incapable of truthfulness and with every passing day he seems more and more to be attacking the beautiful principles behind your great country.

      But I pray that you will come to your senses and that you will recover from the huge messes being created. Unfortunately even under the best of cicumstances this may take many years.

    12. Lew Richards , Palm says:

      America is in grave danger. We have allowed a enemy of America to occupy our Whitehouse . This past eight months has been a disaster . Our economy is suffering , our friends fear us , our citizens fear Obama and his thugs . I seriously doubt if America can survive until the 2010 elections . Those elections are our earliest hope of getting rid of the Anti- american Congressmen and senators that haunt our Congress . In 2010 we must vote Principles over party . We must throw out all who seek reelection and support Obama .Republician or democrat it does not matter , our Nation is at risk more so than in World War 2. America we made a huge mistake in 2008 , we selected one who dislikes America and its past . May GOD help us! His recent U.N. spech was a disgrace and pleases only our enemies . What have we done?

    13. Prevailer76AZ says:

      I do not watch Obama's speeches, as I cannot abide his swaggering posturing or believe anything he says. I get the gist of his rhetoric in the numerous 'reruns'. He obviously believes himself the solution to all the global ills. He has acquired power and control through his 'organizations' sufficient to be of great concern to our nation and our government based on free enterprise.

    14. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Dear Mr. Stephan Silver of Canada,

      Thank you for your comment. Would that more Americans have the understanding you have.

      We are living in sad times.

      Obama proves that "Republics degenerate into Democracies which then degenerate into Despotisms"!

    15. okiejim says:

      What is left to say, other than Lord help us. We have spilled our blood on nearly every country that castigates us on a regular basis, so that they may be free from tyranny. I can live with that. What I cannot live with is our own president aplogizing because we have spilled our blood for others. Comrade Obama, you do not deserve to be our president. You have not earned the right, and you are now proving that you have not earned the right. Your rhetoric has never been about what is good for the country. It has all been about you and your desire to rule us unconditionally.

      Congress should now do what it is sworn to do, and that is support and defend the Consitution. Congress can no longer allow the abominations coming out of the Executive branch to continue. This great country can not survive much more.

    16. Mad-andy, Missouri says:


      From his close ties with criminal ACORN, SEIU, and the various documented radical entities, it is clear that the man is a radical revolutionary with no regard for the constitution.

      His acts are criminally negligent if not outright treasonous.

      The media is culpable to his crimes.

      What makes me sad is what this says about the American People that this man could even get elected in the first place.


    17. John Rosky Andover, says:

      When will Obama understand that he is the President of THE UNITED STATES and not a wimp. We have built this country and helped others with the rest of the world. He must stop saying that AMERICA owes the rest of the world an apology and live up to the Constitution and defend this country.

    18. Ted Moore Grand Pra says:

      Obama's apology tour has gotten old and is very dangerous for the U.S., letting down our allies in Israel, Poland , Honduris, and our brave men and women fighting the war in Afganistan. The total disdain he shows towards democracy sickens me, we can only pray that we will not be attacked while this President is in office, I beleve he would use such an attack to help him install a Venezuela style govt., he appears to admire thier govt. policies much more than Americas. This president and his administration needs to go and I pray that the people will wake up before it's too late.

    19. EDWARD GERSTEN says:

      I AM VERY DISRESSED WITH THE DIRECTION MY COUNTRY IS BEING LEAD. THE PRESIDENT IS A BENEDICT ARNOLD,He would become best known as the traitor who would have given West Point to the British.What is this so called leader of our country going to give away other then what our country was to how he wants to shape it. For the sake of our children I hope to GOD THAT HE IS STOPPED

    20. Jonathan Tucker says:

      Thank you, Publius Huldah! What a grevious error for Heritage to make in their opening paragraph. We have heard the error of our nation being a democracy repeated so often that even the Heritage Foundation is repeating it??? PLEASE accurately represent the true history of our nation. Even if we are now in effect an oligarchy ruled by tyrannical madmen, legally, on paper we are still a representative Republic.

      Oh, that we could return to that condition once again, God willing.

    21. AN AMERICAN says:

      The President's own actions make the case he is either naive or is getting naive advice from those he surrounded himself with.

      He will learn that simply extending a hand may not result in a clenched fist – but often with an open slap.

      There are tyrants who want to stay in power at any cost; there always will be. These people are vipers who lose no sleep after conducting unspeakable "real tortures" and killing their own people.

      They are no different than a brutal criminal cartel. That is the way it is. What happened to the demonstrators recently in Iran is prove positive. People cannot rebell once they are disarmed and the citizenry is turned into a secret police state.

      To think otherwise is – naive.

    22. Fool says:

      Obama is just making a fool out of himself he is no longer represenitive of the majority of Americans.Very egotistical man.

    23. John Morris Port Ang says:

      Is it true that senate bill SB-2099 requires gun owners to list them on a 1040 tax form, and bill 111-h45 requires fingerprinting and physical among other things for us to own guns.

    24. American Miles, USA says:

      Stephen in Canada, We will take our country back. And in short order. It does not belong to Barry, or Pelosi or Reid, it belongs to the LEGAL citizens of the United States. A very proud group of folks who love freedom, have dignity and compassion for the suffering of others and above all else will fight any enemy, wherever we find them, that theatens to take away the liberty and freedom our founding fathers pledged everything they had, including their lives to give us.If Barry and his merry band can't understand that they should get back on the train and go back to their lairs. In nine months he has given us nothing but betrayal, deception and humiliation. I don't think I would be bragging on that accomplishment.

    25. Wayne Murray Columbu says:

      Those that exalt themselves, those whom self proclaim wisdom, knowledge and understanding, they are not servants of the people but are just politicians with ears that cannot hear.

      This was Satan's downfall.

      Isa.14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

      Isa.14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

      Quoting from The Declaration Of Independence:

      A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

    26. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Randy Wright Buck Up!! If you will do your Part to Eliminate the Career politician, We Will Win and take back our country. Pick a person You Know and trust, Convince them it is their patriotic duty to help save america, and get the n elected in the place of the career politician who represents you, who is up for reelection. Get everybody to forget the so called party thing, which is mostly lies and smoke and mirrors to keep us divided against each other, to we do not get an honest candidate in the race. Get everybody behind the honest candidates that are selected, and get ALL of the career politicians out. If we fail, we are guilty of losing the freedom our fathers died for.

    27. Randall Doc Fleck, F says:

      Get real, people. Do you honestly think anyone but the dim will believe the cess you're pushing here?

      "230 years versus just nine months."

      I have no doubt that President Obama has a deep and passionate appreciation for every good action taken by the country over the course of history. I have also come to trust that he is also able and willing to speak honestly about what has been shameful – like the Dubya years.

    28. Merry Colin says:

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE—– This country is NOT a democracy. It is a democratic Republic. Stop fostering the same BS that BO started his speech to Congress with. Democracy = mob rule. It does not consider the INDIVIDUAL'S inalienable rights. I stopped reading there as I refuse to consider the merits of writing so poorly begun.

    29. Steve, Michigan says:

      Thank you Mr. Silver. It is good to know that we have some friends who try to understand how the United States came to be and what the "beautiful principles" are behind our republic. One of the problems is that those beautiful principles are no longer being taught to our children, by schools or by parents. The schools are controlled by those who do not accept the principles; the parents are embarrassed by patriotism and seem too cynical to want to pass them on. We seem to have devolved into a mass of self interested and ignorant voters (apologies to the readers here, who most likely do not fit the description!). Our only concern seems to be whether the government is going to pass out free lunch today. Not sure who wrote it, but one of the founders said something along the lines of; "our system of government is only suited for a moral and God fearing people." I'll believe we are on the road to recovery when those of us who stand to gain from some ill conceived government takeover plan or handout decide to say "no thanks."

    30. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Just close the place down and tell all members to find a new home. The U.N. is a fiasco, was a fiasco and will always be a fiasco. Shut it down, now.

    31. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Dear Mr. Fleck of Arkansas,

      You sound like "Nevielle Chamberlain".

      Appeasement invites domination; study real history and forget about "Dubya". You and the former ACORN employee just can't let a day go without blaming someone.

      It's so pathetic and uninspiring.

    32. Ron Derry NH says:

      It has an amusing ring to it, blaming Bush for everything obama fails at, but it has a ring of death to it.

      Obama has done more damage with debt, spending and betrayal of his own words than Dubya ever did but some how it is now forgivable.

      Unforgivable transgressions of our constitution or national intent are just as unforgivable if another does them.

      Basically this is like saying; "that if Dubya lit the curtains on fire its horrific, but now that Obama is burning down the house it is OK because he has good intentions….I think".

      What makes Obama's lies more wonderful and pleasing is apparently the people who have convinced themselves he is a messiah have bleached themselves clean of scrutiny or even simple reflective comparison.

      No one ever wants to admit they were fooled, so the rhetoric to defend Obama should get more and more outlandish and blind to his failing ways as the minions find ever more creative ways to blame Bush or invent success for Obama as the house crumbles to ash around us.

      There is plenty to dislike Bush for, there is a lot more material being created by the democrats and Obama to dislike, even fear.

    33. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      Bush is a good man, just too weak to have been President, and his weakness has ushered in this period of revolution, where once again the will of people who will remain free will be tested.

    34. bill s,tampa says:

      President Obama speech borders on treason and he should be brought up on charges.The USA should be nuking the mountain range between pakistan and afganistan in that way no further troops would be needed to win the war against the islamic terrorists.The USA finally won the war against Japan only after being nuked and this method of winning a war should apply to Afgan-pakistan mountain range where islamic terrorists have their training camps.Let's see if Obama has the back bone to win the war in Afganistan.

    35. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      The solution for our country is simple, in the next several elections do not nominate any incubant who voted for any one of the following CAP and TRADE, AMNESTY, or GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE.

      Do not nominate any chalenger who is in favor of the above.

      And finally, do not elect anyone who espouses these ideas.

    36. Richard Vettraino.Ph says:

      I think we are living in the 1930's all over again,only this time around we have a President who Hates America.The mainstream news media is dead.Our elected representives are acting like a bunch of dictators and the American voters just had the wool pulled over there eyes.Just like in the thirties the American people made bad choices and look what happened in the Forties.This time around I think the USA is not going to make a comeback.This world is a lot more dangerous than 75 years ago.

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    38. Judith in Michigan says:

      A high school student from Alabama, Justin Holcomb, created a Tea Party commercial for a local rally. What he created is the most stunning and powerful tribute to the American people I have ever seen.

      If you are truly proud of America, this is a must see.

      I contacted the Tea Party group and they said it is being shown around the world! Mr. O and every member of congress should be obliged to see it.

      Please take the minute or so to view it then send it to as many people as you can. The group gave permission, only asking that Justin Holcomb's name be left in. He deserves the credit.

      Web site: TeaPartyCommercial.wmv

    39. val,houston says:

      THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT………………………………………….

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    41. Rubicon, Southcentra says:

      In all my years, I do not recall any other time that a president of our nation stood before an international body or gathering, & denounced the previous administration, by name. They may have knocked policies & even actions, but I have no memory of any past president taking direct shots at his predecessor. Its not only politically despicable, its just plain ole tacky.

      I have started to compile a list of broken promises. Whether its taxes or promises on health insurance policies or so many other promises made that are now reneged on, Obama has told folks one thing to get what he wants, & then he has proceeded to do another that suits his current objectives.

      How can ANY American ally believe Obama when he tells them America will "stand by" her allies in the front lines, after listening to Obama throw Israel under the bus? I may be no real fan of some Israeli policies, but I do feel we have obligations to live up to our promises we have made that nation, just as we should have stood by Poland & the Czech Republic who went out on a frail limb to allow missile defense system placements in their nations despite Russian objections. Now, those two frequently over-run nations face the future possibility of being over-run again since 'we' will not be where we had promised we would be.

      Reagan was right & Americans should have applied this logic when it came to pre-election promises Obama made… Reagan said, "trust, but verify"!!!!

    42. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      I hope people will wake up and see what this man is doing to us. He is intent on bring this country down in any way possible, he has become best friends to those that oppose us and our Constitution, the very ones that have put this country down and openly say they will destroy America. I do not think they will have to fire one shot, obama will do it alone.I AM SO SICK OF THE BS THAT OBAMA AND THE DEMS KEEP PUTING OUT, HOW THEY ARE DOING SO GOOD TO GIVE US "HOPE AND CHANGE". I DO NOT THINK WE WILL LIKE THE CHANGE AND I KNOW THERE IS NO HOPE IF WE DO NOT VOTE IN 2010.

    43. Don Matheson Canada says:

      President Obama's policies appear to be 180 degrees from those of Bush. I'm not sure which is the best policy for the troubled world, but I believe this. When all troops leave Iraq and Afghanistan, they will return to their old ways, and extremists will rule. I see no solution to this inevitable event. We have to understand there are numerous countries in the world that do not now, and never will accept democracy as we know it. If I could be shown where these countries would accept change and fight for freedom on their own, I would support the ultimate sacrifices our brave service men and women are enduring. I just don't see that happening. I pray someone much smarter than I can come up with the solution.

    44. Bobbie Jay says:

      Ken Jarvis, why do you need President Obama to rebuild the character of this country? We the people do that for ourselves. Obama is weakening it. We don't need government dictating character to the people of this country. We need government indoctrinated to the constitution. You know, to do their job and stay out of our lives where they don't belong.

    45. Don, Michigan says:

      Obama has done nothing but to create havoc and chaos in his attempt to bring america down on her knees. It is sickening to listen to his lies. Why shouldn't Qadhafi and Castro, and oh yes Chavez and a few other dictators adore him. He is wrecking the country and trying to become a dictator just like them. He is the most dangerous president( if you can call him that) in the history of the US. Everyone should watch the Obama Deception. Aso, I am tired of Him patting himself on the back for nothing.

    46. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obam does not represent America nor does he represent myself nor anyone else that I personally have talked with! Therefore, in my opinion, the man is a liar of the first degree, who only thinks of himself.


    47. Randa Perry, TN says:

      I suspect support of the war in Afganistan is starting to slip because we can plainly see Obama has no stomach for the fight. Obama's "weakness" (politely put) puts our troops in harms way and reduces them to cannon fodder. Therefore.. the citizenry is starting to itch to save the soldiers from Obamas incompetency.

    48. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      If everybody who post on here begging for somebody to do something would mobilize in THEIR district, we would win all the seats up for grabs in 2010 by WE, I mean the people, as opposed to career politicians. Get a map of YOUR voting district Make a list of everybody you know in this district. call them get them to call every body THEY know do this seven times get ONLY those who are willing to fight to take back the country ignore the others. Get them all together, and pick a candidate you Know and trust to take over from the career politician who is your master now. Ignore party's. call your candidate anything you want, as long as he is YOUR candidate, and not the machine's. get them in. Then we will get our country back. IF Everybody who was unemployed would make this their job, we would win in a landslide

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