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  • Five Things About Homeland Security That Nobody Is Discussing: #3

    #3: State and Local Immigration Enforcement Works

    Right now, across the country, 287(g) programs are making meaningful progress in tackling the immigration problem. Under 287(g) auspices, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) trains state and local law enforcement to act like ICE agents. In Davidson County, TN, it helped law enforcement get 90 gang leaders off the streets. And across the nation, criminal aliens are not only taken off the streets through 287(g), but also taken out of the country. In this way, this program is making communities safer by helping to stop crime and acting as a force multiplier for an under-resourced ICE.

    But 287(g) isn’t the only grassroots immigration enforcement program that is working. Around the country, state and local governments are beginning to do more in their communities to tackle the program. Heritage visiting fellow Matt Mayer took a long look at what states and locals are doing and discussed how they can do more. He emphasizes:

    With the onslaught of legal challenges from interest groups that drive the cost of reform ever higher, states have become more cautious in order to preserve what little that remains of their budgets after the economic downturn (and their years of big spending). States and localities have won all legal challenges that have reached federal appellate courts or state supreme courts. These legal victories should embolden states and localities to continue their push to curtail the migration of illegal aliens into their jurisdictions with tough laws against employing, housing, and aiding illegal aliens and even tougher laws criminalizing all aspects of human trafficking.

    These efforts, however, continue to undergo attacks by groups looking to derail meaningful immigration enforcement, Congress and the Obama Administration should avoid these pressures and make sure that the right of state and local governments to enforce immigration is preserved.

    “Five Things About Homeland Security That Nobody Is Discussing” is a series of posts discussing aspects of protecting the homeland. For a comprehensive look at the big picture in homeland security, enroll today in The Heritage Foundation’s Homeland Security University. Click here for details.

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    3 Responses to Five Things About Homeland Security That Nobody Is Discussing: #3

    1. Brittancus says:

      There should be emphasis on E-Verify being adopted by every business in America, mandatory or not? Now that it’s locked into the US workers psyche, it should be evident to the pro-illegal immigrant groups that–THE PEOPLE–are not letting go of this computer illegal immigrant enforcement application without a fight. It has been ridiculed and ostracized by the US Chamber of Commerce and subjected to federal lawsuits by the anti-sovereignty groups as the ACLU. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but when the Council of Foreign Relation intolerable globalist and internationalists get involved with America’s immigration face-off, you really wonder what their true agenda is? GOOGLE– across the Internet and understand their plan for the free flow of low income labor in every available industry including Agricultural jobs.

      This quasi agency was the machine involved with the inception of NAFTA. Coincidentally, I recall that President Obama and his administration addressed the general public that he would renegotiate the treaties of NAFTA and CAFTA? So far this has not materialized, nor has his promise to implement an open transparent government? He is following the same illusory lines as the Bush presidency, other than National security–remaining secretive?

      E-Verify is a very powerful immigration tool that is a composite of the SAVE ACT. Around the country it's building in momentum as more and more companies are intending to use it? It could additionally have multiple future uses, including detecting illegal aliens applying for driver’s licenses. It could also be adapted to apprehend any foreign nationals who apply in any health care reform or any other government benefit. By overturning the 1986 Immigration legislation and enacting a new AMNESTY the American population lose culturally and financially. Another possibility is checking the status of individuals admitted to higher education or schools. Its availability is a free service on the web, by accessing both Homeland Security and the Social Security databases. On an ongoing basis it is seemingly the principle tool to detour anybody who is stealing jobs from the legal population.

      It almost succumbed to Democratic leadership, because both Sen Reid and Pelosi had an ulterior motive to kill E-Verify and other immigration enforcement weapons. Having massive illegal immigrant occupation in both Nevada and California and an escalating need to financially support the millions already thriving in all Border States. YOU CAN HELP AMERICAN WORKERS IN THIS JOBLESS SETTINGS AND HALT ANY NEW AMNESTY BY CONTACTING YOUR POLITICIANS AT 202-224-3121. NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & CAPSWEB have many of the true answers for you to decide.

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      We live in a nanny state, the minority. What we say is interpreted the way the left interprets all opposition…spin to suit them. Immigration laws aren't enforced here. Accommodations are.

      Looking for the strongest, most independent state in America…

      with people who respect freedom and each others human rights.

      Where willing to work is prevalent and financial status is irrelevant but respected by personal achievement acquired in the free market, private sector.

      Limited government state. Where people use their brains to figure things out for themselves. Hey, am I thinking of Alaska?

    3. Carol, AZ says:

      I liked this article's update

      based on State'se Rights.

      However I have point out something called BLACKLASH

      How do you in America rationalize that the first State

      also a Border State, CA

      was also the first state to boycottt AZ's passage of SN 1070.

      "They no longer want to do business with AZ…""blah, blah, blah

      The last I heard CA gets most of its' power energy from AZ.

      But since AZ still allows the electricity to flow

      America have to wonder

      are there any light bulbs left burning amonst any state's elected offices in CA.?.

      If I lived in Ca I would barter and beg for any business

      that brings in revenue into CA's declined economy.

      We heard you loud and clear CA

      screaming out on the national news….,

      we welcome all that are able to run to your sancturary cities .

      Get over yourselves !

      You understand that thousands now living there under the banner of your "safe Haven protection "are in CA

      becasue they know the States that will support them

      and the law enforcement agencies that re-formatted Laws that now protects them .

      Your so disconnected over this issue you can not even admit as a border state of the pervasive problems right under your noses.

      In case you missed this news flash there

      Az had many company's came here from CA,

      in support of our passage of SN-1070.

      Our passage of SN-1070 have nothing to do with racial profiling

      played over and over on the spin zones.

      Illegal means "against the law" and Living in America is not a RIGHT by just walking or floating across our borders.

      It is up-holding the Constitution,our country was founded on

      called the LAW .


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