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  • UN Loves Obama Because He Is Weak

    Many predicted President Barack Obama would receive a standing ovation from the United Nations General Assembly today. Heritage fellow Nile Gardiner explains why:

    It is not hard to see why a standing ovation awaits the president at Turtle Bay. Obama’s popularity at the UN boils down essentially to his willingness to downplay American global power. He is the first American president who has made an art form out of apologizing for the United States, which he has done on numerous occasions on foreign soil, from Strasbourg to Cairo. The Obama mantra appears to be – ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to atone for your country. This is a message that goes down very well in a world that is still seething with anti-Americanism.

    It is natural that much of the UN will embrace an American president who declines to offer strong American leadership. A president who engages dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez will naturally gain respect from the leaders of the more than 100 members of the United Nations who are currently designated as “partly free” or “not free” by respected watchdog Freedom House.

    Simply put, Barack Obama is loved at the UN because he largely fails to advance real American leadership. This is a dangerous strategy of decline that will weaken US power and make her far more vulnerable to attack.

    Read Gardiner’s whole column, here.

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    35 Responses to UN Loves Obama Because He Is Weak

    1. M Stone - Denver, CO says:

      Not only that, Obama pays the bills! What a great deal! A bunch of gullible US taxpayers to fund the biggest anti-American organization on earth!

    2. Perry OK says:

      It is with shame and a heavy heart that I watch our Great country brought to its knees. To add injury to insult, it came from within our own boarders, as the people chose "CHANGE". If we should survive this 4 year girdling, now is the time to start looking for a replacment for our present state of disgrace.

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      I will never forget the words, "This is the first time I've ever been proud to be an American."

      Those words and true beliefs are undoubtedly felt by many millions of Americans, who for a variety of reasons, blame America, even while they benefit from her. Lady Liberty must have wept at those words.

      I am now convinced that America is in a battle for her life. It is reassuring that millions of Americans still believe in Uncle Sam, but that is not enough.

      How do we fight an ultra-left marxist ideology that has taken decades to finally grab us by the throat? What do we expect from weak-kneed politicians who are more worried about scamming the American people so they can grab PORK for their constituents?

      When I think of the freedom and this great country which millions of Americans have voluntarily sacrificed for, so that spoiled,ignorant, and historically uninformed resentful Americans can dump all over her – it makes me sad, but it also makes me angry. Whose side are these people on? I don't know but we will never voluntarily give up our freedom. Count on that.

      Obama may hold the title of President, but he does not represent me or my feeling for this country. Perhaps if he had gone through Marine Corps boot camp instead of seeking out marxist college professors, dabling with drugs, and surrounding himself with radicals, he might see how foolish he looks. He may have realized how fortunate he really was to be an American. Perhaps if he balanced the good America has provided to the world, he would not be so quick to keep punching her in the gut.

      No president has behaved in this manner and – it is revolting.

      How proud can he feel being complimented by tyrants and killers? They are using him and through him – America.

      As I watch our only ally in the Middle East get thrown under the bus, when its very survival is at stake, I'm speechless.

      As I watch his regime play politics with previous administration decisions and do things that can only weaken us, I wonder why?

      As I watch him continually apologize for America when we could write volumes about the great things we have shared with the world, indeed saving it so he would not be speaking Russian, Chinese, or Japanese, it makes me angry.

      Why don't we just give up ALL our secrets and technologies? Let's just open up everything for the sake of political correctness and transparency. WHat is going on? Is this cute or something? Why humiliate the only country he would have a shot at being President?

      He will go down as the worst president this country ever had. He can blame whoever he wants but history will record the truth.

      Well, some may feel hurt and bad about America but I do not. I apologize to NO ONE for our country.

      For those who value free speech, ya'll better get it in now. This regime is capable of anything.

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      A talk show host disagreed with Heritage. But "weakness" is plain to see. Obama speaks much of his disgrace for America. It was eerie to hear his wife state, Barack will make sure you never live the same way again. That's a threat to the individual Mrs. Obama. It's not the president's job to make that decision. Not very ethical and distinctly threatening.

      The intelligence Obama and his administration display isn't for the common good of all mankind. All credit to the president for keeping this suspicion upon himself and the radicals he hires.

      You could've made "change" for the BETTER of America, Mr. President. Your decisions are made for the opposite.

    6. Concerned, Raleigh, says:


      I don't understand what the President thinks throwing America 'under the bus' will accomplish? This reminds me of some type of hazing ritual -in reverse.

      It's like saying to a bully, "yeah, I realize now that I've been the bully before – I was so mean, uncaring, unhelpful."

    7. Bibiana Fl says:

      My God, I have never felt so unsafe, ever. So misrepresented. He is weaker that weak. Even the most ridiculous leaders (chavez/morales/correa/etc)are just laughing at his demagogic discourse.His presence in my life spoils everyone of my days and even worse, my children's future. We need to stand up and defend her, for our country has been made vulnerable in the hands of an actor, who only cares about his smiling image everywhere. Tell me please, what is so funny? I would like to laugh too. My biggest sadness and embarrassment is with the men and women in our military. I've never seen our military supported so poorly.It breaks my heart every day! I can't wait to go to the polls! I'm counting every day, hoping we can survive all his and congress damage to the US.

      From a Romanian Newspaper :

      We rarely get a chance to see another country's editorial about the USA

      Read this excerpt from a Romanian Newspaper. The article was written by Mr. Cornel Nistorescu and published under the title 'C'ntarea Americii, meaning 'Ode ToAmerica ') in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentulzilei 'The Daily Event' or 'News of the Day'.

      ~An Ode to America ~

      Why are Americans so united? They would not resemble one another even if you painted them all one color! They speak all the languages of the world and form an astonishing mixture of civilizations and religious beliefs.

      On 9/ll, the American tragedy turned three hundred million people into a hand put on the heart. Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the Army, or the Secret Service that they are only a bunch of losers. Nobody rushed to empty their bank accounts. Nobody rushed out onto the streets nearby to gape about.

      Instead the Americans volunteered to donate blood and to give a helping hand.

      After the first moments of panic, they raised their flag over the smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties in the colors of the national flag. They placed flags on buildings and cars as if in every place and on every car a government official or the president was passing. On every occasion, they started singing: 'God Bless America !'

      I watched the live broadcast and rerun after rerun for hours listening to the story of the guy who went down one hundred floors with a woman in a wheelchair without knowing who she was, or of the Californian hockey player, who gave his life fighting with the terrorists and prevented the plane from hitting a target that could have killed other hundreds or thousands of people.

      How on earth were they able to respond united as one human being? Imperceptibly, with every word and musical note, the memory of some turned into a modern myth of tragic heroes. And with every phone call, millions and millions of dollars were put into collection aimed at rewarding not a man or a family, but a spirit, which no money can buy. What on earth unites the Americans in such a way? Their land? Their history? Their economic Power? Money? I tried for hours to find an answer, humming songs and murmuring phrases with the risk of sounding commonplace, I thought things over, I reached but only one conclusion… Only freedom can work such miracles.

      Cornel Nistorescu


    8. Greg, AZ says:

      What an embarrassment! What is hard to believe is that there is at least 40% of the American population that thinks Obama is doing a good job as our President. These people should not even call themselves American. More like Surrender?icans!! We have nothing to apologize for. After all, What have we done? Except save the world from Nazism and becoming an all communist world. The UN exists because America exists. The UN would not survive without us. They cannot see the side their bread is buttered on!

    9. Don, Michigan says:


    10. MaryAnn, USA says:

      To An American Who Loves His Country-

      Good post. It is possible, however, that Obama will go down in history as the last president of the United States.

    11. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Which one of those countries who so admires Obama is going to send aid to the starving nations?

      Or when one of them is invaded?

      By the way UN we can't provide aid anymore because we are running out of money, fast.

      Good luck

    12. Susan on Long Island says:

      Rules for Radicals-work from within the system. Boy are they ever! The President of the United States, aided by a useless Congress, is the master dismantler of the Republic. Stand up America! Don't wait for election day to be heard.

    13. Normca says:

      Obama told the rest of the world that they cannot rely on the US to rescue them anymore. And they cheered. He told the rest of the world America is no longer the lone super power and that arrogant America will not interfere in their affairs. And they applauded. He apologized for our arrogance, once again as the weak president he is. And they laughed at him. "This guy is an idiot". If I were a thug and dictator, as many with seats in that room yesterday, are, I'd be making plans to take over another country. Poor Saddam; his time is now and he is no more.

    14. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      Good post MaryAnn, perhaps the most austute comment of them all.

    15. AN AMERICAN says:

      Mr. Cornel Nistorescu,

      I, like millions of others, have always known we have a great many friends in this world.

      Have we always been perfect? Absolutely not. No country ever has or ever will.

      You, Sir, are an example of the contribution to freedom that legal immigrants have always, and still play, when seeking out a new life in our land.

      People like you are the lifeblood and shining example of why America has always overcome every obstacle. Indeed, it is people like you who keeps Romania free, as well.

      It is because you, Sir, know what will happen under a marxist regime. Americans have not experienced this – yet.

      I am married to a "legal" naturalized citizen who grew up under tyranny in her land. She is always amazed by those who take freedom for granted – for it can, and does, disappear.

      Thank you for your letter. It is not just about America but about freedom for every person.

      The key point is that America gives a person the best opportunity to succeed. It demands more freedom. This is why we are despised and hated by tyrants and monsters who treat their own people like – so much chattel. You see, freedom is a threat to those who attain office and power by intimidation, torture, and death.

      Sadly, many of our own people do not realize the significance of your words; that freedom is the ultimate treasure of the people.

    16. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I agree Obama is up to something and it's not for the good of America. I was born during the great depression, my father died when I was 20 MO and I grew up in Wash. D.C. area under my grandfather's wing, a JAG officer,I remember hearing about Pearl Harbor as we went to church that day. I knew that we must watch planes and learned early to identify them, heard of subs off of the coast in both east and west, yet I never felt the fear and anxiety I feel today, even after seeing newsreels in the theatre. I had family in Denmark I feared for during their occupation, today I feel such fear for this country as an elected President sells us down the river. If I read the Constitution correctly, and I do, this President and Congress are committing Treason, where is the ACLU and Jesse Jackson,Jimmy Carter etc now?? We, the conservatives, true Americans, of this country need ti UNITE and fight tyo reclam control of America and restore it to what our forefathers deemed it to be.

    17. Cathy Amelio, New Je says:

      What a sad moment in this countries history! This man has degragated the office of the President! Who is he representing as it just can't be the United States of America! We are being destroyed from within! Stand up American! Enough is enough! This man need a gag order! If he doesn't like being an American leave! Find a country that needs another dictator as this is not it! Those boob in the House and Senate will have a come to Jesus in 2010!

      He will not be the last president! Impeach the nut!

      This is our country! We love our history! We cherish the Declaration of Independence! What did the brave men and women in our military die for? For this man to diminish our history, the laws of our land? Yes we are being destroyed from within and we will stop it now! Our the senior citizens who voted for this man happy now? Are the Jewish citizens happy now? Look what you who voted for him have done! Happy now? Slick Barry is destroying this great land of ours and it will be stopped!

      Get rid of the UN they are blood suckers and are no longer needed as they seem to be a soapbox for dictators or want-a-be dictators to blow hot air!

      The speech had better be a big wake up call to all citizens of this country. He hates this country and the people in it and he is dead set on destroying us all.

      God help us all!

      Please God help America

    18. Linda in Texas says:

      They applaud because Obama is doing from within our country what they cannot do from outside. It is a sad day in America that he is President. We still have to keep up the fight to save our great country. We cannot let them take us down! We are Americans. I don't believe the polls. They are hogwash to brainwash. We need to stand up on behalf of our forefathers.

    19. Ross writes from Bra says:

      Thank you my fellow Americans…thank you all who were too shallow minded and/or blissfully ignorant(thus inheritable stupid or just plain idiots) for electing Obama, the smooth talking leftist in a suit blessed with the gift…the gift of sophistry.

    20. Glenn, Arizona says:

      President Obama claimed that he missed the sermon by Rev. Wright where is said, "God damn America." But is increasingly clear he heard it but is now telling the world in his smooth talk.

    21. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      What is going on is this: Ours is a Cold Revolution Democracy, that is voting is our Revolution, and the Plutocrat Press bought the election with their 80% bias in the News. (Free election contributions). So then Obama a Socialist, (actually a radical Communist) gets rewarded with the Presidency by his 'fine community work' building ACORN (to bring down the American Economy) for the Socialists who want to save us with Communism. But really, the Socialists were usurped a long time ago: They are Plutocrats who have worked a hundred years to get ultimate power. Gee! It is illegal. What? We have a million police officers sleeping at the switch? Somebody should bring charges every time Obama does something illegal.

    22. worldbfree4me, TEXAS says:

      I like to think that I'm an open minded person. But after reading each and everyone of the previous comments, I must say that I whole heartily disagree will all of them. My President and your President if I may is doing everything he promised he would do if elected the 44th President of the United States. Now its obvious that none of the above voted for him. But to disrespect our President or any President is way out of line. Riddle me this, why does Israel deserve any special treatment from the US? Have we not given the Jews enough treasure? No one wants to see Iran get a Nuclear weapon, but guess what, Israel has one. They are a sovereign country who has every right to do whatever they want to. If Israel wants to fight them, let them fight alone. The Russians also have a right to not want strategic weapons in their back yard. Would you all be OK with Cuba having strategic weapons furnished by Venezuela? "Be careful who you look down on, because some day you may have to look up them."

    23. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Encouraging reactions. People starts to wake up even though they don't know the subtle causes behind these inside attacks. The Facts speak for and by themselves.

      What should be done is to wake up more, be vigilent and not let other extremes happen. The Envy of the lurkers hidden enemies is to destroy through all instruments they can use. They already failed in their utmost objectives. Keep-up and grow in consciousness, watchfulness and unity. Draw an ever decreasing circle around all enemies' instruments if these instruments don't wake-up.

      The Envious and the workers of uniquity shall not triumph for their wishes return to them, but we have to work it out. Be mobilzed and vigilent, help is on the way.

      To Heritage, again, Great Job! Keep-Up.

    24. Georga, Rio Rancho, says:

      worldfree4me, to you I say that the media used character assassination on President Bush. They showed him no honor. Did you stand up for him? Obama was elected by media bias putting him on a pedestal.

      Israel deseves respect from it's neighbors and the world. I've been to Israel and have seen what they have done with a tiny bit of land granted to them by the UN in 1947. When they declared independence in 1948, they were attacked by the Arabs but Israel was ready for them. Riddle me that. You can't have it both ways. Now Iran wants to blow them of the fce of the earth and we won't help Israel? How was the kool aid, worldfree4me?

      I didn't vote for Obama. I'd rather die than vote for Obama…he's so not my president.

    25. candyrose ny says:

      As a american that loves this country. I am very sad, to think that my grand children are not going to enjoy the country that america once was,(until recentle), FREE!!!…The best country in the whole wide world. Where people from other countries come here to escape tirany. Now there is no place to escape to…

    26. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      To MaryAnn and Brad L above, not so fast. The Enemy for sure marked a good point but this does not necessarily give him security in victory, unless inside capitualtion grows. We shall win if only we know the enemy's strategies and plans In and Out, and some of us surlely do know some of it. Just be and stay mobilized, victory is ours.

    27. Bill, San Antonio TX says:

      Dear worldbefreeforme,

      When he starts acting like a president and carries himself with dignity and stops blaming America…meanwhile, have a nice time with him. And, I'm sure you felt the same way anout Pres. Bush and the way the media also treated the Palin family, right?

      Why does Israel deserve any special treatment from the US? First, Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East. I thought we were supposed to spread democracy.

      Second, their intelligence capabilities are cutting edge and provide critical info on what Iran and the terrorists are up to. (I know that is not important to some.)

      Third, we signed on to the UN Charter for Israel to be a recognized nation. In fact, it was supposed to be two nations, Palestinian and Israel, but the Arabs would not accept this. Instead, Israel was attacked by Arabs from all sides, while vastly outnumbered and out-armed, somehow they survived. Of course, most of the world stood by. Even though the Nazis had murdered 1/3 of the global Jewish population,it appears anti-semitism is allive and well.

      Fourth, the UN will not condemn continuous attacks on Israel – she is alone. The entire Arab world condemns the plight of the Palestinians; yet, except for Jordan – the Arabs WANT the status quo as a rallying cry against Israel. If the wealthy Sheiks really cared why aren't they helping the poor instead, they turn a blind eye while Iran destabalizes the Middle East through support of terrorist organizations.

      Lastly, your attempt at moral equivalency by comparing the fact that Israel has a nuclear weapon(s) with why Iran should not have one shows is absurd.

      Have you been following Iran since 1979 or just listening to "our" President?

    28. Angelus Novus, Las V says:

      Why does Obama hate out nation so?

    29. Judith in Michigan says:

      A high school student from Alabama, Justin Holcomb, created a Tea Party commercial for a local rally. What he created is the most stunning and powerful tribute to the American people I have ever seen. If you are truly proud of your country, this is a must see.

      I contacted the Tea Party group and they said the video is being shown around the world! Mr. O and every member of Congress should be obliged to see it.

      Please take the minute or so to view it, then send it to as many people as you can. (The group gave permission, and asked us to leave Mr. Holcomb's name in.)

      Web site: TeaPartyCommercial.wmv

    30. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      Louis L Cesar. I haven't given up, just stating my concern if we continue down the path we are currently on. Point 1…Financial Markets are still in major turmoil. Money is free with almost no interest cost. We are financing existing needs by borrowing from China. Point 2…the Economy is still struggling with rising unemployment meaning no significantly new job creation except in the government sector (more of our money being used to do things and not create things). Point 3…the new debt burden won't hit the economy until 2012 or 2013. At that time we will have to devalue the currency or increase taxes on everyone (especially the middle class since the wealthy will have restructured their income as to minimize their tax liability). Point 4…our historical enemies (dictators and non-democratic regimes) are now praising Obama and the direction he is leading the country. Our allies are beginning to question our commitment to them with our actions and withdrawal of support. Point 5…more and more of our citizens are moving into entitlement programs (SS and Medicare for the retiring) and "the government owes me" for the younger generation.

      I won't say it will happen, but all the arrows are pointing in the wrong direction for the contunation of American Capitalism and a Democratic Republic.

    31. vern jax,fl says:

      Things are happening in congress too,with all our attention on health care and stupid animal tricks in the UN. The 111th congress has proposed an amendment to the Constitution of the United States H.J.Res.5 to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment,thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President. (Open Congress Blog)

    32. Corky, Howey in the says:

      It's to bad we can't have a "RECALL" on the president. So, untill next year when "We the People" can vote out of office all the politicians (pelosi and company) who seem to have forgotten just who they work for. Meanwhile, I will, as well as MANY MILLIONS of other AMERICANS, continue to fight back against these so called politicians through letters, calls and Town Halls. WE WILL BE HEARD! obama is a loser!

    33. jim smith says:

      This current U.N. fiasco is right out of the Keystone Kops, with one raghead after the other showing the world they're still two bit thugs, islamo fascists and bad actors with lousy toilet paper. Our tax dollars pay for these killers to come over here and insult us while Nobama bends over, apologizes and lies to them too. It's way past the time to take back our country.

    34. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The Unitied Nations has never resolved anything from their inception. Of course they love Obama! He is their ideal man, a non-problem solver, but real good with words!


    35. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Mr. Obama is the only U.S. President in history who feels the job is too small for him. After his performance at the U.N., it seems that he is now running for President of his "New World Order".

      The only thing he is apparently any good at is campaigning. He certainly hasn't shown that he can govern.

      Mr. Obama once said "judge me by the people I surround myself with". OK, let's take a close look at that. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers,

      ACORN, Mark Lloyd, Van Jones, all radical left wing activists worshiping at the alter of Saul Alinsky.

      Despite all his baloney, and that of all his apologists, Mr. Obama is out to turn America into a socialist country. He is spending America into the poor house. He is trying to buy the votes of the poor and of illegal aliens with promises of spreading the wealth to them by soaking the "rich" (meaning anyone with a job). It would be interesting to see if we could find today the lady Obama supporter who was filmed discussing how Mr. Obama was going to "fill her gas tanks and pay her mortgage", based on their premise that "I will help him and he will help me". I'm curious to know how many mortgage payments Mr. Obama made on her behalf, or how many fill-ups he provided her.

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