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  • Zelaya Rewards U.S. Support with Betrayal

    Earlier this year, there was an unexpected change in government in Honduras. On June 28, President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was removed from power with support of Honduras’ Congress and the nation’s courts. In accordance with the Honduran constitution, Zelaya was replaced with Interim President Robert Micheletti. Although some have denounced this action as “coup d’etat” – notably Cuba, Venezuela and, shamefully, the United States – it is better characterized as a defense of constitutional democracy from the illegal attempts by Zelaya to extend his hold on power.

    For better or worse, the U.N. generally stays neutral in dust ups like this waiting to see what happens and working with the resulting leadership. But not this time. The U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution supporting Zelaya. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon urged “the reinstatement of the democratically elected representatives of the country and full respect for human rights, including safeguards for the security of President Zelaya, members of his family and his government.

    Moreover, the U.N. invited “His Excellency Mr. José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, President of the Republic of Honduras” to address the General Assembly on Wednesday. To rub salt in the wound, his address to the General Assembly was scheduled among the heads of state thereby formally shunning the legitimate Honduran government. Micheletti can not even attend the U.N. because the U.S. State Department has denied him a visa.

    In similar fashion, the Honduran ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva was ejected from the Human Rights Council last week when other Latin American countries (prominently Cuba, but also Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico) objected to his presence because he supports Micheletti rather than Zelaya. Never mind that it was Zelaya that sought to violate the law and the “illegal” Micheletti regime that observed the Honduran constitution.

    The U.S. was sitting on the Human Rights Council as a member for the first time last week. The Obama administration had argued that the Bush administration policy of distancing the U.S. from the flawed Council was a mistake and it would make a bigger difference for human rights by working within the Council. Yet, when a chance to stand up for principle arose, the Obama administration chose to stay silent.

    Considering the fact that only a minority of U.N. member states are considered politically “free” in the 2009 annual rankings by Freedom House, it is hardly surprising that the U.N. should side with Zelaya. It is, however, worth pointing out that supporting a former president like Zelaya is an aberration at the U.N. Where are the calls for former President Marc Ravalomanana of Madagascar to speak for his country after a coup earlier this year? Or for President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi of Mauritania to represent his country in 2008? Or any of the scores of other leaders ousted from power over the U.N.’s six decades?

    Support for Zelaya in the U.N. is founded on his key allies in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, which wield great influence in the world body. That Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela support Zelaya is no surprise – he is trying to emulate their presidents.

    The U.S., however, should stand up for democracy and the rule of law. Instead, it supported a populist bent on subverting the constitution in Honduras. The decision was shameful and baffling – made even more so by Zelaya’s recent actions. While Secretary Clinton was discussing ways to restore Zelaya to the presidency with President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica, who is acting as mediator in the Honduran crisis, Zelaya snuck back into Honduras without a negotiated agreement and took refuge in the Brazilian embassy. The Micheletti government had told Zelaya that he faces imprisonment and trial for 18 charges of corruption and violating the constitution should he return.

    Thus, the U.S. reward for supporting Zelaya is his erratic decision to elevate the crisis in Honduras, provoke violence and bloodshed, and possibly spark further international intervention in the country he boldly attempted to destabilize.

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    33 Responses to Zelaya Rewards U.S. Support with Betrayal

    1. Mia says:

      That's what happens when you try to make a pet out of a snake.

    2. ekrem, TX says:

      Find out who got him into Honduras and around the military checkpoints to make it all the way to the capital. And also find out where he stayed before reaching the Brazilian embassy. Do it.

    3. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      I wonder how long it will take the UN Members to condemn "human rights" violations in Honduras? Don't hold your breath.

    4. Luis, FL says:

      For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed to be an American.

      It took a little CA country like Honduras to unite the great leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and the U.S. – Wow!

    5. Donna Kathleen Dicke says:

      Are you really surprised that the Obama Administration would side with Zelaya and his Latin American equals. He is merely showing as little respect for the Honduran Constitution as he is for the Constitution of the United States. You better ask yourself how he will react when given the same circumstances as Zelaya!

    6. Karateka, USA says:

      It is interesting to see how the Democrats have flip-flopped on this issue. One interesting factiod is the official statement of Sen. John Kerry to the OAS prior to the supreme court of Honduras ruling 15-0 to remove Zelaya:

      “America values its longstanding partnership with Honduras, but a push to rewrite the constitution over the objections of Honduras's top court, legislature, attorney general, and military is deeply disturbing.”

      It is the exact opposite of what the Democrats are now supporting. It certainly shows that trouble was brewing long before Zelaya was deposed.

      The 15-0 Supreme Court ruling is still the most important fact in this case. There is no way for the Chavistas to get around it. Perhaps that is a reason that the MSM has been so reticent to print 15-0.

    7. Jeff, Rehoboth says:

      … and so the scorpion said, "What did you expect? I'm a scorpion and it's my nature to bite …"

    8. Irma, California says:

      Well said! I feel ashamed and helpless in face of the stance of the US government against Honduras. Shame on me for giving them my vote.

      Most Hondurans SUPPORT THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT and are greatly concerned by the bullying of the entire world who is trying to impose this despot on them. Why? Why has the world closed their eyes to Honduras and their legitimate fight to defend their constitution??

      Shame on them for this, shame on them for putting my family and friends who live in Honduras in harms way.

    9. Martha, New Jersey says:

      I don't understand President Obama and Hillary Clinton attitude against Honduras. Why are they punishing Honduras for defending their constitution? Hondurans don't want to be another Cuba or Venezuela. It is unbelievable that the US are against a country that their only sin is to defend their constitution.

    10. Slim, Texas says:

      Not just the US supports the return of Zelaya – so does the rest of the hemisphere, as well as much of the Honduran population. You can say they are all wrong if you want, but you will still be in the minority. Scream until your face turns red. It will do you no good. There is just no support for the de-facto regime, it will never be legitimatized. You lose.

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    12. Ham Lake MN says:

      Political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Marxism is on the march everywhere.

    13. Larry, New Jersey says:

      We should applaud the people of Honduras and their representatives for up holding their constitution.

      I wish our representatives in the USA had the courage to uphold our constitution

    14. Bill, Minnesota says:

      The reason that obama is supporting Zeleya is that he will be trying the same thing here if he gets elected to a second term. He does not want it on record that he opposed the same thing in Honduras. Zeleya has his acorn groups causing trouble and there is video of obama saying that we need an armed civilian force to complement the military. WHY?

    15. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      For our President to side with a clear dictator shows his true colors!I for one stand for the Honduras people and their constitution. I am proud of them for standing up to the UN and the world. Where are our representatives watching out for our constitution?

    16. Pat-San Antonio says:

      It does not surprize me that Obama would support the ousted and shamed former leader, Zelaya. He may be thinking of his own future. Of course the corrupt United Nations is always on the side of the bad guy. Why on earth are we still in it and give most of the funds to support this leftist organization? Who needs it!!!

    17. Pathfinder, GA says:

      I loved the comment "You Lose". He sounds like "Bagdad Bob" did on Fox News as the American tanks were rolling by the studio he was broadcasting from, telling the people of Iraq "the Americans are losing amd being driven out of Iraq".

      We have a Constitution here in America and the American Patriot will do the same thing to ANY president that does what Zelaya tried to do. It's just a shame we have such a weak, cowardly government in place. They will implode from their own greed sooner or later. I've lived long enough to see this happen several times already. The young have no clue what is happening and need to raise there heads and look around. The American people will never stand for a dictator.

    18. George Haksch, Rockv says:

      Is the US reaction surprising? Our Administration is working hard (and "sneakily") to sink our Constitution.

    19. Jack-South Bend says:

      Obama supports Zelaya because he supports his comrades

    20. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      The United States that I know would never have supported Zelaya. They may have preferred that Zelaya be tried in court (due process) rather than thrown out of the country but they gave this anti-democratic dictator wanna be the choice. Why the Obama administration is siding with this guy? I can only assume that this is consistent with his socialist bent present in his policies to date. Our democratic allies must be wary of the U.S. at this point. What is really surprising is the total lack of comment by the media on this issue. There clearly is no excuse for the position of the U.S. – from either Clinton or Obama.

    21. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Someone should show Obama the Monroe doctrine, Hillary Too we need to be tending to the affairs of this country and keeping our noses out of Honduras and stop being bedpals with Castro and chevez, then as it has been said "You are known by the friends you keep" Look at who have been pals with Obama in the past and who he choses to be pals with now, this man is set out to end our country as we know it and as our forefathers fought and died for. We need a new Revolution, this time it's not with muskets and cannonballs but with VOTES I for one am toting this "VOTE THEM OUT" my son is in the Pacific protecting our country and I e-mailed him as our absentee ballots are available now, he won't be home until after election day, he was away last year also and voted this way. If you have an election in your state, no matter how low on the totem poll, get out and vote. Freedom is NOT FREE

    22. Tim Az says:

      Some people posting here are correct in their asumptions. This is a trial balloon to see how Americans react to a dictator overthrowing a constitution of the people for the people by the people. May the people of Honduras remove Zelaya with extreme prejudice and set an example for others with the same ideas.

    23. jlw indiana says:

      To Bill, Minnesota………. my sentiments exactly!!!! ….and obama's concerned he may be prematurely ousted. ……. The civilian force is to equal the military not compliment it.

    24. Lloyd Scallan - New says:


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    26. Jim - Utah says:

      RE: Pat – San Antonio Why are still in the UN? The reason is Obama needs it, for when he discards our Constitiution and does away with elections he will need the UN's support. You say I'm crazy, I hope I am, but we had all better wake up and get involved. He will have to do this before the 2010 elections, so let us NOT go to sleep at the wheel, thinking we can take back America after that.

    27. Tom, New Jersey says:

      If he walks like a marxist, talks like a marxist, acts like a marxist, and supports a marxist, then what must he be? Currently, President of the United States.

    28. DAN MOFFATT says:

      This,is just another reason that America must be influenced to move this dark edifice of evil from the shores of America.They do indeed serve no useful purpose.For any nation,This den of evil, and vile operation serves only the truly evil cultures that exist throughout the world.Our values this country holds dear,are extremely higher than any nation,anywhere.We should start now to develop a plan of action,that would allow this country,to REMOVE the bldg.and those that choose to use it for its present use.MOVE THE U.N.BLDG TO NORTH KOREA,CHINA,FRANCE,ENGLAND PAKISTAN,MEXICO,SWITZERLAND,OR,ANY OF OUR SOUTH AMERICAN NEIGHBORS.GET IT OUT OF THIS COUNTRY.THE GREAT PEOPLE OF AMERICA DON'T NEED TO BE TOLD BY A HANDFUL OF GARBAGE,HOW TO LIVE,OR WHAT TO THINK.

    29. Georga, Rio Rancho, says:

      If the Constitution, theirs, ours, is the law of the land, there is order. Without the law there's chaos. The world order seems to be forming it's own rule of law..thugocracy. If the people don't get wise and take action the "beacon" will no longer shine and how great that darkness will be.

    30. ba, Alaska says:

      Birds of a feather flock together. This was not a coup, so Obama and Hillary, what was it that struck such a magic cord to back him and diplomatically attack Honduras? That Zelaya was a socialist demagogue, that he was crazy, or that he was paving the way for a future dictatorship over the express Constitutional warnings of the legislature, supreme court and attorney general including removal?

    31. Edgar, Montreal says:

      The Obama administration is giving Honduras to Chavez. Nobody but a bunch of crackpots and the rulers of Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and the ALBA group want that. This people don't care for the future of this poor country. This people are the enemies of the US and the goberment of the US is helping them! This can very well finish with a civil war in Honduras and in the other countries of Central America. Thank you Mr. Obama

    32. Ricardo, Missouri says:

      All comments above are sooo candid. The US goverment in public does not support Micheletti, but behind scenes has manouvered perfectly to win time, starting with Arias mediation. Now we are close to the election day in Honduras, November 29 and nothing will prevent a new goverment from being elected that day and Zelaya going away forever. Brilliant Mr. Obama, way to go. Don't pay attention to comments on the contrary, they come from uneducated trivial people.

    33. Sally, Seattle says:

      Another amazing and telling story about our President that will not be reported by the Liberal Press.

      Obviously, Obama sides with the dictator "thugs" of the UN

      I am so sick of the sheeple not researching or caring about important topics such as this one.

      This display of the Obama Administration so clearly reveals where he stands – anti- freedom, anti-democracy, and anti- American!!

      Wake up!!

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