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  • Beijing’s Capabilities Are Concern

    Senior U.S. officials made two major statements last week concerning the implications of China’s military modernization:

    • On Tuesday, Dennis Blair, the Director of National Intelligence, released the 2009 National Intelligence Strategy Document, identifying Chinas military modernization and natural resources-focused diplomacy as a “complex global challenge.”
    • Then on Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Gates discussed how China’s military capabilities were enhancing their “ability to disrupt our freedom of movement and narrow our strategic options. Their investments in cyber and anti-satellite warfare, anti-air and anti-ship weaponry, and ballistic missiles could threaten America’s primary way to project power and help allies in the Pacific – in particular our forward air bases and carrier strike groups.”

    Beijing responded almost immediately, calling the claims “totally groundless and irresponsible.” The spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense said that China had “always pursued a national defense policy that is defensive in nature and unswervingly follows a road of peaceful development.” “We demand the U.S. side to respect the fact, take measures to correct the wrong comments and stop doing things that undermine the military relations between the two countries.”

    Each year Beijing dismisses public comments and high-level reports from Washington concerning China’s military modernization in a similar, and forthright manner. But what explains the disagreement – Is Washington embellishing the threat? Is Beijing purposely misleading in an effort avoid regional efforts to balance against it?

    In short, the two nations are comparing apples and oranges. Washington is concerned about the capabilities China is acquiring and Beijing, instead of addressing its growing capabilities, responds by insisting the implications of its military modernization should be judged solely on its foreign policy intentions.

    A common theme in China’s diplomacy is that it intends to seek “peaceful development” instead of “hegemony.” Its military modernization, Beijing says, is entirely consistent with its increasing international status and its desire to protect its national sovereignty and territorial integrity, which its feels are threatened.

    On the contrary, the comments by Secretary Gates and Director Blair were meant to express a growing concern with the strategic implication of China’s military capabilities, where the record of the PLA’s modernization effort in the past decade is vividly clear:

    Beijing’s future intentions, as its economic and military power continue to expand, will remain anyone’s guess. What can be determined is that the PLA’s contingency-drive modernization effort – aimed at undermining traditional American military advantages – continues to mature at a pace where American policymakers feel it necessary to question the future implications. While Washington welcomes Beijing’s “peaceful development,” its public concerns remain entirely valid.

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    7 Responses to Beijing’s Capabilities Are Concern

    1. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Great Article.

      I'm always more concerned with external global threats. It is the history of the world.

      What is the ultimate goal of communism?

      World domination by a relative few through indoctrination, conversion and/or destruction of any middle class, or death. Individual freedom is not tolerated.

      What is the ultimate goal of Islamic Theocracys? World domination by a relative few through conversion, dhimmism (2nd class existance with severe penalties), or death.

      Individual freedom is no tolerated.

      George Washington, among other prominent founding fathers, pondered as to whether our republic with democratic principles, would

      even survive for 20 years.

      This is why monarchies and big government were to be avoided. This is why the checks and balances of our 3 branches of government were established.

      China is a growing threat, as is those radicals who will stop at nothing to establish Islamic Theocracies. Their goals are the same – world domination.

      This is not the time to limit research and development for defenses. Indeed, we should be implementing a "Manhattan Project" for missile defense capabilities second to none. This is the change we need to get working on, as fast as possible, right now. Instead, we are wasting trillions.

      Simultaneously, once and for all, we need to (as fast as possible) secure our borders. I know this sounds "old hat" but our immigration services are not allowed to function in the "citizens" best interests. If we cannot stop drug shipments and human cargo – how in ___ are we supposed to defend the American people?

      These "common sense" facts are drowned out by the well-meaning, albeit foolish idealists, who would not know they were drowning until their head slipped below the waves.

      The world is arguably more dangerous than ever before.

      Anyone who thinks the CHICOMS are not a threat or that we can "talk" with radical Iran are naively ignoring the peril which threatens us all.

      We are in a struggle against socialism, communism, and Islamic Jihadists. We had better watch out who are "friends" are.

    2. Ham Lake MN says:

      I think you said it all. The world is growing darker each day. How can we reverse this trend when our leaders are destroying our own country? Political power comes from the barrel of a gun.

    3. George Haksch says:

      I remember, that Stalin's (Russia)kommunist regime always stresed their peaceful policies, as they increased their military strength.—Yeah! They wanted, (and still do) to take over the world peacefully, rather then military means.

    4. George Haksch, Rockv says:

      Correction: I forgot to put in mz location. Sorry!

    5. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Communisim has never been dead it's been in hiding we have the biggest amount of them sitting in congress, the Speaker of the house and leader in the Senate, a VP who has no backbone and a puppet Pres. who wants to rule the world, he cannot talk without a Teleprompter and he is arragant beyond belief. We the conservatives need to be alert and assure our votes are counted and that we get people to the polls so they can vote, we need to unite and reman strong. This is the new Revolution to renew what our Country is all about, Liberty and Freedom.

    6. hwang sheng jin says:

      Let's address the issue first.The US is a threat to China because it's the stronger power.Its defense policy is offensive in nature with power projection capabilities.

      Most of the wars fought since ww2 have been by the US.It is using defending freedom and promoting democracy as a a charade to attack others.

      The Chinese are modernising their PLA not to attack the US. They will attack the US if the Americans launch an attack first on China during a Taiwan war scenario.

      For the first time Chinese can attack the US homeland with conventional/nuclear weapons if they under attack first.

      Any US ac in the Pacific ocean is deemed to have hostile intent and would be subject to PLA attack.

      As some readers say,China is not NV/kosovo/Iraq where the US can attack these defenceless countries at will.

      The US better know China is capable of defending itself and won't be subject to US nuclear blackmail like in the past fifty years. There is absolutely no doubt the US can/will prevail in a showdown but

      the price will be unacceptable damage .

      Hence the US says China's defensive needs have been exceeded. What about the US

      with 10000 nw?China has only 20nw.

      The trouble is only the US can have /use nw.

      If you have it ,you are a threat to the international community read US.The sooner those in the Pentagon realise that

      as long as the US doesn't threaten the use of nw the better. Otherwise other countries are going to upgrade.

      If the US has more security it will be at the expense of another.No PLA chief will tolerate thisstate of affairs and neither will the US defence chief.

    7. hwang sheng jin says:

      Btw the thousands of US nw hold China at risk . These weapons are on fifteen minute alert . the problem is if the uS launches these nw,the PLA aint sitting quiet and will retaliate at LA/chicago.

      Hence the US unease with the PLA upgrade.

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