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  • Trouble Ahead in Afghanistan

    Both General Stanley McChrystal, the senior commander on the ground in Afghanistan, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the senior military advisor to the president of the United States, have now publicly stated that we need more boots on the ground. In contrast, in the last few days both the President and the Vice President have stated that they are in rush to make a decision; that the advice of their senior most military commanders are just one source of input and that they need to “study” the decision more closely. Indecision in the White House is a double blow to US security.

    First, it sends a strong signal to America’s allies and to our enemies that we may be wavering in our support for the mission in Afghanistan. Second, the longer we wait to reinforce the troops that are already there, the more those troops are at risk.

    American resolve in Afghanistan is the irreplaceable ingredient for victory. Without American support the NATO commitment will dissolve; building up the Afghan military and police, civil infrastructure, and local economy won’t happen; the Pakistan government will fulfill its commitments to root out the Taliban and al Qaeda. In short, without a full US effort the mission there will fail.

    Those that want to cut and run in Afghanistan, those that applaud the Administration’s commitment to half-measures, don’t spend much time discussing the cost of failure….and the cost is pretty high, turning Afghanistan back to the Taliban and al Qaeda will lead to another 9/11; risk destabilizing the region and potentially to a war between Pakistan and India; and reenergize Bin Laden’s war on the West. That is too high a price to pay.

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    18 Responses to Trouble Ahead in Afghanistan

    1. Steve, Denver says:

      I hope enough people will stand up and not let this administration willingly give away our superpower status and standing in the world. I don't want to be the United States of FRANCE on any level.

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      Obama doesn't have time to keep this country safe from foreign hatred. He has alot on his plate. Destroying the health care, financially crippling the economy, mocking independent personal achievement, stealing freedom and liberty, individual rights…

    3. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      They beat Russia Why are we thinking we can beat them? The left does not have the will to fight. Might as well quit now, as next year Same results anyway

    4. G-Man, Chesapeake, V says:

      It is understandable that the Administration is running into trouble trying to be "all things to all people!" The question that remains to be answered is, will this Administration follow the Vietnam model, or will they (Obama is just the front man) actually follow the recommendations of the senior commander on the ground? What I fear more than anything is that decisions will be made on political grounds instead of what is best for America's interests, and/or the American soldier "in country!" I am sorry to admit that I currently lack confidence in the Commander in Chief.



      P. S. Hoo-yah Navy EOD!

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    6. Robert , Mississippi says:

      Interestng that during the election Obama placed a total emphasis on Afghanistan. He and Biden now seem to be wafling on this issue and are proposing wider use of missile strikes and less reliance on ground troops. This move would mark Obama's second shift in strategy and tactics since taking office last January and appears to be political to apease the left.

      As Harry Truman once said, ‘the buck stops here’ and the idiom ‘you have to take the good with the bad’ is a shoe that fits any leader. Obama seems only to want the good and passes the buck whenever he can.

      Changing the fabric of America has turned out not to be quite as easy as simply clicking the ruby slippers together three times because talking about being president is easier than actually having to govern (i.e., you have to make difficutl and tough decsions).

      He took and oath of office to defend the Constitution that clearly states to 'provide for the common defense'. He should make the necessary decisions to keep his oath.

    7. Sandy Logsdon Dallas says:

      If President Obama would concentrate on Government issues and not personal issues and if he would quit spending all the tax payers money and time being a "star" by traveling all over the country doing interviews and "talks", he might have time to really look at our critical issues that will make or break this country. GOD help us for Obama sure won't.

    8. Dave, Florida says:

      I spent time in the military in war zones under the first George Bush and then under Clinton in Bosnia. To review my age I also spent 4 years in the military under Carter (what a disaster). Beleive me, you do not want to be in the military and at war with a Democrat in the White House. The military currently does not respect Obama and without respect it is hard to get the military to perform difficult tasks for months on end. You will see a difference very soon on performance.

    9. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Though we may disagree with his policies, our President deserves the honor and respect the office commands. After all, a majority of voters elected him less than one year ago. How can we provide constructive advice and support to those with whom we disagree? Sour grapes usually doesn't accomplish much.

    10. Carol, AZ says:

      We need "more boots on the ground" on our Borders AS the first priority.

      CERTAINLY AMERICANS must be AWARE we have a full blown border war going on, on the TX, AZ, N.NX, and Ca borders.


      OAKLAND, CA IS LIKE A WAR ZONE within our own borders.

      Co., now revealed, that we have terrorist amonst us. A highly orgainzed, well fianced, well trained to …..

      Who is responsible for letting -in these people in the first place?

      You decide how highly effective our Visa system,the security of the U.S. borders and immigration sys.is, & yes, Homeland Secuirty. Meanwhile the nation dukes it out over Health care proposals as the distraction away from the basic priority(s) of securing all loop-holes for entry within the U.S.

      Are we really that dumb?

    11. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      I can almost say that whosoever won Afghanistan, win this Global War. What is freightening is what DAVE(Florida) is saying.

      Strategically, victory is won on the ground. Missile or airstrikes don't work that much against constantly moving troops-unless high technology allows to situate them with precision-which means that the General McChrystal is right and know more than politician. The Enemy within and the Enemies without are almost always energized by any flip-flop on our part, because of evident psychological gratifications. We MUST ACT NOW and ENERGICALLY for anything less would be disastrous.

    12. Carroll says:

      In reply to Keith "in the Andes?". You are right about sour grapes so please ask President Obama to stop it. He blames Bush at every opportunity instead of finding solutions for our pressing problems, particularly Afghanistan.

    13. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Obama needs to earn the respect due to the office he holds. I for one have no respect for a leader who stands in a country we lost so many lives to liberate and apologize for our arragance. I go four or five times a year to Arlington Cemetery, I have many family members there, including my grandfather who served in Spanish Amer WAr and WWI. Across Porter DR.from him are three graves side by side, my brother in law was not yet 21, his first cousins were 22 and 25 the all died in ETO one in Battle of the Bulge the others FEb. '45 in FRance, all left small children who only know their fathers from pictures. This man is arragant and I question his motives.

    14. Ollie says:

      I have always been a staunch supporter of using our military forces to strengthen our standing in the world. For the first time I am getting tired of spending our youth and money to fight –What?? What is victory? When do we know if we have "won"? No one has ever outlasted the Afghans. They live in the 8th century and will willingly exist in that primitive state forever. All that we end up with in the U.S. are the smart Afghans who after they are associated with the U.S. have to be protected by being given asylum in the U.S. Get out of there!!!!

    15. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      There is a solution.

      Apparently the Joint Chiefs' strategic military experience does not take into account the "politics of the left", so we could replace them with more sound advisors like:

      Service Chiefs

      Barbara Boxer

      Dianne Feinstein

      Henry Waxman

      Maxine Waters

      Joint Chief

      Nancy Pelosi

      There are other qualified candidates but I strongly recommend California advisors since they have a distinctly progressive view on how to problem solve.

    16. John S says:

      When the politicians micro-manage military stratagey, their interference or lack of public support cost soldier's lives. While the Generals and politicians play their "look at me" games soldiers die. This is beginning to smack of Vietnam. Give them what they need for "total and complete" victory, or get the hell out!!!

    17. M Stone - Denver, CO says:

      Obama has himself in a complete 'box' here. He blasted McCain during the campaign over the war in Iraq, claiming that the real war was in Afghanistan. He presented Himself as the one competent enough to win there. Centrist voters bought the line and now Obama may have to cut and run. Unfortunately, if Obama pulls out, this would only give the Taliban the opportunity to re-overrun the area and retrain for the next great attack on America. Then we'll send the troops back. May as well dedicate ourselves to the long war ahead… but wait! Obama excoriated McCain for sayin we could be in Iraq for 100 years!

      Obama's mouth finally got him in big trouble. ( for more, you can visit: http://www.conservativeblog.thewebinfocenter.com/… )

    18. Dirty Rob says:

      Having spent 12 months in Afghanistan, I can say the only "real" allies we have are the Aussies, Brits, and the Canadians. The rest are there for "peaceful" purposes only and seldom leave the wire of their FOBS. I have seen the Dutch not return counter battery on a mortar site after they were shelled and had located the position! Having worked with NATO and seeing how inept this group really is, I would be kicking myself if I were a hardcore Commie Russian who in the past would be hesitant to challenge NATO!

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