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  • Obama’s Rookie Blunder on Missile Defense Concessions

    MOSCOW – President Barak Obama’s decision to abandon ballistic missile defense in Central Europe will encourage Iranian truculence and will not generate Russian good will or support for the US on Iran sanctions.

    This is the main take-home lesson from my meetings with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and President Dmitry Medvedev over the last week.

    It looks like President Obama will abandon ballistic missile deployment against Iran in Poland the Czech Republic, and adopt a different, sea-based system, which has limited application against the Iranian threat. The proposed deployment is shorter range in comparison with what the Bush Administration planned to deploy in Central Europe.

    More unrequited concessions to come: The Administration promised to listen to Russian ideas about reshaping European security architecture; ignores Russian military deployment in South Ossetia and Abkhazia; and is indefinitely delaying a push for Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO.

    A senior Russian official half-jokingly told me that the US steps are “birthday presents for President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin”. What will they think of next – serenades and gifts for St. Valentine’s? Carrots and cakes ain’t policy.

    After spending ten days with the leading Russian foreign policy experts one thing became blatantly clear: the Obama Administration did not – and will not — receive any quid-pro-quod for the significant concession it provided to Russia as a part of its “reset button” policy.

    Russia, which faces the rising threat from Islamist militants in North Caucasus and Central Asia, wants us to believe that it provided great concessions to the US by granting air and surface transit for the NATO resupply effort in Afghanistan. Yet, Lavrov correctly indicated that this was a clear case of the US and Russian national interests coinciding.

    In meetings I attended, both Putin and Lavrov warned against any military strikes on Iranian nuke program. Russia is refusing to support a gasoline sales embargo against the mullahs. “Russia has good relations with Iran; has very significant economic interests there. Iran never supported any Islamist terrorism [in North Caucasus], and Russia will be the last state Iran would target even if it gets nuclear weapons”, says a senior foreign policy expert who regularly advises Russian leadership.

    When I asked, why President Obama needed to provide all these goodies while getting nothing in return, Lavrov and Putin said that they did not view US “reset” measures as concessions. “They corrected mistakes that the Bush Administration made”, said Lavrov.
    Moscow will not take a “yes” for an answer, a colleague said. All these concessions the Russians pocketed, smiled, and moved on to new demands: European security reconfiguration; additional global reserve currency which would weaken the dollar; and a strong push-back on sanctions against the Iranian nuclear program.

    Putin expressed “cautious optimism”, saying that the atmosphere has improved, and that the US President was in the “listening mode”.

    Unilateral concessions by the Obama Administration are interpreted as a sign of weakness, from Moscow to Teheran to Caracas. Blaming the Bush Administration and making unrequited concessions is bad policy, especially when dealing with the Russian geopolitical chess masters, or those who invented chess – the Iranians.

    The irony of this is that the Obama Administration sees nothing wrong with all this. Time and again, in foreign policy conferences, including with the Russians, the Obama Administration champions blame US behavior first, rarely criticizing the outrages committed by the hosts.

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    14 Responses to Obama’s Rookie Blunder on Missile Defense Concessions

    1. Jack Miller, Winston says:

      By attacking every move made by Obama, you set yourself up for egg on your face. What if, the six party talks with Iran on October 1 actually produce results? What if, the deals being made with Russia are part of a deal to severely sanction Iran? The best way to end the war in Afghanistan is to conclude negotiations with Iran. I am no fan of Obama's fascist domestic policies, but it is too soon to tell if the new cooperation with Russia, in regard to ballistic missile defense, is part of a negotiated Iran deal.

    2. Susan, Missouri says:

      Should we be concerned that the WH downplayed Russia's resuming training meauvers off our eastern coast not long before Obama made this decision to forestall the missile defense shield in Europe and that Russia sees Obama's actions as presents and gifts?

    3. Micah, California says:

      And the beneficiaries are: Obama's biggest supporters and Russia.

    4. M Stone - Denver, CO says:

      Pelosi yesterday expressed concern over the condition of public discourse.

      It is actions like these that have the public outraged. Surrendering to Russia – combined with capitulation on North Korea's six party talks and allowing Iran to become a nuclear threat – means that there will be a significantly elevated risk that future generations of Americans will again have to fight evil that could have been stopped by US action today.

      It is very interesting to note that domestically, Obama has turned out to be the kind of bully that He believed the US had become internationally. ‘Calling out’ adversaries, using SEIU thugs at town hall meetings to tamp down resistance from ordinary Americans is proof.

      Americans are losing patience. ( for more on the three biggest reasons for voter frustration: http://www.conservativeblog.thewebinfocenter.com/… )

      This blunder will cost America dearly.

    5. Arthur Simpson says:

      This is no rookie blunder. The President knows exactly what he is doing, dismantling our superpower status.

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    7. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      He won the election and is the President of the United States. He is our President.

      BUT, I will NEVER apologize for America. I don't care whether it is a political tool or strategy or whatever else the reason is.

      This action by government officals is disgusting, insulting to the American people, and unbecoming of the office.

      What is it with many Americans that believe "patriotism" is bad. Why hate us first when we are really the only beacon of hope for future freedom? Why do so many want to come here? How many Americans leave for somewhere else?

      I don't know, but I would submit that these America-haters are the very worst type of "social free-loaders".

      They relish their freedom of speech, as well they should, but forget that it is not THEY who are providing it or protecting it. I believe there are only a few million of these true America-haters, but they are vocal and powerful. It is a constant battle to protect them from themselves or we, as a whole, would have been invaded and overthrown long ago.

      The rest of the world has ridiculed us and held America in contempt long before now.

      Before we apologize for anything else; I want thanks from THEM for all we have done. We saved the world from fascism and communism, although some of this cancer continues to exist. That alone should be enough to back these people off but it isn't.

      PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING; ESPECIALLY ON THE WORLD-STAGE. We never learn from history; our friends and enemies know it.

    8. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Jack Miller of Winston-Salem

      My friend, I would gladly have egg on my face anytime, for national security. And, I hope our POTUS orchestrated a quid pro quo with Russia, if it means stopping Iran going nuclear. But, do you really think Russia is going to sever their economic ties with Iran? Short of this, why would we come away, with apparently, nothing?

      I sincerely hope the "cost" of this move with Russia was worth it. Unfortuantely, this administration has given me no reason to have confidence and trust – in it.

      One only look at what they have done and are doing. The issues are too numerous to mention, but our non-stop treasury printing press, debt, and looming taxation (on everything) is a start.

      However much we can argue about domestic policies – it is exactly the foreign policies that scare the __ out of me, with our enemies watching, waiting, and learning. What are they learning? What is their perception of us, right now?

      History repeats over and over and over that nations will take calculated risks, depending on the potential return. Not all countries adhere to our vaunted rule of law.

      Everyone should be worried and on guard.

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    10. Edite , Canada says:

      President Obama has initiated so many blunders, both domestically and internationally, that it is beyond belief that Americans really thought that a Chicago community organizer had the experience to lead the greatest nation in the world and deal with national security issues, nuclear proliferation by rogue states and thought he could tangle with Putin and Medvedev..Obviously, there will be more to come, Obamacare for instance, that will cripple the nation financially. Dragging the CIA through the mud is so stupefying that no logic can support any of it. What is his goal…. to neutralize one of America's most important agencies and give succor to our enemies? National security should be number one, for America and the rest of our allies. What about this does Barack Obama not understand ?

      This is all beyond my meagre brain to digest. Every day ,it seems , Obama comes up with new surprises. Which of his sychophants or apologists are advising him? But more importantly, what kind of bona fides or expertise do they have? They should all be hauled up on the carpet and be required to provide valid accreditation that has obviously been missed or they have not even been vetted in the first place and provide valid reasons for their actions to the people of America.They are the servants of the people and as such are responsible to them, not Reid or Pelosi.( She is something else. I have never witnessed a more dangerous prevaricator. She is truly frightening.

    11. SueD, Phoenix, AZ says:

      Compliments to Edite for stating correctly and fairly the issues in the United States.

    12. Anon says:

      Russian Victory: Obama Kills Missile Defense for Poland, Czech Republic!!!

      Mr. "Obama Plans on Disarming America," at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUsVQV3Lhk, short summary of an essentially anti-Reagan defense policy, with a weak QDR and NPR:

      – Mr. Obama don´t support modernization of the US nuclear arsenal, its delivery systems, underground testing, and missile defense.

      – Mr. Obama don´t support modernization of the US Armed Forces.

      – Mr. Obama leaves US more vulnerable to the emerging nuclear threat from North Korea and Iran, betrays Poland and Czech Republic, and weakens the US nuclear umbrella.

      – Mr. Obama don´t has a moral compass, e.g. don´t recognize the real adversaries of US, e.g. AQ/Taliban, Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia.

      – Mr. Obama has no respect for the US Constitution, Freedom of Speech, and the Victims of 9/11/01.

      In summary: Mr. Obama has withdrawn US of the world, due to the fact that he lives in a dangerous fantasy world, our adversaries don´t.

    13. LaVergne, Idaho says:

      Does it take a Canadian like Edite to remind us how stupid we are. Wake up America. Edite has it right. Reid, Pelosi and Obama are head of our Country? Yeah, they are heading it into the

      dumpster. We must change this in 2010.

    14. Eugene Pilcher, Rock says:

      Our illegal president (illegal use of a Conn. social security number, lack of US citizenship cover up) is proud of Islam (comments to Egyptian president) at best and a terrorist at worst. If you don't believe that just look at the long list of foreign policy set backs above. I am inclined to agree that it is not incompetence but an intentional plan for White House power domestically (Acorn, illegal amnesty, open borders, census fraud, deficit spending)and the destruction of the US as a super power internationally. He has pleased Russia, Iran, the Taliban North Korea and China. He has upset Britain, Israel and is dismantling the progress in Iraq by letting our enemy know exactly how and when we are withdrawing.

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