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  • Morning Bell: You Can Help Free Our Energy Today

    With the nation’s unemployment rate creeping ever closer to 10%, it is not surprising that Americans continue to rank the economy as the most important issue facing the country right now. Recognizing the link between a troubled economy and energy prices, last year 1.4 million Americans signed the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition demanding that the federal government enact policies that will lower our nation’s energy costs. And Congress responded by ending our nation’s quarter-century ban on oil and natural gas drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

    But this was just the first step Americans needed to take to free our energy from the myriad of bureaucratic restriction the enviro-left has placed between consumers and cheap energy. Before the development of our natural resources can begin, the Department of Interior must approve a five-year leasing plan detailing how federal sale of oil and gas leases in the offshore waters will take place. The case for developing our own natural resources is strong. An estimated 19 billion barrels of oil–nearly 30 years of current imports from Saudi Arabia–as well as substantial natural gas reserves are estimated to lie beneath these restricted areas. According to a 2008 Center for Data Analysis study, increasing domestic oil production by 1 million barrels per day would generate 128,000 jobs. At 2 million barrels per day, that figures jump to 270,000.

    Unfortunately the Obama administration is allowing their “Green Job” fantasies to get in the way of cold hard facts and real American jobs. At an Interior Department field hearing this April in Atlantic City, Secretary Ken Salazar claimed ocean winds along the East Coast can generate 1 million megawatts of power, roughly the equivalent of 3,000 medium-sized coal-fired power plants, or nearly five times the number of coal plants now in the United States, according to the Energy Department. This is pure fiction. In 2007 the United States produced 23.48 quadrillion Btus of power from coal. Wind produced .319 quadrillion Btus.  Salazar wants the American people to believe we can increase our wind power production by 7,300%. That is unrealistic.

    Despite all the rhetoric you hear about the rest of the world abandoning fossil fuels to avoid global warming, their actions show where their real priorities are. Brazil, whose beautiful beaches rival or even surpass anything in California or Florida, recently discovered a huge underwater oil field and it is moving quickly to begin drilling. In Asia, China and Japan were able to put aside centuries of mistrust to come to an agreement on how to drill and share oil in waters in between their countries. Germany plans to build 27 coal-fired plants by 2020. Italy plans to increase its reliance on coal from 14% today to 33% in just five years. In all of Europe, 40 new major coal power plants are set to be built in the next five years. In 2006 alone, China completed enough coal power plants to match all of Britain’s capacity. India plans to boost coal production by 50% by 2012 and quadruple it by 2030.

    The rest of the world gets it: in order to compete in today’s global economy countries must maximize the energy potential of all their natural resources. The Obama administration would be forcing American businesses to compete with one hand tied behind our back if they favor costly, inefficient, and unproven renewable energy to the exclusion of all other U.S. resources.

    But there is something you can do about it. Any regulatory framework created by the Obama Interior Department can be fought in court. And Federal law requires the Obama Administration to solicit comments from the American people and substantively respond to them before any regulation can attain the force of law. One factor that courts must consider when a regulation is challenged is how the government addressed citizen comments on the proposed regulation. Last year, 30,000 of you submitted a comment through StopEPA.com to the Environmental Protection Agency asking it to not move forward with carbon dioxide regulations. This year, people are voicing their support for offshore drilling by going to FreeOurEnergy.com and submitting a comment. You can too. Now is not the time to turn back.

    Let the Obama Administration know that you support domestic oil exploration. Then forward today’s Morning Bell to five of your friends. Visit FreeOurEnergy.com to make your voices heard. The deadline is Monday, September 21st at midnight.  So hurry!

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    50 Responses to Morning Bell: You Can Help Free Our Energy Today

    1. Ed, ohio says:

      Great points; Q: How many jobs will be lost in current energy sectors of oil, gas, coal, drilling, mining, processing, etc. while we chase the ambiguous green energy jobs centered around building windmills, solar panels and electric cars??? Not sure, but my guess is we lose at least 4 to 1. Thus, raising unemployment even higher. What say you?

    2. jim toledo says:

      It's really pathetic the way we are going through our lives and wasting valuable time on the drivel coming out of Washington; the unemployment rate is hovering around 10% nationwide, it's somewhere around 12 or 13% in Ohio, higher in Michigan, we're borrowing on our kids future, the deficet for August was over one trillion dollars, we're trying to governize health care, the government is taking over the student loan program, we're turing our back on our allies, no missle defense for Poland, and our President is going to a relay race to do all the talk shows on Sunday, for what? This plan of socializing the USA is a bad idea and because these guys are moving at warp speed, they know they may not have any more chances after the 2010 elections, there are so many unintended consequences, the next few months are going to be even crazier. Look at what is happening in California and the enviromentalist have chosen a smelt over people and have turned off water to the valley. How can this happen in America?

    3. Joe Karwal, Yuba Cit says:

      Am I the only one who feels like, in "Groundhog Day" fashion, I'm watching the Governor's Dance in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"—over and over again?

    4. M Peck King says:

      Signed up months ago but never recieved my Constitution

    5. Reta Richardson, Sou says:

      I read your releases because I am trying to understand the issues from all sides. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone gave all opinions respect and careful study before reacting with their own inbred biases and violent protests? Thanks for the services you provide from the far right conservative side. God bless you all with reason and compassion for all of us.

    6. Don, Michigan says:

      Poor Nancy. She should look at what cometh out of her mouth and also the rest of the Dems. SHAME ON HER AND THEM. It is obvious that her and the Dems are the only ones that are able to speak freely in this country.

    7. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Within the first weeks of his administration, Obama cancled oil lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana and Texas coast. Cass Sunstine is putting areas, that has major deposits of oil shale, "off limits" by declaring

      that land as "wild horse" refuges. And of course,

      drilling in Alaska remains off limits. Does anyone

      really feel the Obama administration want to be

      "energy independent"? It will destroy his overseas

      contributions, and at the same time, make us more

      dependent on his "world governmnet" dream.

    8. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      There is so much to be done and even more to be undone in our Country that it is difficult to imagine ANYTHING getting done!

      Our current President is on a course of crippling this Country to REMAKE America into a Marxist America! Can we expect him to do what's right for America? He hasn't so far as I can see! He has been a Blow-hard politician spewing forth his message of Progressive Socialism. All he can focus on is is tearing down the Pillars that have made America Great.

      We need to develop ALL our energy sources to restore our independence.

      He needs to focus on SERVING the people and not on RULING the people.

      Here's one suggestion for Mr. Obama.

      He should stop sucking-up to nutty environmentalists. He can start by turning on the water for the San Joaquin Valley!!!!

      He needs to abandon the moronic Cap and trade crap! Real scientists have already debunked Al Gore's mythical theory; there is no truth in it for causing global warming etc. It is a cyclic phenomenon o the SUN-EARTH relationship and has gone on for all time and will continue to do so.

      To paraphrase our great American President Ronald Reagan: 'Mr. Obama turn on the water! and turn on our energy'

    9. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I still believe that we must eliminate ALL career politicians before we can stop this massive corruption that is gutting the economy. " Never Re-elect ANY incumbent" Voting them out is the ONLY answer. They just ignore marches, speeches and letters. As Obamalot himself says " Words Just Words"

    10. Ed Devlin Taos, N.M. says:

      I was very diaapointed after printing out the article "you can help free our energy today" to find that the printed version was not complete. Sentences missing, paragraphs disjointed. I would expect this in an article from the Pelosi camp. . . BUT The Heritage Foundation?? VERY DISAPOINTING!! Can you tweak your website? I really wanted to pass this out to my fence stradling friends. Ed Devlin

    11. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Our government could in a matter of minutes authorize a policy that would start us on the road to energy independence. Drill now, anywhere. More nuclear facilities. More coal units. More refineries. Lower gas mileage requirements. Eliminate requirements for various gasoline mixtures. In short, government, Congress and EPA just get out of the way. You are destroying the Nation with your ignorant and stupid self-serving vote buying laws, rules and regulations. Wake-up government before all this political nonsense destroys you in the process as well.

    12. Christopher Popham S says:

      With those remarks by Speaker Pelosi and the ersatz emotion, some of us are concerned, that as

      desperate as the Dems. are these days, that she

      may be setting up this country for a false flag

      event. She certainly has the remaining power to do so.

      If Madame Speaker is feeling a bit emotional these

      days, it is no doubt from the sudden realization

      that she and her party are in deep trouble with

      the American populace. Indeed, it must be quite

      disturbing for the third in line to the Presidency

      to be losing influence and power.

    13. Bill Bartley says:

      Regarding the San Jaquinn devestation of the farmers- form a Farmers United coalition and threaten to stop all food production/supply until Obama and Pelosi open up the floodgates to allow these farmers to start farming again. Lets get this rolling and stop these environmental extremist whacko's.

    14. Jason, Colorado says:

      This carefully considered position neglects two important points. First, there is no mention, as usual, of managing the numerator. Growth and competitiveness are possible while working on curtailing our grossly consumptive behavior. It might very well help our position. Second, the "well they are doing it" argument doesn't hold water with our kids….why does it fly with our policies? Addressing these two points in your policy considerations – even hinting at them – would go a long way toward bring moderates like myself into the fold. Thank you.

    15. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Here's an "afterthought"!

      If all the politicians would work and serve America and keep their blow-hard mouths shut, think of all the CO2 that would NOT be let loose into the atmosphere!!! (starting with Obama's daily rhetoric).

    16. G-Man, Chesapeake, V says:

      This article is good news, and I didn't know that the petition had Congressional impact…way to go Heritage! Flooding the oil market with American crude has economic as well as strategic implications. If the oil return on the Russian Ruble is minimized by a market full of crude, then the Russkies will have less capital to rebuild its war-fighting machine! Win-Win! Gotta' go, I am off to the "FreeOUREnergy" website.

      G-Man out…

    17. John, Colorado says:

      The Bakken Formation in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana has enough oil to last the US 30 to 50 years.

      If we ran our country instead of our own American Nomenklatura, we'd at least be supercarbureting our vehicles to run on vapor instead of aerosol, and pentuple mileage and the 65% of oil we use on gasoline would last five times longer.

      This says nothing of the technology to use water, splitting it at the right frequencies, or with the right catalysts, to beat the low efficiency of hydrolysis.

      All our technological problems have been solved, it's a matter of murderous, thieving greed and corruption, and to a lesser extent pride, that the solutions are not getting applied.

    18. John, Colorado says:

      And if we end up having a trade war, then we ought to axe OPEC, Iran, and Russia, by doing this and eliminating, that is ELIMINATING, the foreign import of oil.

    19. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      You cannot abruptly take heroin away from a junkie without detox – or will kill him.

      You cannot stand in the way of drilling for known oil deposits (while you jump into the fire with alternative energies which are not cost effective or read to implement) WITHOUT continuing to rely on foreign oil – or you will help kill or economy and strategic reserves.

      We have to wean ourselves from oil as we develope cost efficient energies (which is what research and development does). In the meantime let's get oil-independent.

      I know I heard the POTUS say he would drill, while campaigning. So, what's the holdup?

      They do not want to drill (I guess that is not a lie). They are going to force this alternative energy ____ down our throat even it means trillions more and higher taxes.

      This is THEIR addiction – tax and spend.

    20. Susan Miller says:

      free our nation from foriegn oil.

    21. Rory Cooper Rory Cooper says:

      Ed in NM; Thank you for your comment, and please do print the article out and distribute. We have checked and double checked the "printable version" of this article (accessed by clicking on the small picture of a "printer") and it does appear to be printing properly. If you have continued issues, or anyone else notices a similar problem, feel free to write us back. Thanks for passing it out!!

    22. Charles Mana, Saint says:

      Where is my comment? Everything I wrote in my comment I would say to my mother. Give me a break, if my comment is too inflammatory then the country is worse off than anyone knows.

    23. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The United States of America belongs to its citizens, not to the Federal Government. We should and can utilize and refine our own enregy resources. They really cannot stop us. It so so in our Constitution.


    24. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      The more we shut down or penalize energy production(what we know WORKS VS what we HOPE works) the higher the cost to the consumer, the less the consumer has for other goods and services which creates a down market with an attendent loss of jobs and tax dollars. We should be drilling for oil wherever it is, building refineries and nuclear power plants along with clean coal plants, many people would be back to work and an economy cranking on all cylinders again. THAT IS OBAMA"S JOB ONE! Not this healthcare boondoggle that is more about preservation of socialism and control of the ENTIRE POPULATION!

    25. Carole Vohs, Valley says:

      Pelosi's tears don't impress me. She, along with other far left liberals, is the worst thing foisted upon the American Citizen.

    26. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      Obama loves to hear himself talk. Each time he opens his mouth he proves he is incapble of being a leader.

    27. Charles Mana, Saint says:

      First of all the reasons for creating cap and trade are false fabrications of a fictious science by people who are not interested in the environment nor are they interested in The United States as a Democratic Republic and keeping it as the most powerful Nation in the world. It makes no sense to argue about the pros and cons and the damage it will cause to The United States to allow such a rediculous idea to become a law since its purpose is rooted in the International Communism attempt to lead the world to a Global Government just as they did after WWI when Bolshevism took over Russia and made an attempt to take control of and overturn the governments of Europe and the governments of the American Continent. The symbol of this ongoing attempt was the League of Nations snd when the League failed in The United States because the government of the US rejected Bolshevism since at that time our government wasn't permeated by Bolshevists as is the case just after WWII and to a much greater extent now. I would that close to 50% of the members of the US government is immersed in Bolshevism and Global Government interests as indicated by the existance of the CFR, Tri-Lateral Commission, thew World Bank, The IMF, The Fed, The United Nations, Global Warming, and many events which occurred during WWII and after which suspicially looks as though the playing sloped to the Bolshevist domination, the mentioined organizations, I must add ACORN as a Communist cell organizer, negating their care for what's good for The United States and in fact being proactive inn causing the destructionof our government and the freedom of the Citizens of The United States.

      The fact is that all of the rediculous ideas and proposed laws like cap and trade , government health care reform,all the stimulus laws and the nationnalizing of the private sector, the attacks on the first and second ammendments are all a violation of the Constitution. Include in ths hypocrisy is the Federal Reserve Bank which is unconstitutional, since there is no provision for the Federal Government to have an enterprise in banking and the the establishing of a National Bank generic which is what the Fed is. Also the idea of rewriting the Constitution by activist judges through the Federal District Courts is against the constitution since it states that the Supreme Court shall be the highest court in the land of the federal government except that a lower federal court may be appointed by congress for special purposes or cases. The now existing Federal district courts and their twelve districts should be aboilished by congress as this woul eliminate most of the changing of the Constitution and the presence of these courts as appellant courts located in the sovereign states of The United States is an affront to the rights of the United States, and the Constitution since one man one judge can overrule andecision of an entire state whether it be a vote of the people are a ruling of the state's judiciary system making the federal judge a king. The Federal District Courts and the 12 districts should be abolished by congress. also the statement in the constitution declaring that treaties ratified by congress should be treated as the Law of the Land is as it should be if the congress doesn't ratify a treaty which is contrary to the precepts of the Constitution or which negate parts of the Constitution,The United Nations is a good example of this since it espouses International Law over US law, banking systems which are meant to destroy America's economy thus forcing into Globalism, any treaty if ratified is a detriment to the United States is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

      The Constitution is being relegated to the scrap bin of history. More and more of our governmental representatives and our learning institutions are calling the Constitution a living document with its ideology changing relative to the times and so they call it living since it is changing where in reality the Constitution was ind is meant to be a document which is a bulwark against change so that the United States

      government is built on a solid foundation of Ideology whjich ideoilogy is based on Christian Principals and so rooted in the Natural Law.

    28. cookie corej- michig says:

      The more we need to depend on foreign oil, the more control is exerted on our lives.

      What if oil is denied us for a week or a month? Would we be able to get to work. bring products to stores for people to buy, be able to drive to buy product?

      Think how quickly this could destroy our economy, along with the damages already being placed on us by our government.

      The next revolution is coming as people are fed up with government and the lack of thought process of the effects caused by passage of the bills they vote on.

      I don't feel that I am being properly represented

      when congress votes against the will of the majority of our citizens.

      The middle eastern countries are laughing all the way to the bank and prices have not yet returned to $4.00/ gallon.I don't think we'll have to wait too long for that day to come.


    29. George Baggott says:

      In the age of computers and emails…I think we need to rethink the role of the politicians. I could see that legislators crafting the rules and bills and putting it in simple language for population to read and consider.

      This could be state and national basis. THEN…be put on the web for the public/citizens to vote on their email. Use our Social Security Number to register not duplicate. I could see a elected government representative who I would vote in and vote against my interests. There could be a review when all the entrees are registerd etc. Have due date to respond.

      Why we don't vote generally on the government officials that come to office via email I don't know.

      Also should have term limits.

    30. George Baggott says:

      In the future have legislators craft laws and bills. put in simple language and vote via email. It is a computer email world.

      Why we don't vote generally via email is a question and why don't we have voting on Saturday vs. Monday or Tuesday?

      Term limits for politicians should be required.

    31. Charles Mana, Saint says:

      Thank You. I appreciate the posting of my comment.

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    33. Glenn, Arizona says:

      Building large numbers of wind generators and solar farms is fantacy. Even the liberals still abide by the Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) rules. That's why they stopped drilling off Santa Barbara. Beyond that, T. Boone Pickens had to drop his massive wind farms idea because there was no infrastructure to get the electricty from places where the wind blows to where the electricity is needed. Even larger problem is that we have to have coal, gas, nuclear capacity to provide peak power when the winds dies down and the sun goes down. And where do the 'green' dreamers think the electricity comes from to run the electric cars. The more cars there are running off the electric outlets, the more capacity we need. The whole thing is part of the strategy to keep accumulating crises.

    34. John, Colorado says:

      If under the hood of a car gasoline is passed through a safe and sturdy heating chamber with catalyst in it, to which a steady small stream of water is also added, the gasoline can be catalytically cracked and reformed from liquid gasoline to gases such as methane, ethane, propane, and butane, and far higher mpg is possible.

      The catalyst would have to be replaceable on a regular basis, or the anti-catalytic compounds taken out of the gasoline first.

    35. Bobbie Jay says:

      We could be to work and energy independent tomorrow if Obama and his administration got out ot the way. So simple, yet…

    36. OPELOUSAS, LA. says:

      We will soon be in the same shoes as the car industry but not due to mismanagement of our oil companies but by the hundreds of rules, regulations, restrains and other government imposed obligations designed to make the industry disappear. Seems we the people looked the other way and allowed the government conspirators free reign to put all their ducks in a row for too many years. It's time we take some power back!

    37. martin Phoenix Az says:

      The inmates are running the asylum. They all need to be sent home. It's about time we kick them out starting at the top. But I think it might be to late.

    38. Tom Dangelo Washingt says:

      It would appear that the current administration is "hiding behind the skirts of the environmentalists" and continues to"march this great nation, is military, and its legal citizens off of the cliff' into the jungle of 3rd world mediocrity. If this this Marxist-Socialist is permitted to continue to "rule by fiat" from his throne in the White House, we who are under his rule will be leaving this country for places like Mexico and Canada "for a better life and more freedom".

      "We the citizens" can not permit this to continue without "peaceful demonstrations and running the bums out of office" starting with the Marie Antonette of the congress "Princess Pelloci"

    39. Gloria Winbush,Romul says:

      Signed up several several months,and still have not recieved my book of the constitution.And my comment is I don't trust any politicians!!

    40. BSkrivanek says:

      I live in coal country and it's a very dirty source of energy. Have you ever been in India and China their air pollution is horrific. We finally got our air quality standards improved a little in this country and all of those in favor of coal fired facilities would have us lose what progress we've made.

    41. Roland D, Claus, Ber says:

      The predominate choleric temperament expressed by the narcistic mind and spirit which looks into the self reflection in the pool for counsel and guidance, presents a frightening dominating President who gathers around himself a small army of reflections of self in the pool czars and enforcers for tyrannizing the USA.

      Congress is brushed aside, laws are either ignored, twisted, and the everpresent insistent voice speaks not truth, but the expediency of the moment to accomplish Obama's ends. Those ends are blatant power which by it's very nature flushes out of existence serving the needs of the people. As I dubbed him the first time I laid eyes on him, the Great Pretender focuses on self, then the enemy, the people.

      Never before has this nation been threatened as now. There is no other choice. He must be bottled up and constrained by the rising chorus of the people. Our future is in our hands, and it must be by truthtelling and a dedicated informed people who care enough to pay the price to preserve their freedom. There will be much pain, but he too can be overcome.

    42. Pam Curtis, Lewisvil says:

      Personally, I don't adhere to the policy of 'Global Warming'-just another political fear tactic. We have natural resources at our fingertis in America we NEED to explore. Certain special interest groups have their own agendas. It boils down to $$$$ and not real concern for our people. They are the same ones that 'hug' trees, save 'whales' committ genocide, and kill unborn babies.

      If the planet is as old as the scientists claim it is, then it will continue to survive another few hundred years. Global warming won't destroy it. Man's radical desire to kill his fellow man will do that more successfully. History has and is proving that already. Mankind in this present world, won't last more than a few hundred years anyway. So…lets use the natural resources we have at this present time, put money back into America's pockets and create real jobs. I'm tired of getting oil from countries that don't have our Country's interests at heart.

    43. V Wilkinson, UK says:

      American consumption of fossil fuels per capita is far higher than any other nation in the world.

      How many of you people have spent any time looking at the evidence that has been amassed on the environment question. How many of you can honestly say they have the ability to assess the viewpoint of environmental destruction and understand the massive risks involved in persisting in exploiting carbon based fuels.

      Let us assume that the environmental doom sayers are wrong. With the global population explosion continuing as it has through the 20th century, pressure on oil resources will continue to increase. Remaining oil resources are, in the balance of probability, already overstated. Oil companies future profitability and share price depend not on the oil they currently produce, but on their future reserves. There is great conjecture that future reserves are overstated and there is good evidence that the current reserves are at peak production and can only go down from this point on. Being profligate will oil now leaves a dire legacy for our children. One far more damaging than a policy which actively seeks alternatives.

      Let us assume a different scenario. One in which the environmentalists have some evidence of global warming. Now, what effect will global warming have on future global and national prosperity. Well, the big thing is nobody knows for certain how the global environment will change. Evidence suggests that the ice caps are melting right now, and very quickly too. (I've seen claims that this is not true and that glaciers around the world are growing, but I cannot find evidence to support this claim). Evidence also suggests that those ice caps act as mirrors and that they reflect much of the suns heat back into space. If they melt, the oceans absorb the extra heat, global weather patterns could be affected radically.

      I live in the UK. In my lifetime the weather has changed dramatically. There are more storms hitting the UK. The seasons are less regular than the used to be and many native species struggle to survive. I talked to a fisherman, a man with 60 years experience of fishing the North Sea, one of the most demanding environments on earth. He said they were catching squid and pollock, species not previously caught in those waters, and also basking sharks, never seen in his lifetime previously. This man said to me "I've no doubt global warming is occurring, the waters of the North sea are getting warmer, the gulf stream which used to dissipate north of Scotland and at the start of the English channel is now driving round into the north sea". We are now cropping fruit an month earlier than was traditional. All this might seem beneficial, but it is very worrying. Rainfall, previously falling on Southern Europe is moving northwards and the former regions are suffering drought conditions. I point out the campaign "Agua para todos" in southern Spain, a region I've been to and one facing increasing water shortages (which will damage prosperity).

      If we do destroy our environment, it will be our children who will foot the bill. Millions if not billions of people who could be potentially displaced would go where? Food shortages caused by crop failure would cause what effect on prices?

      Why is environment a right wing – left wing polarised issue in the US and not elsewhere in the world.

      It was Margaret Thatcher who said "In some areas, the action required is primarily for individual nations or groups of nations to take. But the problem of global climate change is one that affects us all and action will only be effective if it is taken at the international level. It is no good squabbling over who is responsible or who should pay. We have to look forward not backward, and we shall only succeed in dealing with the problems through a vast international, co-operative effort."

      While all the comments made here make me think you are all ready to grab your pitchforks and storm the Whitehouse, have all of you spent time reading books about this issues, looked at the reports of what the true cost of global warming could be. Have you the ability to be impartial or un-partisan. Look at your own NOAA web site. This organisation is collecting data on global climate and six of the last fifteen years are the warmest ever recorded. 2009 has recorded the warmest ocean temperatures on record. We need to know what is happening. This cannot be dismissed without good counter argument. Read the Stern report, it is available on the internet.

      Don't denigrate environmental issues until you have good evidence to counter their arguments. China has a fifth of the worlds population yet still doesn't use anywhere near as much energy per capita as the US. You are the most important country in the world, so show some wisdom, some justice and fairness to the rest of the world. We too are affected by your decisions. Don't let us down with poor stewardship.

    44. william boyer cincin says:

      Nancy Pelosi is a wealthy phony, laden with expensive clothing and jewels, who knows nothing about the way ordinary Americans live. Her hair care alone would probably keeps most of us for a year. Nothing that comes from her mouth is rooted in reality.

    45. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Why have we not done anything about this since 1973 when the first massive cost increase occurred? Obama's Agenda will not work in a strong economy, so bankrupting America is his goal. I thought we were agreed on this ?

    46. Linda Todd, Las Vega says:

      Miss Pelosi missed her calling. She should have been an actress!

    47. John, Colorado says:

      From the book, "Fuel Frmo Water", 11th edition, by Michael A. Peavey, page 238:

      "In Mill's invention hydrogen gas collides with a heated cathode to compress hydrogen atoms. The energy released is reported to be about one thousand times greater than for hydrogen combustion."

      "A 200 hp car going 50 mph using this process will go a hundred thousand miles on a tank of water…"

      "One cup of water with the hydrogen atoms shrunk to half size produces 25kWh. At 1/20th size produces 3500kWh enough to heat a home for a month."

    48. John, Colorado says:

      From the book, “Fuel From Water”, 11th edition, by Michael A. Peavey, page 238:

      “In Mill’s invention hydrogen gas collides with a heated cathode to compress hydrogen atoms. The energy released is reported to be about one thousand times greater than for hydrogen combustion.”

      “A 200 hp car going 50 mph using this process will go a hundred thousand miles on a tank of water…”

      “One cup of water with the hydrogen atoms shrunk to half size produces 25kWh. At 1/20th size produces 3500kWh enough to heat a home for a month.”

    49. J. White, retired [c says:

      I have been involved in the so-called "environmental sciences" since 1967. To date, painting with a large brush here, I have met less than 5% who actually even had a genuine clue about what they were spouting.

      They are childish and are continually trying to metamorphosize subjectivity into objectivity- a most nauseous action. There is no sum nor substance to most of what they "propose" as "green". Unless and until THEY can find a real way to abbrogate Arhennius' Law regarding energy into a process as compared to energy produced by that process, what they propose is not possible. It is the "stuff" of fantasy.

      As an example with the over-simplification of solar energy, when you consider that the amount of energy- mining of the silicon, the hydrofluoric acid for the process, the grinding of the silicon into disks, there is NO NET POSITIVE GAIN. They are grossly inefficient when converting light energy to power output That is why fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil are so energy efficient…it takes far far less energy to extract them for use than they produce.

      As I, and so many others see it, this excuse for a president and his "friends" are set upon destroying this nation's sovereignty. By being dependent upon foreign sources for our basic energy needs is an insidious situation for us.

      Two fellow scientists and I wrote a major paper for Congress via the DOE regarding the issues with coal. We have in this nation, the largest coal reserves in the world at some 25 trillion pounds of coal that is easily recoverable. Enough by our econometrics to last for no less than 250 years at the present rate of use.

      As for oil, there IS one glaring problem- whether you like it or not, my former college students were correct in their assessment that the oil companies are an unprincipled lot- the oil on the North Slope was "sold" to the US as the oil was just for us; however, what did they do? They began to sell it to the Japanese…not very much ever reached the lower 48 states. So, unless and until ALL of the oil/natural gas is sold here, it is not going to happen.

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