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  • Dear Obama: Rein In Holder

    A bipartisan team of seven former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency wrote a letter to President Obama today urging him to exercise his constitutional authority over Attorney General Eric Holder reverse the re-opening of criminal investigations into the CIA’s treatment of detainees following the attacks of September 11.

    The seven former directors include: Michael Hayden and Porter Goss, who served under President George W. Bush; George Tenet, who served under Bush and President Bill Clinton; John Deutch and R. James Woolsey, who served under Clinton; William Webster, who served under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan; and James R. Schlesinger, who served under President Richard Nixon.

    From their letter:

    The post-September 11 interrogations for which the Attorney General is opening an inquiry were investigated four years ago by career prosecutors. The CIA, at its own initiative, forwarded fewer than 20 instances where Agency officers appeared to have acted beyond their existing legal authorities. Career prosecutors under the supervision of the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia determined that one prosecution (of a CIA contractor) was warranted. A conviction was later obtained. They determined that prosecutions were not warranted in the other cases. In a number of these cases the CIA subsequently took administrative disciplinary steps against the individuals involved. Attorney General Holder’s decision to re-open the criminal investigation creates an atmosphere of continuous jeopardy for those whose cases the Department of Justice had previously declined to prosecute. Moreover, there is no reason to expect that the re-opened criminal investigation will remain narrowly focused.

    Not only will some members of the intelligence community be subjected to costly financial and other burdens from what amounts to endless criminal investigations, but this approach will seriously damage the willingness of many other intelligence officers to take risks to protect the country. In our judgment such risk-taking is vital to success in the long and difficult fight against the terrorists who continue to threaten us.

    Read the whole letter, here.

    More on Holder’s War on the CIA, here.

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    25 Responses to Dear Obama: Rein In Holder

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      I believe an investigation into Eric Holder's malicious politics is in order.

    2. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      The self-righteous witchhunt on the CIA will pacify the far left. How sad, that, so soon, they have forgotten the catastrophic events of 9-11, especially those who live in NYC.

      I can understand the gleeful hunt, from avowed leftists, who have never and would never serve in our armed forces, intelligence services, law enforcment, or dangerous jobs – all of which protect these same people. It's much easier to criticize and be outraged.

      They act so outraged at the enhanced interrogation (call it tortue if you wish) that gathered information which protected us. Further, put into perspective what condition our intel services were in prior to 9-11. We had little intel at a time of immenent peril. I ask, what would the far left have done – sign a peace treaty with Al Queda?

      At the same time, where is the continued outrage at the victims we all saw on videotape that were decapitated? It is telling that we would not send back terrorist Chinese nationals to China for – justice. I wonder what the Chinese would do with them? I think we know.

      Suffering human souls are screaming in agony in prisons and captivity throughout the world. Other intelligence services and terrorist groups commit crimes and real torture (where people are maimed, REALLY tortured, and killed) by methods which would sicken the reader – if described. And, this treatment is for political "crimes".

      God, only knows what has happened to thousands of protesters in Iran.

      The far left speaks of the rule of law for terrorists, as if this were a police action instead of a fight for survival in a nuclear age. Was anyone maimed or killed? They have forgotten or never accepted who the real monsters were.

      So, let's emasculate the CIA. Let's read Miranda Rights to terrorists on the battle field. Our enemies have to be laughing at us. And, now, if captured, terrorists won't talk. Why should they?

      Don't blame intelligence agents for not being able to get information from captured terrorists.

      Who will we blame next time?

    3. S. Tierney, Kentucky says:

      Shouldn't we be investigating the tax cheats, Rangal and Holder and others? We could sure use the money right now! Will every new administration be obliged to investigate and prosecute the previous administration in the future?

    4. Vested says:

      Please rein in Holder! I can't help but be afraid of what Eric Holder and President Obama envision to replace our current system of security; and our system of checks and balances. The odd part is that, somehow, people (maybe includilng me) think that we can appeal to Obama to "rein in Holder". How does this President Obama get such a pass? Maybe it should be "rein in Obama". At any rate – scary stuff. These guys are up to no good..

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    6. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We must eliminate the career politician if we are to preserve the U.S. as a free country. Set term limits at one for everybody. Otherwise, freedom vanishes. You KNOW this is true,

    7. Bill Lee says:

      Obama and the Democrates are digging a deeper hole and weapon that will be used againist them in Nov' 2010 elections and 2012 elections.

      Democrates are fostering the idea that they are weak on Security. So we see, the actions of Holder and Obama support this conclusion.

      I do not understand what "thinking process" they used to do this witch-hunt with our present security needs?

      Liberals just do not get it? We are in a War with Terrorist!

      I just hope America does not suffer for their faulty thought processes.

      We need to get them out of Power ASAP!

    8. rich weirton, wv says:

      Corruption is now so ingrained in politics,that it will be extrememy hard to weed out. Acorn is a good example-total corruption.

      Not to worry tho, they will be "investigated" by Obama's partners in crime, and will be found inocent of all charges.

    9. Jill, California says:

      Holder should aggressively investigate the unconstitutional and dangerous activities of Obama and Congress. The Obama administration is a greater threat to America than al Queda is.

    10. Les, Rock Hill, SC says:

      This witch hunt by President Obama and Erik Holder into the CIA and threats to prosecute George W Bush and members of his administration is setting new precedents. I'm looking forward to the next administration investigating Obama and his ties to ACORN and the unions.

    11. MJP, Maryville Tenne says:

      Are these lefties so thickheaded they don't hear anything that's said or are they that blind. They act like nothing matters to them. I think this is no different than the Witch hunts or the Inquisition of the middle ages. Are there truths to uncover, possibly, but to what end. I agree with most of the commentors, only harm can come from this type of investigation / prosecution.

      Why doesn't the justice department spend their time investigating ACORN and other organizations that are out there wasting taxpayer dollars.

      Who was it that said that we would be destroyed from within ????? Seems like they might have been right.

    12. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Is Holder seeking revenge for the actions against him by previous administrations?? The security of this country should be first and foremost, I am not the only one who wonders WHY this administration is trying to weaken our deenses? Has he an hidden motive?? I believewe need to look at OUR constitution and take legal action against those who want to destroy this country from within.

    13. Bill, San Antonio TX says:

      Mr. President,

      You need to have Holder investigate the Clinton administration; I'm sure there are a lot of goodies there to peck at.

      Why were our security services in such disaray? What did we do during the 1990s except get attacked over and over. Why did we not take out Bin Laden when we could have?

      If we want to go down this dangerous path THEN have the courage to go back to 1992.

    14. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      We do need investigation into just why the OBAMA administration is doing any of this. I can not help but believe it is a long planned agenda to destroy the US. Geithner, Rangel, Acorn, SEIU to name a few should be investigated and removed. We don't even need to investigate some of the above we know they are tax cheats and criminals. God help us…….

    15. Marshall,Michigan says:

      Holder needs to appoint a Special Prosecuter to

      get ACORN out of the Taxpayers faces and begin what may take years to Investigate! By leaving

      the CIA to do their JOB!

    16. joan, connecticut says:

      This mornings news cast, stated, that Attorney General Holder, did not read the several previous investigations which cleared the CIA of wrongdoing..This was followed by the President's remarks that he would not tell Atty. Holder to back off, This comes after the President remarked in the past that he didn't think it was necessary to investigate. I wonder who's the Boss ?? Don't you? It appears, that all is running normal in Washington, Congress, didn't read the stimulus bill or the health care bill, this lack of reading before signing was explained to by congressman Conyers, who laughed about it saying you would need two lawyers to interpret them. That gives me a lot of confidence in our elected officials carrying out their sworn duties. NOT! The time has come, to insist that Term limits are necessary in order clear both houses of the career politicians, who flaunt their lack of respect and laugh in the face of the American citizens, who pay their salaries and also for their many unnecessary junkets,new jet planes and numerous vacations.I hope the voters will keep these facts in mind when casting their next vote. I can assure you I will.

    17. Inez Lake Havasu Cit says:

      Maybe congress could have an independent investigation into where the money has gone in Acorn before the trillions in the pipeline gets to them. I would not trust Holter to do it.

    18. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Attorney General Holder is one of Mr. Obama's alter-egos. Mr. Obama likes to look to be very Presidental and above all the petty wrangling over political issues. In reality, the attempt to open investigations into the actions of CIA operatives who were acting within guidelines set by the Justice Department is nothing more than an act of misdirection by Mr. Obama. His popularity in the polls is dropping, his affiliations and sponsorship of ACORN have blown up in his face. And one-by-one, his hand picked czars are being revealed for who they really are.

      Mr. Obama once said, "judge me by the people I surround myself with". Ok, based on the people he has surrounded himself with, I think he is incompetent to run this country. One of Mr.Obama's closest advisors is Valerie Jarrett, who advised him that Van Jones would make a good "green Jobs" czar. Sure, Mr. Jones may use foul language in public to described those in the Republican party and sure, he may be a self avowed communist, but hey, he's a good guy. And let's not forget the "diversity czar", Mark Lloyd, who Mr. Obama installed at the FCC, who thinks that "radio talk shows" aren't diversified enough, because they are critical of Mr. Obama. Mr. Lloyd thinks it would be a good idea to tax these radio talk shows at 100% of their operating expenses, such tax to be paid to the government who in turn would turn that money over to local broadcasting companies, thus achieveing "diversity". Any publicly aired programming critical of Mr. Obama could reasonably expect the same fate. Then, we have an environmental czar who thinks that animals should have the legal right to sue humans and that court appointed attorneys should be provided by tax payers, to aid an abet the animal plaintiffs and who thinks that the Delta Smelt's survival is more important than restoring irrigation to the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley in California. This once fertile valley is now a dust bowl and thousands of Californians are out of work because of this. Pleas for help to Mr. Obama and the Secretary of the Interior from 52 mayors from affected cities have fallen on deaf ears. The irrigation water that is being withheld from the farmers in the valley is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean (where it can really do some good).

      We don't have much information about the other appointed czars of Mr. Obama yet, so the jury is still out. But rest assured, everyone of these "czars" were hand picked by Obama himself because of their beliefs and past histories, of which he has full knowledge.

    19. Joy Dodeward, Yakima says:

      I agree with most of the above. Get rid of Holder, he has a bad agenda. Get rid of the Czars. They are not elected and are a shadow government running the White House. Limit elected terms, they are too tempting for the corrupt. Tank the Healthcare program being pushed by O'Bama. He is making a fool of himself worldwide. It is embarrassing. Watch what he does on Cap n Trade…………….Keep an eye on Michelle..She is not dumb and I am certain, she is not silent. Remember she is an American citizen who is not proud of her country, claims herself to have been a victim at every turn and certainly is not vetted nor elected an believes she is safe from scrutiny because O'Bama told us to leave her alone. She plays the race card until it is old hat stuff. Women are not ignorant, they are strong and she is a good example, playing the smiling quiet type. Has she ever been middle class….I doubt it but still she complains.

    20. Wayne Hatch, Murphy, says:

      On Holder & the CIA:

      I have to give him credit. He made a decision, though I think he is wrong to do so, but he made a decision. On the other hand, his "boss" remains enigmatic and feckless when it comes to making a decision. We know where Mr. Holder stands. We don't know yet where Pres. Obama stands. Perhaps he could take a lesson from Mr. Holder on decision-making. However, I do recall the President stating in one of his speeches that, "My administration will do everything in it's power to protect America." To date, he remains enigmatic and feckless. Mr. President, show me some strength. Shut Mr. Holder down and do what you said you would do – protect America.

    21. Robert Ivy, Dawsonvi says:

      There has to be limits put on the reopening of these subjects by just any one at any time. It can be harmful to our security and detremental to our intelligence community.

    22. Ron Derry NH says:

      I think Obama's choices for everything he has done are pathetically insecure and weak people with an axe to grind.

      Birds of a feather.

      We can do much better in the coming elections of that I am sure.

      The total disrespect for our system of justice, our business laws, our CIA and their investigators and the contempt these self righteous buffoons exhibit only confirms to me that the left, the Democrats, are not supporters of decency, honor or our American way and are a threat to our countries future security.

      They aren't showing just a opposing point of view in a debate they are in fact attacking our countries fabric with actions diametrically opposed to good sense and support of our own people.

      At what point is Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid and the rest going to realize that they aren't doing what is right?

      This is more than a hundred days of bad governing getting worse at every turn of events.

    23. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      If you are happy with your government, Keep voting for the same people. If you are not happy, You make sure your state changes out the same old career politicians, Who ignore you. This old lie, "the other guy did it", has brought us to this. You just make sure they are voted out regardless of party. If they are in office they are guilty. If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. Find somebody you trust, get them to Run, and get them elected.

    24. Wayne Lingbloom says:


      Why are you not upholding the constatution with you told an outh uphold, by adding more tax, and putting us with a jail term if we deside not to enroll into the public (government) health insurance. Where in the constatution does it give you the power to mandate that all US citazians have to sign up.

      If you call if call it a fine,it is just another ward for for TAX.

    25. mary dryer says:

      i voted for you but you are leting me down and now my fath is going out the door cose ove you you make me feel like you are not for the usa and thats not right we wear ther for you but wher wear you wheen we needed you i wish i could re vot for some one ells and not you thay should and get a new presudent cose you are not for the peolp you are abad man

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