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  • Video: Heritage's Nina Owcharenko on the O'Reilly Factor


    Last night, Nina Owcharenko, Deputy Director of the Center for Health Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation went into the ‘No Spin Zone’ to discuss with Bill O’Reilly the specifics of Senator Max Baucus’ (D-MT) newly unveiled Health Care Reform legislation. 

    As Nina puts it: “Well, actually it has the same fundamental problems that the other bills making their way through Congress have. It’s got a public plan. Baucus just calls it a co-op. It’s got massive federal regulation over insurance and benefits, a massive Medicaid expansion, and an employer mandate and an individual mandate.   Those are the structural flaws that all the bills carry, and that actually break the promises that the President has said he would do for the American people.”

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    20 Responses to Video: Heritage's Nina Owcharenko on the O'Reilly Factor

    1. Jim says:




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    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      Wow, O'Reilly's sipping isn't he? Talk about no spin, Nina you were great! Thank you.

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    5. Gary G-Texas says:

      I think Bill is trying to look at the good a bill could do without considering the history of governments programs which end up being expensive and loaded with fraud. We need a health care bill but a reasonable one that we an afford. Retired people love Medicare but the government has spent all the money paid end and now needs a "bailout" like most things the government gets involved in. It is time for the Democrats to come up with a truly bi-partisan bill that help people that we can afford. It is also time for people to become responsble for themselves and take care of their health and make good choices.

    6. Colonel Drapes says:

      It would have been nice if he didn't keep calling her "Okachinko."

      And an earlier writer is right, he is slipping. You can tell he is not well versed on this subject.

    7. Roy O'Hanley says:

      Once more it is evident that O'Reillly is sipping the cool aid. Ever since Obama came on his program he has been leaning to his liberal beliefs. He does not understand that any control by the government on health care will be the first step toward Socialized MEDICINE FOR ALL. Thank god for people like Nina and beward of the borderline liberals like Bill,

    8. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I think O'Reilly's heart and head are in the right place. He doesn't want a government run Health Care system. But I think he believes that it's possible that the government could help encourage competition among insurance companies, by allowing those companies to sell their policies across state lines and perhaps by clearing the way for insurance companies to form pools where individuals and/or small companies could purchase health insurance at lower rates and better terms.

      I am certain that O'Reilly wants to keep health insurance in the private sector, but at the same time increase competition and find ways to reduce costs.

      O'Reilly does have a strong personality. He is intelligent, up on the issues and I believe has a strong belief about what is "right and "wrong". On the other hand, he can be obnoxious during his "interviews", often asking questions of guests, interrupting their answers with more questions, not giving his guests an opportunity to fully reply, loudly talking over them and often dismissing them with the excuse of running out of time. For a guy who always claims to be fair and balanced, he sure doesn't act that way all the time. It seems he always has to let everybody know just who is in charge.

      Chris Matthews does the same thing with his guests and its just as unattractive when he does it.

      If a talk show host is going to invite guests on a show to interview them, it's only decent to give the person a fair chance to fully respond to questions without interrupting them. Too many TV people think that they need controversy to generate audience appeal. Depending on the show, these programs can either generate reasonable discourse over varying points of view, or they can turn into a Jerry Springer free for all, with bouncers to separate the combatants.

    9. Roy O'Hanley, M says:

      Bill O'Reilly has been drinking the cool aid daily since Obama came on his show. He has always leaned toward his Liberal side even though he try's to hide it. Thank God for people like Nina and beware of cool aid drinkers like Bill.

    10. James Jones - Richmo says:

      Mr. Bill is just trying so hard to keep the liberals listening to his show that he's loosing the conservative base with his reluctance to expose the truth. I'm getting to the point where I turn off Fox when the Liberal Leprechaun comes on. He's starting to make my blood pressure rise much like the rest of the Fringe media.

    11. Carol, AZ says:

      Lloyd from New Orleams;

      you are spot on with your comments of loud mouth Bill with all the arrogance & distain he expresses towards others. I don't understand how any American who reads, who thinks, can stand to listen to his constant bias side comments regardless of the subject matter.

      Also, as a retied USN military spouse I also argee with you regarding the "Swift Boat lies." Mainstream press continues to shut-down many issues that all American need to hear, to understand to make an informed decision regardless of the subjest matter.

      What happed to"free press" ?

    12. D Ashley, San Diego says:

      I had to do a double take on O'Reilly's comments regarding the Public Option. Does he know what it is? Nina stayed on track.

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    14. Peg - New Jersey says:

      Billy Boy is starting to lean further left than the Tower of Pisa. I think he's positioning himself for that second interview with Obama… Nina did a great job.

    15. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We need now Federal Health Care. We need no Federal Regulation on Health Care. We need the Federal Government to enforce the Constitution and force the States to open and free commerce between States, without regulation, tarrif, or prnaly or fee. Then every State would have access to the more than 2,400 Medical Insurance Comanies to chose form, instead of the one or two dozen that they now allow.


    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We need no Federal Health Care. We need no Federal Regulation on Health Care. We need the Federal Government to enforce the Constitution and force the States to open and free commerce between States, without regulation, tarrif, or prnaly or fee. Then every State would have access to the more than 2,400 Medical Insurance Comanies to chose form, instead of the one or two dozen that they now allow.


    17. Darlene says:

      I think we are underestimating Mr. O'Reilly in this particular interview.

    18. Jerry from Chicago says:

      As I said earlier, I believe that O'Reilly's head and heart are in the right place. He sometimes goes overboard during an interview and exhibits a distasteful demeanor.

      Bill makes a big deal about Fox News being fair and balanced. I think that when he gives Obama or some other Democrats credit for things, it gets him in dutch with the conservatives of his audience. There is a liberal element included in his FACTOR program which includes Geraldo Rivera, Lamont Hill, Juan Williams and Alan Combs. I believe that he often makes concessions to the points that many of these folks try to make. He also disagrees with the opinions of some of his more conservative guests like Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. I believe that Bill is trying to make his program more receptive to alternative points of view.

      I have a much better insight into Bill O'Reilly after having read his book, Culture Warrior. I find that I am in agreement with his core beliefs and values and would be proud to fight along side of him in the "Culture Wars", because what he believes in is worth fighting for.

    19. rmw says:

      All of this is a joke … they are already talking $1T … and that is what they are TALKING. Let's turn back the clock and find out what these jokers told us everything else was going to cost: Medicare, Medicaid, etc … and what the programs REALLY cost … and then apply that factor. So this boondoggle will cost orders of magnitude more than what anybody is talking about.

      Second, I think the 'Repubican' cry for "crossing state borders" is equally problematic … God knows it worked so well with banks, right? Do we really want these clowns to be able to have "national insurance companies" that are "too big to fail"? Result: nationalized health care!

      As an aside … there is no way in hell anything of any significance in this country should be added to the federal govt until we have a media that will provide unbiased coverage. since that ain't going to happen anytime soon, we can assume that the liberals will ALWAYS lie through their teeth about whatever is happening, since nobody will hold them accountable.

    20. Mary, Tx. says:

      O'Reilly can be obnoxious at times and he is leaning left. I grind my teeth when Geraldo, Juan, Colmes and the inimitable Prof. Hill come on. He is so very kind and amenable to them. I think Bill has listened to the far lefts one too many times. What happened to logic? Wish we had taught logic in school as aggressively as we taught feel-good stuff.

      I also have a problem with his imperious, overbearing attitude to the people who take the time to write to him. He cuts them off at the knees if he disagrees with the opinion expressed and they have no defense because he is the LAST WORD (as opposed to the LIVING WORD). I really think he has begun believing his own press. More's the pity as he was once a very viable source. I might for the sake of my digestion have to begin foregoing his program. I can get what he peddles on CNN or NBC or Pravda. He does not understand the government could not run a kool-aid stand without messing it up. I shudder at giving them control of 1/6 of the American economy no matter how great the perceived good. Health care does need reform but it can be done in a rational way.

      And Did I say he is rude? There are times when I was really interested in the reply a guest was giving when he peremptorily interrupted them because the camera was not on him. I suppose I am tired of being presented, referred to and treated as if I am an empty-headed dolt because I believe in the constitution and the United States of America. I do not have much recourse when it comes from my elitist representatives in the government but I can sure turn the tv off when it comes from there.

      As for the elites in government I suppose the majority of the people are masochists. "Please, tell me one more time how worthless and dumb I am and give me what you think I need. It is so edifying to me."

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