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  • In the Green Room: Dr. Liam Fox, Member of Parliament

    UK Shadow Defense Secretary Liam Fox was speaking at Heritage today, assessing the huge challenges faced by Britain, the United States and the NATO alliance in Afghanistan, and underscoring why victory against the Taliban is vital to the security of the West. Afterwards he made time for the Foundry and reacted to the morning news that the White House was abandoning missile defense structures in the Czech Republic and Poland, two close allies in a strategic region of the world. Be sure to visit 33minutes.com to learn more about the threat of long range ballistic missiles.

    Today’s Morning Bell led with this missile defense story:

    The Poles and the Czechs know what it means to live under the boot of Russian domination. The third-site issue is of huge symbolic importance to both nations, and if Moscow emerges the victor, with an effective veto over U.S. policy in Europe, it would represent a massive surrender of American strategic influence and a betrayal of two of its closest friends in the region.


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    9 Responses to In the Green Room: Dr. Liam Fox, Member of Parliament

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      The only trust I have in Obama is his stated admittance that he's not qualified. He is deliberately doing this and had plans to do all of this many years ago. "…long range missiles are slim?" So take the chance with human lives? How comforting…

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    3. mary triola new jers says:

      This man doesn't care about our friends around the world, he is only interested in dominating us, the American people.Making deals with corrupt governments and pushing AMERICA off a cliff. Now GE is on a plane to Russia all the people in this administration and most in congress are SELLING US OUT!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MADNSS MUST END!!!!!!!!

    4. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Poland and Czechoslovakia aren't the only ones who feel betrayed by Mr. Obama's actions. There are many Americans who feel the same way.

    5. Ron Homan Dumfries, says:

      Obama is slowly implementing the policies that Woodrow Wilson championed in the early 1900s. Even the liberals of todays genre are now trumpeting the label of "Progressives" which was Wilson's mantra. Wilson's love affair with European,(especially English,)concept of appeasement government is Obama's foundation of international relations.

    6. ChuckL, NV says:

      It is time to impeach Obama for perjury in taking his oath of office and violation of his oath of office.

    7. L. E. Decker, Post F says:

      I expect this the beginning of various and asundry "project cancillations" in an attempt to make "Obama Care" revenue neutral prior to conference committee and a final vote in congress. Mr Obama's people are, if nothing else, quite thorough.

    8. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Great Britain more than anyof our allies knows what terroism is. In recent history with the Irish Republican Amry, and now and now with the Taliban Terroist. Camers constanly surveying its own public. Armed guards everywhere on the lookout for any suspicous activity, and still there are bombing and loss of innocent lives. Lives of people who in no word, thought or deed, brought harm to anyone in the Taliban except to exist.

      Now, thanks to our traitorour President we have even abandoned them. With Iran and North Korea supplying weapons, including nuclear to Argentina, who do we have left as allies?

      We are more alone as Americans now than when we were in our Revolutionary War, then at least we had Holland to lend us money and France to aide us in arms. Now we have nobody. Thank you Mr. Oboma!


    9. Jerry from Chicago says:

      With Mr. Obama as the "leader" of the U.S., what country in their right mind would want to be an ally of ours?

      Mr. Obama is, and always has been, in over his head. Whether that be in the area of finance, banking, auto making, health insurance, the military, international diplomacy or understanding what is was that made America great. It sure as hell wasn't socialism.

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