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  • More on Swine Flu and You

    Citizens and shopkeepers not doctors and nurses will be the most important “first responders” for getting through this year’s flu season, which thanks to the swine flu (H1N1) looks like it could be one of the worst on record. That is the conclusion of a recent Heritage research paper, Swine Flu: What every American Should Know:

    Individuals, families, businesses, and community groups,” the study concludes, “can help to mitigate the effects of the flu season. Their plans should focus on contingencies if individuals need to stay home from school or work or if key personnel are not available for several days. The best and most effective responses will likely be developed and implemented locally. The greater the scope and severity of the pandemic, the more individuals in communities will need to rely on each other.

    The role of small and medium business will be particularly critical.

    Homeland Security agrees. The Secretary of Homeland Security yesterday announced the department has published a guide for how small companies can get through the flu season.

    “Small businesses play an essential role in our national effort to prepare for all disasters and emergencies—including the H1N1 flu,” said Secretary Napolitano. “This guide will help America’s small businesses maintain continuity of operations and resiliency as the fall flu season approaches.”

    “For countless small businesses, having even one or two employees out for a few days has the potential to negatively impact operations and their bottom line. A thoughtful plan will help keep employees and their families healthy, as well as protect small businesses and local economies.”

    The secretary is right and the guide is worth following.

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    11 Responses to More on Swine Flu and You

    1. Jon, NH says:

      Please, let's not contribute to the unfounded hysteria surrounding the "panic flu." I encourage you to check the numbers from the Australian and New Zealand public health offices, which show that flu deaths were down significantly this year (their flu season just ended). The fact that this strain is particularly virulent makes it a lifesaver, because it is also particularly benign compared to typical flu strains. This is yet another example of governments around the world not letting a good crisis go to waste.

      "Pandemic lessons from Australia"

      Scale of epidemic

      Heath Kelly, head of the epidemiology unit at the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory, which was in the thick of a testing surge in early June, thinks it likely, based on information to date, that the national pandemic death toll will be under 1000, compared with the 1500 to 3000 deaths that modelling attributes to influenza annually.

    2. West, TX says:

      I agree Jon. There are also some other issues to consider as well. The FDA has approved some untested vaccines for the infamous "swine flu pandemic"; 4 to be precise, based on HHS Secretary Sebelius' testimony before the House calling what we know as "particularly benign compared to typical flu strains"(Jon, NH) the "dominant flu strain" (http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3532). We also know that businesses know how to handle their own operations when employees must stay home because they are ill, and no one should listen to anything Secretary (a.k.a. administrative assistant) Nepalitano has to say.

    3. Buck from Greenville says:

      Is it true that as of October 15, 2009, individuals will be subject to search to verify vaccination? Also, after November 15, 2009, if an individual has not been vaccinated, the individual is subject to retention and removal by federal authority.

      In the case of complying with the constititution, where does it permit any federal authority to retain an individual for lack of compliance with a health based mandate?


    4. Rosina Rugolo says:

      Dear Fellow Conservatives – the very best thing we can do to

      fight any infection of any kind is "good hand washing". This

      means washing hands after we shake hands, after touching door

      knobs and hand rails and other inanimate objects. Use hand

      wipes right away and then use soap and water. Wash for at

      least two minutes and work up a lather and then rinse thoroughly

      with running water. If someone is about to sneeze near you -

      turn your head. And, after being in a contaminated area as listed above–NEVER TOUCH YOUR FACE especially your nose. Virus

      and bacteria require a "portal" into your body – keep them away

      from nose, eyes and mouth. Thank you and be well!

    5. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      What I have read in my nursing journals, hand washing is Number 1 defense, those who have weakened immune systems should be extra careful. I bought small bottles of hand wash for each car, this is to use after pumping gas, getting into the car after shopping, eating out etc. I agree with previous writer, keep hand from face when in stores particularly as you don't know who touched what. I carry hand wash in my purse as well and use paper towels when possible to open rest room doors, this I learned in Nursing school.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Those alive in 1957 need no innoculation, they have already been exposed. Those who were alive during the Ford Administration remember the same scare tactics of the Swine Flu Pandemic. Ford and family were innoculated with water, due to a bad batch, and of the rest of America that took the shot, some had terrible side effects, that resulted in death. Top it off, there was no pandemic. The Flu itself was not a killer.

      Same as in 1959 and the same as the Ford administration, and the same as now. Make up your own minds, but I'm not taking it, nor are our families or friens. Fooled twice, and you're the fool.


    7. Julian Lemaster says:

      None of the H1N1 vaccines have been properly tested in order to get it into the field sooner. In past epidemics, many times the vaccines do more to spread the flu with serious side effects than not taking a shot.

    8. Julian Lemaster, Bil says:

      None of the 4-H1N1 vaccines have been field tested. I can remember past epidemics (Swine Flu of the 70's) where the shot caused more problems than the flu itself.

    9. Kenneth Courtney, La says:

      Per the Indiana Department of Health, the H1N1 flu is NOT the "swine" flu. The correct title is "H1N1" only. A primary reason for using the correct title is the pork industry is being severely and negatively impacted my the media continuing to misidentify H1N1. Per the Indiana Department of Health, some people actually believe they can get H1N1 by eating ham or other pork products. My local county health department is providing flu shots at reduced cost and labels their innoculations a preventive for H4N3 otherwise known as the "seasonal" flu or the type of flu many people are exposed to annually.

    10. Marshall,Michigan says:

      Oh,I left out thr Czars and Congress!

    11. Mary Watkins, Wasill says:

      I believe that getting the vaccine is more dangerous than getting exposed to the flu. The Government of the USA are trying to scare people and from all that i have read the flu vaccine has not been properly tested. Dr. Mercola , a homeopathic dr,DR. Russel Blaylock, and Dr Michael Cutler . have stated in their newsletters that we need to take Vit d3, buffered vit c,beta glucan(it is an immune stimulant most effective against flu virus) THe government and the pharmeceutical companies stand to gain a whol lot of revenue off of the American by making the shots mandatory.,

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