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  • Morning Bell: Media Watchdog Has No Bark

    In the age of Obama, the media formerly known as mainstream can remind one of 19th century British literature. Pride and Prejudice sometimes, of course, but more often a favorite Sherlock Holmes story, Silver Blaze. In it, the famous sleuth has the following exchange with Inspector Gregory:

    Gregory: “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”
    Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”
    Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”
    Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

    The media, you see, used to have something called a “watchdog” role in this country, by which it was understood that they worked for society and protected it against those in power, preventing abuse. But as with the Sherlock Holmes case of the “dog that didn’t bark,” old traditional media such as the New York Times, network television, National Public Radio and PBS, are not doing much, if anything, to keep those in power in check. For that today, one has to rely on blogs and popular outlets such as FOX News. In fact, FOX News gets labeled as conservative for merely fulfilling this obligation.

    The New York Times, for example, ran zero—that’s right, zero—stories on Van Jones, the Obama Administration “green jobs” Czar before he was forced to quit last weekend. It was left to investigative reporting by conservative bloggers, amplified by FOX News, to reveal that Jones had signed a petition accusing the Bush administration of allowing 9/11 to happen so they could have a pretext to wage war on Iraq. This was a man with real power and real budget authority. In fact his department’s budget nearly doubled the total annual budget for NASA. But not only did the New York Times or the networks never devote any resources to investigate, even after the revelations of his obvious instability came to light, the traditional media outlets sat on the story.

    Much, much worse, has been the silence on ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the community shakedown artists for whom President Obama worked with when he was a community organizer. ACORN also has real power—it was going to work with the Department of Commerce on the 2010 Census—and receives tens of millions of dollars annually in tax payer money.

    It was left to a couple of 20-somethings working for the new BigGovernment.com site to break omerta on ACORN by releasing videos of ACORN employees conspiring to help avoid taxes for a criminal enterprise. Thanks to these new media types, last night, in an 83-7 vote, the Senate voted to strip all funding of ACORN from the transportation housing and urban development appropriations bill.

    Why didn’t the old media report on Jones, or ACORN? Where was 60 Minutes, or 20/20? And where are all the old media on the tea party protestors? Why do they keep denigrating them, emphasizing how angry they are, or how they are unrepresentative of the public? When was the last time tens of thousands of people showed up on the steps of the Capitol, less than a year after an election, to speak up against out of control federal spending? Many across all sides of the spectrum are taking note. One of the left’s sharpest minds, Camille Paglia, observed in an article in Salon last week that:

    Too many political analysts still think that network and cable TV chat shows are the central forums of national debate. But the truly transformative political energy is coming from talk radio and the Web—both of which Democrat-sponsored proposals have threatened to stifle, in defiance of freedom of speech guarantees in the Bill of Rights.

    No wonder that, according to Pew Research this week, two thirds of Americans do not trust the media, the lowest ranking ever. And no wonder that Glenn Beck, the FOX commentator who went after the Jones story, gets 2.6 million viewers every day, while his closest competitor at the same time slot gets 600,000 on a good day.

    The old media is busy keeping the administration accountable—the Bush Administration, that is. NPR this morning had another long piece on the investigations into Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft. Trouble is, the Bush administration is no longer in power.

    In the case of the dog that didn’t bark, the pooch stayed silent because it was friendly with the man who committed the transgression. Today the left has all the power, controlling the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and the media in all the above-named outlets are acting like adoring supporters. Is that the reason this watchdog isn’t barking?

    Democracy, Thomas Jefferson believed, could only survive if the populace was informed, and that, he believed, was the job of newspapers. Thank God, at least, for those media still doing their jobs.

    Quick Hits:

    • Facing intensifying scrutiny, ACORN is threatening to sue Fox News, the website Breitbart.com and the two conservative activists who produced the exposes.
    • According to a new Gallup poll taken after President Obama’s health care address, six in 10 Americans say Obama’s proposal, if enacted, would not achieve his goals of expanding coverage to nearly all Americans without raising taxes on the middle class or lowering the quality of health care. And for the first time, a majority disapproves of the way he’s handling health care policy.
    • Democrats will step carefully around the immigration issue when they seek to scold Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) today for his breach of decorum at last week’s address.
    • The prospect of a trade war with China fueled fears of wider fallout Monday, rattling bond markets and prompting many economists to criticize President Obama’s decision to slap import tariffs on Chinese-made tires.
    • In a forceful and lengthy brief filed with a federal appeals court in Washington today, the Obama Administration embraces with gusto Bush Administration arguments that the courts should stay out of matters involving prisoners held at the U.S.-run Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.
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    54 Responses to Morning Bell: Media Watchdog Has No Bark

    1. capecodgabby says:

      Well, we still have OUR voices. Perhaps if Obamacare comes into play; all of us will have our vocal cords ripped out like the loud pooch too!

    2. matthew queens, ny says:

      The reason I got a mobile phone with web access is because I am fed up with the lack of unbiased reporting. I know I'm not alone! Thank God their are other sources like yours to get the news the MSM tries to coverup or distort.

    3. M Stone - Denver, CO says:

      This administration is founded on the principle of snake oil salesmanship. Sooner or later, the folks figure out they've been had and send the old leader packing.

      The media has been covering up for Obama for so long that they are looking more and more silly. And that is causing most of 'em to lose boatloads of viewers to FOX.

      This reminds one of the old Broadway Musical 'The Music Man' where a slick talking outsider comes in to change River City, Iowa. Only he is only good at fleecing the town. ( check out the Music Man goes to Washington at http://www.conservativeblog.thewebinfocenter.com/ ) Even backward thinking Americans understand eventually that they've been hoodwinked. That is when the fun begins!

    4. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      I got this letter from my Dad this morning. For me it says it all:

      The purpose of the "Freedom of the Press" provision of our Constitution is to protect the people from the government — not to protect the government from the people. The media has subverted the constitutional protection of its freedoms. The result is a growing loss of our freedoms..

      The most recent unconscionable example: Whereas the D.C. police estimated more than 1,200,000 Americans on the national mall on 09/12 protested government initiatives, and the National Park Service reported it was the biggest Washington crowd ever, ABC had a short blurb estimating it at 60,000. Except for Fox News and conservative talk radio, none of the other USA cable news networks or other mainline media apparently even mentioned this massive mainstream conservative reaction to the changes being made to our capitalistic-republic concept. Compare the coverage of the 800,000-person, "Million Man March" on a focused, liberal issue — to the absence of coverage on the broad, conservative imperative of the "09/12" protest.

      In America we presently get our full, unbiased coverage of American news from the British press coverage via American talk radio or internet links. The Brit's Sunday editions estimated the 09/12 Washington crowd at 2 million. Our internet and talk radio picked up on the Brits. That's why the first news source I check daily on my computer is the BBC

      Execrating the absence of unbiased news coverage, the present Administration has prepared moves toward shutting down conservative talk radio. It has made initial moves toward controlling the content of the internet. This threat to freedom isn't being spotlighted by the media.

      The media isn't just "biased." It's complicit. It's "in bed" with the progressive Administration.

      The Tallahassee Democrat gave no prior publicity, no current-day news, and no post-event follow-up of the National Mall 09/12 protest. It ignored the 09/12 protest by 1000+ locals here in Tallahassee. It prides itself on giving full local-news coverage. But it doesn't cover local news which doesn't support its (possibly internalized but operational) political agenda. On the other hand, today it did publish about 10 column-inches on the death of a single government contractor in Iraq; i.e., they're still pushing a follow-on to the undocumented, "Bush lied." The size of the local 1000+ turnout was remarkable because it was announced only on local conservative talk radio. On the other hand, a few days ago, the newspaper did publish an OpEd by its staffer denigrating the main-stream conservative protesters of ultra-liberal federal initiatives. He faultily rationalized calling them "racists." There are many other examples of implicit support to the government.

      The media has sold the American public "a bill of goods "on a number of national issues. For example, it ballyhooed the threat of human-related CO2. As a result, this miseducation has the USA aimed at disaster if Cap-and-Trade is enacted — or, similarly, if government-controlled medical care, or the weakening of our military, or legalizing illegal immigrants, or coddling terrorists, etc., are further pushed to fruition. Not only are these issues unworkable for technical, scientific, or practical reasons. Most are contrary to our form of government.

      We've GOT to rein in the media's defense of rushed-through, controversial, government initiatives that are destroying the concept of government embedded in our Constitution — concepts practiced for about 150 years, and then steadily eroding. starting with FDR. We are losing the concept of a federation of independent states bound together to provide common defense and those limited services individual states cannot provide for themselves. We are becoming a socialist "nanny" country with a powerful central government in which citizens lose their freedoms and look to the central government to address individual’s problems and aspirations. We ignore the Tenth Amendment, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, and not prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people." That Amendment helped spark the self-reliance that made America great. Adams, Monroe, and Jefferson — and their gurus, Tytler and Cicero — are spinning in their graves. History going back several thousand years tells us that these "socialistic" programs — which enable the public to "feed from the public trough" — lead directly to a socialistic dictatorship and the almost-complete loss of personal liberty,

      If not you, who will rein in these un-thought-through federal programs approaching enactment?

      Get involved! Get the media back on the track of being the people's investigative watchdog and protector. Get our political parties and legislators tuned-in to reality

    5. jim toledo says:

      The mainstream media now is FOX and the old traditional media is slowly fading away. The folks at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC have been AWOL ever since the primaries and have invested so much into the success of Obama that they now can't tell the truth because he would fall flat on his face. This administration has made so many mistakes, miscalculations and has forged so many outright lies, if the media did it's job, the administration would be done by the end of the week. The double standard the old tradional media is perpetuating will be their downfall. Obama tells a lie straight up to the American people about the healthcare illegals would get in the current bill, Joe Wilson says he lies and he did. Joe Wilson becomes the bad guy. N. Pelosi calls the participants at the tea parties Nazi's and that's ok.

    6. Jerry S. Dickinson, says:

      The "watchdog" status is what the Freedom of the Press is all about. It has become clear the press in general has forgotten that aspect of their responsibility. Their collective wonder concerning their dwindling base is humorous. People will quit buying that which serves them no purpose. Recently, when Sherman Frederick of the Las Vegas Review Journal bit into Dirty Harry Greed the public response was overwhelming. Over 5,000 email comments on the website and nearly 2,000 letters to the editor. Proof that people will respond to real news. Problem is we do not get real news. We get entertainment. Notice how the press outlets do not reject being called media. Grouped together with Entertainment Tonight, Jay Leno and O'Reilly Factor. You want to boost sales and increase readership? Stop entertaining and start informing

    7. American Miles says:

      I am not at all surprised by the bias and lack of real information. I would like to know who paid for the over 3 hours of UNINTERRUPTED airtime on NBC and ABC of Kennedy's funeral. I can't recall an event in television history where something was broadcast for that long without "HAVING to take a commercial break"

    8. Andrew, New York says:

      It seems, that at least at some point the dignified profession of journalism would be revived by the proud standards once held, now forgotten. What is left for "main stream media" to do? Should they continue this path to their own demise? Sponsors and advertisers will flow to those markets that show promise. Conservatives get the boost from Fox and the money flows their way. The pendulum is swinging in the conservative direction.

      The dam set up by those in MSM to keep what they have will soon give way to "money," if not ideology.

    9. Dave, Bellingham, Wa says:

      What a lovely column! It was a pleasure to read, sir.

    10. NADIA QUINTERO - TEX says:

      There is only one answer!! THE TRUTH HURTS and our COUNTRY is SPEAKING louder than ever… They can run…. but they CAN NOT hide. Yay!!!

    11. Lisa Gates, Mesquite says:

      Red Flag! We have to be the Watch Dogs at the gate. Big Gov't is encroaching ever closer to shutting the doors on our freedoms and our rights. See it, Stand up, and RedFlagIt!

    12. Steve, Michigan says:

      New name for the Mainstream Media: Obamedia – Defined as: Media slavishly devoted to upholding the current administration, no matter how much real news needs to be suppressed.

    13. Prevailer76AZ says:

      The 'watchdog' media has been ineffective for years. That it continues to ignore much of what we have a right to know should be no surprise since the mainstream media continues its incestuous relationship with the Left, and now, our current president. The sad reality is, too many of the masses still believe they are getting full disclosure from a media that only claims to serve all.

    14. okiejim says:

      Why is NPR still receiving federal funding? They do not fulfill their obligation to report on anything the liberals are doing to this country. But let a conservative sneeze wrong and they are all over it. What happened to fair and balanced?

      We need more FOX News, more Joe Wilsons and more media covering the reasons Joe Wilson proclaimed that the President is a liar. The first congress was not a polite bunch of politicians covering their own rear ends. They argued and discussed until a concensus was reached. Not everyone was happy, but once the Constitution was signed it became the law of the land. If our current politicians in Congress and the media are not willing to defend the Constitution and fight for the truth, they need to be removed. Hello 2010!!!

    15. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I honestly don't understand why are these facts a

      surprise to anyone. The left wing news media has been in the pockets of George Soros and his Marxist, socialist, and communist cohorts for many years. I plead with everyone to go to David Horowitz,s blog "frontpagemag.com" and read the Manchurian Canadidte. This will give an insite into how and why this entire system was planed and set up, from the distruction of George Bush by the media, to the grooming of Obama to be placed into the exact position for which he was chosen. If this does not scare you, nothing will.

    16. Della Creighton TX says:

      Id like to know why no one is talking about what OB is doing with our sovreintiy with the G20 this seams like a big deal!

    17. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      Good article and good comments by all. I agree completely. The current media bias reminds me of Eastern Europe (communist controlled) in the 50's and 60's where we proudly supported a Radio Free Europe station to broadcast the truth. FOX news and talk radio are our only sources of truth these days.

    18. Danny/Fla says:

      Good Morning Bell: It is interesting to watch human interest in the past years, of everyday goings on whether it-be politics, or everyday moves, in a better economy then, when not the Attention of The American people see their lives treaded upon, by large mistakes/or are they?Those who would change the Constitution, should not only be banned, from public office, but should be a-law that they leave their citizenship, behind as they are exported. It is a crime against the Nation, And every person- who is attacked by anyone, who is not patriotic.

    19. jim smith says:

      Today, in America, one of the longest running communications activities of fifty years or longer is the bias of the "mainstream media". "Media bias" is a true "redundancy". Both words mean THE SAME THING. Political America now possesses the largest stenographic pool on our planet. In order to re-establish the concept of a real "watchdog", the mainstream media should be designated as THE DOG TO WATCH.

      Every day, media that is currently known as "mainstream" should be probed & reported by the ordinary media for stories and coverage not done. If they could cut down on they're prayers at the altar of doctrinaire, they might find time to cover real events without the slant. If anyone of them can re-familiarize themselves with the dreaded curse of objectivity, they might get back a few readers/viewers. Who knows, maybe something like increasing circulation/viewers and ad revenues might happen. DUH!

    20. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      The mainstream media is today's '5th column' and is doing it's very best in conjunction with the current administration to destroy America. Their actions are, in my opinion, close to being treasonous.

    21. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      HE owns the Wall Street Journal and Fox.

      If they were ON AMERICA'S SIDE

      the recession would end sooner,

      but their constant bad mouth, with HF support

      makes it harder for Obama.

      But, the Demos have the Votes and HCare Reform Will PASS.

    22. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      It is encouraging to see the true citizens, those who value their Freedoms and the Constitution, finally awakening.

      We are in a mess. The "Progressive Rats" and self-serving politicians on both sides have infested the "House" of our nation. Our complacency of the past has allowed them to nest just about everywhere in our Government and Society. They are multiplying and destroying the very foundations of our "House".

      Finally, people are speaking out and realizing that our Country needs de-infestation. We can begin the process at the polls and vote intelligently. Do not vote for image or oratory. That's all a a lot of bull and you must read between the lines of their double-talk and new-speak. Study those asking for your vote. See what they stands for and what is their history, examine the record of past voting. "By their works ye shall know them." Look at their friends; you will know what they are.

      It's late but not too late to take our Country back and re-establish it along the principles of our Founding Fathers.

      Let's send all the communists, Socialists, Progressives, and otherwise corrupt politicians packing! Let's declare them anathema!

    23. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      It is encouraging to see the true citizens, those who value their Freedoms and the Constitution, finally awakening.

      We are in a mess. The "Progressive Rats" and self-serving politicians on both sides have infested the "House" of our nation. Our complacency of the past has allowed them to nest just about everywhere in our Government and Society. They are multiplying and destroying the very foundations of our "House".

      Finally, people are speaking out and realizing that our Country needs de-infestation. We can begin the process at the polls and vote intelligently. Do not vote for image or oratory. That's all a lot of bull and you must read between the lines of their double-talk and new-speak. Study those asking for your vote. See what they stand for and what is their history, examine their voting record of the past.

      "By their works ye shall know them." Look at their friends; you will know what they are.

      It's late but not too late to take back our Country and re-establish it along the Principles of our Founding Fathers.

      Let's send all the Communists, Socialists, Progressives, and otherwise corrupt politicians packing! Let's declare them anathema!

    24. Lorraine Gietzen says:

      My Grandfather & Grandmother came from Europe to America. They had to have a sponsor, a place to live, and help with finding work before they came to Ellis Island then on to Michigan.

      At one of the family dinners my Grandfather was very angry when he found out they didn't vote in the last election–


      Today I finally understand what he was telling all of us—Our votes could make or break AMERICA. We are seeing the results. What are WE going to do about it?

    25. Karen Bonville says:

      Hooray for Rep.Joe Wilson.Finally some one up there has guts to say it out loud.BHO is a LIAR!!!!As for the news, Fox news is the only news channel we watch in our home.We trust the reporters on there to tell the truth and they do. We LOVE Glen Beck.He is awesome and right on target.We read most of our world news on line from Morning Bell and other conservative papers.Our small town news paper is so liberal that if the truth hit them in the face they would not recognize it.

    26. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      The title, "mainstream media" no longer applies to the media period. I don't understand why that title still exists. Between their biases, which go unchallenged, their inferior reporting of the facts as opposed to fables, their overall adherence to liberal ideologies at the expense of objective truth, specious. Consequently, we don't pay much attention to them.

    27. Maggie, Florida says:

      Even with their ratings sinking the MSM doesn't seem to get it. Haven't they asked themselves why Fox News has more viewers.

    28. don andrus,middlebur says:


    29. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      Now just HOW LONG have I been emailing "ITS THE MEDIA STUPID!"? Watchdogs have disappeared, LAPDOGS FOR THE LEFT in their place. For how many years now have we heard a continuous rant of EVIL REPUBLICANS? The media shoved the CLINTON GANG into office and gave us the REAL ESTATE MELTDOWN(everyone should own a home regardless of their ability to pay for it!)…lets thank Barney Frank for that one too. We all know it, the media ignores it. The media reports and backs up Nancy Pelosi's charge that the "protestors and tea party goers" are a bunch of fascists and are being controlled by the Rep party…assumption is Reps also have 'rent-a-mobs like the dems employ. Harry Reid, Kennedy and everyone else in the Dem party call Bush a liar and thats OK with the media. But let Joe Wilson do it on the national scene and he is scorned! He and everyone else who disagrees with this president are now called RACISTS! Old saying…IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! Leftists wanted Bush to be KILLED and the media reported it with glee and that was OK by them. All we conservatives want is for Obama to stop his socialist policies which will destroy this country and we know it(read history stupid!). We do not want any harm to come to our president, but it is obvious we care more about him than he cares about us! Socialists care about PRINCIPLES AND CONTROL ONLY! People mean nothing to them, thats why they always attack THE PERSON, not their principles. We have allowed our country to be yanked out from under our feet! Example: the most important news item right now is the released Iraqi "shoe thrower" claims he was tortured. Of course he was( and by BUSH himself!). IF you do not want to be called a LIAR, DO NOT LIE! Otherwise you allow yourself to be called on it and the venue DOES NOT MATTER!

    30. Red in Denver says:

      Outrageous media bias is the reason that I NEVER watch MSNBC and rarely watch any other network/cable news stations other than Fox.

      I get a lot of my information by surfing the Drudge report, Real Clear Politics, and other political/news websites.

      It's clear I'm not alone in this; and until such time that people like Keith Olbermann (who never allows conservative guests on his show) are off the air, their ratings will continue to be in the toilet.

    31. John, Colorado says:

      Another curious thing, is how General Electric, which is a military-industrial company that benefits from military spending, which conservatives support, owns MSNBC, one of the deliberately slanted news sources.

      One would think the board of General Electric would order MSNBC to report the news in unbiased fashion. They sure don't. Why?

    32. Glenn, Arizona says:

      We, the people, need to be continuously watching. One way we can remind ourselves and others is to stop using any reference to 'government' spending. The government doesn't have any money that doesn't come from the people. Therefore, we should ALWAYS refer to taxpayer money or the peoples money. Tell the newspapers, magazines, talk radio, your neighbors, family and friends to do this. When anyone refers to 'government appropriations' translate in our heads or correct them.

    33. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The big three as they have been known for years and the spawn of them can not afford to publish anything on obama. these media outlets are controlled by the unions and thus owe the dems and obama. If one of the reporters wanted to report the truth they would be looking for another profession faster than we can blink. They will never say anything that might damage the image they all built for four years before the election, obam was ekected by the hype of the left wing media, and the public have all been duped by the same.

      I will nevr listen to any of the other media, Fox news is the only one that gets close to the truth, and doesn't care if the truth hurts. I just wonder when the dems and obama will shut them down as they are trying to do to talk radio. The Constitution has no meaning to the dems and obama. They all forget why they are in the position they hold, the Constitution guaraneted these positions, and the people that died and bled for this country made it all possible. America is in a sad state of affairs with the socialist, marxist style of government and lots of American citizens are eating the BS like it was candy.WAKE UP!!!!!

    34. Art-Atlanta says:

      I don't understand why we are still referring to the NY Times, Wash Post, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, CBS etal as the "Mainstream Media". Its obvious they are not mainstream. Lets find another word to associate with this band of radical socialists.

    35. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      My friend now has to re-educate his recently college-graduated daughter. He spent 10s of thousands and she came back with the same idealogical view of the world as an aging hippie – which is what her professors and disciples were.

      Four years of indoctrination takes time to dismantle, but my friend is making headway.

      After proudly voting for the Dems, she is finding out how difficult it is to defend them. On virtually every issue, she gets defensive and frustrated and throws up "stray-man" arguments and "moral equivalency".

      She is a highly intelligent honors student and has a heart of gold. But, as a member of the "Liberal Youth" she was taught how wrong America and society is.

      Now, that she can't find a well-paying job for all her dedication and study, her eyes are slowly starting to open to the world as it is. A special thanks to ACORN.

      There is hope. The way this country is going, she'll be back to normal in no time at all.

    36. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      With all of America so anxious about the news, I suggest starting with our "Letter of Declaration", our "Bill of Rights" and our "Constitution and its Amendments". Those are our legal, letters of Government of this "Republic." Nowhere in any of these Documents, sacred to all Americans, will one find the word, "Democracy." The only word used, several times and in no other variations is the word Republic.

      In our Nation Democracy, in modern term use, is a representative Government where there is equal rights without heredity or arbitrary differences in rank or privilege.

      However this could be argued against in the past several decades of allowing, with full support of the Press, full occupation of Illegal Aliens, will full government social program support.

      It can also be argued that we are no longer a Republic when our Veterans are demanded to miss work and show up at a VA facility and sign a paper stating that they have read and understand that it is their right to commit suicide to keep form being a burden to family and Government.

      The argument can continue when our Constitution says we shall have no infringement on free and open commerce between the States, and yet with over 2,400 different Medical Insurance Companies available in these United States, each State seems to limit its Citizens to less than twenty!

      This Republic call for Three branches of Government, yet the Administrative part, the President has created a fourth, the Tzars! The Freedom Press of our Forefathers, of the Ben Franklins and those akin in risk and such are gone, to afraid of losing a position, a pay check. The same hold true for Television with perhaps the exception of Fox. All of the political news may as well be written from the most liberal end of one Party. And I am a member for life of that Party, and I am not a Liberal!

      AM Radio, which the Government seeks to strangle is our last bastion of 'Free Speech" left to this Republic in the First Amendment! That and the Internet, which Obama and his Tzars also seek control of.

      Let no one be fooled, this group, our group, the War Babies, are the last hope America has to remain Free, to remain,"One Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all." Without our taking a stand, a strong and final stand against the destruction of those 'Risk Takers', Freedom Fighters', Minutemen', News Reporters, writers, interviewers, and all the others like the individual American Legislature who had the fortitude to shout out at the President,"You lie!", then this Nation is lost. Given away to our enemies, the radical Islam, the Socialist, the Seventh and eight generation Welfare recipients, the ones who would rather save an animal and kill off thousands of families, those who have no problem killing a third term baby but are outraged by the killing of a Terrorist, by those who actually believe that child molesters and rapist can be rehabilitated when the numbers continue to prove them wrong, by those who continue to blame the Bush Administration and FEMA for the disaster in New Orleans when the people there were given three days notice to leave, yet their own mayor told them not to worry and he had already left, and he would not allow the National Guard, FEMA and all other rescue people in, until it was too late! Who got the blame in the Press for that? Not the Mayor of New Orleans!

      We are the last hope. Fight for your State's Sovereignty! Then you are only bound to follow the United States Constitution and not all the crap coming of of DC. No more endangered anything. You decide what is appropriate for your children and grandchildren to read in school. And you will find that the loss of Federal Money ends up costing your State less!


    37. Barb in New York says:

      This article was the best. There it is in black and white. Now what is starting to circulate is that all opposition to Obama is racially based. They can never accept that the opposition is based on content and policy. It's makes me sick that this man could drive the country backwards…not together and not forward. And, for what? Power.

    38. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      People vote basically in three ways in a free market Democratic Republic:

      At the polls

      With their pocketbooks

      With their attention

      Portions of the TV and Press media are digging their own graves. One has only to look at viewer counts, readership and advertising revenues to see that the "marketplace" is alive and well and functioning as it should.

      The "people" are not blind, they are not ignorant, and they are not racist. They are a little slow to wake up. However that little problem has been solved.

      If the NYTs, Newsweeks, WaPos, MSNBC, ABC-CBS-NBC liberal consortium do not get off this "drooling" unending blind support and protection of "The One" and his minions they will quite simply cease to exist (without taxpayer support/Gov-mint intervention aka BAILOUT).

      PC is Thought Control


    39. martin Phoenix Az says:

      If a single republic votes for this healthcare farce and it passes, I Think the the Republican Party can kiss any chance of winning anything in 2010 and can certainly fold their tent for 2012. Any Republican that votes for the healthcare farce should lose all position on any committees, and lose all funding from the party on reelection. There should not one single republican vote on this healthcare farce.


    40. Ron Derry NH says:

      When the lap dogs of the press decide to stop being Chihuahuas then even there bark may someday mean something again, but they are not the Rottweilers they should be, that seems to be what the bloggers are.

      George Bush suffered miserable press and if it is true that good press would have made him better than I'd say coddle Obama and maybe he may succeed, but I understand the grandeur of Americanism and how we excel at the competitive edge. If Obama is so weak that he needs the dark of night and the subversion of a backroom to make his plans real in the light of day, then the exposure of this fraud is what we need.

      America is about revealed facts and adversarial dispute to hone the truth out of our leaders. Any capitulation or worshiping of a leaders is something only a policy coward would want….and is un-American. We in America challenge our leaders because quite frankly they need us, or they regress to the lower forms of life they so want to be for powers sake.

      We as Americans are willing to fight for our way, our beliefs and our system; we don't need the likes of CCN (Communist coddling news), NBC (narcissist banter and commentary), ABC (Another bloviating Communist), CBS (Communist Broadcast system) , NPR (Never promote right) or any other lap dog giving us their words of worship and loyalty to a policy that insures the destruction of free will, adversarial debate and the liberties that we enjoy as free thinking and acting people.

      The only way Obama can achieve manhood and enlightened leadership is to start listening to the great voice of American and get over himself. We can make him a Statesman if he lets us; nothing if he and his followers refuse our guidance.

      I felt sorry for George Bush when the left attacked him incessantly over things that were already history or had been answered time and time again…but that is liberalism, when you can't win a debate hammer a single thought over and over, to constantly berate an opponent on the same flaw until the public thinks it his every day action, where as with Obama we get the silence of worship, the tingle up the leg and bow down and serve lap dog press, insisting on hiding not exposing the truth on Obama…I prefer a press with teeth…..not the puppies we have now…….

      Then there is FOX a true cunning dog, a slight bark, wild and with a little bite, no where near conservative to a conservative, but edgy and in pursuit of news. Like a true fox, dressed to kill but sly enough to look sharp doing it and offending the chickens….as is its nature. I'd prefer a wolf but FOX is all we have….the wolves are out blogging and they can't be tamed, I like that to…..It's American; open to debate and wild and free…..Capitulation is for sheep.

    41. Ron Derry NH says:

      I prefer the Americanism of the patriotic voice. We are a country based on adversarial debate and those that don't seem to like it don't get what being American is.

      If Obama really knew America and wasn't afraid to let her shape him into a statesman, then perhaps he may see the grandeur of his idealism match ours. But if he and the chihuahuas want to play lap dog and master then he has news coming his way.

      Speaking of dogs FOX news is aptly named. They come across as a little wild, good looking but dressed to kill. they seem almost tamable yet the are bent on making chickens fret.

      I would prefer wolves in the news but that may be the bloggers; Fox is the closest thing to an untamed hound that we have and they look good doing it to any one that respects the freedom and liberty of a singular clear voice barking at the naive caged chickens or penned up subjugated sheep.

      FOX is more in the American spirit than any of the other networks, even if they fail to please the farmers of Communism's virtues.

      Run Chickens run!

    42. Richard, USA says:

      Amusing, ever so amusing.

      I remember as if it were only yesterday the early years of the Bush administration. In those early years, Fox news heaped on the praise, and the liberal media, such as they are, did littly to investigate the irregularities of that first election. When troop deployments came to pass in 2003, there was only the mildest of investigation by the media. Mr. Bush got quite a long free ride, indeed.

      I do feel your pain, as the still-difficult-to-take Mr. Clinton might say. I've been there, through a long eight-year period of mediocrity. I doubt that the current administration will be offered such slack, or will themselves offer such mediocrity.

    43. john,florida says:

      the media in florida is in bed with the fasists in the white house.my local paper has not had any articles on van jones or acorn.like the other forms of info groups when will they realize they are helping to destroy this great nation!we must continue to fight for the rights that the obomnites are trying to take away.

    44. shirley, USA says:

      thank the dear lord for people like GLENN BECK, FOX NEWS and JOE WILSON for keeping the truth going.

    45. icono1 lex ky says:

      As for the MSM forfeiting their watch dog status in return for a comfortable 'chair' at the White House dinner table I think the MSM needs to remember a couple of old sayings about such comfortable political arrangements; When you dine with the devil, you had better have a long spoon., and, When you dance with the devil, the devil changes you, you do not change the devil.

      After what I've watched them do by comfortably sliding in bed with the Current Admin, I've decided that there will have to be a hard freeze in Hell before I ever trust them, the MSM, again.

    46. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Richard – USA.

      You must have a little memory loss. Bush tried for Social Security reform and warned of the impending housing and banking crisis. He was soundly defeated by Democrats and the media ignored the warnings. I find this not so funny. And, for a mediocre President he did keep us safe after 911. Right now, I don't feel so safe – do you?

    47. Andy Cress, South Ca says:

      Hmmm. The Senate voted 83-7 to strip ACORN of HUD funding, that's good. But, who are the 7 who voted to keep ACORN funding? Wouldn't it be interesting if we found out that those 7 senators had a bit too much ACORN money in their pockets?

    48. Christopher Popham S says:

      Hey, Mr. Cancemi of Texas—you nailed it on the

      head again. Thank you.

      The rally/march on Sat. Sept. 12th was a banner day for America. It was the beginning of the

      21st Century American Revolution. Let's keep

      informing one another and let's keep the momentum

      going. Over a million, perhaps more, showed up for

      this event in Washington. We must honor their

      resolve and committment.

    49. Kelly Carter, Carlin says:

      I watched MSNBC Morning Joe, they gave some news on the ACORN scandal. I do not know who the reporter was that gave commentary, but she started her commentary with, "the people who went in to Acorn officeses with hidden cameras were conservative right wingers." It sounded demeaning the way she said it. The whole story should have been about the corruption with in Acorn.

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    51. Clifford Weyrick, Vi says:

      We, the little people, have no way of getting in touch directly with our Senators and House Members. I know because I have tried time after time without results, except for John Boehner. He is the only one that has more than half a brain. I would appreciate if someone at Heritage could send me e-mail address and/or ph.#'s. Like Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein. Primarily, telephone numbers. We, the little people, need a lobbyist just for us, who cannot contact the left wing dunderheads. Please respond.

    52. Rhonda Linders, Graf says:

      I agree with Cliff that it is next to impossible to address the most dangerous in this administration. I have also tried and they hang up once you tell them the truth as to where you live. The best thing I have found is give them a zip code of the state they represent. I know it is not the right thing to do but it is the right thing to do since they are so protected from all the people in the US. They are chickens.

      On the concerns of so many bloggers here about he media, well here is an idea. I am one of two organizers for the Alton IL TEA PARTY group and here is something to think about.

      Let's start with our local TV stations and News Papers across America and protest in front of their offices with signs that say what we think. Let's contact the big money owners that are in the tank with Obama and his administration and let them know we are coming after them and we are fighting for our freedom of speech and expect them to abide by the Constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

      Let's organize all of these TEA PARTY groups and 912ers groups and do it. It could be done and ready to go in November or Dec.

      It is important that we change the mode of these greedy news outlets and it will not happen if we do not demand it.

      We just had an event in Springfield IL and I put our 17 different press releases in the area and finally after calls to The Alton Telegraph it went in a few days before our Patriots March For Freedom in Springfield. None of the others printed anything and they had the same press release.

      Not only is this unfair and an attempt in muzzling the other side of the coin, it is asking you to pay for the unfair paper.

      I do not even watch the local channels anymore in this area, I miss the weather but can get the info from the Internet so not a real loss.

      If you are a TEA PARTY person or if you know the organizer of your local TEA PARTY then contact them and let's get this ball rolling.

      To every problem is a solution. We are "the People" and we are the soldiers in this battle so let's take on the fight and let our voices be heard in front of the offices of our local media outlets.

      If you are interested you can contact me at abra@gtec.com.

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