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  • 9/12 Recap

    Conservatives massed in the many tens of thousands this weekend, flooding the capital from towns and cities all over America. The Beltway pundits and blogospheres left, right and center have bickered ever since about the size of the actual protest, missing the forest for the trees.

    Many tens of thousands, from near and far and representing millions more, came to D.C. to protest the sexy issue of…government spending. It is the first major protest of this issue. Ever.

    From today’s Augusta Chronicle editorial page:

    We implore our liberal friends to stop slandering Americans, stop hiding behind the race of the president, and let’s all take a look at the issues together. This problem is not black and white; it’s about the financial solvency of America itself, and the extent of individual freedom we and our descendants will enjoy – or be stripped of.

    If this is about race, it’s about a race to save the country from financial ruin. We are already awash in nearly $12 trillion in accumulated debt, the yearly deficit (which is thrown on top of the $12 trillion in debt) is between $1 trillion and $2 trillion, and future promises to retirees in Social Security and Medicare approach $100 trillion.

    Whether 100 people showed up or 10 million, it remains empirically true that the federal government is spending too much money. Operating under the idea that a dollar taxed from citizens can be turned into something more simply by being reallocated somewhere else by the government, President Obama has continued the spending habits of his predecessor and tripled the nationa debt in eight months.

    Obama’s spending, however, is on overdrive. It’s unsustainable and needs to be reined in. That’s the simple reason thousands gathered on 9/12 this past weekend.


    For more photos see Mark Kelly’s flickr page

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    59 Responses to 9/12 Recap

    1. Julie, Waterford says:

      I was there, and my reasons for marching were to protest spending/healthcare/czars… bottom line, our freedom and liberty are endangered by this fascist, Marxist administration as well as the far left liberals in congress.

      I feel a heavy responsibility as an American to uphold the Constitution and to fight for the very principals that our forefathers fought for.

      If another march is called for, I will be there.

    2. carol wood, atlanta, says:

      my family was among the 10's of thousands…..no one was

      arrested…everyone was there representing 10's of thousands more who could not come but were there in spirit. our voices had many accents, but the message was the same…WE WANT TO BE HEARD AND REPRESENTED!!!!!!!! WE ARE TIRED OF BEING IGNORED!!! READ THE CONSTITUTION AND STOP TRYING TO DISMANTLE IT!!!! STOP THE SPENDING…WE'VE HAD TO ….WHY NOT OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS?????????? our family of six who came, came at great sacrifice and would do it again this weekend to make the same points. listen to us or face the

      DRAINING OF THE SWAMP IN D.C. c.wood, atlanta, ga

    3. G-Man, Chesapeake, V says:

      …what can I say? It was great to be a part of history!

      Hoo-yah America,


    4. Bill Crace Charlest says:

      I am so proud of those that made the trip to Washington 9/12/2009. They represent Millions who feel the same way but did not make the trip.

      The motivation for making this protest is not political in any way, except for the fact that politicians who ignore the will of the people should be cleaning out their desks. We The People will have the final say.

    5. Ralph Wallace, Wisco says:

      If those who were in DC for the 9/12 event would each send a post card to the whitehouse . . .

    6. Blake, Niceville Fla says:

      I was there….I am very proud of all the people there representing millions all over the Country…Our Heavenly Father provided air conditioning and the presence of " peace " was in the air. We picked up any trash that we dropped and thanked the Police for protecting us….I believe the Police appreciated us as well. The REAL AMERICA was there in Mass and all over the Country at other gatherings….try multiplying each D.C. participant representing even one hundred True Americans back home….that equals a huge number of folks that are taking our Country back! Let's have fun!!!

    7. Barbara Re Long Is says:


      Thank you so much for your wonderful pictures.My husband and I did travel to Washington on Sat. I am 53 y/o, my husband, 51.We have never done anything like this but felt compelled to do so. We were both overwhelmed by not only the many concerned Americans that attended, but the love and concern for the direction of our country.

      We plan on continuing whatever we have to do to change the spending and corruption going on today.

      Take care and God Bless,

      Barbara Re

    8. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Denial is not a river…..the best strategy for those of us that know the federal governement is taking the wrong path is for Obama et al to continue demeaning the "marchers" etc. All it does is make me angrier and angrier and cause me to become more politcally active. Their denial today will result in their unemployment tomorrow.

    9. Harry Snyder Mich. says:

      The reports on how many tens/hundreds of thousands attended on 9-12 are mixed, but it's clear that people are aware of what Washington and Obama are attempting. Kudos to everyone who made the considerable effort to be there, make signs, and march on the Capitol. I only wish I could have participated, but I am going on 81 and can't walk very well. My thanks to all.

    10. Rosemary D'Andr says:

      Great idea for postcards!

      There were 100 times seventeen thousand ordinary folks in DC this weekend. I wish I could have been there.

      I wish someone would make an aerial picture postcard of them so obama could see them. Press Secty. Gibbs said he didn't notice them. "Who were they?" he replied when asked for his comment.

      Let's show them who we are.

    11. concerned, Raleigh, says:

      I hope people will truly remember what this administration is doing to "We the People" in 2010 & 2012. There are a lot of 'smoke screens' being sent out by the media to potray this 'movement' as extremist, racist, and fear tactics.

      I am an african american who is EXTREMELY CONCERNED with the direction this adminstration is trying to take this country.

      I sincerely hope more minorities will show up at these events to show that this isn't about race, politics, wealth or sex…it's about AMERICA and what this country was founded upon.

      I hope Hermain Cain, Larry Elder, Bob Parks, Lenny McAllister, J. C. Watts, and other outspoken minority opponents of this administration would make themselves more visible to the media.

    12. Bill C., Colorado Sp says:

      Robert Gibbs's comment that he didn't notice the huge gathering on the mall is either a stupid lie similar to a kid with pie on his face claiming he didn't eat any pie … or he is actually so blind to the real situation in the country that he is challenging his Boss for the most disingenuous man in America.

      I love the postcard idea.

    13. Miguelina Lewandowsk says:

      I love it, I participated in a small TEA Party in my neighborhood but it was very enthusiastic. Lets keep rolling.

      Thank you for letting me be part of it.

      Proud to be an American!

    14. Beverly J. Cotis, Sp says:

      Our next march should be thru the halls of NBC, CBS, ABC….New York Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times and all the news media's that have let this country down. Where would we have been if no one had shouted "THE BRITISH ARE COMING". Still paying the Queens taxes I imagine. It is true….the POWER is with the PEOPLE. This is not the time to watch it on TV….and hope for a happy ending.

    15. J. Zold says:

      A report on the numbers that showed up on 9/12….

      Did anybody stop to think how significant the numbers were in light of the fact that the people who came to protest are WORKING AMERICANS?

      This differs from any other type of protest based on the sheer difficulty and hardship of GETTING TIME TO GET THERE.

      So you can take whatever the estimate as to the total and QUADRUPLE it, because the people that could go were representing the rest of us who cannot because of logistics. Bless all of you who could somehow squeeze it in. I know you've all got busy lives.

      In the recent past thousands showed up to rally for pro-liberal spending, and causes. Of course, they were not busy working that day anyway!!

    16. Roger D says:

      “Who were they?” Gibbs replied. Is Gibbs that stupid, even if he was lying and knew what was going on it was still a very stupid thing to say. It’s hard to believe that a man who holds that position is really that stupid. Although his boss has hired many communist and made czars out of them. Now that was STUPID.

      But then there are people who thought that a man who could listen to his pastor preach hate for over 20 years would make a good president.

      *More Freedom = less government*

      more government = Less Freedom

    17. Lori Carlson says:

      I was there with my 10 y/o son. I wanted him to be a part of history, see it being made. We were so proud to participate. I think numbers DO matter. Unversity of GA spatial analysis comes in at 1.7 Million. Hard to ignore, or is it?

    18. Nancy Bradley, Pryor says:

      First, I just want to respond to RoseMary…You can bet Obama-Gibbs-Pelosi and all their cronies knew exactly what was happening! Don't let them fool you. The picture postcard is still a good idea. I think we all ought to send them one.

      I wanted to go soooo bad, but could not, however; I was their in spirit and had chills just watching all the Americans & their families that showed up! I was at the first tea parties and loved it! Send your pictures to your local papers…write a letter to the editor….KEEP ON MARCHING ON!


    19. Hugh Mixon, Hattiesb says:

      The only way we will ever be able to show the liberals will be at the ballot boxes. They think they can do no wrong. But, you may remember that the Conservatives took control of both the House and Senate a few years back. I believe we live in a conservative country and we must get back to those principles.

    20. RG St Simons Is says:

      My wife and I drove up from south Georgia. Absoutely overwhelming experience!!!.We'll be there again if necessary. Sending my post card today.

    21. Dean F. St.Croix Fal says:

      I would like to thank all the great Americans who spent the time and money to attend the march on washington. I would like to see a picture to compare the aftermath of the Obama inauguration and the march from this last weekend.

    22. Hunter, Philly says:

      I was there all day long. I went to be with like minded people who are tired of watching our great country slip away. Tired of the Czars, the unaccountability of elected representation, having a labor union's thugs beat a black conservative man who was just trying to sell flags at a town hall meeting. Tired of record spending, debts etc.

      I met fascinating everyday patriots-first time protesters all! People of all faiths, gender preferences and races. All with American flags on or with incredible signs. There should have been a sign contest. Per D.C. police ZERO arrests.

      It denigrates their work and love of country to see such low turnout numbers reported. There were 60,000 at Freedom plaza in the morning! Look at the time lapse film from there to the Capitol- the street is awash in people for hours. Park police report 1.2 million at 12:30. People were still coming at 2:30- I was seated at Constitution avenue. I talked to a couple whose bus dropped them off 15 blocks away because the driver couldn't get in that afternoon.

      Per the National Parks Service "biggest event held in Washington D.C. ever."

      I have enjoyed the Heritage Foundation web site a great deal and I am disappointed that they of all people under-reported the turnout.

    23. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I was so proud of all the Americans who went to DC. I'am so happy to know that millions of us are on the same page. I said a prayer for all of you on 9/12/09. God Bless America!!

    24. Peter H says:

      I was not there but I did follow the lead up and the actual event on the internet. I also discussed this with my children especially in regards to the lack of main stream media coverage. It is their future that is at stake and the main reason so many people are upset with the rush to change the way the country is run. Involving the children now is critical to keeping the momentum high.

    25. Dean F. St.Croix Fal says:

      I would like to thank all the great Americans who spent the time and money to attend the march on Washington. I would like to see a picture to compare the aftermath of the Obama inaguration and the march from this last weekend.

    26. Gloriana M. Levasseu says:

      I watched all day long. I appreciate all those who did attend. I was at the 4/15/09 Tea Party in Tucson, AZ AS MY FIRST ACT of POLITICAL ACTIVISTIM . I AM TRULY PROUD of the Tea Party AMERICANS AND AMERICA.

    27. Ed Fresquez says:

      Press Secretary gibbs has taken notice of the 10's of thousands who marched on D.C.. his denial is his way of not wanting to accept the turn out. obama pay heed, we want our

      F–R–E–E–D–O–M back, and we are coming for it. Watch us in 2010!

    28. B.A. Luke, Montana says:

      We spoke, Obama ran off to Minnesota avoiding listening to the people…..hummm, remindes me of an ostrage sticking it's head in the sand, what's happened to the Democratic Party…???!!!??? Aren't these people supposed to listen and represent WE THE PEOPLE?!?!? The next step…SOCIALISM!!

    29. Glenn, Arizona says:

      Not only were there '10s of thousands' in DC but we were among one of dozens or hundreds of support groups – Phoenix, AZ. Even our local not-so-conservative paper admitted to 1,500 to 2,000. We are over 75 and attended our first 'tea party' on 4/15/09. We will continue to do so until Congress and Administration show some signs of reality.

    30. James Frazee, Arkans says:

      This was a great rally for America. We need not forget this next year and ensure that in the 2010 elections we eliminate the super majorities in both houses in Congress so we can enforce the consensus principle that comes out of Democratic debate and stop force feeding legislation down Americas throat.

    31. Linda, Aumsville, OR says:

      Great job freedom fighters, I only wish I could have been their with you. Don't stop fighting until we get our republic back and the Federal Government out of our lives and our pockets.

    32. neil davidson los an says:


    33. Jim - Utah says:

      RE: Dean F. St. Croix, Wi — I wondered about the mess that was left behind during the Inaguration. I thought to myself, surely, we patriots have better respect for our national capitol (the grounds, not the inhabitants) than they did! I only hope after-action pictures reveal this is true. For Gibbs, he only tells the truth the way his boss does…….

    34. Bob Bartlett, Phoeni says:

      It appears that the TAXPAYERS have finally realized that they do not have a REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT!

      They now know that they must wrest control of GOVERNMENT from them and PARTICIPATE in order to make it that way.

      The Founders were successful in their private lives, as well as their political lives. They were not just CAREER POLITICIANS!! That is why they were able to work together to form our Government.

      We must get rid of the CAREER POLITICIANS. They are only interested in their place in HISTORY, and there LEGACY!!!


    35. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      I watch the white house staffers try to pooh pooh the numbers in attendance away.

      Make no mistake, they may be arrogant but they are worried.

      They KNOW the people that attended represent 10s of millions of people who feel the same way. And, the numbers are rising.

      Do not let Chicago-Style Politics scare you off.

      I want to thank Senators Dick Durbin and Roland Burris from Illinios (oops, there's Chicago again) for being 2 of 7 who thought it was not important enough to investigate ACORN? Why was that?

    36. Sam..Florida says:

      I was very proud and encouraged by that great event,even tho I could not attend. We must step up the effort to prevent insolvency of this nation and stop the March toward Socialism and redistribution.Cant we publish a list of those congressman that blindly vote only on party lines and against the more conservative will of the silent majority of the people that they presume to represent.

    37. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      All over America this miracle happened! True Americans being proud, being loud, and letting all of Washing DC and their our State's people,"Enough is enough!"

      More and more are actually reading their Constitution and its Amendments, and finding the our Leaders, so called, have gone far afield of their boundaries!

      More and more Americans are reading our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights and discovering that we don't have to put up with the people in office, we can replace them at any time, we just can't overthrow our "System" of government!

      Most every newspaper in these United States is nearing closing. The reason is clear, no one wants to read 'Propaganda'. We want to read unbiased reporting of daily events, without the reporters or editors or owners opinion and influence! Those who wish to survive, better get in there and stir up the pot, because we don't wrap fish with paper anymore, so we don't need to buy except to read!

      The same goes for Television. Satellite reception has done in the Big Three for News. Now we can get News for England and Canada and FOX and hear the 'other side'. The 'other side' is much more interesting, fair, and without the Government's influence propaganda airing as news.

      (/!@ helped America awake, and in the words of the Japanese Admiral who attacked Hawaii,"We have awoken the sleeping giant." September 12, 2009 American Citizens Nationwide became the Sleeping Giant and has awoken! Look out DC, here we come!


    38. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I couldn't attend the 9/12 Washington D.C. turnout, due to a knee surgery. I am terribly disappointed to have missed that chance. I wanted very much to have been a part of that group and am very proud of those who did make the effort to be there. From what I saw of the crowd, they were well behaved and very much focused.

      I did happen to see an NBC reporter who focused on someone carrying a picture of the President with a Hitler mustasche painted on it. And who happened to play one interview where an older womean complained about "muslims taking over the White House". This was NBC's total coverage of the event. How's that for "fair & balanced" reporting?

      I can remember years ago when all of the TV news networks were exhorting people to "get out and vote" and to participate in government. Most all of those same TV network news programs now have some uncomplimentary things to say about the people who have gotten involved in Townhall meetings, Tea Party protest groups and meetings to demand more honesty and accountability from their elected representatives.

      I, for one, hope that the politicians keep on insulting the American people who are fed up with the nonsense they get from their government and their elected officials. I hope that the media (read N.Y, Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times, S.F. Chronicle, Newsweek, Time, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN keeping dodging the stories like the one about Van Jones, the non-vetting of Mr. Obama's 'czars' and about how ACORN's voter registration fraud complaints and ACORN's employees counciling people on how to avoid paying taxes on the earnings of prostitutes and brothels are not "newsworthy". Eventually, these media outlets will lose their entire following. People know when they are being fed B.S. and they are beginning to get tired of the taste.

    39. James Green, NM says:

      If our jerks of congressmen continue to spend our money without transparency; do not listen to the people; defy reason without consequences; my question is what the h–l are we to do. Voilence is not the answer, but their are some pretty mad people. So what can we do? Storm our individual reps at their homes, storm the halls of congress, storm their offices at our areas? Heritage needs to speak out more and demand. I have all ready done this – diplomatically – but I keep getting standard form letters, 'Thank you for writing' etc. jwg

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    41. Karen, CT says:

      Kudos to all in attendance. Since there is so much controversy over the numbers does the following make any sense or is it even feasible. I propose our next national Tea Party (as Washington still doesn't "get it") be held in sports stadiums, or other large venues, across the country. This would allow for greater attendance as traveling costs would be reduced, and the head count would be able to be tabulated more easily. Of course, the question is… would these venues risk involvement?

    42. DonR, MLT WA says:

      It's hard to believe that even here, the original MSM AP press release is still being used: "tens of thousands". Even the Daily UK (dailymail.co.uk) acknowledged there were over a million. Closest estimates were 1.5 – 2 million, and the DC Parks Dept said it was the largest ever at DC!

      Letting them define the terms, is how we got this group in the White House. Hopefully, we can get them out before it's too late, but we need to be vocal in letting people know who they are: Obama appoints these radical communists because that's who HE is.

      They are not going to quit and we won't either. I agree with Beverly – the next march should be thru the halls of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, New York Times, etc.

    43. Mike Fabozzi says:

      I was at the 9/12 March and proud of being part of it. This country is slowly being changed by Obama and his far left zars. I fear that Obama care and spending will be forced on us with the trigger option. I will be in DC for the 2010 March to help clear out Congress and start fresh.

    44. Gerald, Tulsa OK says:

      There were several hundred of us at the Tulsa 9/12 tea party event even in the rain. Thanks for the sacrifices of those who went to Washington D.C. and to all of the National Park police. I loved seeing all Americans walking in parade, protesting government spending, czars, and protecting our freedoms and U.S. Constitution. I gave 3 Heritage Constitution booklets to the liberals in our family. Gotta get those booklets out as well as send postcards to D/C. Love to all! I am so proud of us all.

    45. Kate, Watkinsville says:

      I agree wholeheartily with "concerned from Raliegh, NC."

      If ever there is the right time for more conservative African Americans to become involved and run for office, it is NOW. We stand with you.

      Kate (I was there. It was awesome!!!!!)

    46. George Mather, Scher says:

      I, too, like many others were there in spirit last Saturday. I stood in front of my TV all choked up with big goose bumps. As one patriot put it at a town hall meeting, "The sleeping giant has awakened!" For picture comparisons of 9/12 and 1/20, check out this site.

    47. RME KRNL in VA says:

      I was there, too, and have been especially disappointed about the "numbers reporting."

      Even Bill O'Reilly said there were about 75,000 there. Freedom Plaza alone, where the march started, holds 200,000 and the authorities asked organizers to start the march at least an hour early because the plaza was already overflowed and people kept coming for at least another two hours. And that doesn't even account for protesters who didn't march but went straight to the Capitol Building.

      Glenn Beck reported on the story that day but he also let us down by not insisting on getting the attendance numbers and reporting them, and I've emailed him telling him so, too.

      See my blog article about my experience that day at: http://ja-js.blogtownhall.com

      9/12/09, I was on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building

    48. Tom Bruner, CA says:

      It's a start.

    49. Kay, los angeles says:

      Taxation without representation, I feel that's what we're experiencing nowadays.

      As Reagan said…

      "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."

      "Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

    50. Joshua, MD says:

      Analysis of the message on the 426 signs seen from the vantage point of one observer:


      Hope and (real) Change, Less Spending, Less Tax, Honesty, No Government in Health Care, Smaller Government.

    51. Jeanie- Lawrenceburg says:

      My husband and I marched on 9-12 in DC and we would do it again…in a heartbeat…however…we are still holding out hope that it made a dent.

    52. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Jim Green in NM — I couldn't agree with you more, brother. I am more than fed up with the arrogant Senators and Congressmen that feel that they do not have to answer to the people who elected them and who belittle those of us who disagree with them. I'm fed up with those who vote on bills they haven't bothered to read and with a President who signs such bills into law without having read them. The bills these arrogant S.O.B.s have voted on and signed into law are costing the American taxpayers hundreds of billions, even trillions, of dollars.

      They have tried, and are still trying to ram a government run health plan down our throats that they temselves wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. These same people are trying to scare the country with claims of global warming so they can tax the hell out of us, either through direct taxes or indrectly, by charging corporations for "carbon credits' (included under Cap & Trade legislation) that will be built into the costs of the goods and services we must purchase frm them, including heating oil, gasoline and electricity.

      I agree with you that violence is not the answer, but if you are looking for someplace to storm, I say we all storm the polling places the very next time we have a chance to vote these S.O.B.s out of office.

    53. Judy Marx, Virginia says:

      My husband and I also attended the March on DC and we were overwhelmed by the numbers of people. It was great to see so many willing to fight for our liberties. The signs were pretty much all homemade and some very humorous. There can't be a picture from the air of the event because planes are not allowed to fly over the capital. I also have made up my own pc's with pictures of the event which I am sending to members of Congress etc. Police also told us that they had never seen so many people at an event and no trash.

    54. Rochelle, Colorado says:

      Kudo's for those who arrived in Washington DC. Bravo!, Cheers!

    55. Bill, Pittsburgh, PA says:

      I was fortunate enough to attend the march with my father, his friend and daughter. It was indeed impressive to see folks from all over our great country united in an effort to save representative government.

      I also witnessed one episode of a heckler accusing the marchers of racism in a quite aggressive manner. The marchers replied that it was not race, but the Constitution at issue. As "constitution" is a rather large word, the heckler did not seem to have a reply, and left.

      In response to the complaints to the signs, I did not see a single sign advocating violence, nor was anyone burnt in effigy. The Marchers behaved as ladies and gentlemen from America. God Bless America.

    56. Rick Hydrick, Penryn says:

      I was there with my 31 year old son, two sisters (from AZ and UT), and a friend (from UT). Because I decided to go, the other four went. Having been at many large gatherings and sporting events, it was easy to determine that hundreds of thousands were in attendance. I too have never been involved in a protest march. I hope this has only just begun, because it's going to take more and larger dramatic protests to make a difference. We need this type of synergy to continue. Our country is in grave danger. We left at the very end of the day, after visiting the WWII Memorial. The acres and acres where the protest was held were spotless.

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    58. Karen, USA says:

      When Gibbs, Pelosi, et al make their stupid comments, what they are really saying is that we are nobody, nothing, a mere irritation and they don't care what we think. They are saying, "We are the power! We don't care about you, we're going to do what we want and there's nothing you can do about it."

      What I say to them is, "We will not go away, we will not be stopped, we will not let up, & we will never bow to you!!!"

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