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  • United Nations Admits Cap And Trade Is A Fraud

    The Sunday Times reports:

    The legitimacy of the $100 billion (£60 billion) carbon-trading market has been called into question after the world’s largest auditor of clean-energy projects was suspended by United Nations inspectors.

    SGS UK had its accreditation suspended last week after it was unable to prove its staff had properly vetted projects that were then approved for the carbon-trading scheme, or even that they were qualified to do so.

    As we have noted before, among the many reasons carbon cap and trading is destined to fail is because auditing carbon emissions reductions accurately enough to support a carbon credit “market” is simply impossible. New Zealand Climate Science Coalition chairman Bryan Leyland explains:

    So, to my knowledge, carbon trading is the only commodity trading where it is impossible to establish with reasonable accuracy how much is being bought and sold, where the commodity that is traded is invisible and can perform no useful purpose for the purchaser, and where both parties benefit if the quantities traded have been exaggerated. … It is, therefore, an open invitation to fraud and that is exactly what is happening all over the world.

    In fact this is the exact same reason the economists who originally came up with the idea of cap and trade as a way to combat pollution believe that cap and trade is a terrible fit for carbon:

    The first is that carbon emissions are a global problem with myriad sources. Cap-and-trade, he says, is better suited for discrete, local pollution problems. “It is not clear to me how you would enforce a permit system internationally,” he says. “There are no institutions right now that have that power.”

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    10 Responses to United Nations Admits Cap And Trade Is A Fraud

    1. M Stone - Denver, CO says:

      It will be very interesting to see how Democrats handle this one. Will they keep trying for a US Cap and Trade system (most likely) or will they dump the effort?

      Their media allies generally try to hide this kind of information from the public as much as possible. But, as we've learned with the Health Care debate, details matter and conservatives read the details!

      Democrats are in trouble now though. ( for the top three signs that lefties are in trouble, you can view: http://www.conservativeblog.thewebinfocenter.com/… )

      With the public so sick of the big government takeover of health care, will they roll over for a government mandated take over of energy through international Cap and Trade that is impossible to measure and account for? One thinks not!

    2. Albert campbellsvill says:

      Rush is right as usual,environmentalism and animal rights is the new disguise for communism.

    3. Tom H, California says:

      Wow. It doesn't really take an economic guru to figure out that this a scam aimed toward statist control.

    4. Alex, Coral Springs, says:

      M Stone,

      The media over here will do the same. The only voice we have, for now, is FOX NEWS and sites like these. I have never seen media so corrupt. The reason ACORN is not a big deal is because this corrupt media is leaving out the part that ACORN has billions in "stimulus" money. Up to $5.2 billion in taxpayer funds deep within that corrupt bill that none of the phoney corrupt politicians read.

    5. Clark Baker, Los Ang says:

      No one can competently discuss Cap & Trade until they read Dr. Ian Plimer's book, "Heaven & Earth." Only when one understands the geological evidence regarding climate change will they understand the futility of wasting money on this theological invention.

    6. Mike, Montana says:

      check out non-partisan resources on the bill at http://www.wri.org/stories/2009/08/climate-change

    7. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Kind of like establishing with reasonable accuracy how many "jobs" were "saved"?

      That, also, is impossible or, at best, a wild guess.

      Then again, what is the definition of accuracy or reality, anymore?

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    9. JR, Canada says:

      it seems to me that the title of this article is severely misleading … as far as i can tell, the UN at no point said C&T was a fraud, they simply suspended a verifier's accreditation … the closest thing to 'fraud' was from the NZ chairman, and a quick look at the NZ climate science webpage suggests that they are a climate change skeptic organization, as every single article on the front page refers to climate change as either a scam or not anthropogenic etc … i understand that this heritage blog is fiercely conservative, but the statement in the title is just a lie … how can you expect visitors to take your site seriously when you're using these tactics?

    10. Laura Lee Dooley says:

      There is a great deal of misconceptions entering the debate on climate change legislation in the United States. Climate Change Legislation: Myths and Reality (http://www.wri.org/stories/2009/08/climate-change-legislation-myths-and-reality) provides some quick reality checks.

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