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  • In the Green Room: Hon. John R. Bolton

    John Bolton, former UN ambassador under George W. Bush, wants to deliver results at the United Nations by making member country’s funding a voluntary contribution, not a mandatory payment.

    Bolton believes such a reform would enable the US to have influence commensurate with their level of UN funding, currently 22% of the overall UN budget. “The result of [mandatory funding] is that our contribution becomes like an entitlement,” he said. “There’s no incentive for effective performance, or responsiveness or transparency.”

    “If the main UN couldn’t count on its budget being funded by the United States you would have amazing changes in the UN system. ”

    “So much of what happens in the UN happens in a bubble that doesn’t really reflect much of the outside world’s reality,” he added.

    Bolton spoke at Heritage on September 9th, describing solutions for problems with the U.N. Heritage scholar Brett Schaefer’s new book, ConUNdrum: The Limits of the United Nations and the Search for Alternatives, was the topic of the discussion.


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    15 Responses to In the Green Room: Hon. John R. Bolton

    1. jlw indiana says:

      A clear confirmation of Bolton's intellect, abilities and common sense is made very apparent by the democrat's adamant rejection of him. The USA needs more John Boltons.

    2. Ken St Louis says:

      Hooray for John Bolten! He's one of the voices worth listening too! We should have resigned from the U N long ago. All America is is the funding source! The best thing that could happen is if the USA withdrew, the funding dried up and we sent them all packing back where they came from! ( Ohh, and we sell there building )and keep the money for back rent due!

    3. Anita says:

      I think the US should get completely out of the UN. No one pays any attention to us, only the money we contribute.

    4. ash Ga. says:

      I agree with Anita. Get us out of the UN.

    5. Rod, Detroit says:

      I think the valuable purpose of the UN is a forum for nations to conduct dialog for the purpose of solving problems and advancing common interests. However, other posters and Mr. Bolton are correct: We put in much much more than we or the collective good ever receive.

      The issue is multi-facted, and too complex for a brief post, but Mr. Bolton is correct: there is no accountability, and payments are like an entitlement. The United States DOES pay a disproportionate chare of the budget, and other nations have more of a voice than their budget contribution should allow. The disgraceful part is for countries with abhorrent records on human rights or security being named to humanitarian panels. Such issues are the fuel for the debate on the worthiness (or lack thereof) of providing funds to sustain the UN.

    6. lawrence Varick says:

      In the days of The John Birch Society, the cry was, " Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US." Ken is more eloquent and probably more effective.

    7. Jim Hallead Pompano says:

      Mr. Bolton has for years been the beacon of truth concerning the UN and its imposters.

    8. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Everyone knows the UN has always been toothless.

      It was created for the world's stability. It issues sanctions which can never be enforced. One only look at North Korea and Iran.

      China could stop North Korea any time it wants but the CHICOMS do not want a unified Korea unless it is the North in control of a unified Korea – who China would control. As a member of the permament security council, good luck with that mess.

      Russia is economically tied to Iran and has even warned about attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities. Russia is a permanent member of the security council. So, good lulck with that mess.

      The Muslim countries gang up on Israel when she retaliates for rocket attacks. If a nuc goes off in Israel (God Forbid), we'll get sanctions on Iran. Of course, it will be too late for Israel.

      You could go on and on and on . . . .

      So, what is the solution? For starters, Big John Bolton is correct. And, take it a step further. It's time for the UN HQ to be located somewhere else.

      In my view, we have no moral right to be the host of such an esteemed organization. We've told the world how terrible America was and is. Millions of our own citizens feel the same way.

      So, let's do the noble thing and let someone else, say Paris, Moscow, perhaps Bejing, get the honor.

    9. Bobbie Jay says:

      How can America get out of the UN with obama in office? The more inefficient an agency is the more he loves it. Anything to steal money! A look at Acorn is a suspicion of many other wastes under obama's thumb!

      Thank you, Mr. Bolton.

    10. Russ Contractor, Dal says:

      Hon. Bolton is right about us limiting our contribution at UN. There are 40,000+ (conservative estimate)people are employed with UN worldwide. At Headquarters in New York most of the non-USA employees work less than 4 hours a day. Why should we pay?

    11. joan, connecticut says:

      If We had more people of John Bolton's patriotism, honesty and intellect in Washington,the USA, would be not be in the situation it is in today. He was the victim of the airheads in Congress, who haven't the mentality to spot a winner when they see one. We need to boot the deadwood out next November and find people of Bolton's caliber. We also need term limits, and background checks of anyone aspiring to the house and Senate.No more embedded politicians, who serve themselves and their ambitions, instead of America!

    12. Steve, Oregon says:

      Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

      When Libya becomes a member on the UN Human Rights

      council, you know you have a corrupt organization.

    13. Jan M., IN says:

      "In the days of The John Birch Society"? It sounds like it's done and over. Quite the contrary. They are growing and still fighting. Over 50 years of experience and credibility. Check them out http://www.jbs.org.

      The JBS still educates and lobbies against the U.N. and all that's unconstitutional and erodes our sovereignty.

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    15. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The United States of America does not need The United Nations, for anything. The UN has never helped the USA with any of our Natural disasters, with their immediate backing in any of our disputes with the World's Dictators, Dominators and Torture's.

      The UN's response to disaster anywhere is slow in response, while America's has always been immediate, and then the UN has the stance to question our motives?

      It is way past the time for our seperation, and without our support, our land, and our building, there is no UN.


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