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  • Swine Flu Update

    Yesterday, we published an important paper on what Americans need to know about the Swine Flu. The study mentioned how the availability of vaccines will affect the spread of the disease. Vaccines are made up of dead or weakened viruses. They stimulate the body’s immune system to fight off the disease. Since viruses can mutate from year, flu vaccines have to be crafted each year to deal with the disease. Initially, developers thought a vaccine for swine flu would require two shots, twelve weeks apart. Since most don’t expect vaccines to be ready till October, it would be late February (after the flu season peaks) before people had any protection.

    Now there is news today that there may be a vaccine that works after one dose and provides full protection in a few weeks. Still, vaccines may not be the full answer to swine flu this year. First, the vaccines have to be approved for use. Second, there is the question of how much will be available and when it will be available. Third, while initial trails show these vaccines are fine for healthy adults, further testing is required to ensure they are safe people with less robust immune systems like children, pregnant women, and folks suffering from illnesses or medical conditions that depress the immune system.

    So here is what people should do. Definitely, get the seasonal flu vaccine. When the swine flu vaccine becomes available follow the guidelines set out by public health officials on who should get vaccinated and when.

    Most important, adopt the behaviors that keep flu from spreading. Commons sense things like frequently and thoroughly washing hands….and staying home if you are sick. The CDC has some great important suggestions to follow. If you are an employer also give some thought to what you are going to do if you have more the usual number of employees, service providers, and customers out sick. The Chamber of Commerce offers some practical ideas.

    The greatest enemies during this flu season are fear, ignorance, and panic. Defeating them requires just a little preparation and a strong dose of common sense.

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    4 Responses to Swine Flu Update

    1. mark elder texarkana says:

      We had the bird flu scare not long ago and it went to pass we had A.I.D.S. in 1980 in 1976 we had a flew outbreak and several people died from those vaccines it was another tool they tried to use to panic the people with. I realize that we had a polio out break in our history and some serious out breaks that did warrant vaccines but with the track record of the federal government over the last forty or fifty years if not longer I feel that my skepticism is well founded all of these scare tactics smells of the story of the "boy that cried wolf".

      It seems that every time we turn around a new disease is going to kill us or we are going broke like in the fall of 2008 we need 750 billion dollars now! Or "have mercy our earth is going to Freeze" or "No its going to burn up its global warming or we are all going to drown do to ice berg melt head for the hills!" It seems that something catostrophic is always around the corner and this flu scare is nothing different.

      NEWS FLASH! If I get the flu I will go to the doctor other than that I refuse the vaccine mainly because I do not believe any thing the federal government says. For all I know it is a mass homicide being implemented because Obama and his czars want to have population control at least some of his czars have openly spoke or wrote of it in the past but more realistically I feel that it could be a tool to further shut down this nation by refusing travel from one part or the other because the PIG FLU is out of control! This man in the White House and the socialist on Capital Hill do not want us to be free! Do yourself a favor and dont think for a second that the very people that would abort a baby or refuse medical treatment to the elderly would not use this as a means of population or freedom control if one does not believe it or see it then I feel that person is sadly if not fatally mistaken.

      If they want to cut disease and outbreaks, then they should close the borders and kick the illegals out of our country that way we will make huge gains to rid us of TB and hepititus and things like that at least to get a handle on them. Those two diseases are on the rise in America due to illegals and their life style something the liberal news media does not want to advertise and the CDC does not want to shout about because they are under the thumb of the very government that refuses to control our border, that refuse to fight terrorism or even call it a war on terrorism and want to quiet any thing Christian. Who will believe them when they tell us TB has returned And that we all need vaccines? This current administration and band of idiots on capital hill are activly trying to wreck this nation its obvious because of the garbage they are implementing, is obvious from the constant assault on our Constitution and Bill of Rights its obvious when we see the federal government put our Marines on trial for so called war crimes and now wanting to close down GITMO! So here is an idea start shutting down drugs and prostitution and close the borders, step up the war on terror, stop tearing down America….

      Oh wait a minute the same people that say we are heading for an epidemic are the ones that refuse to combat any thing anti American why should I trust the federal government?…No way am I taking that stupid vaccine!

    2. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      There is one good thing about the Swine Flu discussion.

      Maybe, finally, we can get people to wash their hands and cover their mouth when they sneeze. Every year you see rude inconsiderate people infecting everyone around them.

    3. mark elder texarkana says:

      Honey, you should have been up at the podium last night bellowing out these words. The crowd would have cheered you just like they cheered boycotting our stupid liberal biased newspaper that would not print an article about the tea party. Though your written articles make me work hard to read, (grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.) one has to admire your fired up patriotism and the obvious knowledge of current events and love of history you possess. I am proud of your commitment to our Constitution and your willingness to stand strong against big government and small minds.

      Your loving wife and editor Vickie



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