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  • Morning Bell: Don't Let 9/11 Become Just Another Earth Day

    Three years ago, Norwell High School social studies teacher Julie Fox commemorated 9/11 by asking her students to write journal entries recounting where they were when the planes hit and how they felt at that moment. But now, Fox tells the Boston Globe, too few students remember the day. So Fox spends class time explaining the basics of what happened on 9/11 and why. “It’s almost like teaching the Civil War,” she said.

    High School students are not the only ones for whom 9/11 is becoming a distant memory. According to the Washington Post, 70% of Democrats say the war in Afghanistan has not been worth its costs (compared to 70% of Republicans who say the war is still worth fighting). Council on Foreign Relations Fellow Stephen Biddle explains: “Surely a big piece of the declining poll numbers for support for Afghanistan is that the public does not yet see the connection between Afghanistan and al-Qaida today.”

    Responding to their leftist base, opposition to the effort in Afghanistan is growing. among liberals in Congress. Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), co-chair of the 82-member Congressional Progressive Caucus, said her group is unified in wanting to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters yesterday: “I don’t think there’s a great deal of support for sending more troops to Afghanistan in the country or the Congress.”

    One would think that President Obama would take the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks as an opportunity to educate Americans about the link between the fight in Afghanistan and the still very real threat posed by al-Qaida today. No such luck. Instead, President Obama has chosen to use 9/11 to promote his own domestic policy agenda. In a letter celebrating 9/11 as a “National Day of Service and Rememberance” President Obama writes:

    We are building a new foundation for growth and prosperity, but we cannot succeed without your help. We can rebuild out schools, but we need mentors and tutors to guide our students. We can modernize our health system, but we need volunteers to care for the sick and assist others in leading healthier lives. We can invest in clean energy, but we need people to maintain energy efficiency in their homes and help create a green economy.

    School construction? Health care reform? Green jobs? These are all important areas of public policy debate, but what do they have to do with keeping us safe from those who wish to inflict a second 9/11 on the American people? Debra Burlingame, whose brother was the pilot of the American Airlines jet that crashed into the Pentagon told the Associated Press: “When I first heard about it, I was concerned. I fear, I greatly fear, at some point we’ll transition to turning it into Earth Day where we go and plant trees and the remembrance part will become smaller and smaller and smaller.”

    Thanks to President Obama’s www.serve.gov, that is exactly what is happening. In Oklahoma students will pull weeds, plant flowers, paint benches, and plant a tree. In Minnesota, 100 volunteers will assemble Energy Efficiency Outreach Bags. And in South Carolina AmeriCorps members will serve in a variety of projects, including garden beautification, food and clothing collections, and working with homeless and hungry people.

    True volunteerism strengthens civil society. But federal government involvement undermines, not strengthens, true public service. Instead of coordinating garden beautifications, the federal government should honor the memory of the tragedy of 9/11 by focusing on policies that will make sure it never happens again.

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    59 Responses to Morning Bell: Don't Let 9/11 Become Just Another Earth Day

    1. Susan Luther New Orl says:

      This is one American who will NOT be counted in the census if ACORN is still handling it….and it won't be because ACORN committed fraud that I will not be counted, it will be because I won't answer the door or the 20 pages of questions…like what time do I leave for work????

      Get a company with a spotless record to handle this for the country's sake and your reputation

    2. jim toledo says:

      What a joke. Every American should remember today for the murder of 3000 of our citizens by a group of terrorists hell bent on causing as much destruction as possible. We should remember the 'heroes'; all of those that worked to free and search for wounded or hurt people, those that gave their own lives so others wouldn't be killed and those that fought to keep us safe over the years. We need to always remember that day for the blood spilled on our streets and the cold blooded killings that occured. The dumbing down of 9/11/2001, by this administration, is a disgrace to all Americans and especially those that died that day.

    3. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Why are we not hearing about Impeachment proceedings today? What better way to remember 9/11 than to preserve the union? WE MUST IMPEACH NOW!!! not later NOW!! the so called CZARS are reason enough!!

    4. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      He swore to uphold the constitution. He is working as hard and as fast as possible to destroy it IMPEACH NOW

    5. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The federal Government has only one role. To protect us from enemys. EVERYTHING else is for states We must reduce the role of the federal government back to what it was intended to be. We must repeal all of Obamalots spending to pre-communist take-over levels, or he will have succeeded in destroying the country, Which has been his goal all along. We cannot afford our monthly interest payments at the current level. Why is this ignored by ALL???????????????

    6. Brad Raffensperger, says:

      I was on a plane on September 11, 2001 flying from Atlanta to Phoenix as the carnage was unfolding in New York. Somewhere over Louisiana or East Texas I thought I noticed our plane descending. About 10 minutes later the pilot came on the Intercom and told us that the national air traffic control system had a computer glitch so all planes were being grounded so we were going to land at Austin, TX. No big deal we all thought.

      About 15 minutes later we landed and as we were pulling up to the ramp, the pilot came on to tell us the horrific news that the World Trade Center was attacked. As we departed we saw the horror on the TV's at the Austin Airport. I said to no one in particular, "We are at war". It seemed surreal, is this how WW2 started during Pearl Harbor.

      Then we all ran to the car rental facilities so we could grab a car before all the cars were gone so we could start driving back to home.

      I remember. I remember seeing people jumping off the top of the World Trade Center. We all need to remember.

    7. Cap'm Kirk says:

      One way service could be a tribute is if we go to the men and women that help us everyday, the police, fire and rescue folks, and ask what we can do for them. Or your local National Guard, or military base. This is how you serve and remember. Plant a tree on Arbor Day for Christ sakes.

    8. diane Washington, DC says:

      who wrote this? disingenuous argument meant to cause a stir up dissent instead of actually using your time to actually educate people about the connection between the events of 9/11 and Afghanastan yourselves. Get off this partisan streak and get back to what you are supposed to be doing and what I donated my 1000 dollars for…That is to research and INFORM.

    9. Judy North Carolina says:

      It makes me sick to see this president put down everthing President Bush did, including his love of country. It is with love for this country that the current president must be impeached along with his czars and Chicago mofia staff.

    10. Bill, San Antonio TX says:

      What I remember most about the 911 Massacre is how people of all stripes pulled together. If only we could maintain that sense of unity, standing strong against an enemy who lurks in the shadows. Instead, we let our politicians divide us the moment many of them think "the coast is clear".

      What I fear is that the passage of time dims the reality that these same Wahabbist Extremest Islamic Murders are still killing and still plotting.

      What I fear more, is that our Citizens again grow complacent and that history repeats itself. Any student of history know this to be true.

      President Bush was absolutely correct when he said we would have to fight this war on terrorism for decades – or longer. He spoke the truth however unpalatable that fact is.

      The monetary cost pales when compared to the alternative of letting relentless fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups gain strength, acquire weapons of unimaginable destruction, and obtain their ultimate goal of bringing down Western Civilization.

      We must teach our children and citizens that protecting freedom is hard work. It is ongoing. It must never stop. We must teach them that some people ARE crazy and will not respond to "diplomacy". These terrorists may sign a document but they will not abide by it – in other words, they lie.

      Our enemies only respect strength. Each action we take that diminishes our strength (perceived or otherwise) emboldens and strengthens our enemies.

      Make no mistake, the whole world monitors and watches us – constantly.

      I know the victims of this terrorist attack would agree. We should not shame their memories by letting this day become just another day. This day should be one of reflection. It should be one of re-dedication to never let our guard down and destroy anyone who would destroy us.

      I will undoubtedly be called a "war-monger" by liberals. I do not call for a "war-like" state but I do call for common sense and seeing the world for what it is and always has been – a dangerous place. Negotiate but do not be suckers in the process.

      Unless we become realists instead of idealists, we will have caused our own destruction – from within.

      May God Bless This Day

      May God Give Us Wisdom and Strength

      May God Bless America – The Greatest Country The World Has Ever Known

    11. Buz, NPR, Fl says:

      Perhaps he could just issue fiddles to the students and teach them to fiddle while Rome, (read U.S. twin towers) burns.

      Never forget – 3000 souls obliterated from earth. Ah, nevermind – lets go plant a tree and pull a weed.


    12. Robert, Tucson, AZ says:

      Bill, from San Antone has said it so well. But, Americans have generally ignored an impending crisis until the last of the ninth. Then, with horrible violence, we put down our enemy. Think Regensburg, Hiroshima. Today, we have Pyongyang, Tehran et al who WILL destroy us and all they survey if they are not stopped. We SHALL stop them, but, I fear, not till the first mushroom clouds appear on the horizon.

      Our elected representatives know ALL of the above, but we are not yet in the ninth inning, so, their interests are in getting reelected. PERIOD. Philosophies. left and right vary little. Each charlatan there (DC) is a weather vain. If Obama fails, they will all be distancing themselves. ALL. If some tortured version of this health rescue passes into law, he will be beseiged by coat tail hangers on. Few, if any, give one solitary rap for the issue except as it impacts their reelection. Stay tuned.

    13. Marie, Gainesville,F says:

      Yes, we need to all join together and take back our country that our men and women fought and died for and freedoms that we are loosing and the rights that will be all gone if we let this administration continue to rule the way they want to. They don't care about us, they only care about their own agendas. Wake up America. WE are the land of the Free so let's get it back. Remember the people that died on 9/11/01 and never forget what it did to our country.

    14. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      This morning, I lowered my American Flag to half staff even though, no order was given by President Obama! I am ashamed that our President did not give this order in remembrance of 9/11. Every year since, President Bush signed that order and that order was passed to the media and the military. Now it seems that this CHANGE includes forgetting the 3000 brave souls lost because of militant, religious fanatics. Thanks you President Obama for showing your true colors again!

    15. Desiree Vi says:

      No day like today to begin and pursue IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS. Obama and his administration have to go!!!

      I, for one, can't stomach this liars arrogance and narcissism any longer.

      IMPEACH OBAMA. No re-election after they served 2 terms!!! I have no preference for any one party any longer. Most of the politicians we see today are a disgrace and a never ending shame for this country!!!

      VOTE THEM OUT!!!

    16. Julia,DC says:

      Could not agree w/Diane of DC's comment above more.

      Has Heritage become so rabidly-anti-Obama it can't hold back and take a moment to honor freedom, democracy, and the 3,000 people that died in this tragedy?

      8 years ago we came together as Americans because of these attacks. The community service the President is calling for honors that commitment to each other and helps to reignite it. Why is that wrong?

      It is a cheap, cheap ploy to say the government undermines that civil society in this post. Today is a call to service that reinforces civil society. (Bureaucrats are not being paid to paint benches or plant trees, after all. Citizens are volunteering.)

      This is an infuriating an offensive post. Why did Heritage politicize this tragedy instead of taking a moment to reflect on freedom and democracy and honor those that died?

      Please go read your "First Principles" page.

    17. Chris, Ocala Fl. says:

      I have read many articles of late regarding our country's seeming willingness to forget the events of 9/11. I wonder how this can be. 9/11 was not just an attack on the WTC it was an attack on America.

      I saw it happen from JFK airport and I spent the next 4 months running the night shift for the recovery and removal of the North Tower and building 6. Many nights I had to go someplace by myself and cry, not just for those who died but for the families that were destroyed.

      Ground Zero emanated grief. It was the hardest job I ever had to go to but it was also the hardest job to leave in the morning. One night I got dressed for work and when I went to leave I couldn't open the door, something inside me just broke. Now I'm told I have PTSD (2 tours of Viet Nam, a son who was taken from me for 4 months and then the WTC) They call it retraumatization, regardless.

      We as a people have to learn that all the world doesn't think like we do. An example: The Chinese can start a plan and 100 years to fruition is not unacceptable to them. Can we do that?

      The same difference in thought applies to the Muslim extremist except theirs is a cult of revenge under the disguise of spreading the word of Mohammed. They are not just going to go away so we need to hold them at arms length.

      obama(I refuse to capitalize his name)is not willing to call for a day of remembrance, maybe because to do so he would have to call his "brothers" murderers. If he reaches out his hand to them he stands a 50/50 chance of having it blown off.

      We, as Americans, don't need the government to remind us of this day. We are quite able to do it on our own, and if our children don't know the signifigance of this day that is our fault. Don't depend on the school system to teach your kids all that is important about America. Ask them what they know of our history and then fill in the large blanks.

      It is not enough to be an American, you must know who we are to be a Proud American.

    18. NADIA QUINTERO - TEX says:

      It is a national TRAGEDY when members of the US Congress / Senate have forgotten what we as a Nation lost on September 11, 2001. The same government body that cried and stood behind President BUSH to go after the ones that inflicted so much pain to our Nation, is now the same body that is betraying our trust the future of our children for a cheap mediocre political position. Shame on you ALL… SHAME on you calling yourselves AMERICANS !

      Nadia Quintero 9/11/09

    19. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      What will it take to get it through everyones head that nothing this administration does is for your benefit, health, or freedom?

      These people will not stop until they change every bit of our history to fit their idea. Look at how the history of the civil war has been constantly revised.

      If this were a Republican Congress and White House, the media would be clamoring 24/7 about "freedoms and rights", but where are they now?

      Never will we be as free as we were yesterday and if people don't wake up soon, we will have no recourse that does not involve a lot of pain all around.

      Wake the hell up, people!

    20. Maurice, Boise, Idah says:

      I remember 9/11 as an atrocity, not a tragedy. Words mean something. Deliberate events such as 9/11 are often referred to as trajedies. Sometimes carelessly, and sometimes deliberately. Especially by those who are offended by any characterization of an act, person or government as "evil," or who want to avoid pointing the finger of blame at anyone. To call it a trajedy removes focus from its deliberate, evil origin and intent. It makes it sound like it just happened.


      Atrocity: shockingly cruel act; a shockingly cruel act, especially an act of wanton violence against an enemy in wartime; extreme cruelty; extreme evil or cruelty;

      something very bad; something repellent or extremely bad of its kind.

      Tragedy: very sad event; an event in life that evokes feelings of sorrow or grief; disastrous event; a disastrous circumstance or event, e.g. serious illness, financial ruin, or fatality.

      Compare the two definitions. Surely 9/11 included tragic, sad and even disasterous elements and consequences. As do many earthquakes, hurricanes and even airplane crashes. However, the precipitating event of 9/11 was an atrocity. It was not an accident, it was not a mere event, it did not just happen. It was a deliberate evil act of wanton violence. A shocking, cruel attack on our society and countless unsuspecting random victims.

      We must remember and properly commemorate 9/11. And we need to call it and atrocity. Because it was!

    21. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      It is SAD

      that the HF even uses 911

      to Bad Mouth Obama.

    22. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      9/11 Is a day for all Americans to remember who we are, and just what our forefathers, pioneers, soldiers, freedom fighters, and all died for, and what it is that we have to protect!

      This is a day to remember that it is not for any Politician to decide to give away any of our Constitutional rights and freedoms guaranteed in that Document and its Amendments!

      This is a day to remember that We, the Citizens of the United States of America were attacked simply because we were here and we are who we are. We now more than then, need to stand Proud, and not allow anyone to appologize for us being who we are. Not allow anyone to change the way we think and do our business. Not allow anyone to take away the simpilist of our choices including whether or not we have insurance! We are a Free Nation where each individual has the freedom to earn their right to have what they have, without Government guarantees to those who choose not to place value on jobs and education and proper immegration, and prudent savings.

      We we once a Proud People who shunned being on the Government dole, and were in fact ashamed of it! We we a proud People, who when attacted by Terrorist, Pirates, or Money Scammers, We fought back, and told our Government what to do, and did not sit around waiting for them to decide!

      This is a day to remember who we are, and where we came from.


    23. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      At least Obama is consistent. I image for Pearl Harbor Day we will all send a Hallmark Card to the folks in Japan apologizing for ending the war so soon with the atomic bomb and then buy one of their automobiles.

      Really – how can a person who has never been in the military possibly understand what happened 911? Clearly Obama does not understand how our enemy works and why they attack us. All Obama knows is how to campaign and read a teleprompeter better than most.

      The good news is that I suspect there are many such as I who have never been politically active in the past. Obama "changed" that – good for him!

    24. Ron Derry NH says:

      It is far more sad that an article has to be written in defense of the need to remember a day for its tragedy, rather than allowing the day to be usurped for political gains of servitude to the state inspired rhetoric.

      I have spent more than 2/3 my life as a volunteer in one group or another and I don't need a national day of rememberence to volunteer, or go green day stolen from the shadows of $3,000 murdered civilians.

      Heritage is correct at defending the day of mourning for those poor folks that were used as political fodder for hate mongering zealots. Crazy as this seems; the day is not about servitude to the state or Obama…it is about remembering the lives lost, a hideous action done for nothing more than a whimpering political statement by a bunch of over zealous self righteous murderers.

      Voice of freedom

      On September 11, a blow was struck, a whimpering fanatical surge

      That targets mostly innocence, in its quest for opposition to purge

      But standing tall in New York City, with its foundations deep in the earth

      Is the hearts and souls of the New York people and what they know they’re worth

      When terror struck, they didn’t fade, they didn’t cower away

      Like bees in a hive, with survival scent, they blew the dust away

      And marched right in to destruction's jaws, to death they showed contempt

      Courage preserved for all of us, in rescues final attempt

      Men of steel were born that day, their deaths a defiant stand

      Shown to all who witnessed it, not unique in all this land

      New Yorkers were, reminding us, that our way is to preserve

      And fight against all tyranny, as it is in liberty that we do serve

      Freedom builds and shapes the metal, of the women and the men

      Foundations laid by ancestral right, we’ve been reminded once again

      That courage comes not just from victory, but to resist and in taking a stand

      And preserve for future generations, freedom throughout the land

      September 11, is not unique, in that we are often under attack

      From tyranny abroad and tyranny within, we must always watch our back

      As freedoms host, we stand exposed, a beacon of libertie's choice

      Threatening our nation, anneals our faith, with a New Yorker’s resounding voice.

    25. Judith of The Great says:

      So some of you are unhappy that HF dishonors the administration's call for a "day of service".

      HF stirs up dissent? I call it "telling the truth". Why did HF politicize 9/11? Is not "A national day of service" not a political ploy to promote Mr. O's radical Socialist agenda? I find his action revolting and reprehensible beyond comprehension.

      I didn't hear one word from Mr. O today honoring our military that is helping to keep you and me safe. Not one word honoring our intelligence community (but let's prosecute them instead) that is trying to keep you and me safe.

      Being from DC, perhaps you both do not notice that Americans from across the country do acts of public service every single day, not only here in the US, but around the world. I DO NOT need this administration giving me instruction on this matter. And we do not expect "thanks" either.

      Scolding HF for not using their dollars for research and "informing" tells me that you do not take advantage of the tremendous resources available through The HF. Check into it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

      I saw a screening, this week, of the HF film titled "33 minutes" about missile defense and the very real and lethal threats we face. You should view it. Talk about a big dose of reality!

      Very frightening and sobering.

      I wonder if you would be able to see beyond your own severe partisan blinders and recognize that The United States of America is under attack today, much like 8 years ago, but this time from the far left radical movement that has hijacked a once honorable political party and are determined to hijack the entire country in order to establish a Socialist/Marxist utopia.

      Or, do you even care?


    26. Ron Derry NH says:

      I am not sure if the voice of complacency or self serving arrogance speaks any louder than declaring over the graves of those that died, that you would like to forget them, by inventing a new meaning for the day of their viciously severed lives.

    27. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      There are those of us who love America and care about keeping our country strong and free. We appreciate all who have given there blood, and their families who lost a love one. Then we have the other side who want to destroy are way of life. They are haters and worthless human beings. They are smug and self centered. ME,Me that is all they think about. We are told we should respect the President. Why, what has he done to show he deserves any. Everyday he walks on the constitution,names the most un-worthly people to govern us. I will respect the oval office but never the man that sits there now.

    28. Geppetto, NC says:

      Is anyone at Heritage aware that Al Qaeda is just the tip of the sword? Defeating Al Qaeda will be winning a skirmish. The west and that would primarily be the U.S., will then have to deal with the real threat that is well under way across the globe; the threat that must no longer be spoken out loud; the threat of radical, which is to say orthodox, Islamic theocracies. Freedom of religion and Islam cannot coexist in the world envisioned by Islamic theocrats. This is a notion foreign to most of the world steeped in the freedoms that they enjoy, who've been indoctrinated by the notion that Islam is a religion of peace. It is………for Muslims who obey Sharia law and condemn all other religions.

      Oh! By the way; war is deceit and lying to unbelievers to further the Jihad is not a sin; it's a religious duty. Enter CAIR, et. al.

      Heritage?? Anybody??

    29. PETER, PHILA., PA says:

      My recollection is that this day was declared Patriot Day. I hate the thought of ACORN using the new "Community Service Day" as an excuse to recruit volunteers for disruption of future non-violent Tea Party demonstrations or other such events.

    30. JR, Gainesville, FL says:

      Pelosi = illiterate and possibly mentally retarded. She states that Afghanistan is either, "in the country or in Congress." ?!? If she was literate she would have said, "I don't think that there's a great deal of support in the country or the Congress for sending more troops to Afghanistan." At least I think that's what she was trying to say. Hard to tell with her.

    31. Esteban Cafe, World says:

      A sad day of remembrance for all Americans. What a great country you have, if you can keep it. It is interesting to hear your Right/Left arguments. There are a couple of things I notice:

      1. Left: government by feelings (your supreme court justice will adjudicate from the bench); Right: government by law and adherance to the Constitution of America.

      2. Left: deeds of the mouth/heart matter–not results; Right: deeds matter. Period.

      3. Left: the ends justify the means and their ends & means are always morally superior; Right: integrity matters even though they are still human and constantly fail.

      4. Left: humanity is basically good, though there is no moral context for 'good' so it is constantly redefined; Right: man has capacity for good, but needs moral leadership and example, ergo, God & religion.

      I love your wonderful arguments…but they'd be more entertaining and less frightening if there was another America that the rest of the world could one day aspire to, but you are the last truly free country and there is no other left to go to.

      If you turn out like the rest of the world where do the freedom-seeking peoples of the world escape to? Don't become like the other countries.

    32. John, Arizona says:

      When will Ken Jarvis wake up? What is it that he sees in the current president and his associates?

      Is it their honesty? Is it their upholding of the constitution? Apparently friend Ken has some magic looking glass that shows this administration in a different shape. That's what happens when you stay tuned to MSNBC.

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    34. Frank Ans. Conn. says:

      Where is ABC, CBS, & NBC, NEWS?? have they not heard what ACORN is doing to this country ? Acorn is robbing us without a gun & they are laughing all the way to the bank with our tax money to spend it on thier own agenda, they are buying properties with our money! to use for thier own cause. The main stream news media is a DISGRACE, why are they not reporting this to the citizens of this country. I hope that the Heritage Foundation will put a lot of pressure on the media to get this message out .

    35. Eleanor New York says:

      I prayed when Carter, that bumbling idiot, went down to overwhelming defeat by Reagan, that the White House had seen the last president who hated America. As I listen to this current occupant of the White House, I can't help but believe that Carter was an abomination (just ask those held captive in Iran due to his incompetence) but this man makes Carter look like a flag-waving, red-white-and-blue, hand-across-his-heart American. God help us.

    36. Marilyn, Nebraska says:

      Watch Obama change Patriot Day to Community Service Day. America, don't let this happen!! Always remember what happened that day and never forget those who died!

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    38. ann hinson says:

      Why doesn't Obama apologize to the police for calling them stupid if Wilson has to for pointing out Obaman is a liar?

    39. Janice, Lee County, says:

      "war is deceit and lying to unbelievers to further the Jihad is not a sin; it’s a religious duty." Geppetto hit the nail on the head. O is lying to us at every turn and is surrounding himself with the most corrupt and anti-American scoundrels you could possibly find within our own country. He is waging his own personal "jihad" and doing it from the highest office in the world. What fools we are to be letting this happen.

    40. janet, NJ says:

      The Fox presentation on 9/11 was stiring. Pearl Harbor is a day of remembrance–according to my calendar–not a day of service–nor should be 9/11. When I, perhaps you, pause for a moment during your daily tasks on 9/11 remember those you loved and lost no matter how they passed,they come to mind. No matter what the date–we realize how mortal we all are. Americans have many,many days of service–but allow ourselves so few of remembrance. We only ask for a moment to greive & then pick ourselves up and carry on for those we've lost. That's the American way.

    41. paul collins.the vil says:

      Ithink istead of sending more troops to afganistan,we should just let them do there job.With all the new weapons we have let the troops use them.Instead of putting them in danger call in air support.If those "civilians'weren't stealing gas from those trucks,they wouldn't have gotten killed when we destroyed them.It would have been OK if our men had killed if they had been used as bombs,but don't let us defend ourselves.It is time we start trying to show the world how tolerant we are.Our enemies believe we are weak and can eventually destroy us and our leaders are them that impresstion.WAKE UP AMERICA.OUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT DEFENDING US AND AT THE SAMETRYING TO TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOM AT THE SAME TIME.

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    43. Patriot Cat, Texas says:

      Thank God it rained in Texas today. I served the military, the doctors, the firemen and women, and all the rescuers and those who died by saying prayers all day. That's what this is all about…not labor…that's Marxism.

    44. Patriot Cat, Texas says:

      Mr. Jarvis, It's a sad day that you think that 9/11 should be used for labor day which was last week. It's amazing to me that we aren't all flying our flags, writing our service men and women and uplifting our veterans, including the firemen and EMTs who were some of the first responders, along with police and just plain citizens. I can think of no better organization to keep the embers of memory than an organization dedicated to the American Heritage.

    45. Ken, Napa, CA says:

      The lessons to be learned about war and the United States: We never picked the fight, we went to it.Hitler almost conquered the world – he even published it before hand. Japan would not have quit without the atom bombs we dropped on them.

      Russia wouldn't have stopped at the Berlin Wall.

      Mao wanted to expend milliams of his own people in Korea against us. The communist wanted to spread their doctrine all through Asia via Viet Nam. We occupied Germany, Japan , and South Korea to keep the peace. If it wasn't for our human sacrafices, it would be a different world and I wouldn't be writing this. We must always be vigil, 9/11 should always be in our fore thoughts.

    46. emyemy tpkyo japan says:

      americans, h-obama is a timeing bomb, china is gearing up to take over [great lion] usa. what a shamefull thing.

      americans, wake up and recleam your country back. unite and impeach h-obama now.

    47. Bobbie Jay says:

      You can take the terrorism out of a terrorist, but you can't take it out of 9/11. 9/11 is a day of mourning and reminding of how UGLY people in the world are.

      Keep your service day to yourself, mr. president. I'll serve, as I do, on my own accord. You're not my daddy and I am an adult.

    48. Linda in Rockford, I says:

      Like the day of the Kennedy assassanation no one will ever get over the feelings of the day we watched the twin towers fall or the 10 days after when we felt as vunerable as we could that more violence was coming. Maybe future generations can be convinced that working at a homeless shelter or cleaning up and empty lot will somehow make us remember that 3000+ people went to work that day and were incinerated, turned into dust by the explosions so their families had no certainty that they were dead but the fact that they never have seen them again. But I believe to truly honor those who were murdured, I need to see the films of that day and feel those feelings again so I can remind myself that it didn't happen to me or my family and if I leave it at that I can go on being cold and unconcerned about life around me. I need to be made to feel compassion for others. It is too easy to lose that ability in the society we live in.

    49. Eileen Kerlin, Golds says:

      I started out the morning of 9-11 this year with my children (ages 12 & 13) discussing the significance of the day before they left for school. I reviewed the time line of events from when the first plane struck the tower.

      I will do this every year with them. They need to understand how quickly this all happened to an unsuspecting country.

      I will never forget — & I pledge to make sure my children NEVER FORGET!!

    50. HawkWatcher says:

      In April, President Obama signed the Serve America Act, which officially recognizes Sept. 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

      The title seems specifically contrived to invoke the perception that remembrance and service are linked, and designed to assure skeptics like me that nothing will be lost by embracing something we ordinarily may question.

      Is anything lost? Here is how one government agency is remembering the 9/11 attacks in the new spirit of hope and change:


      Does this help define the enemy that declared war on us, and blasted down the towers? Does it aid our effort to confront the radical Islamists behind this and other attacks? No. I know the enemy, I have learned much since that day.

      We ought to teach our children that the terrorist-endorsing Islamic texts used to justify 9/11 still pose great danger to us. The violent texts must be discredited by many Muslim leaders who must also declare Bin Laden and Al Qaeda apostate to Islam. Only then will the danger lessen, the recruitment cease. Those who minimize or ignore these realities endanger us all.

      The worldwide jihad that took so many American lives on 9/11 continues to escalate, while Washington dilutes our national remembrance, and sweeps our losses under a footworn rug.

      Absolutely shameful! I'm sick of the gutless appeasers! Let's sweep many blind weaklings away in 2010, and elect enlightened patriots with spines.

    51. infinitewisdom4u, fl says:

      the insidiousness and outright depravity of bo's political reshaping of the meaning of 9/11 should be obvious to every one. the day should be a reminder of our heartfelt losses, our unity of purpose and of a vital gut check as to our vulnerabilities as a nation. we don't get up on 9/11 to hate a person, or a culture, or a religion. we simply seek to honor those who gave their lives to protect their fellow citizens. for some it was their duty, for others their actions were above the call of duty, but not above the call of protecting humanity.

      instead now we can expect, thank to bo's disrespectful hijacking of a soul searching day, a governmental call for pulling weeds, planting grass and trees, picking up garbage in order to better our communities. all those actions can change the appearance of a community, but so can a wmd smuggled in by demented and determined terrorists.

      enjoy your grass and trees and trash free communities. the rest of us will work so that you can be oblivious to the unpleasant realities of humanity.

    52. Bill Lee says:

      I also remember that just after 911 we allowed the Saudi family to fly into the USA. We also still allow Islamic students into the USA. We still do not allow increased oil drilling on USA Off-shore areas/or the ANWAR in Alaska? We still continue to increase our purchase of oil from people who finance terrorist?

      Does any of this make sense? We know most of the Islamic people hate us, yet we do not try to increase our own supplies of oil? Instead we help fund terrorist and then spend billions and sacrifice our military fighting terrorist?

      Wake Up America!!!!!

    53. Joe Cincinnati says:

      Volunteerism is fine as long as it outside the government and not mandatory. One must ask if too much willingness in society to help others leads to an expectation of help, a lowering of the threshold at which one looks for help, and a loss of independence of spirit and self sufficiency. Too much help can be a bad thing!

    54. R Morini New Hampsh says:

      Come now, dont you think that the terrorists we will be allowing into our 'open border' country will want nice weed free parks and painted park benches to sit on? And how about the health care? Shouldn't we pass this so all our pill taking junkies can walk around like zombies and rob banks and stores and homes to support their habits, and then get pills to sell and make a living off of them?? Where's your compassion? And the cap and trade, dont you want to be taxed to death to keep this ever growing government above water??? On 9-11-01 I bought a rifle. And every 9-11 I buy more. Thats how I celebrate this day. Solely for the purpose of protecting my children and grandchildren from the fateful day all Hell breaks loose!

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    57. Romase says:

      site best

    58. G Bush Tx says:

      How many of you bastards at the Heritage Foundation knew about and were involved in the events of 9/11? Why don't you post the manifesto signed by many of your well-known members one year before 9/11/01 explaining that America needed another Pearl Harbor to re-achieve it's greatness in the world. Now that Thermite traces have been found and more experts are coming forward, the truth will come out.

      Your propaganda machine is slowly falling apart because of the Internet and because too many people care about the truth. Playing upon people fears will only last so long as the truth is revealed. For those of you sheeple that don't believe open your eyes, ears and minds. Truth is stranger than fiction. Check out the many videos available that blow the cover off the events of 9/11/01.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lESol88wOi0 (less than 10 mins)


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