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  • Video: Which Obama Do You Believe?

    Last night President Barack Obama said: “If you misrepresent what’s in the plan, we will call you out.” Obama needs to call himself out.

    Here is candidate Barack Obama, July 17, 2007:


    Here is President Barack Obama, last night:


    Just so there is no confusion, Planned Parenthood’s Protecting Abortion Access page explains: “Planned Parenthood believes every woman should have access to the full range of reproductive health care.” There is no doubt, when you say “reproductive care” to a Planned Parenthood crowd, that includes abortion.

    Either Candidate Barack Obama didn’t tell the truth to Planned Parenthood when he promised them he would both subsidize those who wish to get abortion coverage from their private insurers and create a public plan that would also provide abortions, or President Obama didn’t tell the truth to the American people last night when he promised “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.” He can’t have it both ways.

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    30 Responses to Video: Which Obama Do You Believe?

    1. fiftyfifty says:

      America needs to put a shock collars on these people

    2. R Daniels says:

      Lets be honest Obama is a liar, he continues to spew his lies and every time he gets before a mike and attempts to sell his socialized healthcare plan to unwilling Americans.

      We need to stop this Obama train that is taking America down the long and winding road toward a third world nation and to take complete control of our lives,our freedom,and our country.

      Americans call your elected officials and tell them to vote against the democrat healthcare plan !!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Jody, NJ says:

      Joe Wilson is the one that you can believe. Thank you Joe.

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    7. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Yesterday, while standing in front of 30 or so nurses, Mr. Obama said, "Finally we are going to have as good a health care system as all those other countries".

      What? Was there a vote on this?

      Is it me, or is our president somewhat like a wind-up manchurian politician.

      I don't know what you call it when a politician is in complete and intentional denial about something, but this exactly what is taking place.

      They don't have the votes, yet they pretend to. The people who have spoken out are chastised for it and ignored.

      But are they really ignored?

      I don't think so. The dirty little secret is that while they pretend to not hear us, they can't ignor the polls. They live and breath by them.

      Be vigilant.

      Viva La 2010!

    8. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      One more grunt from the BIG HOG. People say

      we must respect the office. How can anyone respect

      any office that has been turned into a pig sty

      full of piglets.

      I understand that Joe Wilson's competitor has received $200,000 in contributions for his campaign against Wilson. I call on everyone that

      reads this publication to send donations to Joe Wilson' campaign. We must keep people like Joe

      in congress. Like so many others that disagreed with Obama's policies, Joe will continue to be

      attacked by the left-wing Dems and news media.

    9. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      The "Manchurian Teleprompter" is more "transparent" everytime he speaks.

    10. R Morgan Blanchester says:

      Mr. (Teleprompter) President talks out of both sides of his mouth. Depends on who he is talking to as to what he says.

      Send the White House your comments about his "public Option" they need to hear that we Americans dont want it!


    11. Dan, Cranberry Twp., says:

      Mr. Obama is the politician who will unashamedly read all the rhetoric that appears on his teleprompter with conviction and he is a master orator to convince anyone who does not know any better that he believes all that he spews.

    12. Elizabeth Cox says:

      I think random drug testing every 6 weeks for Congress, the Representatives and the President Czars are in order!

    13. Elizabeth Cox, Washi says:

      I think random drug testing every 6 weeks for Congress, Representatives, the President and his Czars are in order!

    14. Martha B., Louisian says:

      Obama's words reveal his intentions-clearly!

      He is a pure, polished politican with a socialist agenda!

      Apathy from his opposition is what gives him power – and he knows it! This is why he is diligently working to SILENCE those who speak out against his agenda, using whatever means possible.

      He does not value life, liberty, or truth. This is what America is all about. He represents the party of DEATH to all three.

      He should not be allowed, as he is attempting, to redefine America, redefine it's history, and especially it's values. When the leader of the greatest country in the world believes, supports, and promotes elective abortion with funding required by taxpayers, as reproductive care, the line has been indelibly drawn!

      How can we NOT speak out against him AND EVERYONE who supports him?

      There is no excuse for apathy!

    15. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      To answer the question : "Which Obama do you believe ?"

      Can I reply neither ?

      I can't believe anyone bought this guy's snake oil or drank his kool-aid.

    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama would denie the truth if it bit him between his ears!


    17. John Roane Sarasota says:

      While I live in Florida and can’t vote for Joe Wilson I feel like moving to South Carolina just so I can. Finally a Congressman who can call it like it is. I have read the bill and he is lying. The bill uses weasel words to skirt the issue and in any case there is no measure to guarantee enforcement (no teeth). You showed courage and did the right thing. But you should not have apologized it’s a sign of weakness, in this case I will over look it, but just this once. If anyone says its bad manners look who is saying it, and ask yourself do you respect them. Remember its never wrong or bad manners to tell the truth. Good work, the Palmetto State must be dam proud of you.

      Best Regards,

      John Roane

    18. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Anybody that thinks they can shut up millions of Americans had better start preparing shovel-ready concentration camps. Americans are not Europeans, Socialists, Communists, or weak-willed people you can walk on.

      They may use all of their powers, contacts, and news media, to come after people that speak out but it will not succeed. They may try the "joe the plumber" nonsense, trying to ruin lives; they may sic union thugs or left wing web sites on people, but Americans will not be silenced. If that was EVER the intent, then they miscalculated.

      This is not Venezuela or Cuba and never will be.

    19. Keith, Vermont says:

      Where is the "press" why are they not shining a light on the false / half-truths? Constitution WatchDOGS will have to step up and do the job.

    20. JoAnne,Pennsylvania says:


    21. Jerry, Tennessee says:

      This Obama thing is a bad dream, I hope the American people are not sleeping too hard!

    22. Bruno, South Carolin says:

      Joe Wilson was correct in calling Obama a liar. He was telling the truth and should not have apologized. How can anyone respect the leader of our nation given all the lies, half-truths and socialist diatribe that he spews on a continuous basis?

    23. Joan, Connecticut says:

      I'm over 70 and this man is the most frightening office holder that I can remember. What happened to 'states' rights'? What about the 53% of the people that are against his costly and destructive plans? His speeches are contradictory from one to another and frequently contradictory of our constitution. And the dems refusal to recognize tort reform is shocking.

    24. Bobbie Jay says:

      Which obama do I believe?…the one that doesn't open his mouth!

    25. Suzanne,Bethlehem,Pa says:

      I am 65 and a Republican my whole life. I think we were so harmed by Bush-Cheney, that we as a party, are acting silly. We can not let the Republican party be controlled by Glenn Beck, Rush and Sarah. Our problems are serious and started many years ago. Barack Obama is our President. We need strong leaders in the Republican Party. Lets rebuild together.

    26. Richard, TX says:

      I think Joe Wilson was accurate when he called Obama a liar. All you have to do is listen to his speches on health care and see how they differ speech to speech. Obama is a pure politician, facts mean nothing to him. Just say what your audience wants to hear and no one will ask you the "hard" questions.

    27. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Dear Suzanne,

      It has only been 8 months since Obama took office. It is not surprising there is no Republican or Conservative front-runner yet. This is always the way it is after an election for the opposition party.

      Do you really think 2 radio talk show hosts and Palin are controlling events? They can't do anything without the American people. All 3 do bring out points that the liberal leftest press will not. Where is everyone on ACORN? Where is the coverage on how we are spending our way into oblivion?

      We have strong leaders and more of them will surface. Look at what we have in place right now.

      I would put any combination of Huckaby, Guilianni, Gingrich, in the top two positions and you would immediately have better executive and legislative experience as well as a realistic understanding of how the world works.

      Since that will not happen, how are we supposed to build together when you have the most radical president and administration with a democrat (radically controlled Congress) in the history of this country?

      We can't "build together" if the party in power does not allow it and so far they have shut Republicans/Conservatives out.

    28. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Being a liar has never bothered Mr. O. It's just being called a liar that bothers him.

      Now Joe wilson knows what the kid who said "but the King isn't wearing any clothes" must have felt like.

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