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  • Video: Obama's White House Doesn't Know What Competition Looks Like

    Or, worse, they know what it is, but just don’t want it. From HotAir.com:

    Why go through the expense and bureaucracy of creating a government-run insurance plan when all that needs to be done for Alabama and North Dakota is to allow insurance companies from other states to compete? Because, as Axelrod fumbles through explaining, the administration isn’t interested in competition at all, but in dictating terms to insurers, providers, and consumers.

    Allowing insurance companies to compete on a national level would help eliminate the insurance monopolies that dominate certain states. Wolf Blitzer knows it. David Axelrod knows it, too. Watch:

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    14 Responses to Video: Obama's White House Doesn't Know What Competition Looks Like

    1. Roger D says:

      *More Freedom = less government*

      more government = Less Freedom

      I wonder if the free people of America that choose not to have health insurance realize that they will be forced by their government to purchase a plan or pay a fine.

      The people who could buy a hospital or two will be required to have a policy.

      But not the congress or senate.

    2. Alex, Coral Springs, says:

      He doesn't want competition because that'll take power away from him and his corrupt cronies. That's not a hard one to figure out. This guy is a liar "PERIOD".

    3. Dr. J. Gibson, Guymo says:

      Hello Americans,

      What a revealing interview,can't you read between the lines and the under tow. Its all about control from the Federal Government side and the present administration. Its complete control of the health program to the individual person and family health care. Its just another loss of our personal freedoms heading toward total socialism for America. God Help America!!!!! Dr. JGG

    4. Sam, Va. says:

      I guess that the W.H. people don't think that their plan would disrupt anything?

    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The only difference between Obama and Axelrod is the teleprompter that Axelrod is NOT using. It plain to see from whom Obama get some of his socialist ideas.

    6. Ben Franklin, IN says:

      WOLF BLITZER is saying increase the competition!!?? WOW!!

    7. RME KRNL in VA says:

      Hey, "Wolfie" Blitzer comes through sometimes. Not all the time but sometimes.

      Axelrod still reminds me for some reason of a door-to-door salesman of some kind – Electrolux Vacuums, Fuller Brushes?

      But then, Obama mouthpiece Robert Gibbs reminds me of a spoiled, rich kid frat boy, too. So, sue me.

    8. Tim Boley, Lancaster says:

      Maybe they should get Axelrod a teleprompter too. He's seems to be confused and got off the Obama message.

      This should make it clear to all that Obama's real goal isn't decreasing cost of health care as much as it is increasing federal power and advancing his own socialist agenda.

    9. TJS, Leesburg, FL says:

      Bulldoze Washington DC.

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama's idea of competition is that if he is selling Ice Cream, He is the only one selling Ice Cream.


    11. Louis Levy says:

      Wake just Up to a possible proletariat' dictature.

      And wake Up to the existence of a stellar Al-Qaida as well.

    12. Bruno, South Carolin says:

      Blitzer is just towing the CNN liberal party line. Obama's dream is that there be no competition with any government run insurance program. His goal is total socialism. Axelroad is helping to achieve it.

    13. janet lafayette,la says:

      what an idiot! pretty scary that axelrod is the best that obama and his comrades have got to put in front of the camera to "sell" their health care take over-oh wait gibbs is the best that they can do.

    14. Rich, Kingwood, TX says:

      Hey, RME, KRNL!

      Thank you for your input, and I agree! But,

      please do not demean Electrolux or Fuller brush. Axelrod has no truth, neither does the devil (John 8:44). Devil = d'evil (of evil). (I would gladly say this to my mother [May God rest her soul.] at the dinner table.)

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