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  • Obama Taps Ex-Trial Lawyer Lobbyist To Lead Tort Reform

    Great catch by The Weekly Standard‘s Stephen F. Hayes:

    There are credible estimates that serious tort reform could save the country between $100 and $200 billion annually in wasteful spending, as doctors practice defensive medicine to preempt lawsuits. … Now Obama says he’s going to study the issue. “I am directing my Secretary of Health and Human Services to move forward on this initiative today,” he said.

    That would be Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, whose resume includes eight years as director of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association.

    So Obama has chosen a former industry lobbyist to run tort reform.

    Why are people cynical about health care reform?

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    26 Responses to Obama Taps Ex-Trial Lawyer Lobbyist To Lead Tort Reform

    1. Tom in Houston says:

      Please, someone educate this dummy. I did just think he was a Marxist, but now with the last two appointments he has to be just dumb or out to destroy our system of government. Somewhere in all these changes that he promised there must be a misstep that he could be hung for. Please, you good lawyers(of which there must be many) find the hole.

    2. Tom in Houston says:

      There is change but not what I would like to see. Can anyone find a hole in all these changes that could be used as a tool to use against adminstration..

    3. Bill, San Antonio TX says:

      I have grave concern that all this stuff may pale in comparison to the dangers on the world stage.

      Keep an eye on Israel and the "deadline" between POTUS and Iran in September. Israel's very existance is at stake like never before. This is very dangerous for us and the world.

      Meanwhile, at least we know where our priorities are with these appointments and solutions. This is utterly insane.

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    6. Lebo, florida says:

      God, will someone please just wake me up and tell me the last 8 months were a dream vice a living nightmare.

      Wow, a trial lawyer to look at Tort Reform. That's as bad as having any lawyer teaching ethics classes.

      It just doesn't get any better than this. Just shoot me.


    7. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Is anyone surprised that Obama would allow the

      fox to enter the hen house. What a JOKE. Does, anyone think that Sebelius, a lawer, former lobbist, and head of a state's Trial Lawers Association, will do what it takes to take away trial lawers bread and butter. After only 8 months, we all should see what a disgrace

      to this country, this Marxist is and how he intends to distroy our American way of life.

    8. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      Scene at farmer Obama's hen house: "… let's see here, Mr. Wil E. Coyote, your resume says you have extensive experience in hen houses … you look like you've got the experience to run security … congratulations, you've got the job! …"

    9. Dr.duck, Clarkston, says:

      He has put a hen in the fox house. But are you surprised?

    10. Tom, New Jersey says:

      What a great president. He has the Health and Human Services secretary at his disposal to analyze tort reform. She can do two things at the same time. More bang for your buck? No. This is just another sugar coated attempt to use words and ineffective actions to make it look like he cares about tort reform, but in reality, this president just continues to operate with smoke and mirrors and use people that do not have the best interest of this country in mind. After all, destruction is change.

    11. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Sounds like the inmates are running the asylum again, doesn't it?


    12. tony hawaii says:

      very one this man apoints is sort of a poceket person for the adminstration.I saw the movie major league the other nite,and was wondering if Bob Ucher,and Joe biden are brothers,they sure look alike and both are joke.

    13. carolyn kirkland war says:

      He said on the campaign "In 5 days we are going to transform America" Hummmmmm were only those who subscribe to Heritage hearing those words????God Bless America and God save us from this administration.

    14. Russ M. Winchester, says:

      I had doubts long before the election.. Now it appears that we have an incompetent as a leader..Maybe he should take more time for introspect..Too many speeches..Maybe should stay in Oval and watch over the flunkies he has as advisors. Or does he not know what he thinks he knows?

    15. Russ M. Winchester, says:

      In my view its the truth I've been around long enough to speak my mind.

    16. Bruno, South Carolin says:

      An ex-trial lawyer leading Tort Reform? What a joke. God help us all!

    17. Claude Cornell says:

      Well, Obama didn't lie. He only said he would bring about change. He didn't say what kind of change. It was the gullible voters who didn't care to ask about what kind of change. When will they ever learn.

    18. Ernest R. Clark Shaw says:

      Kathleen Sebelius to lead Tort Reform? Has to be a misprint! A lawyer who was a lobbist for the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association for 8 years! This president is not serious about Health Care Reform that is good for the Taxpayer who will be paying for all these Marxist and Socialistic ideas! Obama says it right! This is just a means to his ends and that is to control every aspect of the working/taxpayers lives!

      Tort Reform could be accomplished with a 20 page bill without a Federal Agency. Medicare and Medicaid Fraud could be eliminated without a Federal Agency(do we know who is filing false claims to the tune of $ 80-120Billion dollars a year-Who are they? prosecute these individuals and send them to jail with restitution payments), Health Insurance Companies could be regulated without a Federal Agency. Here is the bottom line from the American People. We do not want another Federal Agency! Big Government needs to stop! This is the season to stop big government from expanding and taking more and more freedoms from the american people. NOT ANOTHER FEDERAL AGENCY! THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE!

    19. KBWong, Denver says:

      I think it's great the President has put a lobbyist in on this. If it doesn't happen now, we'll know exactly who to put the finger on…everyone has been too afraid to take on the powerful lawyers' lobbies — EVERYONE. Conservatives, liberals, Right, Left, Dems, Reps. They've all hoped that someone else will do it while it's not their watch, yet are all too willing to point the accusatory finger hoping no one will notice that they've been just as craven as everyone else.

      Bring the schmucks into the light where they can't get away with robbing the poor, the middle class, and sometimes even the rich.

    20. Jerry from Chicago says:

      He's going to study the issue? Are you kidding? This is the guy who doesn't read legislation before he signs it into law.

      The only thing Mr. O bothers to read anymore is his teleprompter.

    21. Doug, Lakeland, Fl. says:

      This administration and Congress scares me! Very few people are standing up to what is happening. Too many of this new generation don't understand or care about how our country's values, our hard won freedoms are being destroyed as our Constitution is being ignored. Too many people today receive their news from the comedians, or the sound bytes, or choose not to hear any at all. Hannity's street interviews proove this point only too well. Kruschev once said we will destroy ourselves from within. It is time we stand up to these polititions that are tearing the fabric of our country apart. Our voices will be heard!

    22. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We must have political Reform If we are going to preserve the union, so our fathers did not die in vain, we must eliminate the career politician. We MUST set term limits at one, reduce pay to one dollar per year, and all benefits to that one term. After your term is over, you are just like the rest of us, But First, we must impeach. If an incumbent is re-elected in this country one more time, we are finished as a free society

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    25. Tom Huntsville,Texas says:

      Yes,Obama is as bad as he seems.He really does seek to destroy American liberty and freedom.America has made a very bad mistake in electing this traitor.

      The best place to start other than admitting Americans make a big mistake in voting for Obama is to,clean out congress and senate of all liberals at the next election of the House and Senate.

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