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  • Morning Bell: The President Learned Nothing From August

    “There remain some significant details to iron out.” Thus spoke the President of the United States last night, in an address in which, with a straight face, he told an awaiting nation that he was finally delivering not lofty rhetoric, but his grand plan on health care.

    On that score President Obama was right. It may have been, however, a bit of an understatement. Absent, of course, was how exactly all the savings he confidently predicted would materialize, how exactly the government would prevent employers from dumping all their employees into a government plan and how czars and boards would operate without bureaucrats coming between Americans and their doctors. Ah, details, details.

    In fact, while he kept referring to “our plan” he never explained whose plan he meant. One of the two House plans? The one Senate plan that exists or the Finance one that’s under construction? What’s he actually for? What’s the President against?

    To the question that all of America wanted an answer, to wit, is the President abandoning his stubborn attachment to a public plan, the President had no clear response.  Or maybe he did. He appeared to draw a line on the sand at one point by saying, “I will not back down from the idea that, if Americans cannot find affordable coverage, we will provide you with a choice.” Maybe that was the clearest indication of the night that Barack Obama is still sticking to the public plan, to be introduced by whatever means. But a minute later he said he was open to other ideas!

    As for the rest on this subject in a 45-minute speech, his 29th devoted to health care in nine months in office, Mr. Obama ducked behind the English language—or, more charitable observers would say, used it to its fullest extent. There was his promise, for example that “nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have.” [italics added] This is a change, even an improvement on past exertions.

    Previously, the President had insisted that nobody would be forced to abandon the insurance plan they have. Last night he said nobody will be required. See the change? Of course, all he seems to mean is that the government won’t require you – he said nothing about what the consequences of the plan may prod your employer to do.

    To critics, including analysts at The Heritage Foundation, who charge that many employers would gladly dump all their employees into his proposed exchange, leaving millions of American with no real choice but the public plan, President Obama mysteriously said that the government plan “would only be available to those who don’t have insurance.” But the congressional plans are open to smaller firms with insured workers. So what proposal is he referring to?

    One could praise the President for showing moxie, as when he evoked America’s “self-reliance, our rugged individualism and our fierce defense of freedom” as he tried, yet again, to sell sweeping controls over one sixth of our economy. Less of a surprise was the decision to close the speech with an ode to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. Just about everyone was waiting for the Camelot Moment.

    And the President did stump for civility. Yes, the man who weeks ago told his opponents “I don’t want the folks who created the mess doing a lot of talking. I want them to just get out of the way,” said with hope in his eyes “I still believe we can replace acrimony with civility.”

    He also threw Republicans a bone, or at least hoped that the nation would see it that way. He offered to look at a proposal near and dear to conservatives’ heart—tort reform. That is, reforming the legal system so that bad people will not game the medical malpractice system. Or, rather, Mr. Obama offered to send the proposal to the states and let them experiment with a few demonstrations of ideas — approved by his Health Secretary, of course.

    But why not get serious with state experiment, not just for tort reform but for a range of reforms? In fact, that has been proposed in true bipartisan legislation the President seems to have overlooked. The 50 states are the proper laboratories to try out different proposals. But the states need Washington to give them the power to do so.

    What we did not see, alas, was a willingness to start over and set aside those issues where the American people can’t agree – most importantly the public plan, the individual and employer mandates, a maze of new federal regulations that pre-empt existing laws, and a massive Medicaid expansion. There are ideas that really do have broad support. The key ones:

    • Empower the states to explore ways of achieving the goals of affordable and accessible coverage for their citizens. Bi-partisan proposals to do this have been introduced in both the House and Senate. As welfare reform showed us, states are laboratories for change and can learn what works and what doesn’t.
    • Extend tax relief for those who need help. Offering tax credit to middle class families in need by reforming the way the tax code treats health insurance. And instead of expanding Medicaid, providing lower-income families will assistance offset by other spending.

    At the very least, Mr. Obama and the Democrats should stop trying to ignore reality; they should stop pretending that August didn’t happen, that there hasn’t been a national revolt against a government takeover of health care. They keep telling themselves—and thus keep hearing—that the Town Hall meetings of summer were concocted by FOX News and abetted by the Internet. Reality may need to set in before we can get real reform.

    Quick Hits:

    • Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), who shouted “You lie” when President Obama said his plan would not provide benefits to illegal immigrants, later apologized for his breach of decorum: “I let my emotions get the best of me. While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.”
    • The Senate Finance Committee’s bipartisan “Gang of Six” failed to come up with a deal before President Obama’s health care speech Wednesday, and the group’s chairman said he will move forward with a formal legislative draft whether he has Republican support or not.
    • According to Gallup, health care trails the economy as Americans “most important problem” (29% – 26%) with unemployment not far behind at 15%.
    • Also according to Gallup, a record-low 45% of Americans say they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the legislative branch of government.
    • A majority of Supreme Court justices expressed skepticism at the government’s right to prohibit corporate communications related to elections during a rare re-hearing of a case challenging the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, yesterday.
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    96 Responses to Morning Bell: The President Learned Nothing From August

    1. Bob, Frisco Tx says:

      As it has been from the very beginning this Health care fiasco is more about control than about health care. The left wants to control as much of the private sector as possible to be able to control your votes. Their main objective is power. They want to transform our government to a Marxist/Communist type of government. We cannot let this happen. I hope the people of this country come to realize this and continue to rebel against this radical left regime we have in office now.

    2. M Stone - Denver, CO says:

      The President has finally "Jumped the Shark."

      Following 23 previous speeches on health care reform, why did the Prez think this one would produce different results? It also seems from the ratings that mostly Democrats watched anyway, so He is starting to limit his audience. Middle-ground voters were watching baseball.

      For more on the President's entry into the world of television re-runs, you can view:

      It is interesting that Obama Jumped the Shark so early in his Presidency though. Unless He changes positions, fewer and fewer folks will even listen to Him.

    3. Marcel, Maine says:

      He scolded the American people for disagreeing with him. His arrogance is overwhelming, and his dancing around the issues is becoming commical!

    4. Brad Raffensperger, says:

      "I do not believe it wise to make major changes with minor majorities"….Thomas Jefferson

    5. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I started a GDoc Open File

      for HCare Questions and comments

      Take a Look


    6. Connie, San Antonio, says:

      Here is what amazes me as I read the aftermath of the President's speech. While I know that his speech "called to arms" many people we must remember they are just words. Words that he may or may not let come to pass as we have seen over the last 8 months. What has he said and what has he done….TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!

    7. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      His using the term "reform" over and over again has me asking, WHAT REFORM? Health care in America is NOT broken! It's the nature of demagogues to push such FEAR as a power grabbing tactic. Improved access to care maybe, but that subject belongs with the individual states, not the federal government. I do agree with Obama about the need for reform. Except it needs to be internal beginning with his office and congress.

    8. Tony says:

      "Previously, the President had insisted that nobody would be forced to abandon the insurance plan they have. Last night he said nobody will be required. See the change? Of course, all he seems to mean is that the government won’t require you – he said nothing about what the consequences of the plan may prod your employer to do."

      But the thing is that, at least with respect to HR3200, even that isn't true. HR3200 would make all plans not meeting criteria to be established for the government health plan exchange illegal. It is not expected that any existing plans will qualify, because he's clear on his intent that preexisting conditions be covered, and that lifetime caps be eliminated and out-of-pocket caps be reduced. ALL private plans have lifetime caps and at least some restrictions on pre-existing conditions.

      The bottom line is that if HR3200 were signed into law today, if you have health insurance right now your health plan WILL BE ILLEGAL. While there are grandfather clauses, they have time limits. So your health plan may not be illegal the day after the exchange goes into effect, but it will be a year after that. And some of the very best plans out there, those that combine catastrophic coverage with HSAs, are explicitly exempted from the grandfather clause, IE they will be eliminated immediately.

    9. Maureen, Ocean NJ says:

      My Hero from last night is Rep Wilson. The hell with protocol we are in a fight for real liberty in this country and this Representative is mad as hell. Rightfully so, where else can someone in office tell the truth outright today. The news organizations won't cover them. This bill will force doctors to ignore their conscience. So what does that do for our doctor pool? Not one commentator or any political pundits will touch this subject. Eventually Catholic Hospitals and institutions will be shut down because they will not be able to afford fighting the litigious left. Many of these hospitals treat the indigent, but the left hates everything the Church supports. I always said a Country that destroys its own will disintegrate in to oblivion. Question is how long before it does?

    10. Kim Akron,Ohio says:

      President Obama has to the most out of touch President in American history with what is happening in America. President Obama is also the one of the greatest con-men ever.

    11. GringoBob in La Tigr says:

      Obamacare – the hidden agenda, as usual …

      If we get Obamacare, you can bet it will soon turn into universal government run healthcare which is the "real agenda" as has been openly and publically declared by BarackO for several years – and here is the reason why he desprately wants it -

      The largest single employer in the world is the Red Army with about 10 million employees – second is India's Railway System with about 1.6 million and third is the United Kindom healthcare system with about 1.3 million folks – nationalized Obamacare would employ about 6.5 million folks which replaces India's Railway System as second largest employer on the planet -

      The Obama touch will then require all these folks to become union members of SEIU and we end up with 6.5 million loyal voters for Obama, 6.5 million new members for his friends at SEIU, 6.5 million liabilities for the taxpayers and countless $ Trillions of dollars in new debt for America – the irony of course is that this radical operation in the shadows will be paid for with taxpayer money which will pay those 6.5 million new union members paying their dues with our money whether we like it or not – something fishy here ?

      GringoBob in the republic of Costa Rica – remember those days ?

      Glenn Beck – Fox news channel – Monday thru Friday – 5:00 pm EST

      here is our Voting matrix = http://Group912.org

      help stop the EPA = http://StopEPA.com

    12. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      There is a credibility issue here.

      The polls do not "lie". Even the most ardent media news supporters (which is most of it)have no choice but to report that support and trust for the leftist vision and version of government health care has slipped dramatically. Indeed, POTUS confidence, continues to drop in most polls. Why is this?

      Most reasonable Americans would agree that we need to lower costs and REFORM health care. No dispute there.

      The simple fact is, although all Democrats inherently want to support the POTUS, many of them cannot because they realize how vastly unpopular the leftist plan is with the American people. This is what happens when a relatively small group of extremists control the Democratic Party and the Congress. Although the POTUS brushed aside events of the month of August, reasonable thinking people know what the ultimate goal is – and, it is not something Americans support.

      The leftists cannot continue to say the Republicans offer no "plan" or solutions, while blocking their participation in the formulation of legislation. The fact is, they want to implement government controls that will ultimately control everything. POTUS calls on ideas from the other side but has not met with them in 4 months. I noticed many opponents waiving papers with – ideas?

      Most people noticed that the magic health care number is now 30 million vice 47 million. The question many of us are concerned with is what is going to happen with immigration reform? We already stripped E-Verify. We are not enforcing current immigration laws. So, will there be another amnesty, thus adding 12-17 million to the 30 million in the long run? In 20 years another amnesty? At what point do we face reality and control and protect our borders? If we cannot or will not keep illegal immigrants out then how do we keep terrorist out?

      It is a matter of trust not idealogy.

      There has been no transparency as promised. There has been no reaching across the isle by our Speaker. Everything has to be done RIGHT NOW but Americans now see through the "Real" scare tactics.

      And, we will now be "called out"? What is that? I would like to see some leadership.

      POTUS should be condemning and "calling out" the corrupt ACORN organization; instead, they continue to get untold millions of taxpayer dollars.

      Why is there not an immediate investigation into the ongoing fraud that amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars? Could it be that it would expose countless members of past and present government officals (from both parties) who are up to their neck in it, in some way?

      I want to believe and support the POTUS – I sincerely do. But, action and, inaction, speak volumes.

      I was hoping for true reconciliation; instead, the attacks on Bush, lightly chastising the left while smacking the right?

      Please Mr. President, we know you are a pickle. There are a lot of groups who helped get you elected that need to be appeased. We know how politics works. But, we need Leadership and just maybe you should stand up to your base, will you?

      Americans should not be "called out" for expressing their views. We are, afterall, still free.

    13. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      A lie is a lie is a lie.

      Maybe you shouldn't yell at the President of the United States, but the President of the United States shouldn't summon Congress for a statement, then stand flat-footed and wee-wee on our shoes and tell us that it's raining.

      The breach of decorum was inappropriate. On both sides.

    14. Roxanne, Colorado says:

      It was bla,bla,bla as usual. He thinks we are so stupid we can't see through him and his lies.

    15. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      A correction to my article in the second paragraph from the bottom.

      I, in no way,. meant to call the POTUS a pickle. The phrasing should have been "in a pickle".

      My apologies for my carpel tunnel ridden fingers.

    16. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      There were many of us at home who were thinking the same thing that escaped the lips of Joe Wilson. This President seems to have no trouble saying one thing and doing another ten minutes later. He speaks with forked tongue.

    17. Lowell E. McCoy says:

      The real issue is not health care reform. Out health care is excellent. The needed reform is in how it is administered. The only way to make the right corrections is for the government to get completely out of the picture. There is no place for negotiations between the parties, because the government should not be in it in any way. There is no way for government intervention to save money nor be fair or objective, in spite of the most concientious intentions. Period! There is no way for the government to know the facts in each citizen's situation or needs, so there is no rule nor law that can take care of anything. Most of the Republicans don't seem to be able to understand that, but it is simple. The government must get out of the whole discussion altogether, because it is impossible for either party or both put together to resolve the situation. We must return to the freedom the Constituion affords us. This is he only possible answer.

    18. Wholley Roller, NJ says:

      President Obama stated that the new public health care plan would be partially funded by the savings that could be derived from the elimination of waste, fraud, abuse, duplication and inefficiency of Medicare. It would seem to me that the government should clean up this before expanding government run health care to other citizens.

    19. William H. Freeman, says:

      Once again we see the Obama crowd not defending or Freedoms and Liberties but trying to replace them with things.

      This guy is an empty suit and what you are witnessing is what he did here in his term as the Chicago senator working in D.C., He is simply present!

      There is no substance with this guy only a slight of hand and please I don't care for him or his political views. He is trying very hard to destroy the future of my children and granchildren and it isn't right.

      Havinge taken and oath to defend the Constitution this guy is pushing the limits. Liberal yes but an America I some how doubt that he is.

    20. Jeremy Ball 1390 Nor says:

      Obama and his followers spend 90% of their time and effort in

      trying to satisfy the demands of the various groups on which they focus. This is a difficult approach as help to one group

      could mean a loss to another. There are just too many groups to

      juggle and keep them all happy.

      The president should look at the country as one huge mass of

      people who want to produce, educate, participate in programs

      that benefit the entire nation. He should lead and inspire.

      It would be beneficial to everyone and he would feel like smiling instead of grimacing over things that are not working.

      Would like to hear the president express some love for this

      country and his willingness to defend it.

    21. Gail, Alabama says:

      I do not care what the President said, I don't trust him. I want the government to stay out of health care COMPLETELY! I just want them to allow health insurance to be like any other insurance; release restrictions between states and cap lawsuit amounts. Then the insurance companies can compete and everyone's payments will go down and more folks can get insurance for themselves and their families. Then the people that are left (legal citizens) can file with the government for healthcare stamps (why not, they get food stamps). I know taxpayers would still be paying for it, but certainly it would be a lot cheaper than us paying for everyone.

    22. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Rep. Joe Wilson may have shown a lack of Congressional etiquette when he blurted out: "You lie!" The reality is that it was the ONLY true statement voiced all evening.

      Obama has only one thing going for him, namely, his ability to spew forth untrue rhetoric! He is the best con man of his generation.

      We need a man who is a true adherent to the Constitution, as President. We do not need an anti-Constitutional Flim-flam man!

      He needs to open those ears of his and listen to the majority of Americans who have said that they don't want the Government in Health Care. There are a host of other ways to improve the system without letting the Government taking over. They are no better than, "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot. Straight".

    23. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      President Obama once again showed that he is completely ignoring his duties as the Chief Protector of the Constitution. By appointing czars for everything, he is setting up a path to circumvent gong to Congress for everything. The "laughable" thing here is the very people that are standing behind the President (Pelosi and her cronies) are the people who the czars are effectively stepping over! Of course, some of them have woken up and realized this and now are starting to question the czar's powers – a little late for that, boys and girls. We warned you about that months ago.

      President Obama just wants August 2009 to disappear because he lost the entire element of surprise and that put egg on his face. He is not accustomed to answer for anything and this is apparent with his speeches of late. We are getting to him and his Administration but we have to keep it up. We have to let him know whenever he starts stepping on the Constitution, people. We still have 3 years, 3 months of this to deal with!

    24. Trece De Lemos, NYC, says:

      At yesterday's prime-time speech, President Obama made the case that it is "morally wrong" when thousands of Americans die every year due to lack of medical coverage, and that's the reason why Government should fix this "morally wrong" situation.

      Since when is the Government's role to solve "moral" problems? That's the purpose of churches, charities and other civil organizations. Government's role is to enforce the law. And while "property" is a Constitutional right, "universal health care" is nowhere mentioned by the Constitution.

      Besides, it is equally wrong for the Federal Government to steal taxpayers' money in order to buy votes of certain sectors of society.

      Is it "morally wrong" when people die because of lack of health care? YES.

      Is it "morally wrong" to loot taxpayers? YES.

      Should Government address "moral principles"? NO.

    25. Wayne Fowler, Albuqu says:

      You say: "but the states need the congress to give them the power to do so" meaning to set up their own medical insurance plans. Whatever happened to states rights? By my read of the constitution, the states already have the right to do whatever they want. They just need to assert their rights and tell the federal government to take a hike.

    26. RG St Simons Is says:

      The POTUS obfuscated the picture with clever language. He repeatedly said that those without health insurance were a drain on those with it. Not everyone without health insurance is a dead beat. Many pay cash[and get a discount] or work out a payment plan with the health care provider. Again with the haves vs the have-nots.

      Cheers to Joe Wilson. made it sound like the House of Commons.

      RedState says that his opponant raised $11,000 in the hour after the outburst. I'm going to Joe's campaign site and donate. I'm sure he'd appreciate your help, too.

    27. Jim says:







    28. William Cole - Texas says:

      Liberals and Conservatives are complicit in their veiled attempt to take over many of our freedoms, health care being one of many in their sights. Many commoners are to busy "Gagging on the gnat and swallowing the camel" to see what lies in wait. It is a shame that organizations such as Heritage and others of influence are trying to convince people that state managed health care systems would be any better than the Federal system proposed.

    29. Jane, Rumson, NJ says:

      I agree with Bob from TX! We need not just object to this convoluted healthcare "reform" but ask why is Obama pushing so hard for a unpopular policy that has failed here and all over the world? In the midst of a catastrophic financial crisis, two wars, 10 percent unemployment and everything else going on – why did Obama decide healthcare reform needed addressing right away – in the cover of darkness and without the support of the American people? TO STEAL CONTROL OF THIS COUNTRY FOR THE "PROGRESSIVES" WHILE HE HAS A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY! This is the real nightmare and the useful fools and lifelong loads on Capital Hill are going along with his ruse. Our Congress has lost its power and the unvetted, unconfirmed Czars from the belly of the beast are really running the show. We are in deep doo doo. Just look at Europe. Public everything has destroyed their cultures.

    30. James Frazee, Arkans says:

      An Open Letter to the President

      I listened to your speech. Wednesday night you had a golden opportunity to hit a “home run” for America by providing definition and specifics for a Health Care Reform plan that would expand coverage, control cost and provide a path that would improve health care for all Americans. Instead you hit a “FOWL BALL” straight into the FAR LEFT bleachers.

      For the most part you simplely shoveled tired old rhetoric that we’ve heard from you for months. I’d give you a “B-“ for delivery, you seemed as board with the speech as Michelle did in the gallery (who seemed to be thinking “do I really have to sit through this”), probably one of the poorest presentations I’ve seen you give. For contend I’d give you a “D-“, since you just said the same old things (except for illegal immigrants not getting coverage under the plan which I’m sure did not sit well with your Liberal Left in the Chamber) with not much new and NO definition or specifics just broad generalities that don’t add up.

      For instance:

      - You stated that probably only 5% of Americans would sign up for the “Public Option”. Also it will be administered by a not for profit Government bureaucracy funded out of premiums (is that similar to the Post Office?). That’s about half of the “un-insured” American citizens by your numbers. Have you done the math? Unless you charge horrendous premiums and co-pays after paying the Bureaucracy there won’t be any money for health care for those folks. Perhaps you can put your 32 or is it 33 CZARS and Michelle's 23 staff members to work calculating that, but jointly they may not have the mental acuity to handle that.

      - You propose paying for your health care plan out of savings from Medicare and Medicaid by eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. If you can achieve any savings then why haven’t you already started, you don’t need legislation to do that.

      - You must have said “AFFORDABLE INSURANCE” 60 times. What do you consider affordable insurance? What kind of premium and co-pays are you thinking of? Good medical treatment is not cheap; beside the cost of delivery, there is a tremendous investment in research and technology in America to achieve the BEST HEALTH CARE system in the world. Are you suggesting we abandon those achievements that have lengthened our life span and greatly reduced pain and suffering to come to your “affordable insurance” dollar figure? Just what is that “affordable” dollar figure?

      - You made minor mention of medical liability (one of the BIGGEST COST DRIVERS in the industry due to insurance premiums for all medical providers and personnel, legal fees, disproportionately large court awards [where the med-mal lawyer gets the lions share], frivolous lawsuits, etc) with some reference to test cases in some low populace states. Anyone serious about cost reduction and containment should start here.

      - You talked about insurance competition but didn’t mention allowing insurance companies to sell policies nationwide, as auto insurance companies can in your misplaced example. Keep in mind that you were referring to auto liability insurance which is primarily to protect others that one might do harm to with their vehicle. Collision and property damage auto insurance is optional.

      - You stated that Health Care Reform is the only road to address the National Debt. I’m sorry Mr President that you think the American people are so stupid that you can sit there in Washington DC and spend money like it’s water with no return for America and then think that Americans will buy that the Deficit is all Health Care’s fault. B.S. Or that Health Care Reform will solve the National Debt problem when you and your Liberals are throwing our money in every direction except the right one. B.S.

      - You mentioned pre-existing conditions preventing the purchase of insurance. If one has insurance prior to the discovery of a threatening medical condition then they should not be denied due to that condition since they were paying premiums. But if one fails to have insurance, takes the risk and then discovers that they have an illness and try to buy insurance, that’s like trying to buy homeowners insurance after you house has burned down. I’m sorry but people have to take responsibility and be held accountable for their decision and actions.

      Mr President you keep saying that “if anyone has a better idea your door is open”. Well I have one but they won’t let me in the White House to walk through your door, that’s always open. More importantly, a group of Congressman (who happen to be doctors as well) has one but you are ignoring it (probably because it doesn’t have a “Public Option” or Government Control) and it will come closer to working than your plan.

      You keep harping that the Republican Party is the Party of NO; well the Democratic Party and you have repeatedly demonstrated the attitude “it’s my way or the highway”.

      There are plenty of avenues for solutions to stated issues:

      - Un-insured;

      - Pre-existing conditions;

      - Insurance loss with job loss;

      - Cost control

      through the Private Sector Health Care Industry coupled with appropriately drafted legislation that have not even been listened to by the Liberal Left in Congress or YOU.

      So in this Citizen’s opinion your Health Care Plan that you eluded to Wednesday night is D.O.A.

    31. Clark Crumrine , Whe says:

      How is it that the Dems. and O-bama can call those who state the facts about the their policies Lairs, yet one Rep states you are lying and he is the vilian? When a lie is told long enough, uninformed will begin to believe it. The mainstreet media,Obama, and the Dems.do not know how to tell the truth. If they did tell the real truth every red-blooded American would be pushing on the band wagon to ride them out of Washington and their ivory towers in handcuffs.

      It's all about power, control and money. America must wake up before we are to far down the destructive path O-BAMA is steering us. The change that was promised is not the change that is being forced down our throats.

    32. Jim White Linton, In says:

      Rep. Joe Wilson "Thank You", it's about time there was a Republican leader with the guts to stand up and tell the truth. Not since the passing of Ronald Reagan has a Republican shown such passion for the people and our freedoms as well as the "in your face" integrity that is so lacking in Washington. The President made a false statement and that's a lie, in his words you "called him out" on it. Great apology also, you did the right thing on both issues.

    33. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      Gosh, from the looks of the Wilson 'middle school' behavior (my apologies to middle schoolers) and those who support bleating blather of criticisms with not substantive solutions to offer, it seems like a lot of us "learned nothing from August".

      At least Wilson had the good sense to apologize this morning ( or was forced to do so by the failing Repulsivcan leadership ) for his inept outburst. That's the most civil thing done by an extremist Right leaning politician since November.

      Thanks for the comedy routine!

    34. JM says:

      The presidency is way over this guys pay grade. He is the purveyor of the mis-information.


    35. Jane, Rumson, NJ says:

      Ozzy and I are in agreement re Czars have stolen power from Congress. Obama is making a mockery of the Constitution, the three-branch system and limits on his authority. I keep thinking Congress is going to get wise/scared and impeach him but they're too afraid of the race card. Any other-out-of-control lunatic trying to overthrow the government from within with the help of known terrorists, communists, anti-American college professors, convicted criminals, etc. couldn't get away with what Obama is pulling. Vote like crazy in 2010, put the GOP back in power and put the breaks on this sociopath. (Why IS his voice always changing?)

    36. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Did he say one thing about all of our townhall meetings with real concerns about government run health care? The answer is NO!Does he care what we think? NO! Do we want another take over of our private industry? NO! READ OUR LIPS, MR. PRESIDENT, NO GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE, WE WANT REAL REFORM, CHOICES, TORT REFORM, INSURANCE ACROSS STATE LINES, GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR WAY!

    37. John Pummell, Alexan says:

      I want to know one thing: Is Congress ready to adopt the health care plan they are urging the rest of us to embrace?

    38. Bill Lee says:

      Obama did his usual liberal socialist dance last nite: Tell the public what they want to hear.

      Then go ahead and do what you want.

      I agree with Senator Wilson,,Obama you lie!

    39. Karen Schultes, Colo says:

      I would like to know what train of thought Obama and his team used to arrive at the word 'bickering' to describe the heartfelt and, in some cases, gutwrenching opposition to his 'plan'. Did the townhalls of August mean nothing to this man?

    40. Charles LaBounty, Me says:

      As reported by HF, an amendment was introduced to HR3200 to specifically state "illegals" would not be covered. This amendment to HR3200 was voted down.

      So, Obama did lie or is ignorant – you decide.

      I'm sure there is a media outcry about the Rep from S.C. blurting out "you lie" on this very subject during last night's Obama's address to the joint session of Congress. That was in bad taste for sure, despite being accurate.

      Does anyone recall similar media outcry when Ted Kennedy called George W. an "liar" on the Senate floor in his "big hearted voice"?

    41. Marvin from ALABAMA says:

      Right On Maureen, And Why should Rep. Wilson have to apologize for telling the truth ? and to connect another comment, this "Con Man" is still covering up the truth about his eligibility to hold the office ! I know a Liar when I see and HEAR one, an I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING THE TRUTH ! OBAMA's time is coming, as well as the other gang henchmen, Pelosi, Reed and several others (they should all be tried for treason). I Do think that Obama has Read the constitution, but only to find a way around the rules. We are beginning to see the truth that the mainstream media has so desperately tried to cover up, and that Is Obamas ties to Home grown terrorist groups such as the weather underground, STORM, and several others, all with the intention of bringing down the current system of government.

      If We do nothing, We will have attended our LAST election !

    42. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Obama has lost 'it'. Not sure he ever had 'it'. The man is sick. He is angry, he hates America, he loves himself, he is arrogant and he is very incompetent. He should be institutionalized to a psychiatric hospital. One of his new health care units. He should be attended by one of his new health care physicians. Perhaps in time he would become a normal human, but that is almost too much to ask. It is very hard for evil people to ever find the decent main stream of life. Do I feel sorry for him, NO. He is doing his best to destroy the America I love. The sooner he is thwarted in all of his programs, the sooner America will return to a vibrant health situation.

    43. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Not much new in content or attitude with the Presidents speech. I suspect he will take whatever congress gives him and blame them for any unintended(or intended)consequences. Those on the left will hang on his support for a government plan, those on the right will argue that he just threw it out and those in the center see nothing good so far in what's out there other than increased premiums, lower quality and more government interference. As for Joe Wilson – His action was a breech of protocol. Did the President lie? Well, in the case of illegals, yes. H.R. 3200 specifically says “non citizens” are eligible. Of course the president was speaking of “his plan” which doesn’t exist. Is abortion covered? Well, under the current bills being considered yes and no. It’s not covered by “tax dollars” because of the Hyde Amendment but it is covered by the use of the premium dollars you will pay which is a way to get around the Hyde Amencment as I understand it. Are there death panels? No, but once the doctor and the patient identify the end of life issues and document it, that (according to a Pro-Life org lawyer who read 3200 which was discussed on EWTN’s World Over) becomes an order that stays with the patients record. Then another panel (forget the name) is tasked with comparing the patient/doctor treatments with the order to see if they are consistent. The doctors pay incentives are involved. So is that a death panel? Maybe, (especially considering Pres comments and the type of people he has appointed) when it comes to a government panel/bureaucrat deciding which care vs funds available will be allowed. President Obama, in my view, will take whatever the congress gives him, at this point, and blame the congress for any controversial consequences. I also think he really wants a singlepayer government run program because that will move us further into a secular progressive government, no matter what the constitution says.

    44. Richard Chaffee, Med says:

      His mind is made up do not cluter it with facts. Pray for the man to have a Demascus Road experience like Paul. He needs it. Truth, honisty and integrity to return to our government.

      PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!!

    45. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      In regards to the Obama

      Administration and his Czars, he has said to judge him by the people with which he surrounds himself.

      Learning the truth about them, and his past associations, I believe he was never taught the Proverb:"Show me your friends and I will tell you what you are".

      I guess they don't teach those things in Liberal/Progressive/Anti-American Schools! Or is he just plain stupid?

    46. Laura White, Bladens says:

      Well, it's always disheartening to read blog entries that start out as principled critiques, then become hater-rants. However, I want to observe that the healthcare system is a major economic issue that voters in both parties raised during the Presidential campaign, so both parties are right to attempt to deal with the rising costs in both public and private sector components of the healthcare system. We have a mixed system; the Dems and President Obama are trying to keep a mixed system. If the Repubs are willing to privatize all healthcare, then Congressmembers should give up their coverage and take Grandma AND Grandpa off Medicare, and shut down the Veteran's Administration. But, no, they're cowards and they'd get creamed in 2010 elections, so they'd rather obfuscate and dawdle. And they omit "taking credit" for the deficit contribution of the pharmaceutical industry payoff made under Bush; it was a political payoff, pure and simple–cost to the taxpayer. Meanwhile, the costs of both private and public sector continue to rise. When will the haters come to the table and act like they're part of the nation we all have a stake in? Sigh.

    47. candyrose ny says:

      Obama and His socialist party do not care for "THE HAVE NOT". They are only interested in the votes from the people they pretend to help and the money of the "HAVE" so they have for more power.

    48. Harry, Illinois says:

      As a fried of mine advocated many times, Liars figure, figures don't lie. Obama didn't lie, he said he would not sign a bill that added a single dime (change) to the deficit. He didn't say anything about billions of dollars.

    49. nita hollander new j says:

      The president is a 100% liar. Why more republicans, and even cowardly democrats, did not shout out along with Wilson, the TRUTH, is beyond me.! Apologizing may be politically correct, but Americans do not need political correctness; they need to hear and express the truth. We will merely suffer at the hands of this democratic party, lead by a "no one. It is his way, or the highway, so he sells out every american living in these great United States. For those who walk, and speak like Sheep; beware. You will without a doubt regret your weakness, and will be responsible for denying your children, grandchild, future generations, from what you have right now; what you take for granted. I do not want to lose what I have, what is without a doubt more than anyone in any other country has. I am a proud American individual who will fight as hard and as much as I can to never stoop to the level of mindless sheep.

      God Bess America; Keep us safe. Stand up, and speak the truth; destroy the lies, and stop the liars

    50. M. Lynn, Utah says:

      Once again, you need a proof reader. "And instead of expanding Medicaid, providing lower-income families will assistance offset by other spending."

    51. jim smith says:

      You won't believe what happened last night. Right in the middle of Standing Ovation number 247,

      my Pinochhiometer blew up. Later, in a dream, Nobama's nose teetered briefly and then fell off. Medical personnel on hand at the time measured the length of the fallen nose at 34.25 inches.

    52. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I sent him a suggestion I suggested a bill no more than 10 pages long that does tort reform and eliminated fraud in Medicare/ Medicaid and allows insurance to be sold nation wide. What are the chances he will do It? What are you suggesting?

    53. Erin, Texas says:

      As a nurse I can factly state that Obamacare will be a HUGE mistake. I can not present reasonable argument as to what changes specifically need to occur as each health care facility provides or handles patients and their insurance individually. Congressman Mike Rogers has read all 1100 pages of the current Bill and has been kind enough to share with the public, check it out. I commend Rep. Joe Wilson as I would have been just as blunt. I truly hope people who are aware the Gov. running medical insurance is just the beginning to dictatorship.

    54. Hank Van den Berg, L says:

      I am saddened by the tone and content of most of the reactions to Obama's speech shown here. Our country has a serious healthcare problem: every objective study on health outcomes in the U.S. We pay twice as much per person and get worse average outcomes, compared to all other developed countries. Yet, the so-called conservatives responding on this site prefer to just vent their dislike for Obama or defend some hack Congressman who can't keep his mouth shut during the President's speech.

      Worse yet, the tone of the discussion suggests conservatives have completely lost sight of the moral nature of healthcare issue. Healthcare is a life or death matter, which is why an explicit amendment prohibiting public money to be used to provide healthcare to an illegal immigrant is unconscionable. If an illegal immigrant ends up in an emergency room and his or her life is in danger, I would hope we will always have the common decency to provide the needed care. You do not seriously propose shutting the door and letting the person die on the front step, do you???? There are better ways of dealing with immigration than cruel clauses in healthcare legislation.

      Oh, if only life were as simple as some of you imagine.

      Grow up, folks. Our country has serious healthcare problems. We cannot just leave things as they are. Can we please have some serious discussion on how to join the civilized world and provide effective healthcare without bankrupting the country financially and morally!

    55. Bill Lee says:

      We need to use this attention that is on Excessive Governemnt to remove the government from Medicare and medicade. Let us put medicare and medicade under private insurance plans. Tax crdeits can be used to help pay for this insurance. Those who are too poor such as medicade could be supplemented by government. But the government should not "run" medicare or medicade. The government can set some reasonable standards only.

      Lets push to remove the government from as much of our life as possible.

      We also need to have a law that membership and chairmanship on congressional committees must be rotated between parties and individuals. Power corrupts and absolute Power absolutely corrupts!

      Any power positions not set down in the constitution should rotated so no one person or party gets too much power.

      Both Parties will resist this but we as Americans need to insist that the power be rotated around between Parties and individuals.

    56. Kathleen, Ohio says:

      To Maureen, Ocean NJ:

      Amen! My daughter came running into my room to see why I had just "waahoo'ed". It is about time conservatives had a representative that will stand up and point out the lies. As far as I'm concerned, he should have made it a chant throughout the speech. Do we as conservatives plan to march civily to our graves?

    57. Bill says:

      For Hank in Nebraska,

      Good points Hank. Now, please explain to us what we should do. If your solution is a vague generality like government health care, public health care option, trigger, government exchange, etc., then this country will be in the same shape as the Nebraska Football Program. Once it was great and now it is run of the mill.

      No offense and have a nice day my fellow American.

    58. Watash says:

      Obama should have started his speech with-"I come in peace and to prove it, I bring you this Wooden Horse." This will cost the country far more than trillions of dollars. Our freedom and system of government will vanish if this takeover is passed!

    59. Mike Sheahen, Hickoy says:

      Remember Slick Willie (Bill) Clinton's devious way of demonstrating daily his so-called "Progressive" government elitist and statist motto of "how can we fool 'em (the people) today?"…hmm?

      Well, evidently Obama's speech, and way of doing things, including playing semantics with words, both last night and always, is "how can we fool 'em (the people) today?" on steroids!

    60. Ken in Santa Barbara says:

      John P from Virginia.

      Good question.It was a bright spot in this fomenting e-rag.

    61. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      It is probably to late for tar, feathers and a rail ride out of town, but the picture of it is nice! Obama cannot open his mouth, or move his lips, without lying! Noah's flood could be happening right at this moment and Obama would tell us all that the Sun was shining! What a waste of good air.


    62. JB, Illinois says:

      Joe Wilson should not have shouted at the President of the United States. He should have thrown his shoe. Think about it: He'd be a hero!

    63. Jane, Irvine Califor says:

      This corrupt administration is full of liars, crooks and thieves. I agree with Rep. Joe Wilson's remark and wish more conservatives would take on Obama, revealing what he really is…an out-of-touch, arrogant statist. The American people deserve better!

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    66. Kathleen, Ohio says:

      to Hank in NE: First let me say that, as a health care provider, no one is left without life sustaining/stabilizing health care – you just need to present yourself to an emergency room.

      With regard to last night's speech,I don't particularly care to be lectured on morality posthumously by a man who let a woman drown in his car, nor by a man who advocated for cost cutting in Illinois (my original home state)by having children from botched abortions have life saving health care withheld. Just where is the morality in that, Hank?

      The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Our president's past behavior does not give one confidence in his ability to provide "moral" health care. I'm sorry if this seems uncivilized, but there are much better ideas out there; President Obama just isn't interested in them because he does not receive any power from them.

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    68. John Brown, Montana says:

      Everybody on this comment page is jacked up. I have seen the light dim of our party and our death is immenent. We are becoming the very thing that the world hates us about. We have brought the country to a point were we do not care about our fellow neighbors. If they do not agree with us they can all just die. I have been sicken on the immaturity of our party. I am leaving and becoming an independent because this GOP is officially DOA.

    69. Joe Wilson is... says:

      I just saw this list, and I have to say it's disgusting! SO disrespectful. Whatever happened to freedom of speech, liberals? Or does that only apply when it's not YOUR guy speaking?

      Joe Wilson is…

    70. Harry, Illinois says:

      N.P. is nothing but a POP. I will leave it up to U to determine who that is and what that means. This person sits there, upon her mighty throne and stares down one of her constituants for speaking his mind. The House Chamber was at one time a sacred establishment, with honorable representatives. I don't believe that is the case in todays society. Granted things have become more complicated, but only because we have allowed special interest groups, lobbyist, Czars, etc. to cloud in our common sense judgements. We are being dragged down into a quagmire of financial oblivion. Granted, we need to address our health care,environmental,and financial problems etc. but not at the expense of bankrupting the country that so many people count on to build their dreams and hopes for future generations.

      Believe me, change is needed but not at the expense of the taxpayer. I have not heard one iota from Congress about cutting back on reckless spending programs. If they can acknowledge that there is waste and fraud in the current system then why don't they try to fix the system by addressing these issues. I have given examples of waste but no one seems to listen.

      All I can say is that come the next national election that we as voters consider adopting what I would like to refer to as a voter mandated term limit for all local and congressional representatives. No more than 2 terms and out they go. If it's good enough for the president, then it should be good enough for our represenatives. I had a polling person come to my door the other day asking for a signature endorsement of a person seeking re-election. I asked how long that person was in office and he said "for a long time." My reply was no, I will no re-endorse that person any longer.

      Our problem is that we keep compounding our problems by re-electing these ungrateful people at our expense. After awhile, they forget who they work for.

      They adopt programs that they say will be good for everyone, but yet they exclude themselves from these so called social programs. They do not like to take their own medicine.

    71. dave, syracuse, ny says:

      it's unfortunate that congressman wilson let his emotions get the better of him and did what he did – not because it lacked civility or decorum or anything like that. it's unfortunate because it now allows the mainstream media outlets to focus the attention on congressman wilson's outburst, and not the fact that the president was indeed lying!

    72. Christopher Popham S says:

      Congressman Wilson's outburst was innapropriate;

      nevertheless, it is indicative of how, many people feel about the distortions of the President's health care plan.

      We must remember that Mr. Obama is a proponent of

      Saul Alinsky, a serious radical, who posited the

      fact that, when you gain political power, you first create a 'situation' or emergency and then

      endeavour to convince the populace that only the

      government can fix the problem.

      Sound familiar?

    73. Judith of The Great says:

      Mr. Berg of Ne: If I may help you out here, please read an article submitted by columnist, Don Surber in the Charleston, W.Va. Daily Mail. He cites a study authored by Robert Fogel, Nobel prize winner for economics, who states, among many other things, that Americans spend more money on health care because citizens have the money to do so. We have an extremely high standard of living but spend less persentage of our income on health care. We have advanced drug and surgical interventions, advanced therapy protocols, and vastly superior research for new innovations in medical treatments. None of this is inexpensive. Most new innovations originate in the US.

      As for a less favorable outcome? I would debate you on that, but one factor, among many is that, in our statistics, abortions are tallied as a deaths. Most other countries do not tally aborted babies. Some countries do not tally deaths from certain diseases. We tally all.

      You suggest that conservatives would refuse care to an illegal alien if he appeared on a hospital doorstep. That is false. There are laws in place that prevent that. All persons are treated, regardless of ability to pay. So, who pays for an illegal? You do, my friend.

      You question the morality of providing "healthcare" to all. Would you call it moral to kill babies who are days away from birth? Is it moral to leave a woman to drown in a car because you were only worried about your own sorry political career?

      Would it be moral to tell a person that they couldn't have a drug, treatment, or surgery simply because they are "too old" and not deemed cost effective? Was it moral, in France a few years ago, to let over 14,000 elderly citizens die during an extreme heatwave because the government didn't want to pay for their care? Just what is your idea of "moral" Mr. Berg?

      Our healthcare system is the best in the world, bar none. There are problems in the mechanics of insurance and paying for it, but a government takeover is not the answer. The Republicans HAVE listed some decent proposals such as portable

      ins. plans, tort reform, and having the ability to purchase only the kind of ins. that you want, such as catastrophic coverage only. It is a long list.

      And last, you ask, "Can we please have some serious discussion on how to join the civilized world and provide effective healthcare without bankrupting the country financially and morally!" We ARE the civilized world, Sir, and we provide the very best healthcare in the world. That is why people from all over the globe come to the US for the best possible care. The paradox is that the plan offered by this administration will bankrupt our country financially and morally.

    74. Bobbie Jay says:


      Thank you, congressman Wilson. At any time, especially when the government freely deceives the people without conscience, the truth is appreciated and deserving to the people! Thank you!

    75. Don - Ohio says:

      "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." – Groucho Marx

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    77. Brad, Kansas says:

      You've read the bill, right? Doesn't sound like it.

      Go here for the summary:

      Here for the bill:

      Thanks in advance for thinking for yourselves.

    78. Voice of Reason says:

      This boring premise from the far right to “Start Over” is not fooling the American public anymore. So, what is the Republican solution? Exactly, they have none. But let’s start over! Right…

    79. Bill, San Antonio TX says:

      Dear Voice of Reason,

      I give up. You are right. Let's sign the pig slop legislation currently on the table and be done with it. Let's not worry about how to pay for it. Let's not worry about who will pay for it (don't be fooled because it will be ALL of us). Anything is better than nothing, right?

      That's the same kind of "reasoning" that has quadrupled the debt with no end in sight – because there is no end in sight for taxation and spending.

      The reason we need to start over is because the liberal leftists wanted government health care from the BEGINNING.

      They had no intention of listening or accepting rational, reasonable ideas (read heritage for education on the Conservative solutions).

      Nancy and Gang found out it would not be so simple to just ram everything through, because thinking DEMOCRATS know the garbage proposed by the left does not add up. Now there is talk of "compromise"?

      Start Over? That change of direction would not be a bad idea.

    80. J. White says:

      To those who disparage those of us who are conservative in our lives- we do not endorse the immorality that the Democrat party espouses, we do not endorse huge debts, we do not endorse government twits who think themselves so vastly superior to us telling us how to live OUR lives when their own are so fraught with immorality, deceit and similar maladies.

      Which, by logic, leads to the speech by the Empty Suit…in essence he is an arrogant, over-privileged narcissist. Period! NOTHING of any value was said, it was a mere hissy fit.

      He does not have a clue on how to run anything except his big mouth out of which nothing of value or substance has ever come.

      His arrogant belligerent demeanor was particularly grating- In essence he was saying- I AM SO SUPERIOR and you MUST DO as I say! The fools who voted for him did not expect a dictator. No surprise for those of us who know that he IS a colossal fraud with only his own interests in mind.

    81. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We Must Get impeachment proceedings underway TODAY!

    82. jim toledo says:

      It's amazing to me that we sit and listen to this administration and don't here anything of any substance and then it's lie after lie. Obviously the President hasn't read either of the two bills either. Personally, I thought that the speech was one of the worst I've ever heard and not only was it very partisan, he was very arrogant and in some instances rude. I didn't here him say' I've heard the sounds of August and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this right. So, how do we pay for this debacle; waste, if there's so much why aren't we going after it right now, how can we not have rationing if we add 47 million plus and don't have more doctors and nurses and if illegals aren't going to be covered how come they are always in the number of uninsured. Maybe we need Acorn to help us figure that one out. And if there aren't going to be 'death panels', maybe the word is too harsh, but, in the House bill it looks like at least 40 to 50 new government departments, somebodies going to have to decide who gets what. Sure sounds like a death panel to me.

    83. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      From what I read this morning, the Stupid arrogant Republicans Think this is about Them, and their party. We must disabuse them of this fallacy

    84. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The thing everybody is ignoring, Is everything was, is, working very well, health care wise. Except for a very few cases such as when the hospital in California let the woman die in the floor on security camera, everybody in the country, legal or not, insured or not, gets care above everybody else in the world. At the same time, the crooks rob us for billions in government waste and fraud. So really, the only reform needed is to stop malpractice lawsuits which are outrageous, AND STOP WASTE AND FRAUD IN GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, AND REMOVE GOVERNMENT RULES ON INSURANCE. THE REST OF THIS IS JUST A POWER GRAB. Whats more, everybody with a brain knows all of this.

    85. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The very fact that people in office will even consider this proves they have no business in office I repeat, "NEVER RE-ELECT ANY INCUMBENT REGARDLESS OF WHICH LIE HE SPOUTS"

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    87. Bobbie Jay says:

      Voice of reason, you're just as ignorant as the government. no reason, just voice. Keep drinking that Kool-aid.

      You're probably princess pelosi in disguise.

    88. Carly, Denver says:


      Money is the root of all evil – is this not a quote from Ayn Rand? It is, but, unfortunately a misquote actually, from the Bible.

      The Bible states, that the LOVE/lust/greed for money is the root of all evil, and I, whole-heartedly agree. This assertion is not an attack on capitalism, but an attack upon human nature – a “nature” that needs to consider a higher power, the existence of a supreme Master Planner–God, or, at the very least, profess that there are some things and actions that exist beyond human control and these things surrender to a higher calling or power.

      Gosh, I wish that the end result of capitalism wouldn’t be the extinction of itself. But, because of human nature, greed will always corrupt the system. This, I hate.

      I wish that capitalism were viable – but eventually, greed will always corrupt this system and thus be its downfall. How sad. This I hate, because capitalism affords much to the little guy (read: blue collar worker) and the middle class (read: blue collar worker).

      In the article “Morning Bell: The President Learned Nothing From August”, I state a quotation from this article:

      “Absent, of course, was how exactly all the savings he confidently predicted would materialize, how exactly the government would prevent employers from dumping all their employees into a government plan…”

      Now, why would employers do such a thing, especially those patriotic, nationalistic employers that believe in free enterprise, capitalism and the all-mighty dollar?

      The answer: to abandon ship, let it sink and cash in – because their time has arrived to cash in. Every man for himself. How sad. How self-seeking. And, haven’t we intellects evolved into knowing that altruism is fake? Ah, Mother Theresa, only did good to hopefully gain a reward in heaven, right? Sucker!

      Now getting back to the money-mongers:

      But shouldn’t these U.S. “patriarchs” be rooting for America and not offshoring jobs? (Yes, even customer service/call center job – to nations that will work for pennies- oh, and by the way, nations that are kicking our asses in the education department. But no worries, we love our sports here in the U.S.A.) Well, it depends upon the cost, right?

      No! Please, don’t do it conservative employers who believe in our system – don’t do it, for god’s sakes – don’t do it for our country sakes! Save the USA—at all cost! But… perhaps your shareholders protest too much, eh?

      So, if the healthcare reform bill passes, will Big Brother Corporations sell out?

      This, sir or madam should be the title of your article.

      C. Hill

    89. Centrist, Southern C says:

      I can't believe the anger and ignorance in these posts. I usually come to this site for a constructive view of the conservative argument, but this discussion demonstrates little emotional intelligence. I'm so disappointed.

    90. Bill San Antonio says:

      Dear Centrist,

      The reason you are seeing so much anger and frustration is because we have "leaders" who think this outrage against them is just a "fringe" element.

      The reason millions of people are upset is because they are tired of the lack of transparency, they are tired of being marginalized, and they are tired of being lied to, and they are tired of the corruption.

      How many examples of this do you want bloggers to post?

      You should be outraged at what has become of the Great State of California. Your voters have destroyed your state by electing far-left idiots to Sacramento. It's one thing to destroy your own state; it's quite another to keep sending the radical Pelosi's, Boxer's, Waxman's, and dozens of others to Washington where they attempt impose their radical leftist ideology (which most Californians even know is absurd) on the rest of the country.

      Please help us by cleaning up your house and voting these people out. Americans are not leftists but, rather, overwhelmingly Centrists.

      We need your help.

    91. Harry, Illinois says:

      I find a lot of the comments posted on this site very interesting. Everyone is entitled to an opinion regardless of what it may be. That is what we refer to as freedom of speech. I have TRIED to keep my comments focused and ask questions rather than trying to poke holes into the problems we face.

      Question: If the Public Option is either adopted or included in the final bill, how does that address Doctor Patient Confidentiality? Your health history will go into a government data base, just like your financial history currently does. What is to prevent anyone who is not entirely familiar with your health history from looking into your past to determine if you should receive proper care. I realize that we have Medicare and Medicad and that some sort of history about ones health status may be documented into the government files. Just what information that is, is uncertain. Hopefully I have asked a reasonalble question.

      One thing that I have found rather challenging about the HR3200 Health Care bill, is not what is in the bill, but what is NOT in the bill. Represeentative Wilson may have acted inappropriately but he did strike a nerve amoungst his colleagues, and I will leave it at that.

    92. Harry, Illinois says:

      HR3200 contains 1018 pages. How many pages does our constituion contain?

    93. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Dear Harry,

      Good points. Absolutely nothing prevents the abuse of "former privacy act personal information" once it gets into a database.

      The better questions are why this would surprise anyone in light of the whitehouse email/spam fiasco, the 26? page census (controlled by the whitehouse) when all we need is a "head count", the proposed 2009 1040 changes which would require citizens to list how many guns they have, fee of $50 apiece?, your drivers license info, etc (no need for legislation to do this).

      In other words, if you look at all the multiple fronts and at what is being "attacked" in the guise of change, Health Care Reform is not the main issue. It is "one of the tools in the toolbox" as a means of increasing POWER like never seen before.

      Lastly, Rep. Wilson did act inappropriately as a matter simply of decorum. But, he was spot on.

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