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  • Employee Votes For Me But Not For Thee

    The President has promised big labor that after health care reform, he will turn to their top priority … the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). This legislation effectively eliminates secret ballot elections and replaces them with publicly signed union cards. But while Obama is promising to deprive workers in the private sector of their right to a secret ballot, his own Administration admirably insists on upholding its own employees right to vote.

    The Washington Times reported yesterday that employees of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) will be voting by secret ballot election on unionization later this week. The Obama administration ignored the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers’ (IFPTE) request to use card check and deprive LSC employees a private vote.

    EFCA also allows federally appointed arbitrators to write the collective bargaining agreement once unions organize a workplace. Government appointed lawyers would decide how many employees a firm could hire, how much it would pay them, what promotion procedures to use, what benefits to provide, what technology they would use, and most other major business decisions. Every company would become the next GM, with the government writing their business plan for them.

    If that sounds like an obviously terrible idea, it is because it is. So terrible that unions will not accept use government imposed settlements to resolve their own internal disputes. When the Service Employees International Union proposed going to binding arbitration with UNITE HERE after its attempted union raid, UNITE-HERE President John Wilhelm curtly responded that: “No International Union would agree to put its future members, its jurisdiction, and assets in the hands of an arbitrator.” The Laborer’s Presidents response to the suggestion that they enter into binding arbitration was unprintable.

    EFCA’s supporters want no part of it for themselves. The Obama administration opposes using card-check on its own workers. Unions will not countenance government contracts imposed on themselves. But that is not stopping the AFL-CIO and the President from trying to impose both of these on millions of American workers and businesses in the productive private sector.

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    2 Responses to Employee Votes For Me But Not For Thee

    1. William Lulias, St J says:

      This is great and now the American public can see first hand how the union operates. When I say union and become critical, it is aimed more, but not absolutely, toward union leadership, which is a play of words. Union Leadership works like this, there are bylaws and perhaps a constitution, but who gets to interpret, the union president, who else. So when the LSC asked for open balloting, the White House insisted a secret ballod method. No matter what the media says or what the union leaders spew it all comes down to one thing and one thing alone- UNION DUES! Union leadership couldn't give a hill of beans or care about what happens to its membership, all they want is power and money. Sounds like the White House. Further now that this administration has relaxed investigations into miuse of union funds by its leaders, the money vein is wide open. It sickens me to see this happen and to think of the extreme damage that will happen to our economy if EFCA is passed. All this is beyond comprehension. The administration has embraced this promotion of labor unions because in actuality, the union membership will be the work horse for thier campaigns and elections. Many think that unions are the answer, well just look at a country like Greece where everything is dictated by unions. When one union in Greece wants to strike the whole country shuts down. Look at productivity, with tourism down the economy is bleak, but if a union were to strike, yep, the country would shut down.

      I suppose this administration can best relate to unions because when they look in the mirror, they are just like the union bosses. They will tell you what you want to hear, make firey speeches with no substance, threaten to do what they believe they have the power to do because "they won" and, oh yes, lets not forget the money, its flowing like the fancy wine they drink and when they run out WE will all pay for more. God help this country.

      (I am a past elected union representative of ten years, Teamsters Rail Conference, who despised the corruption, fought the corruption and when it came time to expose it and stand up to it, well, you could count your support on one hand). So yes this administration has much in common with the unions.

    2. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      At least they are "transparent" about this issue.

      The hypocrisy leaves you at loss for words – at least words that cannot be put into print on this fine Heritage Blog.

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