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  • Illegal-Alien Census Boycott? Bring It On!

    Writing yesterday for the National Review’s blog, The Corner, Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky wrote on the 2010 Census and coming immigration battles:

    The Boston Globe reports that advocates for illegal aliens are urging their followers to boycott the 2010 census. They want illegal aliens to “protest the government’s inaction on immigration legislation.”

    Translated from liberal Boston Globe-speak, they mean legislation that would provide amnesty for the 15 million who are here illegally and would end the federal government’s half-hearted efforts to enforce our immigration laws.

    I sure hope the boycotters are successful. This would result in two positive outcomes. First, states like California that have more congressional representatives than they should would lose those seats. Apportionment is based on the entire population counted by the census, not just citizens and lawful, permanent residents. It is fundamentally unfair that states get more votes in the House of Representatives based on the number of illegal aliens they harbor, rather than the number of U.S. citizens and legal residents who pay the full measure of taxes and have the proper allegiance to our system of government. California alone has six more congressional seats than it deserves because of its huge population of illegal aliens. States like Ohio and Pennsylvania are short seats because of this type of apportionment.

    Second, states with large populations of illegal immigrants would lose the federal funds that are paid out — once again — based on the total population of those states. This provides an incentive for states to do nothing about their illegal-immigrant populations. If they had to absorb the full costs of their illegal aliens, they might change their minds on this issue, and “sanctuary” cities might disappear. As polls clearly indicate, many Americans believe it is fundamentally wrong for illegal aliens to receive government benefits. According to Rasmussen, 83 percent of Americans say proof of citizenship should be required before anyone can receive government subsidies; that is one of the reasons Obamacare is failing. Today’s large numbers of illegal aliens would decrease if local and state governments used their resources to help locate and remove these individuals, and if the federal government did what it is supposed to do — deport them when they are found, instead of providing financial incentives for them to stay.

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    9 Responses to Illegal-Alien Census Boycott? Bring It On!

    1. Vincent, Denver CO says:

      With unemployment being at a historical high you would think that our government would send the illegals out of our country to make more jobs available. Why is the Obama Administration not trying to ease the joblessness?

    2. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      I LOVE these advocates! Boycott the Census? I'll help, where do I sign up.

    3. Steve Jelinek, Minne says:

      We do not know who is in our country?

      Perhaps as few as 10 million or it could be as many as 30 million.

      How do we logistically round up this many people and return them to their place of origin?

      Many of these people have children of all ages that where born in the US making the children legal citizens, and the parents illegal.

      Yes these people broke US law when they came across US borders seeking a better life for self and family.

      How much of this immigration did we bring upon ourselves by not enforcing our own laws?

      How much of this illegal immigration was done in an effort to escape poverty?

      Many of these people living in the shadows have been exploited by unscrupulous employers, resulting in labor pay being driven downward throughout the US.

      It is my opinion much of the illegal immigration is our own fault by not securing our borders, or enforcing our laws for over 30 years.


      1. Secure our borders

      2. Enforce our immigration laws, and deport all new arrivals who illegally enter our country.

      3. Create a probationary Citizen status.

      We should give all illegals an opportunity to come out of the shadows and apply for probationary status. Once the window of time to come out of the shadow closes, they will be considered illegal, and will be deported upon discovery, including minor traffic violations. Once the probationary citizen demonstrates, their ability to contribute to our country, and obey our laws they will become full citizens. In the event a probationary citizen during the probationary period is convicted of any felony the court will order them to deport to country of origin.

    4. George Washington, D says:

      Really depressing to see Americans forget their ancestry and history.

    5. Wayne, Nevada says:

      Obama has stated many times that illegal aliens will NOT be eligible for health care. No doubt this can be considered true as he will shortly give citizenship to ALL illegal aliens. See, Obama NEVER lies. He just obfuscates.

    6. Deabra, Porterville, says:

      I have worked at the welfare office for 10 yrs, illegal aliens are draining our economy. They have child after child and we pay them in cash aid, foodstamps and medical. The lie or do not tell their worker how much money they make because they are paid in cash and by law we cannot require their employers to prove it.

      Illegal aliens go to our emergency rooms at the hospital and receive treatment and pay nothing, according to a doctor I spoke to recently they treat the ER as a clinic.

      Yes they work in the fields, so did I as a kid to pay for my school clothes. At this point in our economy we truly need to start moving these people home and stop giving them cash aid, foodstamps and medical. Our hospitals are going broke, our prisons are full, our schools are overcrowded, it is ridiculous.

    7. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Dear "George",

      This is not about forgetting our ancestry and history.

      I wonder if the real George Washington and the founding fathers would approve of a professed "nation of laws" who do not enforce those laws, except when politically expedient?

      The real George Washington would wonder how we kicked this issue down the road until we find ourselves where we are at.

      I remember a "Conservative" granting amnesty in the 80s to millions. How many more times will this happen?

      It is never, ever mentioned that millions are waiting throughout the world to obtain legal immigration, sometimes for 10+ years…

    8. GreyWolf OK says:

      For: Bill San Antonio TX – Thank you for mentioning those who are willing to go through the 'system' to get to America. I respect them…I don't respect 'illegal' aliens.

      If you want a great read, there's a new, underground book just out about a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny (supporting illegal aliens) & ends up setting the spark for the 2nd American Revolution. It's powerful & has all events that now face each of us. Read it & see what's nxt (citizenship for illegals just prior to nxt yrs. elections?). I strongly encourage everyone, whose fed up with the federal tyranny, to read it.

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