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  • $67 Billion a Year to Africa Because We Emit Carbon Dioxide

    From The Economist:

    “RICH countries should compensate Africa for all their belching chimneys and exhausts. In a rare fit of African unity, it was decided at a recent flurry of leaders’ meetings that the United States, the European Union, Japan and others should pay the continent the tidy sum of $67 billion a year, though it was unclear for how long. Ethiopia’s prime minister, Meles Zenawi, is likely to lead a delegation of 53 countries (all of Africa minus Morocco) to the climate-change summit in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, in December, where he will presumably lodge this demand.

    Would the money come, if it came at all, with strings attached or as reparations for damage to Africa’s atmosphere? Mr Meles has made it clear he is seeking blood money—or rather carbon money—that would be quite separate from other aid to the continent. If the cash were not forthcoming, the African Union (AU) might take a case to a court of arbitration and ask it to judge overall culpability for climate change.

    The AU says it would not administer the carbon cash directly. National governments would get it. But it is unclear how it would be allocated. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says Africa will be the continent worst hit by higher temperatures. But some bits of Africa may deteriorate more, whereas others may benefit from greater rainfall.”

    The earth’s average temperature has been warming over the past few decades, and many point to this as evidence of harmful, human-induced warming. While it is possible that the consequences of global warming resulting from human activity may one day become serious, the science and predicted outcomes remain hotly debated, and the proposed solutions raise problems of their own.

    Temperatures have risen and fallen many times in the past without the relatively recent increase in greenhouse gas emissions related to human activity in the developed world, which is the basis for the AU’s demands for compensation. The case for significant short-term consequences is weak. As Heritage analysts Brett Schaefer and Ben Lieberman write, “The planet and its inhabitants are much more resilient to temperature variability than had been previously assumed, and the warming over the last few decades has not been particularly harmful to humans or the environment. Indeed, the rise in greenhouse gas emissions and temperatures over this period has been accompanied by declining damages from natural disasters, not the opposite. In sum, the more alarming predictions—dramatic sea level rises, increased storms, wider spread of malaria, etc.—are not extrapolations of current trends, but radical departures from them.”

    The long-term effect of global warming may indeed prove significant, but the efforts under way to combat global warming would not address them effectively. For instance, even if Kyoto Protocol had been perfectly adhered to it would have averted an inconsequential 0.07 degree Celsius temperature increase by 2050. The primary flaw is the failure to include major developing country emitters and loopholes for some covered countries. It would, however, have significant economic consequences, costing the U.S. as much as $400 billion annually.

    Current discussions planned for Copenhagen do not address these fundamental problems. In other words, the U.N. approach to global warming leads to great economic pain with almost no environmental gain.

    There are good reasons for this. As environmental expert Christopher Horner points out in the newly released Heritage book Conundrum: The Limits of the United Nations and the Search for Alternatives, “International discourse on environmental issues is often at cross-purposes with the practicalities of resolving them. The obsessive drive to address international environmental problems—real, imagined, or exaggerated—solely through the U.N. lessens the effectiveness of proposed responses. It enables indirectly involved parties to hold discussions and proposals hostage to tangential issues, such as wealth transfers to developing countries.”

    Indeed, the purpose of the AU is not to address global warming, but simply to secure financial transfers. This should raise concerns as the record of such transfers is poor as demonstrated by the “more than $3 trillion in development assistance (constant 2007 dollars) provided by donor countries since 1960 to developing countries–of which over a quarter, or $879 billion, went to sub-Saharan African countries–with scant evidence of development results unequivocally attributable to aid.”

    If it wants to develop, the AU is shooting itself in the foot with its demand for global warming compensation. Private financial flows dwarf foreign assistance from governments, accounting for “91 percent of America’s total economic engagement with developing countries.” As a quid pro quo for the compensation, the AU would have to support a global warming agreement that would cap CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, Europe, and Japan. This will reduce economic growth and hamper private international investment and transfer of clean technologies. Instead, the AU should focus on opening up global markets to trade and removing policies the retard economic growth and completion. This would strengthen their economies, enrich their citizens and give them the resources to meet the consequences of global warming head on.

    Brett Schaefer contributed to this post.

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    37 Responses to $67 Billion a Year to Africa Because We Emit Carbon Dioxide

    1. Suedi52 says:

      Thanks for the post. The UN turned insane a long time ago. Imagine – a perfect reason for "redistribution" to the poor, only the people in power will just keep it, as they have since time began….

    2. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      This is not a wise idea and that is an "understatement."

      The fraud in stolen money and foodstuffs going into Africa's regimes is legendary. Most of it never gets to where it is needed as the dictators and government officals grab it – upon arrival.

      More importantly, this is a dangerous step that follows our policy of apologizing to the world. The line for "reparations" of some sort, for some cause, for some slight, for some historical incident, will be endless.

      Our medical and technological breakthroughs, through American ingenuity, that help the entire world, are never mentioned.

      Let's call it even and next time these greedy scheming people want a loan from the World Bank or from US (the American taxpayer) – the answer should be a resounding NO!)

      I would hope that our leaders, someday learn, that every time they commit money it is from the Taxpayers!

    3. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      AND, giving ANY money to the United Nations is outrageous. It's time to get out of that organization, let them move the HQ to France or Moscow, and let the other "powers" help the world.

      Now, this is change we could believe in.

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    7. Brad Raffensperger, says:

      This is lunacy. Last night on the news,Meteorologist Joe Bastardi showed a temperature graph of the US for the past 5 years and it showed temperature reductions. Best selling author, Michael Creighton broke ranks with the elites and wrote State of Fear which was filled with government graphs that showed no global warming.

      Global warming is a tool for the big government crowd to expand government and tax the fool out of us, and the businesses that intend to profit off this junk science.

      At the least it is misguided, at the worse it is obscene.

    8. George Wright Ponte says:

      Today nothing amazes me. Conceptually the flawed thinking behind a proposal such as this represents a new wave of thinking. I suspect it will not be too long before a czar is appointed to analyze the problem and determine what is America's fair share and then apologize to Africa for the damage we have done to their clean air.

    9. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      It is more of the same….They want to bankrupt the US and then the takeover will be complete. We have to keep after them on all things at all times until we can vote this OBAMINATION out, if we can't impeach him sooner. Republicans need to yell loud and clear about all the breaking of our Constitution ! Good for the Senator who called OBUMMER a lier it was a natural reaction to bald face lies. How can they have the AUDACITY (usually not a good thing) after the total disrespect they constantly showed for President Bush !!!

    10. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      There is no "flawed thinking" in the efforts of the left. It's deliberate deception. In the past

      100 years, the average temp has resin .8 degrees.

      But most of that rise occured before 1940. In the past 10 plus years the average temp has actually

      "gone down". Almost every metorologist agrees with these facts. Does anyone in the Al Gore camp, that supports the lie of "man made global warming", have a background in metorology? NOT ONE! None of the "scientist" that support this lie is a metorologist. They will not face the facts, nor will they won't even try to learn the truth. They have an agenda. To "transform" this country into socialism and Marxism. This proposed "give away" to Africa is just another means of "reparation" through the global warming


    11. Jeannette - Millsbor says:

      Maybe it's time to stop siphoning taxpayer money off to other countries and creating a global entitlement mentality. We already have enough "entitlement" people here in this country. How about everyone get up off their duff and take care of their own business for a bit and let us take care of ours. This administration has completely lost it's collective mind! Some areas have 20% unemployment and we're paying Africa because we're industrialized? Are they KIDDING?!

    12. Tim Az says:

      It's time to evict the UN from Amrican Shores. We no longer have the time or the humor to be further entertained by these jesters. Let them move to Africa.

    13. waaaah, Michigan says:

      Has anyone researched how much of Africa's "clean" air is being polluted by their own primitive people's fires, politicians burning down villages, lack of uniform regulations/controls of production – or might we find out it's even more than whatever blows over there from us?

    14. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      I say have Al Gore get his check book out. It's all his fault.

    15. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      It also may be the case that global warming or climate change or what ever the left is calling the issue these days, results in greater rainfall in Sub-Saharan Africa. This would likely result in improved agriculture and associated prosperity. Should these then not nations owe the United States money?

    16. ONTIME, USA says:

      First of all this CO2 emissions is a farce from the word go, .033% of the earths atmosphere is the composition, Algore is a thief and a liar, the earths climate has increased .1% in the last 100 years, this is bsed oin actual records and fact and I remind all weather is local, climate is world wide…remember the earth is not your friend and it will deny you your existence in a heatbeat, it has a history of doing so to other previous species.

    17. Ernest, San Antonio, says:

      What the H_ _ _ is going on here. Why do we keep Letting the United Nations Reap us off. They keep

      pleasing everbody except us, the United States Of

      America. This Has to stop because we have enough to worry about with all of B.O.'s Spenting, it's all rediculous. This administration hates America as much as the U.N Does. America Stand Up And Be Heard! May Help God Save America. Speak Up!

    18. phaedo, TX says:

      There it is: interenational victimhood? What’s not to love about that?

    19. Bill says:

      Good Point, Brad in Detroit!

      But then we would have a former vice president without a cause.

    20. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      If you want to help Africa, shoot all the war lords and their armies. Feed the starving. Buy what they have to sell. But never, ever pay tribute to anyone for anything, especially when it is untrue, unfounded, and in the case of our Congress and President, out and out lies!


    21. R Watson says:

      $67 Billion, I don't think so. All the money from all over that has poored into the African continent just dissapears into a black hole. In my lifetime there has been little improvement.

      As for the UN any decent country should resign from those "Bludgers"

    22. John, Colorado says:

      Let's give them the dollars, after the dollar is destroyed.

    23. Albert campbellsvill says:

      How any health insurance policies would 67billion$ buy.If they would only spend money on what is absolutlly necessary,we could insure everyone on the planet.Waste ,fraud and theft should be husseins #1 priority,ha,ha,ha.Where is it in the constitution that every one in the world has the right to dip into the treasury,I cant find it.

    24. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      John from the Great State of Colorado!

      You made my day. We need to laugh, once in awhile at all this madness, otherwise – we'll all go insane.

      Then again, maybe that is the intent?

      How much can people stand before they give up?

      It will take great patience until Jan. 20, 2013.

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    26. Pat F Mobile Al says:

      Get rid of the crooks and crooked orginazition called the un. We don't own Africa a thing, it's time for the people of other countries to stand up and fight for their rights as they see them. We are tired of taking care of the rest of the world, and all it's problems. Global warming is not a huge problen as every Dem. wants people to think, it's used as a scare tactic to make more big Gov. The people of this country need to stand up and take this country back from the fools that are trying to ruin us. Hound your congressman and senators with letters email phone calls what ever it takes. The one thing we need to do is get rid of the fool Pre. and dems in office now as soon as possible

    27. jimmy howell,blackst says:

      How can anyone who has been in government,more than one term,go along with the lies and deceite

      that is being fed to America? Are they so rich and

      out of touch that they think they're immune to what's going to happen to this country when all is said and done? There are many different levels

      among thieves… What makes any of them think they

      will wind up on top?

    28. Linda , Alabama says:

      I think that the conservatives in all countries need to start speaking up and quit allowing the ultraliberals around the world to change things to the point of no turning back. Over the past couple of years, we have talked to children of varing age. They can tell you all about "global warming effects", but they cannot answer questions about history, math, or read very well. Where is the out rage over this! Thank you.

    29. Guelay W. Kahsay says:

      Irresponsible usage of natural resouces put the entire globe at risk. Rainfall pattern has been changed. Who is accountable for environmental damage due to global warming? of course, not the developing country, the developed country is the responisle for it. Who sell the deadly weapons to the war lords in the third world. of course, the death merchants from the developed countries.

      This is a time that Africa needs its recompensation/ ransom for the destruction caused by the developed nations. It is Justice what Africa is demanding now. Action has to be taken.

    30. Ken St Louis says:

      It appears the rest of the world won't be happy until they rob us blind because of the fools we have in power in Washington. For his part, this is what Obuma promised! If you remember, he said were going to share the wealth! Didn't think he could getit done this quick, but with the morons we have in congress anything is possible! Why the hell we don't just leave the UN and run them out of our country is beyond my comprehension! To many stuid people in America today.

    31. Dave Miller, Florida says:

      Man made CO2 is not causing Global Warming, NOT I repeat NOT. And for the last 10 year the earth has not been warming; please stop lying to destroy America.

    32. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Dear Kahsay,

      That is certainly your opinion. You point out developed countries. Since the colonial powers in Africa were primarily the Germans, French, British, ask them.

      Further, Africa's own dictators and tribal feuds have caused the plight of their people. Corruption is legendary. The savage butchery perpetuated from one tribe onto another is not only barbaric but inhuman. Africans need to take responsibility for their situation, as well.

    33. Paul Munsch says:

      I think that the conservatives in all countries need to start speaking up and quit allowing the ultra liberals around the world to change things to the point of no turning back. Our children are taught about “global warming effects”, but they cannot answer questions about American History. Where is the out rage over this! Thank you.

    34. Daniel says:

      I agree with the anger and frustration expressed in these posts – but it will do very little good unless we all calmly, but very persistently, let our Elected Officials in Congress know that if they pass this monstruosity in the Senate, they are ALL marked last-term senators! Call and write to them frequently – IT DOES WORK!! Their survival instinct is stronger than their ideology.


      Also, give the EPA a piece of your mind, at

      http://www.epa.gov/lawsregs/search/howtocomment.h… (has some overview and instructions), or directly at



      PROVE that you're not "Astro-turf" and REMAIN ENGAGED TILL THE END!! Together we're determined to tack back OUR COUNTRY! Thank you, and may God continue to Bless America!

    35. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Global warming and cooling have been going o for years. Hundreds of scientists and metoerologists have signed an open letter to President Obama, saying that "With all due respect, Mr. President, you are wrong" full page ads were taken out in various newspapers across the country with the names of these scientists and their degrees. They have proven that over the past ten years, average temperatures around the world have come down steadily and have shown a cooling pattern. All this "global warming" nonsense has done is to frieghten young children and confuse others.

      We have shrewd politicians who would have us believe there is another "crisis" at hand and if we just impose a whole new bunch of taxes, everything will be ok. Al Gore led the way with this baloney, made a movie, picked up a Nobel prize with it. Now he's invested in the sale of "carbon credits", where polluters can keep on polluting as long as they buy those credits from his companies and pass off the cost of those purchases to consumers of the products and services the polluters produce. Pollution continues, we pay more for goods and services and Al Gore gets richer. Not bad for a guy who invented the internet and had "Love Story" written about his college career.

      I am sick to death that there a general concensus has bought into this nonsense of global warming and are teaching this to our kids as absolute truth. We are listening to yo-yo's who can't tell us within a reasonable degree of certainty, if its going to rain next week. It is just another "create another crisis scam" for the government to raise more taxes and exert greater control over our businesses and lives. Remember, our President has a chief of staff who has taught him that "a crisis is too important a thing to waste".

    36. Billy Ford, Coweta says:

      Crazy, just simple crazy.

    37. Vi Ca. says:

      In Ca. our farmers/ranchers provide about 95% of the food for our nation. The GOV. has cut off the water for them to grow crops and continue watering the fruit and nut orchards.

      (6 year old Almond trees are being uprooted at a time they were just starting to produce good crops for lack of water.Remember that when you try to buy them next time.) They are not able to grow crops at this time. We will soon have to depend on more than ever , Imported food. It is a disgrace that the GOV is driving our farmers out of business to save the "Delta Smelt" fish.

      Why can't they just suck them up into tankers and relocate them if they are "endangered". WE ARE THE ONES that are ENDANGERED NOW!! Africa has as much land to grow food as most countries.They should have by now learned how to conserve & prosper. GREED is EVERYWHERE…Very soon OUR children/grandchildren will be the ones starving.

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