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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Czar State

    Late this Saturday night President Barack Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Van Jones, resigned amid what the Washington Post calls another “lapse in the administration’s vetting procedures.” That’s putting it mildly. Jones is an admitted former communist and black nationalist. His Ella Baker Center for Human Rights produced a rap record in 2005 “hosted by” cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, in which Jones links the Palestinian fight against Israel as part of the “global struggle against the U.S. led security apparatus” that “we need to see linked” to “our problems here.”

    His more recent advocacy for green jobs fits perfectly into Jones’ racial/Marxist worldview. In a 2008 interview Jones said: “The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color’s communities because they don’t have a racial justice frame.”

    So how did someone with views as radical and inflammatory as Jones’ get into a position where he would control one of the “five pillars” of President Obama’s plan to rebuild the entire economy? The short answer is that Jones was never vetted. Jones was never asked to fill out the exhaustive 7-page 63-question form White House officials require of every Cabinet-level secretary and deputy-secretary position. And why did he not fill out the questionnaire? He did not have to. His official “czar” job, Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, does not require Senate confirmation. To be fair, President Obama did not create the first Executive branch czar, but his administration has authored an explosion of them. In fact, President Obama just appointed another czar, former steelworkers union official Ron Bloom, to oversee his manufacturing and automotive policy yesterday.

    According to Politico there are, not counting Jones or Bloom, 30 other Obama administration officials with czar-like duties and powers, including: Afghanistan Czar Richard Holbrooke, AIDS Czar Jeffrey Crowley, Auto recovery Czar Ed Montgomery, Border Czar Alan Bersin, California Water Czar David Hayes, Central Region Czar Dennis Ross, Domestic Violence Czar Lynn Rosenthal, Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, Economic Czar Paul Volcker, Energy and Environment Czar Carol Brower, Faith-Based Czar Joshua DuBois, Great Lakes Czar Cameron Davis, Guantanamo Closure Czar Daniel Fried, Health Czar Nancy-Ann DeParle, Information Czar Vivek Kundra, International Climate Czar Todd Stern, Intelligence Czar Dennis Blair, Mideast Peace Czar George Mitchell, Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg, Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, Science Czar John Holdren, Stimulus Accountability Czar Earl Devaney, Sudan Czar J. Scott Gration, TARP Czar Herb Allison, Terrorism Czar John Brennan, Technology Czar Aneesh Chopra, Urban Affairs Czar Adolfo Carrion Jr., Weapons Czar Ashton Carter, and WMD Policy Czar Gary Samore.

    The proliferation of czars is a direct consequence of both the ever expanding power of the federal government and Congress’ willingness to cede ever more legislative and judicial functions to the Executive branch. Our Founding Fathers specifically created a Constitution dividing the legislative, executive, and judicial functions of government into three branches so that the separation of these powers would limit the size and scope of the federal government.

    Since the dawning of the Progressive Movement, the left has correctly identified the Constitution’s separation of powers framework as an obstacle to their remaking of American society. If our republic is to survive in the 21st century, our Congress must begin to reassert itself and rein in Obama’s czar state.

    Quick Hits:

    • Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez said this weekend: “With Obama we can talk, we are almost from the same generation, one can’t deny that Obama is different (from Bush). He’s intelligent, he has good intentions and we have to help him.”
    • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday invited representatives from a group of six world powers, including the United States, to Tehran, but he said negotiations over his country’s right to a nuclear program would be off the table.
    • Many states are walking away from a $5 billion federal fund to stimulate the economy because states say they can’t afford to put up the 20% of costs required by the federal government.
    • Appearing at a Labor Day rally in Pittsburgh, Biden said card check will make it through Congress before the end of the year.
    • According to Gallup, 39% of Americans say they would direct their member of Congress to vote against a health care reform bill this fall while 37% want their member to vote in favor.
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    80 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Czar State

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The US Constitution has become a "floor mat" for the Obama Administration, The Congress and The Senate. The oath that all of these people take (including the President) includes the words "….preserve, protect and defend the Constitution….." and they all seem to have forgotten what those words mean!

    2. Trey, Texas says:

      But what powers do Obama's czars have? Are they only advisors? Is their only power they have is that they have the President's ear? Or do they have policy powers, or policy implementation powers?

      I don't want a communist advising my President, but if the "power of influence" through advising is the only power the czars have, then it's not as scary to me. Don't get me wrong, I still want them out of the White House because I don't want them to have my President's ear. But if they do have more powers than just advising, then that is scary because that means President Obama is basically creating a new Cabinet without having to go through Congress.

      So my question is "What are the czars specific powers?"

    3. Jack Lohman says:

      Make no mistake about it, we have a health care crisis. But few people realize why, and our politicians want to cover it up because they are the source. It isn't because of ideology or political philosophy or party; it's because in America we have this thing called campaign contributions. Cash bribes for favors returned. The public wants health care reform and the insurance industry doesn't, and they gave $46 million in campaign cash and the public gave peanuts. Who do you think is going to win?

      Yes, it's political corruption and it affects both political parties, all taxpayers, and now all countries. Health care is only a small part of it. Because the bankers gave loads of cash, congress in the 1990's started eliminating banking regulations and causing an international crisis. Big corporations gave cash for a hands-off immigration policy, and then availed themselves of cheap labor. Businesses gave campaign cash that stifled any attempt to limit outsourcing of jobs, and our nation's economy trashed in the process.

      No, our corrupt political system is the cause of it all, and we Americans apologize to the world.

      Jack Lohman

    4. Mary in Clovis says:

      I believe there will be much more darkness brought out from this current president. His list of Czars is only the tip of the iceburg. Let's pray our "Christian" nation is not overtaken by radicals on the left and/or from Muslim extremists.

      Come on 2012!!!!!

    5. Janet, Suburban Phil says:

      I grant that I counted quickly and got 29, and perhaps missed one. But I also failed to note Mark Lloyd, in my opinion one whom we should be particularly skeptical of. Would he be the 30th?

    6. Paul in Colorado says:

      Why is nothing being said about Michelle Obama hiring 23 assistants at a taxpayer expense of close to $1 million anually ???? Laura Bush had one !! Nancy Raegan had one!!!!! Outrageous !!!!!!

    7. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We cannot fund the monthly interest payment. We must clean house and repeal trillions in spending.

    8. Danny Newport says:


      Please enter this web site for Congressman John Fleming on LA to sign his petition-Any health care approved must be the same as Congressional health care. It only take a few seconds.

      Please support him and give some press to him to get others to send in support.

    9. Catriona-Ohio says:

      Those of you who choose to believe that Obama did NOT know what Van Jones stood for prior to him becoming a Czar, are bigger fools than Obama even thinks you are! That goes for ALL the so called czars this fascist surrounds himself with. What will it take for you to understand that Obama has an agenda…..his agenda is to take the constitution tear it into little pieces and throw it back at the American Citizens who believe in it! This man is dangerous and a fascist. He surrounds himself with fascist's. His union buddies are loathsome and thugs! It is all about control and money! It is definitely not about any of us!



    10. jim smith says:

      Heritage, in its unchallenged excellence in correctly identifying reality, should vet all these czars and tell us who is okay and who isn't.

      If Van Jones can crawl out from under his slimy rock and be exposed for the America hating brotha he be, then more rocks need turning. There are at least three or four bad actors in this bunch, especially the ones with no relevant or applicable experience. BET ON IT!

    11. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez said this weekend: “With Obama we can talk, we are almost from the same generation, one can’t deny that Obama is different (from Bush). He’s intelligent, he has good intentions and we have to help him.”



      Which do YOU think is THE USA BIGGEST ENEMY?

    12. Brad Wagoner says:

      Great article but the most important point to get out there, is that Obama not only knew about ALL of Van Jones history, Obama completely AGREES with him. Van Jones shows America exactly what Obama wants and where he intends to take the country! Van Jones is not the main threat, Obama is.

    13. Gerald, Pagosa Sprin says:

      We must make no mistake. There is no vetting, wasn't supposed to be vetting, and that is no mistake. Can't vet half the czars for one reason or another. That is WHY they're czars. I, myself, don't have a benevolent view of Mr. Obama. I think that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing and you can tell by the fruit that he is producing! It won't change, it will only get worse. And it is time that the entire congress got a house cleaning!

    14. Leonard Daniel, Pete says:

      Democrats, Republicans, other classifications: It doesn't matter what your affiliation. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO EVICT THIS COMMNUNIST FROM OUR WHITE HOUSE? Are Americans too stupid to see what he is trying to do? Never in my 70+ years as a citizen and veteran, have I seen the "people" tolerate an attempt to rewrite the Constitution and change America into a Communist state. Did I and my brothers put our lives on the line all over the world for this? God will help us, but we also have to start the ball rolling. America, WAKE UP.

    15. freefred, Nicholasvi says:

      "does not require Senate confirmation" says it all. Obama will do anything he can to sidestep the legislative branch (and the judicial if it pertained) to incorporate as much of the Marxist, anti-capitalist principles he so dearly covets into our fading free society . I hope and pray that all we get is four years of him and that there is still a chance to restore this country to its former greatness.

    16. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Racism is alive and well in the obama administration. It seems to me that the dems and obama are driving a wedge in this society, racism and socialism are the devideing points. The Constitution is beinbg thrown to the side, may it rest in peace. We can only hope that we will survive this mess and get back to what made this country great. The mid-term elections are comeing, all must vote to stop this BS.

    17. Christopher Popham S says:

      Thirty plus czars or pseudo czars! Who or what gives the White House the right to appoint these

      people to 'high' positions, that are only answerable to the President? Is there not a law,

      which requires some degree of approval from the

      Senate and/or Congress, before a President can

      designate that many individuals to oversee every

      aspect of our economy and society? In the name of

      all that is supposedly sacred in our democratic

      system, what are we doing by allowing ANYONE in high office to take such liberties without Congressional oversight? Checks and balances comes to mind. And indeed, did all these

      appointees fill out the proper security questionnaires prior to taking office? What the

      heck is going on here?

    18. Ron Derry NH says:

      Since the sixties the onslaught of good intentions by socialists has brought to America; the destroyed Black family unit, the destroyed inner city economy, the destroyed moral financial responsibility of immigrants, the strangulation of all American families under increased financial pressure, the creation of the nanny state, the sponsorship of illegitimacy for financial gain, the moral decay of government, the continuing regression of education, insurmountable debt, and the last but not least the disrespecting and spitting on our constitutional frame work that was design around protecting the people and not the powers of government.

      My very own state of NH has, under the liberal socialist burden of deception has started breaking the back of small business, created an environment where more than 50% of our college grads are leaving the state to find greener pastures, put the state into millions of dollars of debt and dropped our states ranking to nearly last in the country, and refused to listen to the voters concerns as they wallow around at the state house inventing government burdens for all to be subjugated under so they can appear filled with compassion.

      Compassion requires defending value not eroding it!

      Socialist promise, on good intentions, a religious like salvation of hope, based on defrauding our constitution, the work ethic and fiscal responsibility, that in the end brings economic suffering and social burden to all accept elitist government invested pawns.

      This is supposed to be government by the people and for the people, not a coercion racket designed around government ingratiation upon the backs of the working class to subjugate at will and bandstand good intentions. All the while their motivation is to steal the thunder from every individual and allot its value to a voting blocks needed rhetoric come election day.

      One thing the Socialist Democrats bring is defeatism, destruction of value, debt and false hope based on their self absorbed desire to be religious leaders and not representatives of the American way of life as set forth by previous generations.

    19. Donna, Harrisburg, N says:

      Sadly, I fear it will make little difference whether or not Van Jones is a CZAR or not. He will still have close connections to the President and will still influence decisions. His resignation was a ploy to stop the vetting of his past by the American people.

    20. Angel, Ohio says:

      Van Jones will be out of the spotlight but he will not be out of commission. He will continue to work but in the background. Keep your eye on him — he will not go away just unnoticed.

    21. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      The rats of the world like Chavez sure like Obama, personally I prefer a President that those fools don't like. They are all vipers.

    22. John M. Dyess Sr. says:

      It think it is time for some influenctial person or organization to create a legal organization that would begin to challenge the constitutionality of these many and numerious Federal Regulations that clearly are outside the limits established by our Constitution. This orgainzation could be funded from donations and by asking patriotic Lawyers to donate time to this project.

      I see right wing commentators, talking the talk, selling books, but all they are doing is raising the issues to make a buck, shame on them. Talk is cheap, someone needs to stop putting their desire to exploit the current crisis, to make a profit, ahead of their patriotic duty to really do something to stop the Washington power grab.

      Someone needs to step up and legally challenge the people who are trying to rewrite our Constitution, and turn this country into a Socialist dictatorship. If some influential organization does not step up, our freedoms will be gone.

    23. Richard Chaffee, Med says:

      Where do the Zars come in or when did they come in. I just see this as the exutive branch getting around the other for more power. The EPA is the same thing, who do these non-elected officials answer to anyway. There would be a special prosicuter appointed if this was a Republican White House. Help us Lord, bring us back to what the founding fathers wanted not this.

    24. Liberty Voice, Tenne says:

      Look everyone, bottomline is that Obama is a communist. And remember the good old saying;

      "Birds of a feather flock together". Enough said.

    25. okiejim says:

      Thank you Mr. Chavez, but we do not need your help running our country. For you to say that President Obama is like you and needs your help only makes us more suspicious of your, and the President's motivations. The U.S. Constitution shall prevail in North America. What will prevail in South America?

    26. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      We are in a "Civil" war, to preserve our freedom from Communists who are grabbing power as fast as they can before those of us who will NOT live as slaves wake up to the eminent danger we are facing.

    27. Thor H. Asgardson--M says:

      While we are concentrating on the sins of the Left, let us not allow ourselves to be sucker-punched by the Council on Foreign Relations.

      "Let us face reality. The framers (of the Constitution) have simply been too shrewd for us. They have outwitted us. They designed separate institutions that cannot be unified by mechanical linkages, frail bridges, (or) tinkering. If we are to turn the founders upside down…we must directly confront the Constitutional structure they erected."

      James MacGregor Burns, Council on Foreign Relations member, 1984

    28. Thor H. Asgardson--M says:

      "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

      - George Washington

    29. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      What about Valerie Jarrett? As the Obamas' 17-yr. close advisor and confident who meets with the president on a daily basis and who, on live video, praises the likes of Van Jones in no uncertain words? Should she go? Hmmm. And where are the network newscasters or the columnists from the NY Times, The Washington Post, The WSJ, USA Today,etc.? Where else but inciting people to "dig up" any dirt they can about people who hold opposing views to theirs. So between the crazies in the WH and the crazies in the "mainstream" media, are we in the political zone where only crazies have a voice? Hmmm.

    30. sidney upsher...okla says:

      re the jones czar…he was not vetted… no need to …he was selected by high up in the obama administration…he is just what they wanted..he like others are far left in the mould of jeremy wright

    31. jim toledo says:

      The operations of the 'Czars' are dictated by Axerod and Obama and I think these guys are in place to simply develop the policies that will not only undermine the Constitution but to surplant it with the liberal agenda. Case in point, what 'green jobs' did Van Jones put in place, I think the answer is none, but, were monies doled out under the guise of green jobs. If the Republicans have no force to challenge these Czars or the positions, then it looks like we're stuck. I fear we haven't seen anything yet.

    32. James Cooke, Rockwal says:


    33. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Doesn't it occur to anyone that once Martial Law is declared and civil rights are suspended that you have to have a "government" in place that can "Rule"???

      To be brutally frank, I truly fear for our Republic and wonder whether there will be a 2010 election. And, yes the Czars are the "Shadow Government" ready to take the reins of a fascist dictatorship.

      For the first time in our history a group of people with absolutely no moral compass, an attitude of "rights" as to their ability to rule (not lead)are holding all the levers to all of the power and treasure of the United States of America. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LOSE THAT TO A MIDTERM ELECTION ONLY TWO YEARS INTO THEIR "RULERSHIP".

      Yes, the Czars are it.

      PC is Thought Control


    34. The_Gadfly says:

      I think the question isn't whether or not he should have been vetted, it is whether or not the position should exist at all, even if you were to assume Congress authorized it. I am unable to find a provision in the US Constitution that grants anyone in the federal government the power to mandate certain types of jobs be created within our economy.

    35. lawrence Varick says:

      The design of the founding fathers and the directives of the Constitution provide for the equal balance of power between the Executive,Judicial and Legislative(we Heritagers know that)

      Obama has changed the balance with his powerful Czars to the following:Executive 70%: Judicial 29%, and the wimps in Congress

      are not even using the remainder. The legislators can seize the power to stop this but they won't. If they don't do this: and anything happens to Biden, Chavez could be our next VP.

    36. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Ken Jarvis asks:

      Which (who) do YOU think is THE USA BIGGEST ENEMY?

      Answer: graduates of the Frankfurt School.

    37. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Speaking of Czars. The irony of a man with the name Dubois as Faith-Based Czar borders on the diabolical.

      PCis Thought Control


    38. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      Alert to Mr KEN JARVIS, Las Vegas: Has Obama done ONE(1) thing to encourage/promote/create private sector jobs in this country? Of course not! We can not drill for oil here but Obama gives Brazil $2,000,000 of our tax dollars so they can drill for oil(and a pay back to George Soros for his support!). And get a clue; government jobs are a DRAIN on the economy! All O has done is create a larger government!

    39. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      "Loyalty Oaths," mean nothing to Commies, just like free elections. It only matters who counts the votes, and that would be acorn.

    40. victor dulerain, new says:

      Guys, please get on-point! This article's title and the subsequent copy have precious little to do with one another. This country is floundering and is now on a yellow-brick-road to full blown black marxism – which, I believe, is just shy of the shennanigans Uncle Putin pulled off (read GQ magazine -the KGB are the ones who actually blew up the houses, not the Chechins, and one of the ministers, on monday, was ranting about a blast that would have happened that wednesday (strangely enough, his mike was duly cut off) TO GET HIMSELF ELECTED. If we (as the sane right) have any hope of turning this wondrous country back just before the guillotine comes down on our freedom-loving necks, the messages must be clear and concise. The carpet must match the drapes. "I mean what I say and I say what I mean " must be the mantra. This goes for everyone, including the Heritage Foundation.



    42. maegan, AL says:

      Although Van Jones may have resigned, we should still be worried because Obama's views are much the same.

    43. Michael - New York N says:

      Van Jones, Hugo Chavez, Ron Bloom, Hobble the CIA, Tax Increases, Czar after Czar, end runs around Congress, Deficit spending, wealth redistribution… if it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a socialist. this country better wake up ASAP. Thank God for the Heritage for trying to keep us America.

    44. Totally Discussed says:

      Which do YOU think is THE USA BIGGEST ENEMY?

      The man sitting in the Oval Office is the biggest threat to our Nation, then the two idiots in the House and Senate, Pelosi and Reid. Their actions reflect socialist leanings. Most Americans are starting to ask question and should these arrogant fools continue down this path they'll stink like last weeks spoiled milk. When 60% of the public stated they wanted to remove all of Congress and start over. This doesn't bowed well to the liberal liberal leaders in this Country. As the rest of the world tries to reverse there effects of socialism.

    45. Vested says:

      It's cutting the Obama administration too much slack to state that Van Jones "was never vetted". I prefer to believe that he was indeed vetted, at least as much as a czar is vetted, and thought to be suitable for the job I think this guy fits right in with the rest of the group but just is not smart or slick enough to keep his mouth shut and/or speak in "soothing, unthreatening" tones in public.

      Basically, we got what the electorate voted for – hope and change. I just hope the change doesn't destroy us.

    46. linda senich, 124 no says:

      i'm pretty sick of the bad press and lies about Obama — he was VOTED in because people wanted health care reform among other changes—-I'm sick of people preying on senior citizens and youth with lies that (1) obama is taking away there social security—where in the hell do they think medicare/medicade is coming from it should never be privatized thats the nightmare of managed care inviting someone-paying someone to steal money right off the top reducing everyones benefits and doing nothing but creating an income for a select few corporate insurance providers(and did I mention one of the largest CBHMP is owned by a chinese family oh i'm not bigoted but are they citizens or are they promoting a system that is counter productive to democracy—I hope he baggs all the "Bernie's"! you mean people don't want the president to stop these "Bernie's"—the president is telling them the truth tax payers in the present system are paying for things they never receive. (2) What president in the history of the united states did not speak to american youth about education—its expected for God's sakes so now people fueled by paranoia of propaganda from a failing few corporate raiders and the old boys network are so afraid now its become a wrong thing to promote education? bullshit!!! We are a world economy now whether we like it or not —if the president didn't take initiative to speak to the american public about getting an education we would be in BIG BIG BIG trouble.

      oh i wondered when it was going to start and so did everyone who had change and the best man for the job gets the job in their hearts—when was the old boy bully network going to start victimizing those who would be afraid the most into thinking the president is trying to promote a change that would not be in the best interest of the american public.

      i am outraged. absolutely outraged. isn't it treason to go against a president in the time of war. yeh freedom of speech is everything but respect should be due the good man we the people of the united states of america elected. united we stand divided we fall—-why should other nations perceive us as a weak and divided democracy. because thats the mentality of the middle east actually when the man of the house is not in charge we all little controllable kittens.

      -PRAYERS and good tidings be with the president and his family…you have yet to disappoint me. Linda Senich

    47. linda senich, pennsy says:

      you don't have an edit button—I’m pretty sick of the bad press and lies about Obama — he was VOTED in because people wanted health care reform among other changes—-I’m sick of people preying on senior citizens and youth with lies that (1) Obama is taking away there social security—where in the heck do they think medicare/medi-cade is coming from it should never be privatized that's the nightmare of managed care inviting someone-paying someone to steal money right off the top reducing everyone's benefits and doing nothing but creating an income for a select few corporate insurance providers. Managed care is a system that is counter productive to democracy—I hope he bags all the “Bernie’s”! you mean people don’t want the president to stop these “Bernie’s”—the president is telling them the truth tax payers in the present system are paying for things they never receive. (2) What president in the history of the united states did not speak to American youth about education—its expected for God’s sakes so now people fueled by paranoia of propaganda from a failing few corporate raiders and the old boys network are so afraid now its become a wrong thing to promote education? bull!!! We are a world economy now whether we like it or not—if the president didn’t take initiative to speak to the American public about getting an education we would be in BIG BIG BIG trouble.

      Oh I wondered when it was going to start and so did everyone who had change and the best man for the job gets the job in their hearts—when was the old boy bully network going to start victimizing those who would be afraid the most into thinking the president is trying to promote a change that would not be in the best interest of the American public.

      I am outraged. absolutely outraged. Isn’t it treason to go against a president in the time of war. Yeh, freedom of speech is everything but respect should be due the good man we the people of the united states of America elected. united we stand divided we fall—-why should other nations perceive us as a weak and divided democracy: because that's the mentality of the middle east actually when the man of the house is not in charge we all little controllable kittens.

      -PRAYERS and good tidings be with the president and his family…you have yet to disappoint me. Linda Senich

    48. Sandy Ward says:

      http://www.TheseSelfEvidentTruths.com to read a new declaration of independence. It left me speechless over the candid assessment of our current state of affairs as a Constitutional Republic.

    49. Sophie McKenzie says:

      I used to think the Heritage Foundation was circling the same sun as I, and cherished the same principles as I have all my life. However, it is clear to me now that you are simply interested in murdering every human being who does not agree with you. It is as clear to me as the God I pray to each day. You speak with a voice tinged with hatred. God is love. You are not.

      Go away from me. I am 92 years old and have seen more in my life than you have read about, or even can even think about. Go away from me. It is my time for love.

      In love and truth

      S. McKenzie

    50. Nancy Auburn GA says:

      President Obama is the scariest person in the United States today because he's surrounded by folks who think as he does. I've read everyone's comments here, and I've read the Heritage article. I beleive everyone has treated Obama with the respect he deserves. We are a republic, not a democracy and certainly not (yet) an oligarchy, although we are well on our way there. I beleive G.W. Bush paved the way for this administration and it certainly didn't fight hard enough to stop the Dems from ruining the housing industry by insisting on giving mortgages to those who would NEVER be able to pay them back. And, they're at it again with FHA loans. They pay lip service to credit and employment requirements, but it's all false. I'm so frustrated by the mainstream media mostly. Where are they? Why do they want this country to become socialist? Do they really think they'll have a place with the elites in Washington? Poor poor deceived fools.

    51. Pingback: We The People

    52. Joshua V says:

      Van Jones, Obama, Axelrod etc. etc. We have a full blown socialist/marxist/fascist group in this administration. Why does Hussein Obama want a Civilian National Security Force to the tune of 5 billion US $? Who could be the threat except all THOSE OF US WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE AND WHAT THEIR GOALS ARE for this country! This is no longer the old Democratic party, it's being radicalized at an alarming speed. People, don't just think this feels like a nightmare, it is a NIGHTMARE, UNLESS we stand up to THEM before our freedoms have been taken. This is not the time to be doubtful and hesitant any longer, this is the time to ask yourself if YOU WANT TO BE FREE IN THIS COUNTRY OR IF YOU ARE GOING TO BECOME A SLAVE TO THESE MARXIST/COMMUNIST/RADICALS?

      This is not about parties anymore. Far from it, if we allow this assault on the Constitution, our liberty, freedoms to continue without FIGHTING BACK TILL WE REGAIN ALL THAT THEY HAVE BEEN TAKING AND CONTINUE TO TAKE, we'll wake up SOON and realize that we've landed in a place that resembles the "famous" Siberian Prison Camps!

      FEAR NOT, take them on!

      The POWER BASE in Washington needs to be moved back to THE PEOPLE!

      Get to know WHO your FRIENDS are. More importantly, realize WHO and WHERE YOUR ENEMIES are!

      Be a Leader, protect the Constitution!!!

      Protect the freedom and the liberty that this country has stood for and paid for with the blood of all those who came before us!

      Take your gloves off, be vigilant, stand firm and support the truth.

    53. Joshua V says:

      Someone in Pennsylvania needs to press the "RESET" button and make an attempt to get in touch with reality. Get your facts straight!

    54. Jerry S. Dickinson, says:

      The Socialist timeline is crucial to their agenda. Mid term elections in 2010 can undermine this platform and erode any gain they have made. It is apparent We The People have no voice, either in Washington, Home states ar on our 'reresentatives' conscience's. Our power has been whittled down to our VOTE. They have been working to reduce that threat by diluting the impact of thoughtful, considered voters with as advertised voters. Forty plus percent of voting age Americans pay no income taxes. Not by loopholes, rather by no income(Thomas Sowell). The majority of these will vote for the candidate that will continue to provide them with means to live without working, and provide them icentives on election day to go vote.This strategy by definition is corrupt. We The People must realize our differences, agree to disagree on certain issues, agree to vote for the good of this Country and eliminate this impending catastrophe. They believe they have us beat. The population is so polarized they feel we cannot, or, will not come together for the common good. I believe they are wrong. We must free ourselves of these confining packages they have pushed us into, Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Republican, Black, Green, Democrat or whatever they think will work. Please see past this devisevness for what it is, a political ploy. Vote for the foundation of this country. Vote for the good of future generations. Re-Elect No One.

    55. Patriot Cat says:

      I have emailed every single US Senator and called all the Congressmen…more than once…but this last time, I asked each one if we still have a viable Constitution. I have not heard from them. I don't think we do. I think that with precedent set, we have abrogated Constitutional authority to the President and his administration. I don't see the need for both Houses of Congress to convene any more. No one has really pressed for Congressional investigations, for Supreme Court definitions of Presidential powers, for Congressional oversight, for the Fed to open its books, for the rest of the stimulus money to be put back into the coffers. When a sitting president can fire a private company's CEO with impunity and no one says a word, then as far as I can see, we're dead in the water. Too soon asleep…too late awake.

    56. Patriot Cat says:

      I don't know, I think this is off-topic, but I was just informed by the NationalAssociation of Realtors that there are some 'floaters' going on around Congress that have to do with Cap and Trade and Taxes and the need to put money in the Fed. Well, it seems that the mortgage interest that has traditionally been off-limits to the IRS as a tax deductible item is now on the table along with no deductions of sales taxes, states taxes, etc. In fact, the death tax and others seem to be going up. Has anyone else heard about this?

    57. Patriot Cat, Texas says:

      I don’t know, I think this is off-topic, but I was just informed by the NationalAssociation of Realtors that there are some ‘floaters’ going on around Congress that have to do with Cap and Trade and Taxes and the need to put money in the Fed. Well, it seems that the mortgage interest that has traditionally been off-limits to the IRS as a tax deductible item is now on the table along with no deductions of sales taxes, states taxes, etc. In fact, the death tax and others seem to be going up. Has anyone else heard about this?

    58. Don Strickland - Sor says:

      We have a congressional black caucus, hispanic caucus, etc. What we need is a Constitutional Caucus open to everyone of every race or background. The goal of the Caucus is simple. Support and protect the Constitution. Members should be able to vote out anyone who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Anyone not joining would be a sitting duck at election time.

      2nd comment – We know that 15 million of the 47 million are illegal aliens and 12 million are people that can afford insurance but won't pay for it. How many of the remaining 15 million are high school dropouts, drug dealers, prostitutes, criminals,etc who deserve no help? I suspect it would be 2/3 of that number. We hear that the Death Squad would elect to give health care to a young person over an old person. Why would a 24 year old, aids infected, drug addict or prostitute deserve health care before a 70 year old working scientist working on a cure for cancer? Why do they not talk about the makeup of the 15 million "unfortunates"?

    59. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Who really is Ken Jarvis?????

    60. Michael - New York N says:

      Grande emotion Linda, look at the current Polls….what the American people want is not what Obama has planned for us.

    61. Wil, Charlotte says:

      This is a little off the point, but some folks may not know that the Stimulus bill — The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 — contains the language requiring the creation of national medical records on every person in the United States by 2014 (Title XIII). If this can be blocked for constitutional reasons — invation of privacy, violation of the doctor/patient privilege — the nationalization of medicine would likely fail. I have notified my medical group that I do not want my records provided to the government, and I have suggested that they notify all of their patients that they will be required in the future to furnish their records to the federal government. If all medical groups notify all their patients, I expect the roof will blow off the government's attempt to take over U.S. medicine. Any lawyer out there have an opinion on the constitutionality of the government's gathering of medical records?

    62. John, Arizona says:

      Linda Senich: Another of the Kool Aide drinkers who thinks we have the savior in our midst and the horrible right wingers of the country don't like him, and won't give him a chance.

      Linda!!!! Wake up and see what's going on around you! If you voted for Obama because you thought he would try to destroy the USA and rebuild it in his (and his cronies) socialistic image, then you voted correctly. Real Americans want the America the founding father's envisioned. If you want socialism, the nice thing about the current United States is that you are free to leave and move to Sweden, Canada, England, or even Cuba.

      Why do you think people from around the world have been clamoring to come to the USA for many years? Because it's a socialist country where they won't have to work, and the government will support them? Or is it because the USA is the only place in the world where they can come to and aspire to success and greatness?

      Wake up Linda and see what's going on aroound you!!

    63. Janet Lure, New Jers says:

      The Regional Co-Ops–this may be off subject–but just to show you how bad it is–lets's look at reality–many folks in the northeast cannot afford the taxes on their income. Many of these folks are state & municiple employees who have LIFETIME health insurance for themselves & their spouses as long as the employee lives(talk about a life insurance policy). I know of several of them taking their $50,000 pensions & lifetime healthcare with them out of NJ. How they take their healthcare with them I don't know–but with a regional co-op it would seem they would have more transportability for their benefits that would not be effected by Obamacare where if my healthcare situation changes I move into the "public" or now the "regional" co-op. They get to keep their golden benefits no matter what. It would seem that this next edition of Obamacare is being written to cover federal, state, municipal & union employees so they will not be affected by the "change in terms" provision that would have forced them to give up their lifetime/spousal healthcare. What if the states & municipalities had contributed to SS and medicare instead of the union-based programs that are bankrupting our states, cities & towns. These folks, including Congress & state legislaters, city & town employees should have to pay taxes as income every year on their excessive benefits, their personal,business & property income taxes,including their gourmet dining room privileges, their free or government subdized haircuts and beauty treatments, their gyms, their steam rooms, their limos, their jets, their junkets, etc. Let them travel the same way we do–on commercial jet liners & let them stand in line, take their shoes off, be searched & sit on the tarmac if there's a delay–who made them kings & queens??? I guess we did & we're paying for it!!

    64. Bill G., Thurman, NY says:

      As Mr. Cooke of Texas asked, "What is their salary?"

      And who authorizes it? Does every President have this much spare change laying around? Or do the congresscritters, who deny responsibility for the czars, actually authorize the pay?

      What is their salary?

      What budget is it drawn from?

    65. Ken St Louis says:

      If congress had any -alls they'd tell Obuma that none of his czars can be on the feferal payroll because they weren't vetted thru congress. Unfortunately, our congress is controlled by fools, morons and dolts! We have now reached the point of no return because we have %0% or more of our peoople who are willing to be dependent on government!!

    66. Donald James, Arling says:

      The term "Czar" to describe WH appointees was first used extensively by the press in reference to President Reagan's drug policy adviser. It's a silly use of the term since the real historical Czars had vast and near absolute powers, whereas these WH so-called Czars have narrow, and somewhere between limited and no powers. The list is the article above is a real apples and oranges compendium. For example there are special envoys to regions and countries, a task specific job that has been used by many Presidents. Then there are the folks with very nebulous responsibilities for hugely broad subjects such as science, technology and information. These people sit in the OEOB with hardly any staff, budget or access to the President and hence little or no power. Why are they there? Political payoff to some person or group. Is this good? No. Is it new? Not really. Every administration, especially at the beginning, has lots of people to "take care of". It's true that the number of WH "special advisers" has grown (I think Bush had 12 "Czars") but in the past these people would have been stuffed in the Executive Departments. It's also true that Departmental appointees down to the Assistant Secretary level (but not the Deputy Assistant Secretary level) need Senate confirmation so there is some oversight, although the Senate's interest in most A/S appointments is pretty minimal. In sum, the proliferation of so-called "Czars" is worthy of criticism and whack jobs like Van Jones need to be outed and removed. But the idea that appointment of these people constitutes some vast power grab is real tin foil hat stuff.

    67. J. White says:

      CZARS???? My grandfather fled Lithuiania because of the Tsarist secret police. Why? Do you ask? Because my family in Lithuania was among the most famous writers. We apparently did not write what the Tsar's Kool-Aid drinkers liked..

      Does this sound familiar? It should- this would-be arrogant narcissist wants his way; when, so far he has been proven totally wrong about anything that he and his minyans have touched.

      The "Fairness Doctrine"??? The national Police Farce???? "Mandatory" healthcare?

      Wake up, America! Obama wants to be a dictator like his "bud" Hugo. This excuse for an American President has ignored the Constitution.

      He is not being held accountable for the scum with which he associated and, from all appearances, still does by appointing them. One IS known by the company one keeps.

      You say that Bush did, too? Maybe, maybe not, but he kept us safe. As for torture such as it was..Good! I and many others do not care a tiunker's damn so long as we gather the information that keeps this nation safe.

      Please remember that less than half voted for this person- IF the Conservatives had gotten over their hissy fit with the republicans et al, we might not be experiencing these insidious attempts to destroy capitalism in the USA, and personal freedom, etc.

      We fought for over 50 years against the self-same stupidity called "communism" wherein in that society, the ELITE lived enirely different lives than the regular person…….watch as Obama takes yet another vacation….now, is the picture of reality becoming more clear?

    68. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      By this time the majority of Americans have realized that we all have made mistakes in our appointing our variour poitions to office by the results that are apparent in most of our States and certainly in DC. What we all must push for are two things: Fist, replace those people one at a time at next election and every election thereafter; and secondly, all States who are not now Soveriegn Stes need to become so, and therefore only need abide by the Constitution and the Amendments of the United States of America and not the decisions of the fools in Washington DC!


    69. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Good Points!


    70. Robin Slay New Mexic says:

      Love the name CZAR or the orginal name TSAR. Definitions: 1. An emperor in Russia before 1917 2. A Tyrant or autocrat 3. somebody given authority, especially for dealing with a particular issue or problem.

      I'm appalled at the backgrounds and failure to obey laws of these CZARs. It is obvious that the President is in bed with these and is of the same ideology. When are we going to wake up America and throw these Anti American socialist, communists out???

    71. Pingback: Tom Friedman: Eco-Communist Wannabe « Prayer, News & Action

    72. Albert Roark says:

      Where did the idea for Czars in American Government come from? How much is our administration paying for them, their staff, operating costs ,etc.?

      Other than payment for services rendered, is there any reason to have them. I thought that we had a cabinet position, ambassadors, etc. to pay off political favors. Guess there just aren't enough spots for all the promised appointees, huh?

      Are all these appointments constitutional?

      One would think that any appointee should undergo an in-depth background check. That a committee should review the appointee's credentials/qualifications and then and only then be allowed to fill the post.

    73. cookie corej- michig says:

      All of these people are appointed CZARS, because they would probably not pass the confirmation process. The president has chosen to set his own rules for who serves in the government. I can't believe that there are no competent people currently serving in areas that had CZARS appointed who were not more qualified for the jobs. If they are not qualified ,that says we have a lot of government workers who are of such poor quality, that they should not be promoted. If that is the case we should be making massive cuts to our government staff.

      We all know however that our president plays by the rule book that says reward those who put me in my job even if they are not qualified.

      How many more Czars will be appointed before the electorate says stop!

      Where are the politicans in Washington who should be saying all CZARS must pass the confirmation process.? Too many of them are looking the other way and hoping for contributions for their upcoming elections.

      All US citizens should be paid back for having to tolerate the sham of the elected politicans in Washington. No laws are being passed that I am in favor of, nor of my contemporaries.

    74. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      If you know enough about history, such as the ideas, goals, and consequences (however disguised and even denied for political expedience) of those for unleashed government and subservient or limited people, from the absolute rulers in history such as kings and czars, to emperors, to Communists, Fascists, Socialists, and other so-called "Progressive" government elitists and statists to this day, then you not only both instinctively and historically know why both the word "czar" and those such as Obama's "czars", (no matter what their official titles and when the first of their positions was started before Obama), represent yet another government elitist and statist threat and force against our freedoms, prosperity, and security as individuals and as a the United States of America.

      Indeed such "czars" are a means for such so-called "Progressive" elitists as Obama to bypass, circumvent, and undermine the Constitution, and even Congress, and ignore and defeat the voice and the will of the people.

      Altogether, this means that we know enough to be afraid…be very afraid, and so again it is as Thomas Jefferson said (Quote): “When people fear the government there is tyranny, but when the government fears the people there is liberty”.

      So now the only question is: Will we, the people, choose to be afraid like sheep to the slaughter by tyranny, or will enough of us now finally prove ourselves brave (which is not the absence of fear, but is instead acting in spite of it), brave enough to rise up to fight and defeat the government elitists and statists, such as Obama and his Comrades, in order to save what remains of our freedoms, prosperity, and security as individuals and as the United States of America?

    75. Bill, San Antonio TX says:

      Dear Linda Senich,

      There is no need to get so emotional.

      Everything will work out, my fellow American.

      By the way, were you this adamant about defending the Office of the Presidency when George Bush was there? What about calling him a fascist and other derogatory terms?

      We may have differing viewpoints and detest what many of us see as the systematic dismantling of our liberties, but we still have freedom of speech. I respect your rights.

    76. bobetta, ct says:

      Why aren't Congress or the Senate rejecting the President and the people that mentor him?: John Holgren…forced abortion/population control; Cass Sunstein….animal rights…read his book "Nudge" forcing farmers to lose cattle, resulting from depletion of water, starving the population, nudge by nudge…..; Mark Lloyd, a Marxist, who will regulate the FCC/media, who is a Chavez mentor; Valerie Jarrett, Obama's personal advisor, who's father worked with Frank Marshall Davis (Communist) and who mentored Obama throughout his upbringing. These are the left wing radicals (Obama included) attempting to overthrow the government through Healthcare as a front of control. These are radicals like no other. Acorn, Apollo, Storm, SEIU, etc. all radical Obama puppets. We need to rid our Government of this radical corruption once and for all…The President has breached his oath to uphold the Constitution and should be impeached.

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    78. Arby, Baltimore says:

      "Yet agreement that planning is necessary, together with the inability of democratic assemblies to produce a plan, will evoke stronger and stronger demands that the government or some single individual should be given powers to acton on their own responsibility. The belief is becoming more and more widespread that, if things are to get done, the responsible authorities must be freed from the fetters of democratic procedure."

      – F. A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

    79. lee 1233 salado tx 7 says:

      There should be no doubt in my fellow Americans minds that the self appointed ruling class of our nation that resides within the DC Beltway have lost their collective way. We stand at the brink of the beginning of the end of our elected representative Republic. Our constitution is in rags being continually ignored by the congress and the supreme court. Hard core term limits are essential. Our founding fathers never contemplated the destructive nature of career politicians. FDR so frightened the nation with the prospects that he would become our nations first dictator that congress passed legislation setting two terms and out for the elected office of president. This legislation should be amended as follows: representatives serve a maximum of 6 two year terms; senators serve a maximum of 2 six year terms; Supreme Court Judges not appointed for life by mandatory retirement at age 75. Law degrees are not recognized by father time as immunity from the ravages of time. Any candidate for public office who receives contributions from outside the geographical area for which he is running is automatically disqualified. All contributions shall immediately be made public. Failure to do so shall disqualify the candidate. It is required by law that every US citizen obtain a Social Security Card as part of their qualifications to be employed. Logic dictates that this form of identification shall be expanded as a requirement for voter identification. If its acceptable as identification for employment and tax paying it should be acceptable for voter identification. All appointed and elected federal officials shall annually attend six hours of classes in which federal sitting judges shall clearly define the term "ILLEGAL" and how this term is to be used in enforcing our immigration laws.

      Currently, the DC Beltway crowd have no concept of "ILLEGAL" as it applies to our immigration laws. lee1233

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