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  • Fact Checking the White House Video: Why Millions of Americans Will Lose Their Private Coverage

    The White House’s assertion that you’ll be able to keep your health insurance if you like it is wrong given the incentives built into the House and Senate bills (i.e., employer mandates and creation of a government-run health plan). Companies will find it easier to pay a tax or fine and dump their employees out of their existing private coverage and onto a public plan or other alternatives. And it won’t just be the health insurance options that are limited.

    Under current legislation, the government would have the authority to determine the benefit packages that Americans get, from medical treatments and procedures to drugs and devices. These decisions would be determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services and an advisory committee on benefits. At the end of the day, Americans will get what the government decides they can receive in terms of health benefits.


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    16 Responses to Fact Checking the White House Video: Why Millions of Americans Will Lose Their Private Coverage

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      Linda Douglass had a slight tongue to lip action when she said "not fewer choices." She's a liar covering something up?

      The government will regulate the insurance companies needlessly and force them to close.

      Think of all the control and power over the people the government will have when the people are forced to hand over personal health care! The government has proven to be what they are, by all they run…IGNORANT AND POWER HUNGRY AND CORRUPT! Free markets work for the people, government doesn't!

      Don't give in REPUBLICANS. We know what their agenda is and so do you! KEEP US FREE!

    2. Greg Zotta says:


      President Barack Hussein Obama wants to overhaul the nations healthcare system, because of the so-called 50 million uninsured Americans, and stated he is open to requiring all Americans to buy health insurance. (What about the illegal immigrants?) The estimated costs would be $1.5 trillion over the next ten years. When asked about the costs he had no new solutions to that problem except to say he’d cut costs through such measures as managing chronic diseases and avoiding unnecessary tests and hospital readmissions. Sounds like rationing care and controlling lifestyle to me.

      Obama wants it to be done by October. What he is saying is, Let’s hurry up and get this thing done before the people realize what this is all about and that is “Control.” The loss of freedom, you will be told what you can do, what you can eat etc. because it will be tied to healthcare.

      Professor Stuart Altman of Brandeis University attended the hearings in the Senate Finance Committee on health-care reform and he reluctantly stated why waste money on in depth treatment for people who won’t live long anyway? In other words he is saying old people go home and die.

      President Obama appointed Dr. Thomas Frieden as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Obama stated Frieden has been a leader in the fight for healthcare reform, and he led the campaign to ban smoking and trans-fats from New York City restaurants. He has been in at the forefront of the fight against heart disease, cancer, and obesity, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS, and in the establishment of electronic health records. Making it easier to keep tabs on people and thus control their lives, (no soda or sugary foods for you).

      To pay for Obamacare he wants to put the squeeze on doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals. Taxes on beer, wine, liquor, and tobacco would go up. Soda and other sugary drinks and cereals would also be taxed because they lead to obesity. The idea behind the proposed increases is to tax lifestyle choices that contribute to rising medical costs. Controlling our lives!!

      Government run Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt. We do not need the government to run the healthcare system.

      The United States has the greatest healthcare system in the world. Sure it needs to be fine-tuned but we do not need socialized medicine or universal healthcare (Obamacare). I urge everyone to contact their representatives in government and have them oppose this government takeover of the healthcare system.

      Greg Zotta

    3. Tom Iowa says:

      Lies and more Lies. If the lies don't work, lets try scare tactics. For instance, US Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa stated on August 26th at a Health Care Reform forum in Waverly, Iowa that, QUOTE

      ( For all of you who want to defeat health care and see no changes, you'll get what you want. You'll get $25,000 individual premiums in a few years for health care. I don't know a lot of families in the 1st didtrict of Iowa that can afford that.) This quote was take from the Sunday August 20th 2009 Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

      Nice to know that the Democrats are giving us all the true facts.Huh?

    4. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      This President and his mob are out to ruin this country and be in control. Our freedoms are beng eroded one by one and he is aligning himself with people like Chavez. We need to be united in this revolution to protect not only Our country but Our Constitution. I suggested yesterday and will again today, buy or print out several copies of the Constitution, especially the preamble, and send a copy to your house REp, Senator and Obama, they might readit and figure out what they are doing is illegal.

    5. Tom Iowa says:

      Sorry.. Wrong date on the Courier article. It was the August 30th 2009 issue. Not the 20th.,. Typo.

    6. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Folks, it's simple, they told us wanted they wanted in the bill, all 1000 plus pages of it.

      They still want all those things but will lie to us now to get their foot in the door.

      Can we really believe anything they say to us about health care, cap and trade, Acorn, EPA? Actually you can, if you pay attention and listen closely they will tell you the truth about what they are really after. Thanks to Van Jones, we now what they are really after…Our freedom!

      We need to get back to a balance of power as soon as possible.

      Viva la 2010!

    7. Cynthia, Hampton, NH says:

      We Americans have basically good "gut instincts". We know that any form of government-controlled enormous, ponderously complex, labyrinthine bureaucracies, run by "appointees", most likely partisans, will, sooner rather than later, control every detail of the most intimate areas of our bodies and our lives.

      Most of us agree that there are some narrow areas within the health care delivery industry which need some refinement, quickly and easily solvable by means of the free market. Real competition will be between insurance companies, able to compete across State borders, not with a government "option". However, we must not destroy the entire system to alleviate the problems.

      Here's an analogy: on Labor Day, there was a story in the news about the discovery of a crack in the Golden Gate Bridge which urgently needed to be repaired. While the repairs were being made, they closed the bridge to all traffic. HOWEVER… they did not demolish the entire bridge! They set about repairing the crack, and only the crack. They did not destroy it to fix it!

      We have totalitarians throughout this Administration. As such, they are meddlesome, utopian busybodies. They want to exercise parental authority over the Citizens of this country. George Washington said that the "protector of the Constitution is the People." This is what we are seeing in Tea Parties, Town Hall meetings and various rallies around the country.

      We KNOW what the end-result would be of total government control of the health care system:

      A government big enough to "give us" everything, is powerful enough to take everything away, beginning with our Liberty and Privacy.

    8. NEAL says:


    9. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      Even if Obama gives me the same health care/insurance plan that he, his family and other federal government employees now have, I still don't want it. I don't want it because it will be GOVERNMENT OWNED and OPERATED and DECISIONS ABOUT ME AND MY HEALTHCARE WILL STILL BE IN THE HANDS OF GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS.

      This president is an inveterate liar which means he lies continually. His main objective is to achieve total power and control. Don't allow yourselves to be seduced and deceived by his smile, his charming demeanor or his seductive speech. He's going in "for the kill" and the reward is our LIVES and our FREEDOM.

    10. Spencer Peters, Cars says:

      Germany tried National Socialism in the 1930's and what did that get them…Hitler, the Nazis and WWII!!!

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    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Of course all Americans will lose their private medical coverage! Right here in Oregon it starts next month. Our State is adding a 2% tax on all premiums paid by employers to help pay for the uninsured! In this State over 90$ of or employers are less than 20 employees and with a net profit marging of around eight percent. Most all of them will drop the benefit of medical coverage for their employees and let the State pay for it! The trick is, the State of Oregon has no money!

      The same thing will happen on a grander scale with the US Government Helth Care System! The trick there is the same, the Feds have no money!

    13. Ron, Oregon says:

      Obama sucks. His plans suck. He is a narcissist and he has to go! The sooner the better before he totally destroys the country I love. I took an oath. He took an oath. I uphold mine. When will he start?

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