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  • The Obama Administration's Version of Immigration Reform

    As widely noted, President Barack Obama has comprehensive immigration reform on his 2010 legislative agenda. Given the policy changes made during his first nine months, it is clear that President Obama sees reform through the prism of perceived Hispanic votes and union payback.

    First, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano changed the worksite raid policy of deporting illegal immigrants caught during raids to giving those illegals temporary work permits to cooperate with DHS. Beyond the legal weakness in buying cooperation, does anyone really believe that the illegals released with work permits will hang around and face deportation once the case is resolved? The history of the “catch and release” program — ended by President George W. Bush in 2005 — unequivocally demonstrates that illegals will move to another city or state and resume their illegal activities. By effectively ending the “detention and removal” policy, Secretary Napolitano has only put back in place one of the incentives illegals had in coming to America; namely, an all bark and no bite enforcement regime.

    Next, Secretary Napolitano added onerous new requirements to the Section 287(g) program that is used by state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law. The new requirements place unnecessary handcuffs on state and local law enforcement and make the attractiveness of the Section 287(g) program far less so. Instead of having the guts to kill the program outright, the Obama Administration will kill it by removing the utility of it for state and local law enforcement. By removing another disincentive to illegal coming to America, the Obama Administration is sending a strong message to those contemplating coming here illegally that once they get across the border, they are a free as a bird.

    Then, in its discussion with interested groups on immigration, the Obama Administration held a one-sided conversation with only groups who support granting amnesty to the 12 million illegals currently in America. Despite being one of the nation’s top thought leaders on the issue of immigration, no one from Heritage or any of the other groups who oppose amnesty received invites to the White House gathering. So much for bipartisanship and Obama’s alleged interest in hearing from both sides of the debate.

    Finally, we now learn that the pro-illegal immigrant Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, is making it even harder for agricultural employers to use existing legal visa programs to hire workers. Secretary Solis wants to require higher pay and add additional steps for employers to show that they could not find Americans for the jobs. While we agree that American jobs should first go to Americans and those already here legally, the current policy that required employers to attest that they had searched for qualified Americans hasn’t been shown to be ineffective. Unions, not surprisingly, support these changes. Instead of reducing the avenue for legal migration, the Obama Administration should be expanding the legal avenues for those who want to come to America to work.

    All of these policy changes clearly signal that immigration reform under the Obama Administration means amnesty, fewer visa users, and a return to a set of incentives that encourage those thinking of coming to America illegally to cross the border or overstay their visa. This means we will be debating whether to give the next 12 million illegals amnesty in twenty years just as we are twenty years after the 1986 amnesty. For real reform, see out report “Controlling Illegal Immigration: State and Local Government Must Do More.”

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    44 Responses to The Obama Administration's Version of Immigration Reform

    1. Maggie says:

      If Obama thinks health care debates got intense, wait until he tries to condone 20 million criminals and their families as citizens. It won't work. Citizens are sick of the Democrats socialistic "spread the wealth around" deals with unions attitude. Obama is not only a one termer, I would expect a lot of Democrats to loose their jobs over illegal immigration and health care. They could and do care less about the American people. For some reason they seem intent on giving away our rights to those that would steal identities, social programs and only contribute kids to the overall aspect of American lifestyle. NO NO NO NO NO

    2. michael says:

      stop being so negative, illegals only want to work, deport the criminals and give legalization to the honest ones.

    3. Eugene, New York says:

      " no one from Heritage or any of the other groups who oppose amnesty received invites to the White House gathering."

      Lol! and who cares that you weren't invited. Big deal! Oh my God! Heritage wasn't invited! Guys Just think for a sec, that noone really intelligent cares for what you in Heritage think. The dog can keep barking but the people will be walking by and smiling. Amnesty to 12 million of future american citizens!

    4. Joseph, California says:

      I support immigration reform and I hope it will pass this time around.

    5. Tom Powell says:

      Upon the Amnesty program completion, these 12 – 20 million will be added to the already overburdened Health Care system.

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    7. Norski, MN says:

      According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Report released on September 4, 2009:

      Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations – Unemployment Rate = 15.6%

      Construction and extraction occupations – Unemployment Rate = 17.0%

      Production occupations – Unemployment Rate = 15.1%

      Transportation, material moving occupations – Unemployment Rate = 11.8%

      Service occupations – Unemployment Rate = 10.0%

      Total Unemployed Citizens and Legal Residents of the USA = 14,928,000

      In addition:

      Persons who currently want a job but are not included in the unemployment figures because they have not looked for a job in the last month = 5,609,000

      Estimated number of Illegal Immigrants working in the USA = 7,500,000


      Management, professional, and related occupations – Unemployment Rate = 5.4%

      Those who say that Illegal Immigrants are just doing jobs that Citizens and Legal Residents will not do cannot read statistics.

    8. dianne, kansas says:

      In 2010 the national unemployment rate will be over 10%, with the true rate approaching 20%. The American citizenry will be none to happy with granting amnesty to people who have been in this country depressing their wages, taking their jobs and reaping the benefits of our education system and health care system.

      Don't even think there won't be a massive fight over this one.

    9. Jose says:

      Well, I believe that calling the 12 million illegal immigrants, criminals is more of a racist statement. I believe in the reform, and that it will work. There are many Americans whom immediately jump into conclusions when they hear the phrase "Immigration Reform", without truly knowing what it really is about!

      Many of them have pride in being American, without knowing what the word "American" really means. In my opinion, you have the right to say you are American and be extremely proud, if you or anyone in your family is Soldier, Police Officer, Fire Fighter, or a Veteran. Otherwise everyone else is just Lucky! All lucky to be born in this Grateful Country, and I believe that someone who has betrayed their home country and risked their life to be a part of the country is more American than any of the Lucky folks!

      Of course, but when the immigration reform does takes place I wouldn’t want any Felons or True criminals to remain in the country either! However I am sure that with the proper background checks, the INS will separate those who truly want to be in this country and those will be given a chance.

    10. maria, MA says:

      I agree with the comment that we need to get this done and it should be this year. Every day that we leave this major issue "out there" it leads to more problems. Avoidance does not work. Let's face the issue and get reform done.

    11. John shaw says:

      Ok Dianne If you think illegals take jobs I would really love to see you work out in the field farming… Yea I thought so you won't I'm a U.S born citizen and I support it because I have to hire legals who don't give a damn about the job and take it for granted as for illegals who I know are hard workers because I do have friends who are here illegally.. And no I don't hire illegals.

    12. Albert campbellsvill says:

      No jose this is not a country of racists, it is a country of laws.To name but a few you enter the coutry with permission,you have a drivers license and insurance,you dont drink and drive,you dont beat your wife and kids,you dont join a gang and terrorize the streets,you dont smuggle drugs,you do pay taxes.how would mexicans or cubans like it if millions of say french,just showed up and drained resources and changed the culture,not much I guess.

    13. Steve, L.A. says:

      I agree with most of the Heritage's analysis above, especially the part about the Obama administration effectively gutting immigration enforcement and promoting mass amnesty.

      It's unbelievable that the Obama administration (whom many people mistakenly believe care about unemployed working class Americans) would push amnesty for millions of illegal foreign workers when unemployment in the U.S. is now at a 26-year high. Mass amnesty would have been terrible public policy in 2006, 07 when the economy was supposedly strong; mass amnesty would be even more terrible now with the economy in the tank. This is why grass roots Americans must again make their voices heard and fight this insanity.

      I must disagree, however, with the Heritage's belief that the "Obama Administration should be expanding the legal avenues for those who want to come to America to work." Our country already admits over 1 million (legal) immigrants annually (in addition to the 11-20 million illegal aliens which includes about 8 million illegal workers). Again, with unemployment at a 26-year high, 15 million Americans out of work, and millions more underemployed, we should reduce the number of legal entrances in addition to stopping illegal entrances and visa overstays.

      Otherwise, keep up the good work Heritage!

    14. Mary colorado says:

      There is no legal way of knowing how many illegals are out of a job in this economy. They CANNOT file for unemployment.Its federally funded.

    15. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      It is not racist to demand that laws be inforced. What part of illegal do people not understand? Come here legally and there is no problem. Serve honorably in our Armed Forces and immediate citizenship should be granted after 4 years of service.

      What would you say to the millions who are overseas, such as in the Philippines, that wait as long as 10+ years to enter this country LEGALLY,depending on their status? Because they cannot swim across the Pacific I guess it is tough luck for them.

      No, there is no racism involved at all. I am for a verified workers program. But how can we verify anybody when this administration will not enforce the laws in effect?

      In case anyone hasn't noticed, there is a global struggle against Islamic Extremist Butchers going on. Is that depiction racist also, when those extremists would kill anyone who does not accept Islam?

      Don't worry, this administration and congress will further weaken our borders and all illegal aliens will somehow be granted citizenship. Then in 20 years we can do this all over again.

    16. true american patrio says:

      89% of true amercan citizens for legalising illegals as soon as this fall!

      according to a latest poll by Rasmussen

    17. Sooze, Evanston, IL says:

      It's disturbing to find articles that come anti-immigrant organizations which, by virtue of writing them, would have us believe that they are part of the conservative mainstream. They are NOT. By and large, when you read stuff like the article above, the "statistics" and arguments are, at best, taken out of context and at worst, flipped inside out and upside down. Check out the Southern Poverty Law Center's reports on John Tanton, FAIR, and the Center for Immigration Studies, the "think tank" from which these pseudo arguments come. Democracy means freedom of speech, but publishers must select material that is credible since everything that comes across their desks cannot, logically, be printed. Does ILW really need to be educated that they are giving conservative credence to a racist, white supremacist hate group? IF so, that's regrettable!

    18. Sooze, Evanston, IL says:

      Interesting how ILW is willing to subject "comments" to "approval" and "moderation",

      while, in the alleged pursuit of "freedom of speech" the publisher will encourage the pseudo-conservatism of white supremacist hate groups — three articles in recent months. It's a puzzlement!

    19. Tom (the border cros says:

      I think not only are heritage's views extremely WRONG when it comes to immigrants, but as displayed in this article, thier cunning analasis aims to sway people in the middle of the issue to believe that the Obama Administration has actually PLANNED to be sloppy about immigration. Come on, no president can take full control of ALL people who enforce or enable enforcement, in the first year of entering the Oval Office.

      Most Americans can't fathom the mind numbing pain and suffering that mexicans endure just LIVING in a poor country that rewards thieves and criminals, and laughs at the efforts of honest hard workers. How many of you know that middle- class mexicans make about $50 dollars a week? Yes, they save a little with groceries and housing… but some of them live in shacks or mud houses without a toilet or running water to make up for the offset. We all make sacrifice for our children's future, but you cannot imagine what little some have. I don't remember the U.S. ever announcing to the world that if you come here illegally, we will tear apart your marriage, send your newborn baby to a foster home, wait for 10 + years or we send you to jail if you try to come back again. Well that is exactly how they have been enforcing these unfair laws. Ask some of the Latino residents of Arizona. I myself had to move to the border to live with my wife and son. My wife cannot even file ANY papers to enter the USA until 2018, just because she entered the US twice illegally. NO, she didn't get caught or deported either. Why so harsh? BECAUSE WE WERE HONEST TO THE EMBASSY. We wanted to live without fear, and tried to get her a visa. I am a US citizen, and so is my son. Everybody is always so stunned when I tell them. This is because latinos don't speak up enough about family seperation, and groups like Heritage are doing anything and everything to silence them for "culture & self preservation"'s sake. Back in the old days it was called racism. Cultures are not going anywhere, stop being afraid. Instead, just take pride in YOUR OWN culture. The strength of EACH group's efforts to make a better life is the machine that has kept this country productive and kept the dream of The Land Of The Free alive. Together, as a nation of immigrants, and of FAIR laws, we can one day come to the revelation of the injustices we have committed against illegal aliens and thier families.

      Deuteronomy 27:19

      "Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"

    20. Albert campbellsvill says:

      Tom,what gives all 6 billion people in the world the right to our welfare,health care,jobs,education,roads,and other gov services.Tell us how we can afford this.It is the mexican people's fault that corruption and violence rule their land.What happens in my house is my responsibility.We do Gods work we have helped 10's of millions of mexicans and others.We need to get our house in order,in case you havent noticed we are losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month and running trillion $ deficits.Wading across the rio grande and dropping a baby should not be your golden ticket,breaking the law should not be rewarded.Please no more economic refugees.

    21. Norski, Minnesota says:

      To Sooze, Evanston, IL – What do the founders of FAIR, CIS, Planned Parenthood, a current Presidential Advisor, and those who labeled themselves "Progressives" in the past have in common? They all at one time made statements favorable to the eugenics movement that the SPLC has now branded as a “hate group". While condemning FAIR and CIS, the SPLC says nothing about Planned Parenthood being a "hate group", nor does it label the Obama Administration or Progressives as "hate groups". Why is that?

      To Jose – Your whole premise that Americans who are simply born here are “life’s lottery winners” is a fraud. Our parents and their parents before them worked their butts off to give us this wonderful country. Not Mexican parents, or Central American parents, or European parents, or parents living anywhere else in the world. And we owe it to our children to pass on what our parents gave to us better than how we received it. Every other country and people in this world had the same choice we have had, to build for the future or tear down for the present. Americans have chosen to build for the future. Like the children’s story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, there are those “Goldilocks” who look at all that has been build for the future in America and see only that which they want to take for themselves. Your premise that we are the winners of life's lottery disrespects everything our parents did for us and everything we are doing for our children.

      To Tom (the border crosser) – You really should check your facts before you quote them. According to Mexican Government statistics the average worker in Mexico makes about $5.00 per hour, not $50 per week. And also, in case you did not know the Mexican Government controls prices on many necessities and estimates that 13.1% of the population lives below the poverty line versus 12% in the USA according to the US Government. As to your personal situation, you have my sympathy. Back in 1996 a “comprehensive reform” meant to discourage rampant illegal immigration re-classified cases such as yours from being amicably resolved in an immigration court to having a ten year ban because too many people where gaming the system. So in effect, you can thank the rampant law breaking that illegal immigration has become for you problems.

    22. Saad, TN says:

      Its so funny to read the negative comments, I am just wondering if these people ever bothered to dig in to their own grand grand grand parents lives, who most probably were in the same situation which we are talking about now "Illegals"!.

      Now if you give legal status to illegals what you and the gov't will gain:

      #1 Each person willing to become legal will have to pay previous and new Tax = more Tax to Federal Gov. which can result in to more programs for citizens

      #2 Each person willing to become legal will have to pay social security which in one way will help to pay more money to other programs specially broken jail system !

      # 3 intensive back ground check will result in deporting criminals and keeping the good people.

      Legal citizen who are waiting on their green card are more than 12 Million they contributing to social security while they dont even know if they will get the green card some day or not, so its free money to your own social security program from more than 12 million legal.

      As for calling illegal and their families as criminals, it shows these people dont have any Idea about this subject, they just commenting without thinking, and want to say anything to insult illegal as they not even human being.

      Actually what most of you dont even know that there is a green card lottery program(green card lottery DV program, (Google it) where 50,000 people from different countries can win green card lottery through the this program. My suggestion is, instead of bringing people from out side and give them green card and try to fingd them jobs, why dont they us these 50,000 green card towards illegals who are already in the country and contributing.

      As for people who says "unemployment in the U.S. is now at a 26-year high" Its not Obama's Administration fault. This problem belong to the previous administration you elected not once but twice and let them screw up the country for 8 years and suddenly now you crying and want every thing perfect!

      And just for the information U.S was build by immigrants!

    23. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Dear Saad, TN

      You have obviously never heard of Ellis Island.

      Further, my point stands. Our President says we are a nation of laws and, then, government officials prevent other officials from enforcing the law. Please tell me how that makes sense? So, we are supposed to be selective in enforcing and protecting our borders?

      Lastly, if you understand American history, you would know that people were checked by custom officials as they got off boats. And, there were not many people coming across the borders of the Southwest, because it was a godforsaken miserable place to live, let alone survive.

      Switzerland and other countries control their borders. I wonder why that is? Cross into N. Korea or Iran and see what welcome awaits.

    24. steve says:

      heritage foundation should change its name to nazi foundation. you should be ashamed of yourself.

    25. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Dear Steve,

      I'm sure it took great analysis and skill to point out your description of the Heritage Foundation.

      Keep following HF because the truth shall set you free.

      Have a nice day my fellow American.

    26. Norski, Minnesota says:

      To Saad, TN – The U.S. is not a "country built by Immigrants". The reality is the foreign born population of the U.S. has NEVER been more than 15% of the total Population. Clear back to the Revolution America has always been a nation built by the Native Born with help from immigration, not a nation built by immigrants.

      So far as "blame Bush" you should in fact be saying "blame Clinton and Bush and blame Obama for a continued lack of action". The problem of inaction on Illegal Immigration is a well honed tradition through all three Presidents. And for your information in the past we have proven four times that excessive immigration leads to excessive unemployment and an excessive recession. And today we are busy proving it a fifth time thanks to Illegal Immigration. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      This also ties in with your claim that 12 million Illegal Immigrants (7 million of whom are working) will somehow save Social Security. This flies in the face of reality. Why? Because for all of the last decade unemployed Americans with similar skill sets to working Illegal Immigrants have always outnumbered working Illegal Immigrants by millions. To see this all you have to do is check the Bureau of Labor Statistics historical data. So for years we have had millions of Americans sitting on unemployment contributing nothing to Social Security and tax revenues yet expecting to collect Social Security upon retirement and other government benefits in the meantime. While Illegal Immigrants who took their jobs under the table at lower wages contribute less to Social Security and tax revenues and contributing to the current Social Security run to insolvency. The immutable law of supply and demand also states that too much labor results in falling wages, which in turn is a big recessionary force as funds available for discretionary spending fall. Thanks to this message from Economics 101 we could just as easily blame your support for Illegal Immigration as a cause for the recession as we can "blame Bush".

    27. MANNY, CANADA says:


    28. Albert campbellsvill says:

      Technically we are all immigrants,Things were very different 125 years ago,so just drop that point.Covicts,deadbeat parents,welfare reciepients,or comunity service people could pick produce,so drop the only take unwanted jobs point.none of your points are valid.they have absolutly no right to just show up and start taking.

    29. Bobbie Jay says:

      Manny, look at the real history book.

      If the laws were enforced, illegal immigrants wouldn't be here. If they came over for a better life, why are they burdening others financially? costing the taxpayers millions? Why do they go out of their way to get pregnant and deliver their children here?

      Illegals are abusing us! And so is the goverment by providing to them all they demand.They don't do for themselves as previous immigrants. They play dumb for more funding.

      Immigrants are great when they come to this country to assimilate. The majority aren't and the government is putting their costs on us.

      We want to live free, we assumed that's why immigrants come here. The costs of their lack of will to live independently at their own expense is tearing this country apart.

      What is observed is immigrants are here for a free ride and government is making sure they get it with our money! Spoil the child and spare the rod. Yes. I blame much on government.


      Who created documentation for everyone in the world to be able to CHOOSE to come here to assimilate and live by the principles established.

    30. kristina harper says:

      I don't agree that we should kick all illegal immigrants out, but I do agree there should be a better system for immigration so that those who do stay have to move towards legal status. Only those that don't comply should be deported and there should be stricter laws towards those trying to come in. I have a friend whose family has gone through hell to get legal citizenship and to me total amnesty with no reprecussions is spitting in the face of those who toiled, spent thousands and put up with crap to gain thier citizenship no matter how messed up the system is.

    31. Bill San Antonio says:

      Dear Manny from Canada,

      Peoples have always "taken" land from other people. The strong survive and today is no exception. What do you think the struggle for global control during WWII and the Cold War was all about? You and everyone else ought to be glad the Germans, Japanese, Chinese, and/or Soviets did not prevail. Those countries would have snuffed out people like you and I by the tens of millions.

      How far back in history do you want to take that argument about conquest? I suppose it would have been better if the Spaniards had never conquered the Aztecs? I'm quite certain the neighboring indigenous Indian tribes who were under Aztec rule would agree as their people had their hearts cut out,their women were enslaved, and tribute was demanded.

      American Indians were hunters and gathers to a large degree. They fought and killed each other long before Europeans arrived – usually, for better land, water, – hunting, etc., but sometimes just because they were warriors. Read about the Iroquis Nation, Comanches, Apaches, and others.

      I deplore what has happened to Indians.

      I deplore what is still happening to them. But, your first comments needs to be put into proper perspective.

      You are entirely missing the point. If we are a nation of laws then how can we continue to ignore the ILLEGAL (please note that word ILLEGAL)immigrant problem? It is a mortal threat to our national security. If our borders are that porous then what is keeping out the terrorists?!

      And, please don't bother to call me a racist – I'm married to a "minority with Indian and Spanish blood".

    32. Steven, Florida says:

      Its very disappointing that there are a lot of narrow-minded people thinking the same way like Maggie… all of american's ancestors were immigrants unless they came here with the first spaniards and killed the native indians for the land… the history and success of this country is based on immigrants. Intelligent people should understand there is always going to be an 'immigration issue' in this country but the current system is old, not working properly so it needs to be changed.

      These immigrants(illegal or not) respect the values of this country thousand times more then it's own citizens, they know how lucky they're being here.

    33. Donna, Michigan says:

      Yes, with the exception of American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, we are all immigrants. And why should we forget this? This is exactly what we should remember! The minimum wage in Mexico is actually $3.97/day. The average wage is $15.67/day (according to the Mexican Social Security Institute). If you truly believe the average Mexican makes $5/hour, go to Mexico. What you will see is heartbreaking, and this is happening just south of one of the richest country in the world. What does that say about us as a country? To suggest that this is not "our problem" is inhumane and selfish. To suggest that it is every citizens "fault" that their government is corrupt is ludicrous and arrogant and most certainly spoken by someone fortunate enough to grow up in the US. Further, some of you need to research immigration in the US. You will find that all of your immigrant ancestors faced the same prejudices against immigration that you are now spewing against our neighbors to the south. And I don't much care what other countries do. This is the US, and we should be different than other countries when it comes to immigration because of our history. To people who say only people who come here legally should be allowed, did you know you have to have a job in the US in order to legally come here, and the employer must sponsor you? Now, this works for managers and technical people; but how does someone with only basic skills and a willingness to work hard get a job in the US when they live in Mexico? It's ridiculous. I am ashamed that so many of you sound like heartless Americans who care only for yourselves with no compassion to those who are truly struggling in this world. There are certainly Americans who are unemployed. They draw unemployment. We certainly have Americans who are hungry. They can get food stamps. We certainly have homeless Americans. We have shelters with heat, food, and indoor plumbing. Compare all this to what happens in Mexico where entire families live out of their old car or a cardboard box. Please. Have some compassion. But to try to appeal to your "what's in it for us" mentality, it is true that legal immigrants will pay taxes and contribute to our society in ways they cannot do now. And the practical part of this whole debate is that it would be virtually impossible and extremely expensive to deport all the illegals here now; and even with the current unemployment rate, some areas of the country would not be able to fill the vacancies fast enough before many of the businesses would go under.

    34. Traci, Washington says:

      Well, I feel like this….. Think about it! Us as Americans are, compared to Mexicans, born with a silver, and in some cases a golden spoon in our mouths from birth. Think for a moment. What if you were in the position, if it were your mother or father. Your child maybe. All you want to do is give them a better life than what you had. If it were us living in those countries, we would be trying just as hard as they are if not harder and risking our lives the same way just to get a small taste of the life that we are so accustomed to here in America. I cannot for the life of me imagine why it is so hard for us as Americans to want a better life for other humans. We all feel, breathe and live with the same emotions. To ignore that is hatred. Why cant we embrace and encourage the idea of loving and furthering one another instead of making PEOPLE from another country feel ashamed and not worthy of enjoying life as we do. How dare we as a people treat others that way. Everyone is concerned about unemployment this and business that. When did the value of life quality start having a price? But one thing that I can tell you is, that as an American, I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT NO MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM, YOU SHOULD BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO PURSUE HAPPIENESS.No one should be deprived of this.

    35. edwin, los Angeles says:

      I was reading this thread for almost 15 minutes,the only think I see is a No sayers or Yes sayers, racial issues, hate non sense arguments on both sides. Now the truth is there is over 12 million people in the us (illegals), note they are already here how do you deal with them ? round them up and deport them !!! BS that is not gonna happen and basically impossible. So please people be more realistic about the situation be more productive and come up with a solution or ideas to help and stop the destructive critics come on people be smarter !!!!

    36. John Auburn Washing says:

      I am sick of it when some writers loosely use the race word when there is no racism involved. It is a word that is being constantly used to avoid honest unbiased debate on subjects such as illegal immigration.

      Writers use it to shut up opposition by implying that anybody that disagrees with them is racially motivated.

      If you have no concrete proof, and do not disclose your "proof", please do not accuse others of racism.

    37. How SAD says:

      I agree 100% with Saad TN and Tom. Most of you have absolutely no idea what is going on. You just hear the word "illegal" and automatically assume that these people are criminals.I too live in Arizona and have to watch the heartbreaking news everynight when Sheriff Joe and his posse go around rounding up Mexicans dropping their children off at school and riding home from work. Most of them have never committed a crime in their life and are more hard working than ANY American. I am an American born citizen but I have seen far too many people complain and take their office jobs for granted. Immigrants are NOT stealing jobs, they are getting underpaid to do jobs that NONE of you would ever be willing to do! How many of you go to the malls and clean the toilets for minimum wage? How many of you would go work out in the fields and work in the heat all day long for less than what you are currently making a week to last all month?They take the jobs that would otherwise be vacant because not even the average teenager would take this job for extra cash in the summertime. As for their families being criminals that is just an ignorant and racist remark. Most of them stay to themselves, playing baseball and watching their shows on tv, why their children would be criminals I don't know. How many American citizens are part of gangs? How many American families are on welfare draining the system just sitting at home drinking beer and wasting their lives…and they have legal permission to work.These peoople don't come here to terrorize the country, but to give their children a future. How many of YOUR ancestors came here illegally? (and not that long ago.)For the record illegal immigrants is not a term that applies to just those of Mexican or Hispanic decent…how many foreigners come on student or tourist visas and never return…guess what they are illegal as well…but because they are Indian, Eastern European or of a nationality with caucasian features they go unnoticed and only those with brown skin, dark hair and Hispanic features get looked down upon and treated badly because ofcourse they are the criminal infested, law breaking, system draining illegals. Lets please research the past and wonder where you would be if your ancestors stayed in their war ridden and poverty stricken, religious persecuting countries.

    38. Am I a criminal? says:

      Ok folks listen how it goes- I came to the States legally- on a student exchange program. The government has all my information- name, address in my home country, names and address of my parents and even my picture and finger prints. I stayed here and applied for visa, but they denied me so I wanted to be legal but ins made me illegal. I am working, paying my bills and TAXES-just like you but I do not have the sam rights as you. I am not doing any crimes and as you can see I know english on a pretty good level. Right now I feel like my hands are with hand cuffs being illegal. So am I a criminal if I am paying my taxes and contributing to this country- yuo know I am eating here, paying rent here etc. I am not receiving any help of any kind from the government. Am I a criminal? What say you?

    39. Monroe, New Jersey says:

      I agree with you. Not everyone should be classified as a criminal. There are people here who work and pay taxes just like everyone else. Many of you don't realize you got gold in your mouth…and what do you do? You idle by the corner of a Deli or apartment building and says immigrants are taking your job when you are not even making any effort to being that ambixious person in the country that you so loved.

      I see we do not want to accept changes in every aspect of life. I can understand why some of us is so against immigrants, because they are selfish and all for them selves. They do not have god in their heart and all they see is hate.

      Wake up!!! These are the signs of the times deal with it.

    40. Margarita, Michigan says:

      I have to agree with everything 'How sad' is stating. You pretty much said everything I always think. As soon as the topic of immigration comes up, everyone assumes that it is mexicans. Sure a majority is Mexicans, because they are closer, but umm hello we have Canada right above us…One of my professors in school even said that many canadians a year just walk over to this country without people judging them and talking about them. I have sat here and read most of the comments here, the negative ones and the positive ones and I really have seen a lot of ignorance going on. First of all to sit here and call these people and their children, who are for the most part u.s. citizens, criminals is just beyond ignorance. These people because they are illegal, stay to themselves and their families. They are too scared to even go to the mall sometimes because they hear border patrol is making their round-ups in the area. It just upsets me when I see u.s. citizens, which I am one, being a part of criminal acts and just being slapped on the wrist because they are americans, whereas someone who is here illegally would get thrown in jail and then thrown back to their country for a small mistake on their part. For those of you that say that these people are a burden on this country you really don't know them either. You don't realize that if they are working illegally they are still getting taxes taken out of their checks, but can't file to get any of that back the next year because they are not here legally. So in actuality the country is getting plenty of their money that they will never get back. These people can't get any type of government help because you always need a social security number to apply for any type of help. They don't have them. Some illegals have been here almost their whole life, but are still labeled as criminals and 'aliens', which from what i know they don't glow in the dark and have secret powers. Plus most of the time we know exactly where they came from. For those of you that say that so many Americans don't have jobs, yeah that's the case, but we're also a very lazy country. If it doesn't meet our standards or higher we won't do it. We have to get paid a certain amount with certain wages and benefits. We don't care to get on welfare just so that we don't have to work these menial jobs. We always say we're looking for a better job, but half the time we come up with the excuse that we deserve better and these people could care less about what they have to do, as long as they are doing what they have to do for their families. For those that say that this country wasn't based on illegal immigrants you obviously don't know too much either. Aren't we considered the melting pot? Dont we have hundreds of different types of people living here. As far as I'm concerned, if you're not Native American you really aren't part of this country. How many Europeans, Africans, Spaniards, etc. have come to take over this land? but because they came so many years ago it's okay. Now that this country has been 'built' we want to try and regulate who can come in and who is priviledged enough to be a part of us. Some foreigners came in, took the land from the Native Americans and then pretty much stole all of southern u.s. from the mexicans to just expand their country. We took advantage of these people, paid way under what their land was worth, and did it in an aggressive manner to get what we wanted. And Bill from San Antonio, you say that in this country only the strong survive, well there are millions of illegal people here surviving, despite what many haters are trying to do against them, so I guess in the end they are winning. We really need to look at the bigger picture here and realize that these are people just like us. They don't cause problems most of the time. They work hard for little. They have kids here and raise them to be better than them. And I hate to break it to those of you that want them all deported, but its never going to happen. It would cost too much money and we wouldn't be able to find half of them. Watch CNN. By 2050, the minorities will be the majority and don't be surprised if one day your son or daughter or niece or nephew end up falling in love and marrying someone that is illegal. Because than you will be thrown on the other side of the fence and will see what these people are going through. When your grandchild is separated from their mother or father because of all this going on than you'll see what truly is wrong and inhumane and you'll want to change. A lot of people are suffering, and many of them are u.s. citizens, but I guess because they're married to someone illegal they don't deserve to be taken into consideration, right?

    41. Samuel, Michigan says:

      While I agree that many people are criminals and illegal, you cannot classify them all as criminals. I was born here, and I happen to be a farmer. One thing that you cannot say is that immigrants are taking jobs. I have yet to see a "citizen" come and look for a job on the farm. I have however seen them at the homeless shelter where I volunteer, or at the soup kitchen, or out just walking around piss drunk. However I have yet to see very many immigrants at all doing this. It surprises me to see how naive some people can be, and there arguments. So immigrants didn't even have the choice. Some where brought here since infants, and have grown up here there entire lives, but cannot do anything because they do not have legal status. So what do you do with a person who has known nothing but this? Send them to a different country where they're "from?" How about some of us get sent right now back to our native countries? Also how can you not really know who is here? If you do in fact give people at least an identification card, you at least know who is in the country instead of flat out not knowing. Or say you give them licenses. You now have people paying for insurance, license fees, tickets if you will, and such. Which in turn puts more money back in our system then we previously had. They will drive so why not charge them like the rest of us. Or since they're working, let them freely pay taxes like everyone else. Of course people who read this will say, "but not everyone will pay there taxes, and not everyone will properly apply for a license, or not everyone will pay insurance, etc." But the reality is that we as citizens don't even do that, and yet with our own hypocrisy we complain about other not doing. The extent of our hypocrisy is indeed amazing. The point being that if no immigrants paid insurance, due mostly to the fact they can't drive legally, then at least some of those people already driving will pay for insurance, which is better than none. In the end it will come to pass, whether now or later but immigration is what has created this wonderful "melting pot" country that so many of us are proud to defend. I say bring in immigrants, let them work and help better this beautiful country, and let the rewards and punishments all be the same across the country, regardless of status. No more shadows.

    42. Jonathan, California says:

      I myself came to this country illegally in the years of 1975 from Europe. I was not discriminated and I seem to be perfectly fine. I speak good English and I attended Harvard Business school in London and I also attended Mudd Harvey University. I was able to receive amnesty in the '85. By that time I spoke better English than the average American. I have actually explored many cultures and I have seen that this whole immigration debate focuses mainly on Hispanics and Latinos. It's discrimination. Cheap labor has become the foundation of a stable society. In the Bible there is a part that says that the rich man who sacrificed a lot to God had given no more than the poor man who sacrificed to God. It's true since immigrant laborers tend to get paid less and yet they still pay taxes. How about the rich folks, they hardly pay taxes.

    43. Sonia, Massachusetts says:

      I think it is really quite ridiculous when people use the whole "immigrants are taking all of our jobs" excuse when opposing immigration reform. Honestly, do you people even know which jobs immigrants are taking? They are taking those jobs which Americans DO NOT want, regardless of how bad the recession is. Do you really think illegal immigrants can even have success at attaining actual well-paying jobs without proper legal documentation, such as a social security number, for instance? Illegal immigrants are hassled for proper documentation anytime they search for a decent job, and yet that does not occur when they are required to pay taxes like everyone else!

      Honestly, before people start blindly accepting theories they should really get all of the facts. An immigration reform is among the things this country needs most at the moment. It is necessary to prevent illegal immigration, but it is most important to treat everyone like human beings. The whole "detention and removal policy" is inhumane and breaks families up. In addition, the analogies like "all bark and no bite" are ignorant. Do not compare a situation such as this to the behavior of dogs. You are just making yourself seem more ignorant than necessary.

    44. MC, Mississippi says:

      Exactly the point, we do NOT want America to be turned into a third world country like Mexico. That is exactly what is happening by all the illegal immigration. This has nothing to do with racism, which of course any and all special interest groups scream when they don’t get what they what (and usually want for free).

      A law is a law, and if broken, pay the consequences.

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