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  • Fact Checking the White House: Congressmen Did Opt Out of Public Option

    Contrary to the White House’s video, member of Congress in the House Ways and Means Committee already have exempted themselves from a government-run health plan with the defeat of an amendment by Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV). The amendment, which would have required members of Congress to enroll in the newly created public health insurance plan, failed with 21 Democrats voting no. Here’s the truth behind the entirely private coverage options offered to Congress and government employees through the successful Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.


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    13 Responses to Fact Checking the White House: Congressmen Did Opt Out of Public Option

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    4. WeThePeople Illinois says:

      Decades of career politicians have done despite to the Will of the People and it has to stop now. It costs so much to get elected that many qualified individuals the People would vote for if they were on the ballot cannot make it to public office. This has to change. Go here to see how to start the process. http://www.avoiceofthepeople.com

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      Just like Kennedy, congress has it all figured out but they don’t want what they want to force the people to have.

      Members of congress made individual, personal choices in what is best for them. As WE ALL should have FREEDOM OF CHOICE to do!

      Not sure why this isn’t seen and felt as a threat to everybody…

    6. RGB-MA says:

      What else needs to be said?Congressmen won't even opt for this plan.This plan is for peasants not the royalty.Wake up AMERICA.

    7. joan, connecticut says:

      I am sick and tired, of the congress members acting as if they are royalty and we the citizens do not matter. They forget, the fact that Voters can give, but voters can also take away. I hope, every last one, that votes against the will of the people, wakes up after the next election, to find that they are out of office. We, also need to push for term limits, so that the career politician can never happen again. I think that after the Van Jones fiasco, all people who aspire to any public office, should have a thorough background check. We have had a rash of crimes, by politicians committing tax fraud, graft,and special deals, and it is unacceptable.

    8. John C Willis says:

      A message to the American People. You will provide more useful analyses if you lose your childlike faith in the honesty of politicians, and look at the long-term agenda.

    9. Normca says:

      The whole premise of B Obama is what's good for me, is not good for the voters. He flies around in AF1: flies over NYC and says I will provide a report in 2 weeks, invites a pizza chef to fly in, goes to NYC for a night out. The best one for me [sadly for the citizens in that great city] is he told corporations not to go to Las Vegas and the good part, the only good part is Dirty Harry who will be in for a real fight in '10 did not refute it. And I musty say that Van Jones is Obama – Jones reflects Obama's feelings [its not a matter of vetting, but the media will couch on that].

    10. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Little by little the goverment is taking over our lives. Today the Pres. is going to tell opur kids what he wants them to do. Next they will be wearing brown shirts and telling someone if we do something the Govt. doesn't like, shades of Nazi Germany, time for a Revolution, not guns and militia but VOTES, every congressman is up for reelection and 13 Senators, let's clean the slate,let them know THEY WORK for US. Vote Vote, 2010 Virginia and New Jersey start now with Governors this year.

    11. Jules Battlefield, M says:

      Of course they are not gonna take the health care they might vote in for he rest of us. Should tell everyone what kind of health care reform we will all be subjected to if it passes in any form. Not good.

      I keep forgetting that "health care reform" is really not about health care, but an attempt to control the citizens of the United States. As Karl Marx said "control the health care system and you control the people", or something like that. That is the idea of the current administration, more power over the citizens of this nation.

      Fight it, people, it will destroy this country.

    12. Jerry from Chicago says:

      The answer to the question is so obvious, that the question itself is laughable. Does anyone really think for a second that government employees, from Mr. Obama, the Congress, the Senate, down to the lowest government clerk, would give up the health benefit package they currently have for what they tried to foist upon the rest of us? Of course they would not. They are not going to give themselves anything but the best. Perhaps they general public would be more receptive to the public plan if the federal employee's health plan were terminated and all federal employees were the first to enroll in the public plan. Now that would be leadership. However, we live in the real world where our politicians admonish us to "do as I say, not as I do."

      The President and his supporters like to point out to their critics that we already have government run health plans, Medicare and Medicaid, and that people love them. Medicare parts A&B on average, pays only 50% to 60% of all of a person's medical expenses. IN order to get the balance of their medical expenses covered individuals must purchase Medicare Supplement coverage through an insurance company. Part A of Medicare pays for hospital expenses and it does not require a contribution from those who qualify. Part B covers doctors' expenses, but requires those eligible to pay about $100.00 per month for this coverage. Pat D covers prescription drugs to a certain degree and requires a contribution of about$45.00 a month from those who qualify. Medicare Supplement coverage (which supplements Parts A&B only) cost another $150.00 or so per month, from ages 65 to 70, then goes up.

      How much do you suppose all those who love their Medicare would feel if there were no Supplemental coverage, made available by insurance companies? The same insurance companies Mr. Obama and Congress like to villify.

      With regard to Medicaid, I'd love to see a Congressman with no health care other than Medicaid. First of all, you have to be indigent to be eligible for Medicaid. If you are working, you make too much money to qualify. A large percentage of doctors and specialists will not accept Medicaid patients, because of restricted and chronically late payments by the government. Medicaid patients typically show up at hospital emergency rooms and wait to be seen as time permits. I can just see Mr. Obama's wife and the kids doing this, or Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, or Steny Hoyer, or any of the rest of them.

      Let all government employees be limited to taking exactly the same plan as the rest of us, where everyone takes a number and waits their turn.Then let's see how they vote.

    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Now that the vote is in from several States and under consideration from DC to tax the insurance companies that provide Health Insurance 2% of the premiums paid to pay for all those without insurance, it would only be fair for all the polititions from the States and Feds to have their benefits taxed also. The increases are passed on to the recipients and therefore Congress and the President will have to explain another incerease in our taxes and why it is so much!


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