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  • Peace Won By The Strong

    Marking the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek paid tribute to the European Union for making war on the Continent unthinkable and, “materially impossible.”

    He had a point; not that the EU was a critical instrument of peace and stability in the years following World War II, but that Europeans enjoy a quality of life unimaginable just 30 years ago, never mind 70 years ago. And he’s right that it is important to remember why. The Transatlantic relationship embodied within NATO, matched with an unprecedented troika of global leaders in Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II, brought about the downfall of Communism and a growth in prosperity and democracy that have transformed the world.

    In terms of winning the Cold War, securing peace, and building prosperity, the EU was a bit-part player. In fact, until the early 1970’s only France, Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries were members. And it was only really with the introduction of the Maastricht treaty in 1993 that the EU laid a marker that it wanted to be an international actor.

    European nations’ desire for prosperity derived in no small part from looking across the Atlantic. One of America’s greatest imports to Europe was their love of free trade, capitalism, liberty and democracy as the true safeguards against internal conflict. And with NATO’s security guarantee and tens of thousands of American troops on the European Continent, Western Europe was free to build its powerful economies and enjoy the fruits of freedom which were denied to those East of the Berlin Wall.

    As well as commemorating the outbreak of the most devastating conflict of the twentieth century, Europeans were this week disposing of all their traditional incandescent light bulbs in compliance with new EU rules. Thomas Edison’s 100 watt light bulb has been deemed environmentally unsound by Brussels, along with misshapen bananas and certain pesticides. In remembering the tragedy and triumphs of modern European history, it is important to put things into perspective. Europe’s most successful route to peace has been through free trade, democracy, prosperity and liberty, and guaranteed by the strong and morally convicted, not by unelected faceless bureaucrats at the Berlaymont.

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    4 Responses to Peace Won By The Strong

    1. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Americans can take great pride in their sacrifices and contributions to enhance and allow the speedy growth of freedom.

      The American haters will always find fault, usually from jealousy.

      Most of the world marvels at how we make freedom work and how we overcome obstacles that would destroy other nations.

      God Bless America

    2. peter in dublin says:

      Guess what?

      The man responsible for the ban,

      EU Energy Commisioner Piebalgs,

      is now responding to protests,

      defending his ban on his blog

      by saying it INCREASES choice….



      about the strange and unpublicized EU and industrial politics that led to the ban:

    3. John B. San Diego says:

      North Atlantic Treaty Organization therein lays much experience and knowledge about being strong and successful. Lately NATO Leadership and commitments have been identified as lacking or in cases AWOL by NATO Commanders. I submit a sense of apathy has overridden a diligent application of skills needed to maintain our peace, add to that the political will to carry on is missing.

      All due respect Mr. President this is not a time to falter or abandon allies. Mimicking European Allies on domestic issues and financial issues does not maintain the peace sir. Deals made with Russia on missile defense in order to gain access to Afghanistan through Russian Territories, is no reason or excuse to abandon European Allies. America's apparent lack of fortitude is not comforting to NATO Allies and sends a wrong message to those of whom we desire to negotiate with from a position of our strength’s!

      Finally President Obama I think has good intentions he is really an excellent speaker, reads Teleprompters like the pros, and captures audiences with great sound bites. However President Obama is not yet ready for prime time! Sorry SIR.

    4. John B. San Diego says:

      News Flash Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez have vowed stronger ties and closer focus on issues! The two leaders are trading partners Iran and Venezuela that will virtually assure US Naval Blockades to enforce U.N. sanctions to complete our diplomatic mission. Hugging Hugo and recognizing Mahmoud is a sorry end to a globe trotting trip. Little or no emphasis on U.S. interests is the result I see; go ahead and add in Former President Clinton's mission in N.Korea. How far you stoop is amazing, will you take a knee. Are we actually that pressed as a nation, we don't stand up for our interests or principals? That foreign policy does represent our backbone or lack of backbone is more like it! Ahmadinejad has asked for public debates with U.S. Pres. Obama; declare you will not take a knee and that you will never bow to this hero of the radical Islamists in the world. The entire world is watching if we keep giving up ground our opponents will continue gathering ground. I don't know; you must have Generals and Diplomats telling you these things everyday, why am I telling you, because they all work for you, and you SIR work for me!

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