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  • Honduras, Zelaya and the Obama Administration: Why Hugo Chavez is Smiling

    When Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez steps off his airplane in Tehran for a weekend chat with Iran’s leaders, he is certain to have a little extra bounce in his step. Having engineered a massive political crisis in Honduras, Chavez can now count on Washington and the Obama Administration to deliver what he could not do: the forced return of ousted ally Manuel Zelaya to the presidency.

    Failure to return Zelaya, the State Department warned ominously today, will swiftly end virtually all U.S. economic assistance. Even more ominous, the Obama Administration warned that it will not recognize the outcome of the November elections if conducted without Zelaya’s return to power.

    This is the political and diplomatic equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb on Tegucigalpa and Roberto Micheletti government.

    The State Department statement announcing that what occurred on June 28 was a “coup d’etat” carefully excluded Zelaya from any culpability for the events leading up to the coup. It failed to recognize the deep and divisive currents caused by Zelaya unconstitutional actions or acknowledge the fears generated by his alliance with Hugo Chavez. Without any apparent concessions or commitments from Zelaya, it puts all the aces in the errant leader’s hand if the Oscar Arias mediation resumes in San Jose, Costa Rica.

    The Obama Administration pins its hopes on the reasonableness and good intentions of Zelaya and his supporting cast: Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Raul Castro, etc. It forgets that these are anti-democratic leaders with sharp teeth and instincts for political jugular of liberal democracy who will be delighted to dismantle U.S. influence in Honduras, punish those who felt they were our friends, and saddle us with the economic bills and blame if anything goes wrong.

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    31 Responses to Honduras, Zelaya and the Obama Administration: Why Hugo Chavez is Smiling

    1. MotherRedDog says:

      Figures. This is the kind of thing that makes me think that Obama will not change his position on anything, including a government take over of health care.

    2. World4Honduras, Hond says:

      Honduras does not want outsiders telling them what to do.

      Watch Honduran Democracy step by step



    3. Palomudo says:

      Fantastic journalism of the 21st century.

      Lie, lie and more lies and the brain dead will believe you.

      How low can journalist go for a pay check? what a shame, I have more respect for protitutes than whoever writes and publish such distortions as this one.

    4. Petrous, Florida, US says:

      It is sad to watch the Obama [sic] administration bounce around aimlessly on all fronts. On the healthcare front the linchpin of his candidacy he has backtracked so much that the plan he will eventually support will surely be less liberal than what Nixon had in mind 4 decades ago!

      On the foreign front we should have known his performance would be erratic as well. Just look at the way they have set up their State Department. Besides the secretary of State, they stuffed the place with so many egos that some had to be pulled out and re instated as advisors to the White House.

      Now the Administration is desperately trying to get some love from the lunatic left of Latin America: Chavez and his claque (the best money could buy). As the article points out sacrificing a few good Democrats, in a small country who decided they did not want to live as Hugo's slaves will only get the Obama administration a whole lot of ignominy worldwide. Once the shyster is restored to his throne in Honduras he will surely proceed to chop the legs from right under Obama the savior and return Honduras to the loving tentacles of Hugo Chavez.

      Good going! Day by day my sorrow at having voted for Obama grows. Hopefully it will be counter balanced by the vote cast against him in 3 years time (unless he wakes up and smells the coffee).

    5. andy honduras94@aol. says:

      Where is the lie?

      I agree with the author 100%. I have followed this story for 3.5 years. I have been monitoring mre than 50 media outlets in the States,Honduras and International.

      Perhaps the Obama administration is trying to send a clear message to the world they will not accept any military coups.

      However the evidence is overwhelmingly clear in Honduras that there was no coup in Honduras. You could argue that a New Age Democratic coup was aborted. By not siding with Honduras there are several dangerous precedents being set. First of all we are sending a message to current and future leaders that they are way above the law and can do whatever they want.

      Secondly, now Chavez and his ALBA march to superpower communism has been given the green light to trounce laws and constitutions in any countries that refuse to go along with there idealogy. If he is allowed to continue he will a mass power and weapons. How long will it be before he places a nuclear weapon in Venezuela with the help of Iran?

      Additionally, what happens to the next small country who president is trying to run over there laws and constitution. Will they have the courage to take a stand knowing that they will not only be abandoned by Obama but threatened with retaliation.

      One can also make the argument that Obamas actions are irresposible to all the countries in the world that are trying to climb out of the worldwide recession. Other countries do not have his ability to freely print money to pay the bills. We live in a highly integrated global economy. When you weaken one economy you weaken the neighbors economy who weakens there neighbors economy and it is a domino effect.

      An even scarier scenario is that Obama is an extreme leftist and he is intentionally aiding Chavez and Castro.

      For sure at this moment he appears to be lined up with communism and against freedom and Democracy.

    6. Prosperity, Nevada says:

      Why would the US gov't not recognize democratically elected leader through the Nov elections? Zelaya's own party doesn't support him, whom exactly would rig the process? Isn't that the whole argument, give people their democratically elected leader. Why force people to take someone that has violated his consitutional powers back? US policy is proving to be quite inconsistent with Iran being case in point. The honest citizens of Honduras will pay the ultimate price of the international bullying on a nation that took action into its own hands to prevent being the next dictatoriship (admitedly somewhat in a misguided way).

    7. Erika, El Paraiso-Ho says:

      Palomudo, where are you from?? How long have you lived here in Honduras and by the way, which city do you reside? How long have you been attentive to the politics of Honduras for the past 3yrs or better yet, past 20yrs????? My guess; more than likely on that sunday, June 28 right after Zelaya in Costa Rica gave Chavez a call informing him of what had taken place. Chavez, of course being the manipulative political leader that he is, makes the first phone calls to Journals around the world but(mainly CNN) and states that there has been a Coup d'etad. He did an AMAZING job laying the foundation of COMPLETE PUBLIC ignorance( which unfortunately is the reason why you dare to belittle the author of such a well informed article). I invite you to come to Honduras(seriously) were very friendly people and can even give you a place to stay if you wish! You'll learn A LOT from us even though were a small country!!!

    8. Loryienne, Idaho says:

      Honduras, I am so sorry for what my president is doing to you!

    9. Accusations without says:

      Reply to Palomudo: Lies Lies Lies? How about you place some facts along with your rhetoric. Typical of current political minds of the left, give me some facts then we can discuss the issue.

      I'm with andy honduras94, there are no lies in the article.Furthermore it is short, precise and perfectly reflective of our current administration. Good luck getting anyone to acknoweledge your point of view in any meaningful way with your rhetorical approach.

      Again,give us some evidence that there is any lie here. Great article as usual. Keep it up,the truth must be known, it is all that matters.

    10. Lillian King, Centra says:

      Methinks Obama is taking a page from the Chavez book of "presidente for life", and would like to rule the USA in a similar manner. Obama will support everything that Chavez, Ortega and Zelaya do, to give creedence to his own ambitions.

      Honduras is a great country with good people, and what Obama is doing to them is beyond horrible. Wake up citizens of the USA, or you will soon find yourselves buried like the citizens of VEnezuela.

    11. Mish, Roatan, Hondur says:

      I really had hope that Obama was going to treat the world fairly but this is a disaster! I am from England but have lived in Honduras for 15 yrs, am married to a Honduran and have 2 Honduran children. We own a hotel and dive shop. Because the state dept have advised their citizens not to travel to Honduras, even though we are here living peacefully, tourism has been negatively impacted. Our profit figures have been down 80% since June 28th and we have been left with no option but to lay off staff as have all the businesses around us. It is so sad to lay off people who have nothing when they will not be able to find other jobs. Obama has done this to them. He is punishing the people for the crimes of the leaders and by not recognising the upcoming elections he is prolonging the suffering of the Honduran people.

    12. Dave, Florida says:

      As Glenn Beck says "Follow the money". What is it that is giving Obama or one of his cronies money by supporting a want-to-be-dictator Zelaya? Obama and his people are all about the money, no matter what they say to the contrary.

    13. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Colombia watches carefully and realizes that the POTUS is no friend of theirs, he's too committed to the Progressive agenda and union interests.

    14. Franklin, SanAntonio says:

      We MUST STAND WITH the PEOPLE of Honduras and Honor their CONSTITUTION.I have been to Honduras and noticed most everyone there are Patriots to their Constitution. They are a people we MUST STAND WITH against Zelaya who wanted to Subvert the Constitution. I were a cap with Honduras Flag and people often ask why..I am able to educate them with the Constitution of Honduras needing to be honorored..So Many people have been misled with the Media to think there was a Coup and Zelaya should be president but after educating them with FACTS they see the Truth and change their views to the Peoples Constitution..GOD BLESS THE HONDURAN PEOPLE AND THEIR STAND AGAINST SOCIALIST ZELAYA..

    15. jlw indiana says:

      To Petrous, Florida, USA: Obama is awake and smells the coffee. What we see is what he is and will always be! ………… With Zelaya not allowed by the constitution of Honduras to run for a second term, what is not to accept with the winner of the upcoming election? How can any government deny the results of an election that was scheduled long before Zelaya was sent packing. From the day of swearing in the new president Zelaya has no claim to the presidency and how he left office has no bearing. The new president will be legitimate.

    16. Rodger, Utila, Hondu says:

      Would someone explain to me what I should be saying to virtually every Honduran I speak to every day? Yesterday I was on the mainland (perfectly safe I might add) and was asked by taxi drivers, a pharmacist, a store owner and finally a waitress why Obama and Clinton are doing what they are doing and based on what.

      Can anyone direct me to a Site that clearly articulates their reasoning behind their insane policy?

      What is the political gain in joining with Chavez and Castro against Honduras? I hear over and over that it is Zelaya against the rich and powerful. Who the heck is running the US but the rich and powerful!

      Living here in Honduras I am ashamed to be an American.

    17. mary, oregon says:

      robertomicheletti@congreso.gob.hn this is the intermin president's e-mail. Please send a message of support for their actions.

      Also, e-mail all of your reps and state department officials denouncing our governments stand towards Honduras.

      It is sad that most people here in the United States, don't care about Honduras. But they should.

      Honduras is in a battle to maintain its democracy. Not a battle from within, but a battle from without. The ability of Honduras to stand up for their constitutional rights, against the threats from its surrounding neighbors, and from our own government, goes beyond courageous!

      I am amazed and highley enraged over the course this administration has taken against a democratic republic.

      Over Clinton's talk with ousted Zelaya, you have to ask yourself, what is there to talk about? The jerk wanted to be a dictator. The Honduran people said NO and followed the laws of their constitution. End of story! But not for our government.

      To me, as it should be for others, the stance of support for this wanna-be troglodyte by Obama and his administration, makes my blood boil.

      It is one more reflection of the contempt our present government shows for our own country's history, and for the freedom that democracy bestows. In my estimation, it is a great sacrilege on those honorable people who established our own country, and those warriors who came after in order to uphold our freedoms.

      But most important, it is an outrageous sacrilege on our present day warriors! What are they fighting for? What are they coming home too? They did not pledge their lives and allegiance to uphold tyranny!

    18. James Cooke, Rockwal says:

      We must remember that Obama is only the puppet. Look behind him. Look at his associates, advisors and financial supporters. Look at his history, He, Chavez, Castro…they are the same dark force.

    19. Northern Thunder says:

      I for one do not understand why after all the Whie House is told,what they are doing on all the playing fields, is not working. Wake up and look around, please.

    20. Texas Patriot, Texas says:

      To the peoples of Honduras. Please hold on the best you can until we figure out how to rid ourselves of this Socialist Idiot that we have in the White House. Hopefully, next November we will be able to take our Congress back with enough senators and representatives to shut him down. Until then all we can do is voice our disgust with their betrayel. Who knows, maybe Obama and the democrates will try some really bold socialist moves to take over our country and trigger an uprising of the American People that never the world has seen. I can only Hope! Did someone say Impeachment?

    21. Tim Az says:

      The author of this article is correct with one exception. Obama and his administrations intentions are crystal clear after eight months of decstruction of Americas Constitutional Republic. Their intenetions mirror those of all dictators. The inability to discern this fact brings a certain level of impotence to the article. Honesty is essential to victory over those who must decieve the public to meet their intended goal of absolute power.

    22. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Everyone send a copy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Monroe Doctrine to the President, maybe he'll read them and get the HInt "He works for US"

    23. Jules Battlefield, M says:

      The Obama administration is showing their true colors by their treatment of the Honduras situation. This administration seems to be in favor of any dictatorship and seems to frown (to put it mildly) on democracies. The situation in Honduras was nothing more than the people taking back their government from an attempt by the then Honduran president to become a dictator, ala Chavez. Perhaps, the Obama administration has plans for the United States which more closely follow the actions of Chavez, Castro and others. The people of Honduras have, perhaps, reminded the Obama administration and the American people what could happen here. Not a good example for what the Obama administration may have in mind for us. We could rebell against a similar attempt by the Obama administration, per the Honduran example, and take back our country from the attempt of the present administration at establishing a dictatorship in a similar fashion. The direction which Obama and his cronies are heading this country looks very similar to other dictatorships in process of being set up.

      I encourage the people of Honduras to do whatever it takes to keep their democratic form of government, irregardless of what actions the Obama administration may take in the future.

      The Patriots of Honduras have the support of the true Patriots of the United States.

      God bless and keep the people of Honduras.

    24. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      This only serves to show the Clear Present and Eminent Danger our American freedom is in from the Communist who wants to be a dictator in our Whitehouse.

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    26. Rubicon says:

      I have written to my Representative & Senators to voice my concerns that President Obama would push a government to defy or ignore its own constitution. The Honduran government acted according to its constitution. Zeyala openly, notoriously, & repeatedly attempted to circumvent that constitution. He ignored it & tried to get his Venezuelan printed ballots distributed to polling places. (I suppose Honduras has no printers so he had to have his friend Hugo Chavez {known for his radio station closings} to print those 'ballots' for him.)

      I admire & respect the people of Honduras. They stood up for their own written constitution that included restrictions on presidential term limits because they feared a socialist thug type would try one day to destroy their constitution republic. In short, they knew some thug would try to take away their freedoms.

      My next letter is to President Obama, which will probably put me on his 'fishy' list. One State Department employee said, Zeyala is the democratically elected president. That State employee failed to acknowledge that an election does not necessarily make a democracy. It takes a constitution & the ultimate will of the people, known as the electorate, to make a democracy.

      Perhaps President Obama fears that if he tried something like this in America, we too would oust him from office? I say, Zeyala is lucky the military ignored orders & allowed him to go into exile. Those same military officers now face Honduran courts because they did send him into exile rather than arrest & detain him for later trial by Honduran courts. That is what should have happened. Seems the military feared (with good reason), good ole Hugo Chavez would send in Venezuelan troops to really shut down democracy in Honduras using troops to silence any dissent like Chavez has done in his own country?!?

      I guess Hugo's anger is that his late night cocaine plane shipments into Honduras for trans-shipment to America, are no longer happening since real Hondurans have shut down the coke express.

      President Obama & State are on the wrong side on this one & probably many others!

    27. Dennis Hulse, Palmer says:

      America impeached Nixon for wrong doing and Clinton came close to the same process. There must be counter-balancing organs of democracy in a strong system and this is what we saw working as due process in Honduras (…the court and their Parliament giving direction before accountibility became effective). The military assisting in that process does not of itself make it a military coup. Obama has got it wrong and it will come to haunt him. If Zelaya had turned Honduras into a dictatorship what would Obama have done? Governing a country is a privilage of opportunity and trust bestowed by a majority of electors and should not be stolen from the people by devious and sutle betrayal of the people's trust. Dennis Hulse, Palmerston North, NZ

    28. Christine, Chicago says:

      Mish, Words cannot even describe how I am feeling about our current government's actions against Honduras. Not only does our president seem intent on destroying the economy in the US, but also the economies in other countries. Even ones who have traditionally been our allies. America used to stand up for democracy, constitutions and rule of law and now the current administration is going against everything that America has stood for. I feel ashamed. I visited Honduras several years ago and found such poverty, and just the idea that our government is suspending aid and threatening not to recognize the winner of the upcoming election just makes my heart ache to the point of breaking. Please do not give up. I am contacting my congressman and senator. Even though they just follow party(Democratic – what a joke, they should call themselves the Socialist party) lines, maybe if enough people let them know how we feel, it will start to make a difference.

    29. Tim Az says:

      Moa-Bama is whole heartedly telegraphing his intentions here in America. Fortunately he is unable to estimate the reaction that awaits him if and when he makes his move against America.

    30. M. Emery, Madison, I says:


      Our President B. O. has appologized to several nations for the United States of America, but he hasn't appologized to you. So please accept my sincere appology for what he has done to you and your country. I is a sad, sad day when we do not stand together with you and what is right.

      Take heart and I, for one will pray for you and your dear family.

      Lovingly in Christ and His Mother,

      Sister Marie Emery, O.P.

    31. Terr Wise says:

      Is Obama guilty of going against his own country? Is America his country at all? Nowadays Chavez's money goes into Hollywood, American neighborhoods, and who knows where else? Was Chavez's cash funnelled via city council politicians into Obama's pocket? Is Chavez calling the shots with Obama?

      the following is from "The Chavez-Obama U.N. Plot Against Honduras" by Cliff Kincaid:

      "…former Marxist SDS radical Tom Hayden, leader of Progressives for Obama, has written about the Obama-Chavez relationship. Based on his own inside sources of information, Hayden said that he thinks Obama and Chavez are working together on Honduras and have an "understanding," which he even describes as "collaboration." The call Chavez made to Shannon suggests that Chavez is calling the shots. "

      " …this would benefit Iran, a terrorist state developing nuclear weapons which is developing a vast network throughout Latin America. A recent report from the organization examines the deep Iranian connections to Venezuela as well as Bolivia…

      "…If the Obama Administration is, in effect, acting as an agent of Venezuela and Iran in Honduras, such a foreign policy could be described not only as anti American but potentially treasonous, considering that the outcome could be the loss of another country in Latin America to the Chavez brand of communism.

      It is time for some investigative reporting… "

      Cliff Kincaid is the Editor of Accuracy in Media

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