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  • Politicizing the Department of Education: Obama's Lesson Plan

    It’s back-to-school for American families, and the Obama administration is marking the occasion with an unprecedented venture. In a move that steps far beyond the role of the federal government in education policy and shows a disregard for the guidance of parents in their children’s political formation, the Department of Education has released lesson plans for teachers in grades pre-K-12 to accompany an upcoming speech on education by President Obama on September 8th.

    The lesson plans – one plan for pre-K-6 students and another plan for students in grades 7-12 – provided specific activities and assignments for children to do before, during, and after the president’s speech. The pre-k-6 plan instructs teachers to ask children “Why is it important that we listen to the President and other elected officials…” It further directs teachers to have children consider the following while listening to Obama’s speech:

    • “What is the President trying to tell me?”
    • “What is the President asking me to do?”
    • “What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?”

    The plan continues, “Students can record important parts of the speech where the President is asking them to do something. Students might think about: What specific job is he asking me to do…Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?”

    On Wednesday evening however, the administration edited part of the pre-k-6 lesson plans after public outcry about enlisting children’s participation in political activities. The original lesson plan asked children to “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.” It has since been changed to say “Write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals.”

    The lesson plan for students in grades 7-12 is equally disquieting. The Department of Education directs teachers to “…focus students on quotations that… propose a specific challenge to them.” The plan asks students, “What resonated with you from President Obama’s speech? What lines/phrases do you remember? Is he challenging you to do anything?”

    To ensure extensive dissemination of the lesson plans in public schools, Education Secretary Arne Duncan sent a letter to school principals, noting the time of the speech, providing copies of the lesson plans, and directing them to tune-in to www.WhiteHouse.gov. Duncan stated in his letter:

    This is the first time an American president has spoken directly to the nation’s school children about persisting and succeeding in school. We encourage you to use this historic moment to help your students get focused and begin the school year strong.

    While it appears the President’s speech will focus on the value of education and personal responsibility, federally-directed lesson plans set a concerning precedent for the government’s role in education. Education analyst Frederick Hess writes at the American Enterprise blog that the lesson plans “were developed with federal funds, devised on taxpayer time, and made available on the Department of Education’s website” and “might be construed as an invitation to engage in advocacy rather than instruction”.

    The President, however, clearly wants his own children to be off limits to such classroom politicization. Upon moving to Washington, he chose to enroll his children in the private Sidwell Friends School.

    But children in many of the country’s public schools will not be off limits on Tuesday. It is one thing to teach about the historical relevance and accomplishments of past administrations. It is another thing entirely to encourage children to implement a sitting president’s political agenda.

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    115 Responses to Politicizing the Department of Education: Obama's Lesson Plan

    1. USMCRich82, PA says:

      Even with the changes that were made last night to the "lesson plan" after the criticism, its still the same lesson plan.

      They changed the sentence relating to "helping the president" to "Why it is important to listen to your elected officials." I'm sorry, but in this Republic/Democracy, whatever you want to call it, the elected officials are supposed to listen to US, not us them.

      So Obama is still pushing his agenda of having the "elected officials" that support him to continue to push his ideas down the throat of America. And our children are now going to learn that this is the way it's supposed to be.

      Absolutely pathetic.

    2. Betty Fort Myers Flo says:

      Are they crazy?

      Even the new wording “Write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals” is not age appropriate for PRE-K and other grades.

      No four-year-old that can write a letter to themselves about their education goals deserves to be held back in Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd, …

      Who is writing this junk for our young children? Are they being paid for the gross ineptitude in writing these lesson plans for the young ones?

      My head hurts.

    3. Tom, Brooksville says:

      I am worried about this also. My children go to a Christian School and I just learned that their school is planning on taking part in this "historical event". Very concerned.

    4. ml,texas says:

      i will not allow my child to listen to this socialist crap.my child will be absent that day.

    5. diverwcw, San Diego, says:

      This is all indoctrination. It all has Big Brother overtones. "Do what the government tells you to do….." All governments turn against their people. Never in my life have I seen it so apparent as with the current regime.

    6. VC, Texas says:

      There is no better example of socialism than "No Child Left Behind" which was created under the Bush administration. If schools fail then the government will take them over….what a genius plan. If parents are planning to keep their kids home on Tuesday, if they do not believe in public education where policies are set by our government, then do us all a favor and homeschool your child. It shocks me to think that parents cannot put their personal beliefs aside and teach their children to respect others even if they may not agree with them. It is no wonder that students today come to school disrespecting teachers. I look forward to having my children listen to his message on the importance of education. I look forward to the day that my children earn advanced degrees and become productive successful citizens.

    7. Michael, Ohio says:

      From the grade 7-12 activities list – "Teachers may post in large print around the classroom notable quotes excerpted from President Obama’s speeches on education." – and we're to believe that it will be limited to speeches on education? No thanks Mr. President. How about you stick to your Constitutionally defined role (if you can remember what that is) and let me be responsible for motivating my kids.

    8. Duong, Sterling Va says:

      Our kids will be missing their first day of school also!! If it gets worse, they will home school. No President should be stuffing their agenda down our children's throat. Everyone should listen to each other as a respect and freedom of speech. However, implanting socialist ideas into our children's head is brain washing! Federal government has yet to fail us again.

    9. Melissa, Texas says:

      THIS is just one of the hundreds of reasons we home school. Although, I am quite confident, that after several years truly being educated, rather than trained to be a happy little citizen drone for the commies, that our children could listen to his retoric and clear out the garbabge pretty quickly, thus get to the real meaning behind his words. Which I'm sure is not a stretch to say will be filled with, obey the governemnt, the government knows best, your parents are not part of the government and therefore cannot be trusted. Maybe even a little, "if you fellow students are not willing to comply turn them in."

      We are merely reaping what has been sown. This education system of ours works and is accomplishing that which they wanted it to. To train children (when they are most impressionable) to blindly follow the government and their socialist agenda. Research it people…it's all there in black and white.

      Bottom line, if you turn your kids over to someone else, paid for by someone else…you really don't have any business complaining about what they teach. If you don't like it..pull them out. When enough people do that…things will change.

    10. RRodebaugh, Marietta says:

      Unbelievable arrogance from this President. Not enough that he talks down to all of the voters but now he wants to bypass the parents to get the message to our kids. If at this point people cannot see what this administration and congress are all about, god help us.

    11. Jan, Missouri says:

      I just spoke with my pastor and he assures me that our Christian school will not be participating in the Obama indoctrination. Good grief, what next? Giant photographs of him in every town square so we can salute him every time we walk by? This insanity must stop. Did we learn nothing from the Third Reich? Maybe they learned too much.

    12. Roger S., Ma. says:

      It seems that this administration won't "miss a trick" to cram its sense, or view, of life down the throats or into the eyes and ears of anyone who will swallow, look, or listen. This current attempt at "indoctrination on the sly" is only the latest pinnacle of rudeness. It needs firm resistance!

      My wish would be to be school-age again, of course with my adult "experience". I'd have the following answers:

      # What is the President trying to tell me?” ::: Who cares? – If I desire his opinion about any concerns of mine, I'll ask him!

      # “What is the President asking me to do?” ::: Who cares? – I don't intend to do anything he asks of me just because he asked. But basically, he has no business in the first place asking me to do anything!

      # “What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?” ::: Who cares? – I have my own challenges! Don't need his!

      “What resonated with you from President Obama’s speech?" – Nothing! I didn't ask for his "lecture"!

      "What lines/phrases do you remember?" – None seemed memorable!

      "Is he challenging you to do anything?” Maybe – so what? I seek, find, and deal with my own challenges. I'll live my own life, "do it my way", not his!

      Had I school-age children, this is the "view of life" they would hold, and I would give them the option of skipping school on that day. Were this option absent, for some reason such as "government coercion", I'd download these "lesson-plans" and discuss their implications with my children before sending them to school. Rest assured, they'd have the "right answers"! — And, don't anybody dare to accuse me of "manipulating the minds" of my children. Nothing less than that is what will be attempted on the 8th of August!

      As further comment, I urge that this WH "initiative" be rejected roundly by school administrators and teachers.

      Students come to school to learn specific facts and cognitive skills, not to be indoctrinated in somebody's "world view" or "sense of life". They need practice and guidance in such things by impartial teachers, which in this context would mean NON-LIVE DISSECTION of the kind of speech which is likely to be given by the current, slick, WH-salesman. They do NOT need an indoctrination hour!

      – As planned, at taxpayers' expense, no less, this program is an outrage and the violation of any body's rights who is forced to watch it or has been forced to pay for it! It reminds of the kinds of government sponsored in-school indoctrination schemes practiced in German schools between 1933 and 1945. We all know what became of that! We definitely don't need it in this country, nor the likely follow-up if this turns out successful, such as "Obama Youth Groups", or school-sponsored recruitment of new OFA members!

      On August 8th, school TV sets need to remain switched OFF, and unplugged!

    13. Chazz, Langhorne, Pa says:

      I really don't understand how the American people can tolorate let alone allow this administration to get away with it does on a daily basis.

      This latest idea is downright indoctrination…you have to be stupid as many teachers are…to allow this to happen….just goes to show the value of the unholy alliance between the socialist democratic party and the NEA…time to consider impeachment against this rogue goverment.

    14. Margy Chambers, Nort says:

      I called my grandsons school district today to inquire if they were participating in the broadcast. I was told they were recording it and would review it and then decide if it would be shown. I asked if parents would be notified if the decision was made to use the material and I was told no, no notification will be sent and you will not be able to opt out. How do you keep your child from participating with that kind of policy?

    15. Dennis, Fargo, ND says:

      As a former Board of Education member I find it appaling that this president feels he has a need to superimpose himself and his political doctrine on the children of America. And then to ask how the children might help him, rather than asking a more important question of "how might they help America" is disgusting to say the least. I would suggest that tv sets remain off on August 8th. as a protest to this intrusion into the education of our children!

    16. Cross, Roswell, Geor says:

      Here in Georgia the Fulton County School System is giving parents an option to keep your child from viewing this address or participating in any class discussion on the topic. You must sign a form and send it back to the school system. It is obvious that most people do not trust this Administration or the Lawmakers to be honorable and truthful with adults, let alone the children! I'm afraid the lies and deceit that have been uncovered in recent weeks and months give us many reasons to feel this way. This is not about liberal or conservative, this is about being honorable people. We need lawmakers who are representing the people, not themselves or their twisted self interests. I am afraid their are only a few voices left in Washington, maybe none. These are sad times for those who cherish liberty, freedom, The Constitution. Pray for our country.

    17. Anne, Arizona says:

      If you opt out of this propaganda exercise, will the fed gov't opt out of funding to your school? How will this be monitored by the feds?

      And private schools that can opt either way – what is their percentage of participation.

    18. Hmmm, KS says:

      Where is all of this outrage when our children are being sexualized and desensitized by television and video games paid for by parents? Where is this activism when your children are bouncing around myspace and facebook having intimate conversations with people you wouldn't allow them to even wave at on your street?

      I received an email saying that my childrens' schools will not be participating because they did not want to interrupt the curriculum. Hmmm. So you will pull them out for a PEP rally or sporting event. You're okay with "interrupting" the curriculum to celebrate a demonic holiday like Halloween, but the idea of engaging in anything that might engage them on the topics of education, achievement or civic discourse is so unsettling. Instead of trying to hide them from the evil President, how about we use it to teach them why we disagree?

      Where was your outrage when President Bush's No Child Left Behind mandated a federal takeover of schools not "performing" to a stardardized test designed by evil federal employees? This is an interesting selective fear.

      If we are so afraid of the evil, socialistic, communistic federal government, maybe we should do away with those evil stoplights mandated by the government always telling us when to stop and go. Oh, I have it! Lets unpave all of the roads and highways. From the beginning, they were a government plot to control where we go. If we can achieve that, then we will be truly free.

    19. g,tx. says:


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    21. Bobbie Jay says:

      Obama is revealing his danger. Many of the impressionable youth will be influenced. I will keep my child home as there is no information on time. I am concerned the government will unfairly reprimand somehow?

      School is for educating basic curriculum. Not Obama's basic indoctrination. If Obama is too weak to figure things out for himself that he has to go out of his way to take time from and prey on the youth, he is unfit, dangerous and too weak to run this country. He will diminish the children's abilities to think freely and do for themselves. Why are we so helpless???

    22. Totus, Oklahoma says:

      What protection are the children guaranteed that they won't be punished or singled out (or their families targeted) should their ideas and thoughts oppose that of the President's and/or his admin.? This smells of Big Brother through and through. I'm sure there will be some teachers who make a note of those who disagree.

      The major assumption that his speech "will inspire" is a key word for us to watch out if you oppose him.

      God help us all.

    23. Scott, Oley,PA says:

      Is this America or some third world country, with a dictatorship? They are fighting to keep prayer out of school, and to destroy the pledge, but it appears to be perfectly legit to bring politics into the classrooms, and force political agenda's. what will be next? "goosestepping" in gym class? Wake up America! these are our children! My child will not be attending school on tuesday.

    24. Jordan, Marietta GA says:

      Why do you super conservative people even bother sending your kids to school? You cram their fragile minds with much religious indoctrination and close-minded world views then complain when the ELECTED president tries to get them to think critically and accuse him of exactly what you practice.

      This comment will likely not be posted because, like Obama's scheduled appearance in schools, anything that goes against your narrow views of the world is labeled as slander, indoctrination, socialist and left-wing political agendas.

      Perhaps its time to let your kids be presented all the options and let them make an educated choice, a choice which you all seem poised to deny them.

    25. Brian, Marietta Geor says:

      …My main concern with Obama's plan for school students this Tuesday is that my 7 year old son knows the truth about Obama. We have taught him the differences within the political arena. He has the understanding about the differences between the push for government control and what this country was really based upon. We are confident that the strong will of my son will be pushed into making statements that will be true but very offensive in the school environment. Although NO ONE has the right to not be offended, he will be late on Tuesday and I will be in contact with his Principle to discuss this outrageous project Obama intends for our children….

    26. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Erratum: Please excuse "8th of August" in my above post. It should have read "8th of September". (Must be secretly wishing I had "another month of summer". Crazy world we live in!)

    27. Matt Dixon, 6th grad says:

      I'm a Sixth Grader. I just watched the precursor to President Obama's Sept. speech to schoolchildren. The video is entitled "I pledge…"

      My thoughts after viewing the "I pledge…" video are:

      1. This is very misleading. Frankly, the way the actors spoke was somewhat cult-like. I don't think my generation should be forced to watch this, let alone younger ones.

      2. There is a lot of "green" talk. I believe in protecting our planet, respecting the earth, and using our God given resources wisely. I don't believe we should sacrifice our quality of life to worship the earth. We certainly shouldn't act like chicken little, looking skyward, just because we use the plastic bags at Wal-Mart.

      We worship God, not his creation.

      3. We should not pledge allegiance to President Obama, as the people in the video did.

      4. At the end of the video they ask "What's your pledge?" My pledge is the same as my grandfather's pledge, the same as his grandfather's pledge, the same as all freedom loving men's pledge. It's the same pledge that led our brave soliders to protect and defend this United States. What's my pledge?

      I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      This pledge is certainly better than the video pledges to "only flush after a duce, not after a single", or to "not give the finger when I drive."

    28. Jennifer Sus Wiscons says:

      Our elementary school is also going to review the address, and then let the teachers decide if there is anything in this, that would be appropriate—ONLY after several parents had called and complained—my daughters principle even suggested that I shouldn't get my info. from the media—until I called, there was no letter sent home explaining this address to OUR children–it seems to me the public schools are excited about this history making moment and are so biased when it comes to this administration–ANYTHING GOEs!!! TIME TO HOME SCHOOL!!!!!!!

    29. Tim, Sulphur, La. says:

      That mess is so far off the radar our administrators have not even considered recording the video. They see it as a waste of time while we SHOULD be teaching real subject material. And for those homeschoolers, please do not lump all teachers into the bowl. Yes, there are some confused drones out there, but I don't know of many at all.

    30. Edward, Las Cruces, says:

      I for one am going to ask my sons school if they are going to air this BS and if so, my son will not be attending that day and will not do it for make up work either. This is as low as our foreign person in charge can get, trying to brainwash our children. And NO, I don't refer to him as my President, since foreign born people can't be President here.

    31. skibud, Detroit says:

      True patriots know this drill. Amercicans are not stupid and this tyranny will end next year. Obama is dramactically weakened and is literally on the ropes, let's finish the job. His Presidency is far worse shape than many Americans know, so hang in there, speak your mind, be fearless. Remember that when citizens are afraid of their government it's called tyranny; but when governments are afraid of their citizens it's called liberty.

      God bless America.

    32. Pikov, MA says:

      This is much ado about nothing. If there was a required daily or weekly message from the White House, then you could bring up indoctrination. But to panic over an address to school children to "listen to the president and other elected officials" is pure folly. This is an important Civics lesson, engaging children in the tenets of democracy. Decades ago, whole towns would come out to hear the President on a whistlestop tour, but "beaming the President to the classroom – well that's brainwashing!" I am sometimes astonished at the lack of intelligent thought that exists in America today.

    33. A Teacher in Los Ang says:

      Do you really think it that terrible the president wants to encourage children to do well in school?

    34. Mary, Houston, TX says:

      The present administration apparently feels the need to indoctrinate our population with their socialist agenda from cradle to grave; Mr President's upcoming speech to our school children is the latest example of such. It is my hope that right-thinking Americans will remember the many insidious methods these people are employing when it comes time to vote, starting in 2010. Sweep the House clean!

    35. Will, California says:

      Carefully read the questions he wants the teachers to ask our young students.

      - What is the President trying to tell me?

      - What is the President asking me to do?

      - What resonated with you?

      - What lines and phrases do you remember?

      He is using our children as a focus group to find out what message to send to children in the future and will design his future messages to reflect the results. This is before we even hear the content of his message. The democrats consistently use children ex: (child relative praying for health care at Kennedy's funeral)to push their agenda. Fans of history will notice a sickening trend here.

    36. Teacher, GA says:

      The school district in which I teach is sending home a "permission slip" for parents to sign regarding whether or not their children will be allowed to watch this. I personally have not decided whether or not I will be watching it in my classroom and have not been told that I have to or cannot. I believe parents have a right to determine whether or not they want their children exposed to whatever it is the president will be saying. Watching something live, we cannot guarantee that his words and message will be appropriate for our students, so it is important that we all remember to preview the speech just as we preview videos, books, and other content we teach. We are the protectors of our students and we cannot protect them if we do not preview what we teach. I think we need to wait until the speech has been made and then decide if we will play it back to our students!

    37. Space-Bisbee,Az says:

      Can you say Drone? I knew you could.

    38. mark elder, Texarkan says:

      This angers me to no end and though I have no children I have an opinion and I pay school taxes like every one else. Try this for thought:

      1. People keep their children home from school the day Obama starts his rethoric the schools will have a list of the children that did not attend that particular day which translates into a list of families that would oppose Obama… Walla families with kids are on a hit list! The feds may wish in the future to take the children for what ever reason they may consider even if to strong arm us into card check for example.

      2. Someone said "out of the mouths of babes it comes" schools take these letters written from kids and that is a window into what people talk about at home and once again we make the hit list from an out of control barbaric communist regeme.

      3. It is also a great way of checking the beliefs of each ethnicity when we go to school they want to know what race showed up more than did not show up they have the names of family members, blood types, cars and license plates and we give them all in the name of saftey for our kids. (Health Care strong arming and Union check card intimidation could sprout forth from this filth. It is an accurate poll they can obtain in an under handed way.

      4.It also opens the door for the schools to hand out questionaires on why kids did not attend, why they believe the way they do. The federal aspects and in some cases state aspects of our school systems have become as evil as a child molester that preys on kids.

      5.As well as the information they get from all of the above they then form and fashion future text books to mold their sleazy and worthless agenda…Food for thought I am sure others could add to or help me with this theory…

    39. Lizzy, Phoenix, AZ says:

      Our TV will remain off on Tuesday AND our 4 children will stay home. Great day to have a 'family day' to refocus our commitment to God and His blessing, our freedom. Perhaps, it's time to seriously consider homeschooling once again as I had done in years past. This is very concerning. Another alarming sign from the Obama administration.

    40. Anonymous, Minnesota says:

      These comments are ridiculous. Obama is just trying to address the seriousness of education and motivate students across the country! No big deal, but all people want to do is complain. It will never matter what race, age, political party etc. the President may be….there will always be something to bitch about. I thought America was about unity. All I see is "Americans" slamming our President in the media…it's embarassing.

    41. Andrew Pass, Farming says:

      This blog post misses the point. The President of the United States is not only a political leader; he is also the Head of State. As the Head of State, the President has a responsibility to motivate young people to pursue an education that will give them the competencies to thrive in the Twenty First Century. It's a question of national security.

      At the same time, students have a responsibility to carefully listen to what they are being told and determine if they agree with it or not. A democratic government that finances school systems has a responsbility to teach students to critically think about what they are being told. With this in mind, I think that the lesson plan published by the DOE falls short. It should also include the following questions: "Is there anything that that the President said that you agree with? What? Why do you agree with it?" and "Is there anything that the President said that you disagree with? What? Why do you disagree with it?" Of course, the DOE should not end a sentence with a preposition.

    42. Dave Anderson, AL says:

      MEMO TO PRESIDENT OBAMA: When I need you to lecture and/or educate my children, I will let you know.

      Perhaps if you concentrated on attempting to fulfill the obligations of your office (as described in the Constitution of the United State of America) you would find sufficient work to keep you employed. You DO remember that document, don't you? Perhaps exerting a little leadership to restrain what is obviously a Congress which is completely out of control might help occupy your time?

    43. Mark, Frederick, Mar says:

      OMFG!. You people are certifiably insane.

    44. Shawn, Southern CA says:

      If this President were an honorable man we might not have a problem letting him speak to our children without vetting the message first. We do know that he has a "I won, do as I say or get out of my way" attitude, that he associated with leftest ideas and people in church, school and his social life, he is surrounding himself with extremist Czars like Van Jones who are hateful and out in left field – why would I want my child exposed to anything he says without my ability to turn the set off or discuss the comments at that moment – Or maybe I'm expected to leave that up to the schools too along with everything else that is my responsibility.

    45. Neal, Marci, says:

      I really tried to resist this urge but, as a retired American History teacher, I could not resist. I always talked to students about the need for Americans to respect the office of president while, at the same time, exerting the privileges of the "loyal opposition." I was doing this even when Bill Clinton was making it very difficult. It was the Democrats who brought down this long standing tradition with eight years of demonizing George Bush. If I were still teaching I would probably try to retrieve this tradition. However, the lesson plans supplied by the Dept. of Ed. make no mention of "loyal opposition." I doubt that President Obama knows the meaning of the phrase, even though, during the campaign, he spoke of the bi-partisan efforts he envisioned.

    46. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Everyone of us should write, call, or e-mail your

      local school boards to insist they do not allow

      this indoctrination. We should also insure them

      that if they do allow this to take place, inform them you will, at any time in the furture, NOT support any and all of their increases in funding

      for their systems.

    47. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      One point missed from the original posting is the portion of the proposed message stressing "personal responsibility". This portion of the address should be a real hoot given this administration's penchant for policy focused on equal results as opposed to equal opportunity. Taking responsibility for the results of one's actions runs counter to the Democrat Party and is the major difference between conservatives and liberals. If my kids work harder in school, learn more, are prudent in their social decisions then earning higher paying jobs, better health coverage and a better standard of living than those that don't should be their reward. Personal responsibility means living with the results of decisions, both good & bad. It will be interesting to see how President Obama connects personal responsibility with being responsible for fixing everyone else's problems.

    48. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      During a discussion on the Fox Panel last night

      concerning this matter, a respected member, Steve

      Hayes (of the Weekly Standard) actually implyed it was OK for Obama to address the school childern because "he is a good role model". Contact the Standard to let them know how you feel about Hayes's comments.

    49. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      I have never seen so much activity from a White House administration.

      Personally, I believe the president is throwing all of this crazy stuff at us to cause something to happen. It won't work prez. We are on to you and your wacky team of Che wanabee's. We will stay calm, go to our rallies and we will organize peacefully.

      Then we will use our right as Americans and vote your friends out of office. Seen the polls lately.

      You see prez, as it stands today, we can still vote.

      By the way Mark it's actually OMG not OMFG and truthfully, we are not the ones who are insane.


    50. Ami, Oklahoma City says:

      I have 2 sons (pre-K and pre-school). To me it is sad that they will grow up in a pre (if not complete) socialistic country. We have never had a president tell our children whet homework they have to do. We have never missed a National Day of Prayer. The pizza delivery guy now knows more about our life than our bank did when I was growing up. This is scary. Our government is too big.

    51. Betty, Alexander Cit says:

      BIG BROTHER has moved into the White House with all his BIG BROTHER CZARS. We are now in a fight for our freedoms. Our school system's superintendent will review the tape and decide if our students will watch. If they can start with the kids they will have their civilian army before long.

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    53. Jill, California says:

      I'll gladly study about Obama in school … when my teachers speak the truth about the way this dangerous man and his evil companions are destroying America.

    54. Ross writes, Undisc says:

      The Department of Education should never had been created and should have been abolished yesterday, last year, ten years ago…

      The key for a dictator or dictator-in-the-embryo is to have the children love and worship him. Pick any of the 20th Century tyrants to see how it works, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Papa Doc, Mao, Castro, Eda-Oman, Hessein… You get my drift.

      I favor homeschooling, children get a better and grounded education.

    55. MINNESOTA says:

      Just as anticipated, Obama's socialist indoctrination, with a subtle but recognizable kickoff, has begun…


    56. Tim Az says:

      Anybody still think we need the Department of Education? I have an idea even though I have no kids of my own. I would find conservative quotes favoring the intentions of the constitution and those who wrote it. And post them all over the refrigerator. As the kids ask about the quotes explain the quotes to them. Explain to them how their government is supposed to work not how liberals would like it to work. And if necessary home school them.

    57. SONNY-CHES.VA. says:


    58. Terry, MO says:

      Sure wish the money that was spent on this could have actually went to the public school system, instead of being wasted.

      Giving money for high speed internet for certain cities, while other cities are barely getting by.

      Bailing out New York fatcats so they can give themselves another raise on our dime.

      Millions of dollars spent on "stimulus" when again people are just trying to make it, because they lost their job.

      I voted for Obama. I thought he would make a change. Sadly he is just another politician.

    59. Drew, Nashville says:

      This is ridiculous. I am a senior in high school, and strongly disagree. I don't care if it's Obama, Bush, or anyone else. You know this speech will be biased in the first place, and the teacher, whether democratic, republican, or independent will probably voice their opinion out loud for the class. Since when does the FEDERAL government have a right to interfere with schools like this? Whoever said that this is the same as No Child Left Behind is wrong. That was a bill that was passed with a majority of Congress. This "lesson-plan" did not have to be passed through practically anyone except for Obama's people. This is complete socialism and most democrats can't see that Obama ISN'T a king. The government does not have the right to intermingle in schools. That is reserved for local and state. And if you want proof, read Article 4 of the Constitution. This "lesson plan" is NOT "necessary and proper" and does not relate any sort of interstate commerce (as most democrats like to use these excuses as reasons to mingle). This lesson plan is wrong and, once again, a majority of people agree with me. But does Obama care? No, because he believes he can do what he wants in the White House.

      Say no to Socialism. It wasn't what America was founded on, and it's not what we should become.

      Once you democrats can't find something to say back to the majoirty besides "that's wrong!" then come back and I'll listen. But if you can't back yourselves up, then keep the mouth shut.

    60. oregon,america says:

      What is the problem?If you go against the highest office in or government then you go against ALL other officals in our government state and local.What you really teach the children is that you dont have to listen to any one or any part of the government…Now that is the real scary thing to think about.

    61. Buz, NPR, Fl says:

      John Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country".

      BHO, "Ask now what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for me".

      Simple. USA now = BHO


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    64. Jen M, Houston says:

      I am horrified. They are asking our children to actually listen and think about education and the value of it! What is this country coming to?

    65. Slick in Nebraska says:

      Everyone needs to call your congressmen/women and ask them what authority the Federal Department of Education has over your local schools. Ask them what the restrictions were when this particular department originated on the Federal level. If they don't know, then ask them to find out and get back to you.

      My problem with this whole "Presidential School Speech" is that not only were the parents not consulted, the State Department of Educations were bypassed as well as local school boards. If there is no reason to be suspicious, why was the program developed to bypass normal channels? When you see and hear about things like this, it makes you wonder, "What is the President REALLY trying to do?" By now his track record is such that we have to be on our toes every waking moment just so we don't miss what he is trying to do "TO US" next.

      We have had previous Presidents speak to school children at the beginning of a new school year. However, NO ONE presumed to TELL the teachers how they were to "teach" to their classes once the presentation was over. Since when did our teachers become so illiterate that they need some bureaucrat in Washington to come up with a "suitable lesson plan" making sure that all of the President's points are recognized, understood and implemented with a letter of declaration.

      In order to justify having so many people spend so much time and money to develop this novel idea, the President must have a very high expectation of achieving a desired outcome. Now we just have to figure out what it is!!! One half hour of "educational encouragement" does not a liberal make, but the seed is planted – our children are impressionable and will no doubt be awed by hearing the President speak directly to them!

    66. Sandi in Indiana says:

      I am amazed to read some of the comments above. I am a retired teacher. As I look at the lesson plan….both the first one and the ammended one…I see a great thing. The students are asked to ID the important things the president has said, asked to ID those things that "resonate" with them, ID things the president is asking them to do. That is exactly what a good, critical thinking exercise SHOULD do.

      The students are not being told to think any certain thing, only ID what they might agree with. This is great. I can only assume that the people who object fear that their children will be more forward thinking than they are, and might actually agree with the president on, say, the importance of getting a good education.

      You see, we have a lot of folks who do not want to agree with this president on ANYTHING, no matter what it is….even just an urging to children that they should take their education seriously.

    67. John Roane Sarasota says:

      This is what you get and rightfully so, because you voted for it. The Federal Government has no US Constitutional authority for things like the NEA, Social Security, Medicare, and Dept. of Education etc.

      But you all voted now sit in it and get to like it. Because the only way you can get out of this is to vote not to re-elect all members out of the US Congress regardless of party. Enforce voter mandated term limits on the US Congress and watch how things change for the better.

      Remember read and go by what our US Constitution says, our forefathers did now best.

    68. Mom of four, Maine says:

      There is a huge difference between giving a speech to our kids and giving a speech after handing out specific instruction guides that are designed to encourage said children to sympathise with the speaker and his goals.Furthermore,as a school board director, I find it highly insulting that the President would insert an impromtu lesson plan and put it before the determined plan already approved by the local school administrations and boards. The school day is hectic enough without the President inflicting his agenda on the teachers and children. My children will stay home, with the exception of the high school student who will record the session and voice his opinions accordingly.

    69. Slick in Nebraska says:

      Jen M, Houston –

      I don't think "asking our children to actually listen and think about education and the value of it." I think they are strongly encouraging your children and mine to make a COMMITMENT in writing telling how they are going to "help" the President. And when your child asks the teacher to give him/her an example, then all kinds of options may be readily available. We are privy to the lesson plans that were developed for the children; what we don't know is what instructions were developed for the teachers: suggestions of ideas they can give to "help" the children put their "commitment in writing."

      You notice that those papers are going to be collected and handed back at a later time. What is going to happen with those papers BEFORE they are returned. No one is telling us that so you don't know whether they are being faxed to the Federal Dept of Education or the White House or some "Czar" yet to be named, or whether the school is to keep copies in your child's file.

      If all that was being asked of our children is to actually listen and think about education and its value, I wouldn't have a problem with that! After all, I think trying to impress on your child the value of education is important if they are going to be successful, productive adults of our country. And heaven knows, making that impression with our current drop-out rates would be welcomed by most parents. It is the rest of the "package" one has to wonder about.

    70. Robert, Conroe, TX says:

      To those of you supporting this "historic event," let me ask you: Why do you depend on a public figure to do your job as a parent? Why are YOU – THE PARENT – not able to convey to your children the importance of education and educational goals? Why must you depend on the President, while forcing his own political agenda, to deliver a message you should have been delivering since they were able to communicate with you?

      This "event" is nothing more than President Obama forcing his ideals and agendas down the throat of the American people – EXCEPT NOW HE'S USING OUR CHILDREN!

      I'm sorry, but I refuse to place the ADDED pressure of "serving the elected officials" on my 9 and 7 year-olds. The responsibility of those decisions lies upon me and my wife – NOT the child themself. There will be plenty of time when they are OLD ENOUGH to entertain the ideals and values of politicians. UNTIL THAT TIME COMES, I WILL GET OFF MY PROVERBIAL LAZY RUMP AND DO MY JOB AS A PARENT! That is MY job; NOT President Obama's!

      The sickening part of all this is the absolute blindness of the American people to the fact that this man is taking us closer and closer to Socialism – or maybe even a full Dictatorship – and we are giving him a free pass because we're too damned lazy to take responsibility for ourselves and our children. I'm sorry, but there is no "Auto-pilot" in parenting!

    71. Bonnie Hemlock M says:

      The schools in our district won't be playing the speech. Their was enough outrage that the school said the teachers don't have time to play this speech. Our Superintendent is an upstanding

      man and understood the discontent.

    72. Marvin Alaska says:

      Just remember, Barack Obama has always been, and always will be, about Barack Obama. He does nothing unless it will benefit him. This is not about the kids or schools. This is about him.

    73. mark thompson says:

      Who said, "education is the motor force of revolution"? Bill Ayers of course, Obama's comrade in this coup. One of many radicals. His goal is the destruction of our form of government. I am on a mission to have Ayers investigated for academic misconduct as well as sedition. More info, slash the evidence, at campconservatism.com. Please email uibot@uillinois.edu asking for an investigation with regards to academic misconduct. This will lead to Obama, as they are birds of a feather having shared the same nest in Chicago. Pass this on, it has huge implications today. Thanks Heritage.

    74. Mary, Seattle says:

      The White House will be releasing the content of President Obama's education speech prior to the airing in the nation's public schools. I have homeschooled for the past five years. Civics and politics have been an integral part of our curriculum. I believe that we do not give our young people enough credit. At least mine have been taught from a very young age to think for themselves and question everything. I trust that they can listen to a speech by our president without being indoctrinated into "Obama's zombie brigade." As A better lesson perhaps would be to end the crazy rumors, theories, conspiracies and outright lies that have been circulating since before Obama was elected. He is, after all, our president, and for that he deserves our respect.

      By the way, Obama is certainly not the first to address the nation's children. In fact, he is just one of many: George H. Bush, Ronald Regan and FDR. My point, expose our children to many points of view because the truth can always be found somewhere in the middle.

    75. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Sandi in Indiana: If Obama was an honorable man, I would agree. He is not. I have never seen or heard someone lie as much as this guy. When he starts keeping his promises, I will be willing to listen. You cannot give credence to a fibber. This sends the worng message to our youth.

    76. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Where Obama goes, nothing grows, but the deficit!


    77. Jennifer, Indiana says:

      I am a high school teacher, and as I read through the messages on this board, I couldn't help but feel compelled to reply.

      Are teachers so untrustworthy? Many teachers are parents, too–and we teach because our students will become the next generation of decision makers and voters. We constantly ask them to question their assumptions and to check facts. When writing research papers, we ask them to validate their findings rather than taking someone's words at face value. Part of reading comprehension is identifying bias, which is a skill taught in every classroom in every state.

      My students know that every writer or speaker has a bias and knowing the bias makes it easier to judge the content. My students know the rhetorical modes speakers use to persuade an audience–and because they have this awareness, they are learning how to listen critically to all kinds of messages in the media. They are learning how to think for themselves and form their own opinions.

      I also know my students. In the past eight years, whenever politics comes up in the conversation in any way, I hear the voices of parents speaking through their children.

      I don't know if I will tune in to Obama's speech in my classroom, but if I do, our class discussion won't be dictated by the Department of Education. Those lesson plans are SUGGESTIONS, not mandates. Never, ever have I been told what to teach or how to do it. Never, ever have I been required to document a student's responses and "fax them to the White House" or any such nonsense. If anything, I will bring the debate surrounding the speech to my students and find out what they think since the debate and the message are aimed at them. Why doesn't the Department of Ed write a lesson plan asking students to question how important they are to political wrangling and sensationalism? Better to recognize others' attempts to use you than to be a willing pawn. In this case, the side crying fowl is just as guilty as the administration for using children as an excuse for drama.

      I like the idea of a president–who is also a father of young children–encouraging students to focus on their studies. If he says anything about any topic other than the importance of education and service to one's community, I'll be shocked.

    78. Keith, Roswell, GA says:

      I'm rolling on the floor and laughing after reading how conservative parents want to shield their children from hearing 'the other side'. How do you reconcile that with incessant chant that the children should learn creationism to balance godless evolution? Too funny.

    79. Riley, WA says:

      I agree that a message about the importance of getting a good education and the value of that education in life is a great message to send. The FACT is simply that there is an underlying message here, implications far deeper than this candy coated "getting a good education" stuff. Raise your hand if you don't already stress that to your kids on your own accord.

      Anyhow, it seems to me that the waters are being tested here.

      Oh and by the way, our nation is bankrupt. Fiscal year 2010 here we come!

      Wake up people…wake up and quit fighting with each other.

      They use a very effective strategy that has been implemented flawlessly time and time again:

      "Divide and Conquer"

      I see it here, and I see it there, and I see many people too dense to realize it. If there is a God, I hope he really hasn't given up on us.

    80. Patty in CT says:

      The President should be giving this address to families during a primetime airing. This would ensure that parents are able to view the video with their children and help their children to understand what the proper role of a president (and government) is in a democracy. To sneak into a child's classroom and deliver what could be propoganda is not something I would expect in a free world.

    81. Tetsuo says:

      Oh no! The lesson plan is asking students to analyze and break down Obama's speech by asking them to determine what he is asking and what he is trying to tell them! Critical thinking is a socialist plot!

    82. Linda Rhode Island says:

      There is no question that the goal of this "speech" is as underhanded as the entirety of the campaign, and the 1/2 year of this presidency. The radicals of the 60's now are in power, President Obama is their conduit and it is a very dangerous time. Parents, keep your children away from this brainwashing – pay extreme close attention to what is taught in your children's classrooms, in their textbooks. Control of a society begins with children – in the classroom. I am grateful my children are no longer school age!

    83. Terri, USA says:

      Margy Chambers, As a parent, you are allowed to review all curriculum and instruction PRIOR to its implementation. Bypass the principal and call the superintendent of schools and every school board member if you have to do so. If that fails, go to the media. If they will allow the kids to do this, you ban bet your botton dollar they will teach a lot of other stuff without your permission!!

    84. Edutainment says:

      Wow. Pretty sad folks. The Pres hasn't even said one word and folks are already complaining. A speech on the value of education…to The Nation's youth that have gradually been sinking lower and lower in the educational ranks amongst their peers around the world. Pretty sad folks. I know I get it…the kids aren't going to be watching a speech on education and the value of what a quality education can mean to your child's future, they're going to be watching a large spinning wheel on the screen with the "Dark Sith" voice of Obama brainwashing your kids to think opposite of what you think. (Dark Sith) "HAHAHA we're going to brainwash them all with my experimental ray gun that shoots through the T.V. HAHAHAHA." Just sad. Go on Obama…keep doing you. Let the haters HATE and let those who strive for freedom continue to rise towards whatever piece of freedom they are trying to achieve. PEACE.

    85. Triska says:

      It's not the speech that troubles me, it is the official lesson plans. I don't care if they show the speech, but dump the "suggested" class activities. It is difficult for a child to choose to not listen if the student is required to parrot back the words of the Great Leader. And the question for k-6 to ponder: "why is it important we listen to the President" and our other "leaders" . Really. I thought they were supposed to be listening to us. But we all see what happens when the populace shows up at town halls to protest. Dismissed and insulted. This administration is the most over-reaching I can remember.

    86. Diamond, ND says:

      I wrote and called the head of my child's school last Wednesday. she had not heard about it yet but after looking into it for an hour she agreed that it isn't appropriate. I was surprised that she came to that conclusion because she was an Obama supporter. She said polictics don't belong in the classroom. They may end up showing the video only but it won't be mandatory and they definately won't be using the lesson plans. Just goes to show that common sense does prevail at times even in the world of education.

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    88. flymomma, West Virgi says:

      While the value of education is important, pushing politics on the grade school level is not. Having Obama come into the schools and asking questions that parents are not privy to, as well as giving instructions and creating a curriculum for the classroom based on the speech is very unsettling.

      Parents should be given the opportunity to see the broadcast and materials given to the teachers before the children are asked to participate.

      I heard that this may grow into a program that is integrated into the curriculum on a weekly basis. (remember, I just heard this-is not fact)

      The bottom line is that learning about politics in school is fine-too many children are ignorant in the way that our country works;however, but forcing ideas and leading impressionable children without parents consent is wrong. No matter who it is.

    89. Jenny, Utah says:

      1. Why would you keep your kids from missing out on the rest of the class instruction on Tues. if they can opt out of the speech?

      2. I strongly disagree with about every policy dished out by the current administration. But I have told my kids that we can strongly disagree with a person and still take notice when we share a common belief. If This truly consists of speech about the importance of education, all the better. SOmething I can finally agree with the president on!

      3. I am having all my children go and I am watching it with them so we can talk about the things we heard. It is an opportune time to discuss the ideas and tell them why I feel the way I do if there are points in which we disagree. I look at it like a great opportunity to show the example of listening and being objective.

      4. If our families are talking about the constitution and the place of govermnent while teaching them our family values system, why fear? WE are their parents, we have the power and priviledge to teach and advise our children!

    90. Bobbie Jay says:

      Dear Lindsey,

      I apologize for my broad response to a fellow commentor, from Mn. I was born and raised in Mn. and presently reside there. It is very difficult to observe the destruction of the country, state and people because of the authoritative abuses of the governments. When someone hints of no concerns and trust the suspicious acts of government, it breaks my heart. My passion is to rebuild the principles of America, with strength and independence of all mankind and regardless of government coercion and manipulation. Please forgive me. Thank you.

    91. Hugh, Texas says:

      What a great opportunity! After Mr. Obama delivers his talk, we, as parents, have the opportunity to speak with our children and show them the truth or error of his words. Any un-constitutional politicizing on his part will serve to destroy him in their minds and allow him to further bury himself in the ridiculous hole he's digging.

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    93. Powell- USA says:

      "It’s not the speech that troubles me, it is the official lesson plans."

      What "OFFICIAL" lesson plans? Did you read them? Are they REQUIRED? Do the schools have to implement them?

      The answer is they are NOT lesson plans, they were merely suggestions and did not need to be implemented nor followed. I believe since the "every child (allegedly no child) left behind disaster of the last, how did you word it? regime? the Dept. of Eeducation understands that teachers may need a hand in actually teaching, since schools are not allowed to weed out teachers who actually suck.

      "But we all see what happens when the populace shows up at town halls to protest. Dismissed and insulted. This administration is the most over-reaching I can remember."

      What town hall meetings have you been to? All the ones I see have people showing up with loaded guns and screaming and yelling at their elected officials. Why in my state, someone actually bit off a mans finger that they dd not agree with.

      As far as overeaching, dont let me get started on the weapons of mass destruction debacle. My family member gave his eyesight in Iraq to chase after that boogey man that did not exist.

    94. Kevin, Addison,TX says:

      Well spoken skibud from Detroit.

    95. Stacy, Michigan says:

      How can we turn this into an "teachable moment" for our students? If our high school kids do hear the president's speech in school on Tuesday, what questions can we ask them around the dinner table?

      Ideas: Was helping the president an individual duty that the founders considered important? Is helping our country a duty? Is staying in school crucial to future success? Or are there other viable options that better meet your individual needs? Why are some parents upset about this speech? Are their concerns valid?

      Any other ideas?

    96. Del, MO says:

      I am confused. In school for me I didn't really know anything about politics. It would have been nice to see a face of someone important in politics and be asked to think critically about my country. I think giving this to elementary kids is risk in terms of them understanding him, but I feel that because the moment one turns 18 they have powers that they have no idea how to yield, being shown now how to think critically about politics and what people say is very important. In his lesson plans he never asks the students, "What's wrong with my health plan?" he is just asking them to think really hard about content. Why is not wonderful that a president want children to not just listen to the box sitting in our entertainment centers, but ask questions about the words coming from their tv's. Where is the sanity here. Yes parents should be the one's talking to their children about why they should stay in school and why they should analyze people's words carefully, but I feel parents need all the help they can get. Why am I confused? Parents don't want help, our kids aren't being asked to think critically, and are not being exposed enough to the people that ultimately decide what his/her country does without their knowledge or control, at least until they're eighteen.

    97. Jason, Washington says:

      I hope that those of you who object to your children seeing this address will at least watch it yourselves to see if it is in fact all that you are afraid it will be. If what it ends up being is what it has been advertised as–an attempt to encourage students to work hard and stay in school–I don't see why anyone would object to that regardless of who is sending it. Isn't this what we all want for our children?

      I also want to point out that lesson plans are not required. I am a teacher and I actually find it very helpful when lesson plans accompany a new activity that I want to try out with my students. I don't have to follow them–I just use them to help generate ideas. But I can make my own decisions–there are no mandates for the Obama lesson plans. And they seem perfectly reasonable if you look them in light of the intended message of the address, which is for students to work hard and stay in school.

    98. Jerry, Mount Joy, PA says:

      Simple Solution: Let your kids watch, on condition that they can say a prayer for guidance and discernment immediately prior.

      (My grandkids are all home schooled.)

    99. Greg, Arizona says:

      I do not object to the presidents speech on the importance of Education. His ability to show that Ethnicity is not a reason, for not accomplishing your Goals. If he shows that Personal Responsability, Family Responsablity and Community Responsablity are what determine your life's outcome. The speech, yes, the (game) lesson plan, probably not.

    100. randysa,tx says:

      Hear we go again.People need to calm down and realize that the same people complaning about the president are the same parents who let thier kids watch R rated movies,play mature games,listen to obsence music and want their kids to own guns.Grow up and understand that if your a good parent it will not matter what the president tells your kids.They will listen to you.

    101. Erik, Toledo says:

      The idea of the President's speech is not ridiculous, but the response to his speech is.

      Going over your lesson plan analysis left me wondering what the big deal is. Asking students to listen critically to a speech and then assess how they will respond is something that is done with literature/speech all the time. That is essentially what English and writing classes are all about.

      The questions being asked are things like, "what is he asking" and "what can i do." If the president were to say something outrageous during his speech, these exercises would not be reasonable. If, however, he focuses on the need for better education and staying in school, these exercises become very productive. Do you trust the president to not say irrational things to children?

      Or maybe you don't want the president telling kids to stay in school. Is that the definition of socialism now?

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    103. td, lafayette ,la says:

      Mr.President, I think instead of going after our kids with a political speech , speak to us tell us how you will fix our country. Can it be true that you just fell into a mess that has been planned for years to screw up our country, and the only way to fix it is to allow the goverment to run every thing.. we are americans and live in a free country, and we dont want that to change. i said when you won the race issues would clear up and looks like its getting worse, i think we need you to address that issue. remember you are biracial. please try to help this country before it's to late, which is almost here.

    104. M. Gatlin says:

      I was firmly not going to allow my child to listen to this speech. However, I read it and you know what it's a good speech. And I will be sitting next to my child while he listens.

      Do I buy into President Obama and his agenda? No, but this speech was a good speech, and I think every President of the United States of America, regardless of party affiliation should address children across Nationwide on the first day of school.

      I think the lesson plans are fine — but I agree I don't think the government should advise our teachers what their lesson plans should be.

      My child's teacher has enough on the ball to be asking his class what the President's message was about, and what they can do and why it's important to stay in school.

    105. s., texas says:

      Some who are posting her are showing so much lack of respect, I can only imagine what you are teaching your children.

      I am NOT into politics, I read and re-read the speech,I DO NOT feel anything is being pushed down any ones throat.Again,I am NOT a political person, but I think the speech will be a great motivation for my sons about his personal responsibility and his choice for his education. Kids are taught a lot in the world we dont agree with. It is out personal responsibility to teach them our views, teaching them to just stay home from school when there is going to be 15 minutes of a speech you may not agree with. Really? Hows that for promoting enthusiasm for school????

    106. Mike says:


      On Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 1:30pm, President Obama will be addressing the people of the United States encouraging them to brush and floss after meals. Obviously no one wants this socialist, communist brushing agenda forced upon United States citizens, so FOX NEWS is encouraging all patriotic citizens to do their part and contact their local news media, senator's office, friends and loved ones and tell them you do NOT agree with President Obama's brushing and flossing regimen! Earlier in the day, Rush Limbaugh said: "When I heard the news that Obama was endorsing the elitist, ivy league brushing and flossing dentalist agenda I threw my toothbrush right into the trash and ate four Snickers bars."


    107. Diane Gregg says:

      What some people seem to be missing is that there are Obama-worshiping teachers out there who would like nothing more than to promote their "magic man" to their classrooms. At my child's school some teachers put a smiling picture of Obama on the wall during the election and IT'S STILL THERE! They are trying to promote the cult of personality that surrounds this man. If they can get the kids to believe in and worship this man, then maybe the kids will be loyal Democrat voters for many years to come. Maybe they will accept other messages they hear from him, messages about socializing our economy or messages about making the termination of preborn life more accessible. Obama is a talented wordsmith. He can make bad things sound good and good things sound bad. During the election, many classroom teachers held mock elections or asked for a show of hands of which candidate the kids supported. Some of the teachers riduculed the kids whose hands went up for McCain. One teacher in Ashville, NC told a soldier's child in her class that McCain wanted to keep her daddy in Iraq for a hundred years. I don't recall in all my school years a teacher promoting a political candidate like teachers now seem free to do. A real professional educator would know where to draw the line on bringing his/her own personal agenda into the classroom. My child will be kept home tomorrow. I am not an ignorant person. I have a master's degree and I used to be a liberal. I know that they believe the end justifies the means. I recognize the risk of indoctrination when i see it.

    108. Wim Prange says:

      After reading the speech, and matching it with the original lesson plan, isn't it obvious everybody jumped the shark?

      Was it really such a bad lesson plan to ask students, after they had heard the speech, to think about it and answer questions like:

      * “What is the President trying to tell me?”

      * “What is the President asking me to do?”

      * “What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?”

      * “What specific job is he asking me to do"

      * “Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?”

      * “What resonated with you from President Obama’s speech?"

      * “What lines/phrases do you remember?"

      * “Is he challenging you to do anything?”

    109. SFC MAC says:

      @Jordan, Marietta GA

      The controversy is about two things: the god-like worship of this socialist empty suit, and the Department of Education lesson plan that accompanies the speech.

      It's up to the PARENTS to monitor their TV and computer use as well as what they're being taught (indoctrinated with) in school. The parents have seen what Obama's regime is capable of, and they want no part of it.

    110. Francis, NJ says:

      Why does he have to do this on day one (for many schools)? It is hectic enough without the students and teachers having to worry about setting aside the time for this. Why can't he wait until school is up and running. But Obama is all about Obama and could care less about who he inconveniences’.

    111. Amber, Indiana says:

      I would like to know if anyone can explain their problems with the following questions: * “What is the President trying to tell me?”

      * “What is the President asking me to do?”

      * “What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?”

      * “What specific job is he asking me to do”

      * “Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?”

      * “What resonated with you from President Obama’s speech?”

      * “What lines/phrases do you remember?”

      * “Is he challenging you to do anything?”

      President Obama encouraged students to stay in school to receive the best education possible, to concentrate on their future goals and to never stray from achieving their goals.

      Why do so many people find issue with the same words every parent should stress to their children?

    112. Malay, NC says:

      I find it embarassing that the President of the United States wanted to speak with American school kids and so much fuss was made. This is the President, I can't believe people got so worked up, there were people interviewed on TV that were crying in fear of what he was going to say to the kids. When the President of the US wants to talk to you, you listen. You don't have to agree, but you listen. I don't care if it's Obama, Bush I,Bush II, Reagan. Even if McCain had won, if Palin was President because McCain died, if Hillary had won. You go to listen to any of them, if they are President.

      People need to chill out about the lesson plans. I agree, it would have been smarter for the Dept. of Educ. to not do them at all, but they were just some guidance on some ideas for educators to have projects for the kids, this was not indoctrination.

      People get the buzzword of "socialist" in their heads and immediately over react. I'll bet most of the people that were in such an uproar did not even see the lesson plans, just listened to the talking heads.

      His speech was inspiring. He encouraged kids to work hard in school no matter what obstacles they may be facing. What's so wrong with that?

      Chill out people, count to 10, re-channel all that energy and anger to being a productive member of society. Be a uniter, not a divider.

    113. Pingback: The Lesson Plan With Obama’s School Speech « The Foxhole

    114. Wilkerson, Arkansas says:

      I am saddened at American ignorance. Could it not be that Obama just wanted to encourage our youth? All that had to be done was to just read his speech and one would have seen that it was just a pep talk. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't our pastors, coaches, teachers, parents, cheerleaders, etc. all give encouraging speeches to our students. Why is it that they are allowed and not our President. I believe that previous presidents were also allowed to have their "pep" talks viewed in the past. What's different now? Our school had to send home notes to ask parent's permission to watch the speech, a historical event ( which is now past)and if parents give the "ok" can be watched later. So what's next? Send letters home to ask permission to teach fractions, subject/verb agreement, spelling words? It's not like teachers aren't educated enough to preview lessons before teaching them.

    115. Danielle- TN says:

      Did this article really question the President's choise to send his kids to a private school in D.C.? Really? Iwould think this was probably for safety reasons. In case some of you haven't noticed there are a lot of people who aren't happy with the president. And he's educated enough to understand this and the dangers that come with his job. The speech was great. Very insiring even to me as a senior I wish I could have heard it earlier. To the parents who kept their children home… Maybe you should let them think for themselves no matter how yong they are. Maybe you should have read the speech yourself. The lesson plan was a suggestion. And bush did something similar in his 91 speech by asking kids to write letters to him about what they could do to help the country. I'm sure none of you cried brainwashing then.

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