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  • Green Jobs and 9/11 Truthers: A Match Made in the Obama White House

    This April President Barack Obama said he wanted to rebuild the entire United States economy based on a foundation of “five pillars that will grow our economy and make this new century another American century.” One of those pillars was government “investments” in renewable energy and technology that will create “green jobs” for millions of Americans. To oversee the planning for all these green jobs, President Obama tapped Van Jones, author of the 2008 New York Times best-seller The Green Collar Economy, to be his Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.

    Of course green jobs are complete fiction. For starters, nobody, including the Obama administration, even has a definition for what a green job is. Furthermore, research both here in the U.S., and abroad, has repeatedly demonstrated that subsidizing high cost renewable energies destroys more jobs than it creates.

    But that is what makes Jones such a perfect fit to be Obama’s green jobs czar. It turns out that Jones is no stranger to crazy. The Washington Times Amanda Carpenter reports that along with comedienne Janeane Garofalo, ex-Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, and Howard Zinn, Jones has signed 911Truth.org‘s 9/11 Truth Statement which calls for an investigation by then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer into whether the Bush administration may have had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

    That’s right, Obama’s hand picked Green Jobs Czar doesn’t believe al Qaeda is responsible for 9/11, instead he accusses President George Bush. Crazy is as crazy does.

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    25 Responses to Green Jobs and 9/11 Truthers: A Match Made in the Obama White House

    1. Rolando Cruz, Miami, says:

      I was watching the news on FOX and this information on Jones was reported along with a whole bunch of other stuff, about this man going on record as having said, its on tape for crying out loud. Let me tell you in case you don't know this, if this man was applying for a job in law enforcement or any job requiring secret clearance, he would have had a background check done. Based on his present and past statements and beliefs he would not have passed. He would have been denied the job. People get turned down for having low credit rating on a loan, so how did this man get so close to the President of the United States being a self avowed communist, 911 Truth Satement signer, etc..

      I think this goes well beyond the right to free speech. Please explain it to me as if I was 2 years old.

    2. Bill, San Antonio TX says:

      On the campaign trail,POTUS said to judge him on who he surrounded himself with.

      He drew heavily on Clintonintes and the Chicago scene. Then 36 Czars, many with unbelievable ideas and belief systems. He really broke the mold with Mr. Van Jones. Radical does not begin to explain a man that wants slavery reparations for Blacks and Native Americans. Mr. Jones, you and the administration are already milking us for trillions with no end in sight.

      Amazingly, the leftists in and out of the administration think Mr. Van Jones is the "cats meow". Meanwhile, he has a history of throwing around derogatory comments about whites. Isn't that a hate crime?

      And, since the majority of the population is still white, I guess we are all white devils. But, that can't be true because whites are in the white house and congress – I'm confused.

      One of Saul Alinsky's tenents in Rules for Radicals is "chaos" and the administration has mastered this.

      Why does the left continually bring up race? Because if Americans who do not agree with the left on an issue comment about it, then the planned reaction is to label them as racists.

      Race does not matter. All Americans were hoping for is a moderate who would surround himself with reasonable people, preferably with Americans who love this country. We did not count on the extent of the radicalism that is spreading like a cancer.

    3. Matthew Miller Cleve says:

      s.o.s. 911 truthers are crazy, that seems to be the only defense people like yourself have, god forbid you look at the facts.

    4. Jojo, California says:

      Van Jones is not alone fully 35 percent of Democrats believe that 9-11 was an inside job.

      Now how crazy and kooky is that.

    5. mark elder says:

      The only George that I feel could have been behind the 9/11 attack would be George Soro's. Van Jones is an idiot and I will defy anything they try to saddle me with these people are communists and as an American I would rather die fighting for my freedom as continue to negotiate with rattle snakes

    6. paul, va says:

      Is it not disgusting enough to have a radical communist, Van Jones, as a handpicked advisor to the Leader of the Free World but now we find out he is a psycho 9/11 'Truther' too. He believes the U.S. Government was responsible for 9/11. That we fired a missile at the Pentagon. That our own Air Force shot down flight 93. etc.

    7. J. Daniel, Illinois says:

      Let us not forget that when the story of Mr Van Jones' vulgarity laced lack of an answer to a reasonable question became news, the audio reveals the liberal Berkley audience was most approving of his characterization of republicans. Talk about intolerance and political bigotry!

    8. Laura, Az. says:

      This is not right-to have men that close to the president and in power when we have other offices in govenment to handle these things. And they have been vetted. Both are being paid by Taxpayers! I wonder if Article 2, section 4 in the constitution means anything to these JOKERS who are trying to ruin America. I love my country! THESE people in the White House are committing Treason, High crimes, Misdemeanors and Bribery.

      The Congress needs to protect our country by being a check on this insanity, not by supporting it! Where is the investigation?!?!???

    9. jeff, reality says:

      Is it time? The day is fast coming, is it here?

      When will the real Americans stand up, say enough is enough, and mean it?

      Everyone of these people took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Breaking that oath is treason, by constitional law.

      Is it time? Are we ready?

    10. DiAnne, MN says:

      This president flys in the face of all that is American. He has surrounded himself with extremists like Jones, Sunstein, Holdren and Ezekiel Emanuel to name a few. Time to speak up!

    11. Phyllis, Tx says:

      If you could find no other reason that Obama should not be the leader of our Freedom loving America, Van Jones is enough!!!!! Finally we have come alive and are not going down the road with him to destruction.

    12. Martin Grand junctio says:

      Jones,absolutely no relation to me, has said that the statement was signed before he took the politiboro of "green jobs" office. WORDS AND ACTIONS MEAN SOMETHING. This entire administration has taken a page from Bill Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman", and they believe when caught in a lie, they will be forgiven.

    13. R Tom Wells says:

      How about just pushing one of the efficient of all energy sources, Nuclear power generation? Hybrid and electric vehicles use MORE electricity (not less) to charge their batteries. Nuclear is one of the most efficient means of generating electricity but is hardly mentioned as a viable solution.

      Wind, solar and other attempts are not efficient.

      Nuclear energy. It works!

      It is safe, very cost effective and abundant. Too good! Is it not considered due to fear and PACs fear mongering?

    14. Ron Thompson says:

      People, Obama's selection of this guy is part of his overall plan! He has put into place people of like minds with the marching orders to destroy the country. the proof is in the cast of czar's selected by Obama. Look at there backgrounds, also, look how the use of czars can avoid legislative actions, as they can basically go unchecked by anybody, but the person appointing them. If anyother administration had someone that made comments, accusation or signed things such as these people have, the media would have had a fit, and people would be demanding the appointing offical remove the person. why is that not happening here? We (the people) are allowing this president and his selected minions to take the country away from us. Why are there no recall actions on senators, representatives for allowing this travisty to continue? it is obvious to me we have anti-america people in the whitehouse!

    15. Bill Tulsa, Oklah says:

      Obama is an embarrassment to our nation. He's placed individuals in office that have no possible use and have a firm belief as he does that America is the problem and not the most caring and helpful country in the world. Each person Obama brings to the table is more and more liberal and can't possibly understand what Americans really want or for that matter they don't care what's good for America. Why aren't the Conservatives doing something about this?

    16. Linda Todd, Las Vega says:

      Van Jones is just one more example of the cancer that is infesting Washington, D.C.
      The president has surrounded himself with radicals and extremists, and those of us on the right are un-American? How twisted this whole situation is!
      I've noticed that no matter what conservatives, republicans, and those on the right say, the liberals in power have shot us down by saying things like we are tea-baggers (whatever that means. I've never understood the reference, but then I am just an average American going about my daily affairs.) and nazis. And we allow them to get away with it!

      I love this country. I have always held the greatest respect for the office of the president but now I have nothing but contempt for the people who are "leading" us.
      If this is leadership, we would be better off with Anarchy!
      God help us, that alternative is also VERY possible.

    17. Laura, Florida says:

      I expect my representative in Congress to initiate hearings on this issue.

    18. mary, ohio says:

      van jones is the biggest waste of TAX PAYERS MONEY, that I have known about. On top of being an IDDIOT, he is also a proclaimed COMMUNIEST. van jones, is going to destroy our ECONAMENY, by shutting down COAL, our BIGGEST SUPPLIER, of ELECTRIAL ENERGY. Do WE ALL WANT TO BE IN THE DARK AGES? This will happen, if we all do not SPEAK UP AND GET HIM RUN OUT ON A RAIL!

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    21. nanci says:

      I dont know what obama was thinking when he hired this guy, he have some good points but he talks too much. He put obama in more trouble than necessary. The guy talks all over the place, its like he got the job to air his grievances. Then obama did nothing about getting the rid of him, cant believe obama didnt step in and shut this guy to hell up. With all the advisors Obama have, no one told him to just get this guy out quietly? Obama have to think twice when hiring these people, they left a bad impression.I like Obama but I dont think he will get another term in, he made too many mistakes when it comes to hiring people that talk too much.

    22. Jolene Atkins, Dalla says:

      The fact that Van Jones was selected to be in our White House, a "czar", is unbelievable. Thanks to Fox News for pointing our his history as well as the history of more of these radical czars appointed by President Obama. This is only one of the very frightening people out of the White House. These are very frightening times for Americans that have loved our America all of our lives. We need to wake up, study and watch the input on what is going on, and we need to Speak Up! Under this Administration, we are losing our freedom daily.

    23. Tom Edwards, Virgini says:

      Has anyone noticed that the Obama mob bears a strong resemblance to "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight"? We haven't seen such an incredible bunch of incompetents since the Peanut Farmer from Plains, GA. We haven't seen such an incredible bunch of liars since the pervert from Arkansas. How could anyone have voted for a street hustler from Cook County, IL? Have we all had enough!?

      What has Barry Yo'Mama done in his life yet? ENOUGH!!!

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    25. Kentcky says:

      Our country didn`t need rebuilt.Now he puts the lively hood and well being of the amreican people in termoil.The issue about health care and the many jobs that have been lost due to coal industry.Yet,there are still many jobs to be lost.

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