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  • Napolitano: "I would never second-guess a prosecutor"

    The Corner‘s Marc Thiessen notes that on The Today Show this morning, while trying to defend Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to re-investigate allegations of detainee abuse by the CIA, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said: “I’m a former United States attorney. I’m a former [state] attorney general, a prosecutor. . . . I would never second-guess a prosecutor.” Watch:


    The key fact that Napolitano is leaving out here is that second guessing a prosecutor is exactly what Holder is doing. Former-President Bill Clinton chief of staff and CIA director Leon Panetta explains:

    The Department of Justice has had the complete IG report since 2004. Its career prosecutors have examined that document-and other incidents from Iraq and Afghanistan-for legal accountability. They worked carefully and thoroughly, sometimes taking years to decide if prosecution was warranted or not. In one case, the Department obtained a criminal conviction of a CIA contractor.

    Secretary Napolitano is right: second guessing a career prosecutor’s judgment for political reasons is terrible public policy and undermines the rule of law. The Obama administration needs to come clean and admit that that is exactly what Attorney General Eric Holder is doing.

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    20 Responses to Napolitano: "I would never second-guess a prosecutor"

    1. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      Kudos! I don't know who is more entertaining, Spokesman Gibbs or the Secretary. It must be very difficult to defend all of the administration's activities – there is simply too much to keep up with – and, stay on the same page with other members.

    2. Ken St Louis says:

      I read somewhere that 57% of Americans would vote for throwing all of congress out! GREAT IDEA, but include all of the stooges like Napolitano that he has appointed! Eric Holder, all of them, includint anyone he has appointed! Then impeach Obuma, the bum!

    3. marcia says:

      holder says get-em and janet says she would'nt….one thing is for sure this administration is all over the place…and who is pleased? no one . who is fooled? no one. the poles tell it all!

    4. may, Largo FL says:

      Thanks to the Heritage Foundation. You have been a great beacon during such a difficult time right now. You are to be valued for reporting the facts. Thank you. As so far as Napolitano….she was calling us REAL Americans (the other being Communist wannabees), Terrorist for diagreeing with this administration. My dad a Marine is rolling in his grave. He would have been so discusted over these nasty political games! For the first time in my life I have been put in the position of having to fight for our rights. I have always fought for other people like our special needs child, my grandmother and aunt who had Alteizmers and my volunteer Hospice patients. I am truly scared and sad for our country and our future. Politicians regardless of party have run this country into the ground. I compare the Democrats to a runaway drunken teenager behind the wheel. No care or accountability involved. Everyday with every bill they are stealing our security, our finances, our pride (apologees), our children in school(Sept 8), and pillaging our economy to the point of no return. There is only a few who are REAL public servants such as Ron Paul. We need Americans to use the most powerful weapon of voting in 2010. I urge ALL Americans to consider running for local offices! This is the only true way we will turn this thing around and it is from the inside! God Bless our country and it's citizens.

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      I don't hesitate to second guess all of the clowns of Washington! Maybe the neglect of not knowing exactly what's going on is the problem in the government? That way anybody is to blame and somebody being paid off takes the heat. Like obama did with the "greedy ceo's" he spoke of.

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      WHAT DOES ANYONE EXPECT FROM A PIG BUT A GRUNT. Why would anyone expect any of Obama lackeys to

      address the truth in any matter that has to do with fairness and honesty. Napolitano is just another "PIG" in the slop.

    7. Jules Battlefield, M says:

      more evidence that this administration and its lackeys wouldn't know the truth if it bit 'em on the ankle…as an accused "terrorist",according to DHS and Obama's henchmen, I find myself wondering when the caca will hit the fan…its coming, I hate waiting for anything…impeachment is in order for the whole administration and most of congress…

    8. StepIntoTheLight, Mi says:

      Napolitano has already used political motivations in her role with Homeland Security, so it does not come as any big shock or surprise that she would try and cover-up actions from another Obama appointee using politics to attack the former Bush Administration for doing their job.

      Holder is just another political hack for the Leftist agenda, clearly in violation of pursuing the truth, justice, and the American Way. If he was honest, he can explain why ACORN/SEIU investigations have not started, or why Black Panthers case gets dismissed without merits, but attacking Bush seems to be status quo?

    9. Marsh says:

      Still watch the Ball,they like diversion!

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      It is to the Shame of this Nation to even consider bringing up the names of the people who held those demons called terrorist into public view, let alone prosecute these heros.

      How dare Obama and any of his cronies, who have never faced death from enemies of War or Terrorist, judge anyone for doing their duty to save this great Nation of ours. He complains of the misuse of the Geneva Convention. According to the Convention, we could have shot these Terrorist the moment they were found! Instead we've given them three hots and a cot. More than they deserve for Killing innocence!


    11. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      I keep wondering – How the hell did this guy get elected ?

      The ignorance of the American people knows no depths. (Thank you – Government run school system)

    12. Ron Thompson says:

      Democrat Lawyers help out other Democrat lawyers, like democrat Judges sympathize with Democrat lawyers regardless of the law. When all of these get together for on a "witch hunt" justice is thrown out the window and the truth is twisted to the advantage of the leader, in this case; Holder and Obama! basically we are being told that we are expendable, as we are in the health care bill, and are open to the whole world of terrorism with actions such as this.

    13. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Has anybody considered that this is just a good cop/bad cop routine? Keep the "rubes" guessing? Don't miss a trick, do they?

    14. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      I agree with Ken St Louis regarding this ministration's, to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and most of the rest of the Congress,include craziness and sloppiness on everything!

    15. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      I agree with Ken St Louis regarding this ministration's, to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and most of the rest of the Congress,include craziness and sloppiness on everything!

      Another Obamanation!

    16. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I applaud Heritage for pointing out that the verty thing Napolitano said she would never do, is exactly what Eric Holder is doing.

      Why isn't Eric Holder and the DOJ investigating Charles Rangle? I forgot to pay my taxes? Why does that excuse seem to work for Obama's fellow Democrats? It is no wonder that these Democrats aren't worried about the cost of their social welfare programs, they don't pay the taxes necessary to support them.

    17. Danny, Tenn. says:

      About Napolitano, when you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

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    19. endingo in NJ says:

      Don't worry Janet knows best! Just like those darn 9/11 terrorist coming from Canada! oops sorry Canada I forgot! Trust me she knows best you are much safer now you can go to bed without worrying.

    20. Patricia Brittell A says:

      Napolitano is the x-governor of Arizona, an under-achiever and did a terrible job for AZ. She is a gay person with her own agenda. Boy, what a great choice for Homeland Security! Everyone Obama has placed in his Administration are under-achievers and will follow anyone like Obama. They are in office for the glory of it, not for the good of America. How they got their credentials is beyond me and they need to all be put out of office due to ineligability. Obama himself should be arrested for treason and tyranny, Pilosi has commited fraud and needs to be prosecuted for it, and the list goes on.

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