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  • Morning Bell: The Road To Government-Run Health Care

    Illustrating how proponents of Obamacare “lost the month of August,” Politico notes that while Rep. Vic Snyder (D-AR) claimed health care would be transformed “under President Obama’s leadership” in late July, by mid-August he had been humbled, telling a 1,000 person townhall: “I’ve never been a big fan of this public option.” How are Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) planning on bringing the likes of Rep. Snyder back in line? Again from Politico:

    Leaders say their strategy is to convince members that nothing is set in stone and that they are more than open to negotiations. And they’re engaging in a softer sell, prioritizing health insurance reforms while pitching the public option as something that’s way, way down the road.

    The American people have done a tremendous job this August educating their elected leaders on the fact that they have no desire for government-run health care. And they have every right to believe that President Obama’s “public option” will achieve exactly that. Earlier this year, The Lewin Group released a study showing that under the July 15th draft of Obamacare, enrollment in the public option would reach 103.4 million people including about 83.4 million people who would lose their private insurance and be nudged onto the public plan. But also in July, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) then released their own analysis showing that only 11 million people would enroll in the public plan. How can these numbers be off by a factor of ten? The answer demonstrates just how dangerous the creation of any public plan really is, no matter how small it is initially.

    Explaining the gap between the CBO and their own numbers, the Lewin Group’s John Sheils and Randy Haught write: “There are two reasons for the difference in the CBO and Lewin Group estimates for the July 15th draft. The first stems from the fact that the bill does not specify which size companies ultimately would be allowed to enter the exchange and thus the public plan. The bill requires that the exchange be open to individuals and small firms with less than 20 workers by the second year of the program and gives a newly established “Commissioner” the authority to extend eligibility to all employers in subsequent years. … The second area of difference is over premium levels in the public plan.”

    Sheils and Haught then detail how by fiddling with eligibility and premium level assumptions (details that under any public plan will be imminently changeable by Congress and the new healthcare “Commissioner”), the CBO and Lewin numbers largely match up. Defending their own assumptions on premium levels, Sheils and Haught then recount Congress’ constant fiddling with Medicare Advantage concluding:  “In fact, the Medicare Advantage experience actually demonstrates that private health plans can not compete with the Medicare fee-for-service program, at least not without subsidies or some other type of overpayment rates.” And remember, President Obama wants to cut Medicare Advantage entirely to help pay for the rest of his plan.

    The bottom line is that a public plan will grant the federal government unprecedented power to constantly tinker with the healthcare sector in ways that will make one sixth of our entire economy completely dependent on decisions made in Washington, DC. This is not the way free societies operate.

    Documenting the rise of central planning in 1944, Friedrich von Hayek wrote in The Road to Serfdom in 1944: “The question was not longer one of making competition work and of supplementing it but of displacing it altogether.” As Hillary Clinton’s Chief Strategist Mark Penn writes in today’s Politico: “The subsidized “public option” was always meant as a transition to single payer, not merely as an aid to competition with private insurers.”

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    43 Responses to Morning Bell: The Road To Government-Run Health Care

    1. Adolf fillips says:

      There will sure be a lot of new faces in Washington after election day!

    2. Steve, Michigan says:

      Did anyone catch FTC Commissioner Rosch's great letter in the WSJ yesterday? In it, he states that "the best way to achieve universal health care …would be to introduce competition at the state level" among private insurers. He further documents the lack of such competition. It's evidence from an expert that should be heeded.

      In my small way, let me contribute to his thoughts. The states, as laboratories of claimed innovation, are too often proving the insanity of the type of command and control regulation of health care set up in the House bill. Just yesterday NPR had a lengthy story about how California is going to solve the problem of long wait times for certain health services by mandating shorter wait times. This reminds me of the old Soviet solution for lack of production: Require higher production! Do the people advocating these measures really have any education? Just a small dose of competition would solve the problem of wait times without creation of new mandates and without chasing providers out of the state.

      Similarly, here in Michigan an entrepreneur who thinks that there is an unmet need for health services using expensive machines, such as MRI machines, must persuade a state panel consisting of his/her competitors, that there is a "need" for the service. This is ostensibly to control costs. Guess how often the panel votes to allow a new competitor? Under the Sherman Act, this kind of market division would be per se unlawful, create a cause of action for treble damages and expose the panel to criminal prosecution. In what bazarro world of economics does limiting the supply of a service cause costs to go down?

      It's a big problem that ObamaCare is going to rely on these sorts of mandates on a national level. Like Wile E. Coyote, we can pretend for a few moments when we leap off the cliff that the law of gravity has been repealed, but it will eventually take over and we'll soon be leaving a dusty mark on the canyon floor. The laws of economics cannot be repealed and we are about to ignore them at our peril.

    3. James Michael West says:

      What gives Congress and the President the constitutional right to keep spending when they can not balance a budget. They do not have money anyway and it is based on a collection style tax system.

      Has anyone ever done any research on this issue. In the conservative side of the constitution it would be my belief that the boundaries have been overstepped when it comes to congressional and executive privilege of spending to keep business running and other programs.

      Where can I start, please let me know if you have any ideas.

      Thank you,

      James Michael West

    4. Reynaldo/Phoenix, AZ says:

      While everybody is running around like Chicken Little whining about the health care take reform, Obama is taking our freedoms and we are just sitting here whining.

      Maybe you have not been keeping up with current events but we are at war! Hello wake up and smell the coffee.

      its time to fight for our freedom these guys are violating the entire constitution and we are so law abiding citizens that we have to do the nice thing and just complain about it.

      These people are communist should be charge with treason. These people want to destroy our constitution; can't anyone see the bigger picture?

      Hello is anyone out there?

    5. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Is the road to hell and disaster. Wake up America.

    6. Dean- Texas/Alaska says:

      "Cry Havoc!" This has nothing to do with healthcare, nothing. This is a takeover of our goverment and destruction of our economy and constitution. When these people said, "damn America," they meant it.

    7. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      It's Pelosi, Reid, and Obama's fault. They pushed through the stimulus even though the majority of Americans did not support it (thanks, 3 Republicans for helping out!)

      Then, Pelosi managed to get Cap n Trade through the House (which is nothing more than another hit on every American).

      For sure, they thought Health Care would follow before the August recess. After reviewing the 1000+ piece of garbage they produced, Americans definitely know the intent (although no law yet). Thank God we had an opportunity to research this junk, so much for transparency.

      All of our leftist leaders have made well-known their desire and intent to implement a government health care plan (call it what you will).

      We must be vigilant as they will surely write something that will leave gaping holes and ambiguity. Don't expect them to put it into easily readable prose – they don't want us to understand what it will really means!

      Their goal is unmistakeable and their zeal is unshakeable. Vote these people out at the first opportunity. Yes, this will entail many constituents to put country before their favorite politicans.

    8. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Steve – I couldn't agree more. If I am allowed to choose bewteen ALL insurance companies and not just those allowed by the State of Michigan I suspect most of the perceived problems will disappear. Convincing Granholm of this concept is another matter.

    9. Evelyn Leoold; Fort says:

      The following points should be made to the public!

      Re malpractice litigation; this will be reduced to nothing. Texas and I am sure other states do not allow suits against the government under the doctrine of Governmental Immunity. This point should be made public. There will be no remedy for negligent delivery of services by a governmental entity of governmental employee. The lawyer's lobby should think of this.

      Re the quote from the above article: "Sheils and Haught then detail how by fiddling with eligibility and premium level assumptions (details that under any public plan will be imminently changeable by Congress and the new healthcare “Commissioner”), the CBO and Lewin numbers largely match up. Defending their own assumptions on premium levels, Sheils and Haught then recount Congress’ constant fiddling with Medicare Advantage concluding: “In fact, the Medicare Advantage experience actually demonstrates that private health plans can not compete with the Medicare fee-for-service program, at least not without subsidies or some other type of overpayment rates.” And remember, President Obama wants to cut Medicare Advantage entirely to help pay for the rest of his plan":

      I am 69, have Medicare and pay for a Supplemental Policy. I should be allowed this privilege as long as I can pay for it. If the government takes the amount available for Medicare, it will be robbing a second pot of money from the elderly, the first being Social Security. Also Medicare Advantage does not compete, it supplements!

    10. Bobbie Jay says:

      convince members "nothing is set in stone?" that is a major problem! they'll be in position to take away, drive up costs, use short cuts to make more money, kill off society of those they choose to, HELD TO NO ACCOUNTABILITY, COVER UP AND CORRUPTION, ETC …


    11. John says:

      "subsidies to cotton growers"

      How about subsidies to sugar producers in the US? Because cheap sugar can't be imported, we now use high fructose corn syrup in everything.

      Try to find a supermarket product that doesn't have it. In my opinion it should be called "Congressionally mandated high fructose corn poison". It's one of the reasons for the obesity and diabetes epidemics.

      The FDA and FTC are supposed to be protecting us against harmful substances in our food. Instead they protect myriad harmful substances which get used in food, and the manufacturers and users of these substances. Back of all corruption and overspending in government, is Congress the institution, full of corrupt, sold-out politicians.

    12. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      I wish someone would check the states that have enacted a public health care olan and explain how we can afford this mess. To the best of my knowledge the stae of Ma. and Hawaii have plans and both are on the verge of declareing bankruptucy. The tax payers can not pay the bill. It is real easy to spend other peoples money, but sooner or later someone will have to pay the bill. The dems, obama, pelosi, reid, and clan do not care what happens to this country or the people in it. They are only concerned with their own agenda and what will make them more powerfull as well as more money. It should be plane to all that this obamcare is bad when the members of congress and obama will not go under the rationed health care of the "guvernment". The town hall meetings that I have seen where the Senators and Representatives have been asked if they would take the obama plan, all have either declined to answer or stated they would not as they already have insurance. They do and we the tax payer foot the bill.

      I think I will open a sign shop very soon as the demand will grow over night. The USA will be changed to the USR- The United Socialist Republic, and the next sign needed will be-RIP-The Constitution. Both are being changed daily under the obama, pelosi, reid plan of "hope and change". They can keep their hope and I will keep the change. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THE USA AND OUR CITIZENS.

    13. Evelyn Leoold; Fort says:

      Voters who are not members of the Heritage Foundation should know this:

      Another point with respect to "end of life counseling": Texas has a statute requiring a health care agency that admits an elderly person (possibly all patients) into a hospital or overnight facility asking the patient whether she/he has a living will. If the answer is "no", then the agency provides the patient a booklet with text and a form for making a living will & medical directives that addresses all legal end of life options. I practiced in the Medical Health Law section of my firm at the time this law was made. Our hospital clients were so self-conscious & reluctant to talk with patients about this. We came up with the booklet, the cover had a white dove.

      On a personal level, my mother had a number of health problems in her 80s and was hospitalized a number of times, each time given the booklet. She finally told the nurse who presented her with it that if one more person gives her that damn book with the dove she was going to throw it at her & that she was not going to fill out any of the forms. This was her last hospitalization, when she was close to the end of her life, a doctor took our family into a private room and told us how very sick she was and asked us to fill out a directive. We chose a DNR (do not resuscitate order) and everything went smoothly. We accomplished the right thing, at a very sensitive time, without being visited by a government employee or panel. This happens every day at facilities in Texas, without a federal mandate. States and people are not stupid or impractical, nor should the federal government mandate or intervene with procedures already in place. Further, a treating physician does not need a panel of physician to advise him/her when the time is over for a patient. It is intrusive and violates patient privacy and physician/patient relationship.

      Another point, (I apologize for the length of this), we advise our clients against certain language in the forms because if agreed to, it would allow the institution to withhold food if the patient is unable to feed herself. The proposed bill has such language.

      I am agreeable to providing statutes, forms and other documentation to support my points.

    14. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I have been observing the world Everywhere the government takes to big a bite, the people are poor If we do not stop this runaway government, we will think India is paradise

    15. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Freedom is not free We have squandered The freedom that our fathers fought and died for. If we do not take it back NOW we will go down in history as the generation that destroyed the greatest nation on earth . Apathy and ignorance has brought us to this Active participation and knowledge will bring us out."NEVER RE-ELECT AN INCUMBENT"

    16. MikeB Minneapolis, M says:

      I do not understand why there has not been outrage over Section 164 of HR 3200. This section is called "Reinsurance program for retirees" and sets aside $10 billion for an odd group of retirees and their dependents. As best I can guess, this is a gift to he UAW and perhaps certain other unions as it applies to retirees between 55 and 65 who are still coverec by their employer's health plan.

      This has nothing to so with health care reform, it is just a present of $10 billion to people who would like to spend less of their own money on health care.

      Has anyone else been puzzled by this section and why it has not gotten any airtime?

    17. okiejim says:

      Speaker Pelosi and Senator Kerry could be doing something constructive rather than desiring to draft a bill, i.e., Cap and Trade, that can only hurt the American economy and our trade efforts.

      How about lifting on and off shore drilling restrictions and working on clean coal projects. And please do not allow EPA to establish carbon dioxide emissions. That should be Congress' task not the task of a bunch of bureaucrats wearing hairshirts and sandals.

    18. phyllis tx says:

      I know I spill out all I care about and I appologize for that. But I thought that it's very interesting that Rahm Emanuel {the POTUS' chief of staff, although born in the USA has dual citizenship in Israel. In otherwords he can have a pssport from Israel and one from the Good old USA.

      Interesting also, is his brother Ezekiel Emanuel in his wrtings provides reasons for doing away with those that are considered burdens; for the benefit of the masses.

      I looked up their bio's. I know lots of immigrants can have dual citizenship but when you are the Presidents Chief of Staff, what country has his allegiance?

    19. Roy Reed, Las Vegas says:

      The government thinks we sre all stupid out here!!! We see what is happening (right from the beginning!) He is bound and determined to make all of destitute, so he he can have control over all of us. If we don't have some sort of attack, we will be amazed!! He must be stopped from making us into a communist country!! I'm sure in ALL his travels he has told every person he came in contact with how bad we are….. What a BOOB!!! CAN'T SEE WHY HE WOULD WANT TO LIVE HERE…. Take your family and go..,God, we don't know who would want him….!???? The only people here who want him and the Government, are people who don't read and haven't any brains!!!!! Makes us sick!!!

    20. Robert says:

      In his first book "Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance." OBAMA writes that he chose his friends at Columbia carefully – chiefly politically active black students, MARXIST professors, structural feminists and punk rock performance poets.

      As an organizer trained in ALINSKY'S tactics, OBAMA learned to work within the existing system and to avoid using radical slogans that could alienate potential middle-class supporters. This was the key: use disarmingly moderate language while promoting RADICAL IDEAS. The goal was always to appeal to people's self-interests in the quest for POWER and INFLUENCE.

      In SAUL ALINSKY'S mind, the primary purpose of organizers was to create DISSATISFACTION and DISCONTENT with the present system. Most of all as an organizer, OBAMA learned how to MANIPULATE THE MASSES in the quest of achieving RADICAL CHANGE. and OBAMA'S campaign slogans of HOPE and CHANGE are peppered throughout Alinsky's book.

      Consider an Obama Healthcare Bill (call it governmental grab) that could or would be CHANGED little by little. Alinsky again states "if you start with nothing, and demand 100 percent, then compromise for 30 percent, then you are 30 percent ahead".

      Obama's administration has continued to associate itself with groups and individuals belonging to ACORN, which it enlisted in March 2009 to help recruit 1.4 million temporary census workers despite its long HISTORY of engaging in VOTER FRAUD!!!

      Caution, OBAMA is not the only ALINSKY disciple in this new administration. Hillary Clinton also has Alinsky ties. She knew him personally and wrote her honors thesis about him in the late 1960s.

      Know your enemies! Know their methods as well or even better than do!!!

      Open your eyes, beloved America. These radicals, marxists, revolutionaries need to be driven back to the rat infested gutter that they came from.

      This is not the time to be complacent. Participate! Vote this cancer out of office!

    21. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      The old term for disaster was "gone Democratic." Now you young folks (I'm 92) know we at least had good sense in the old days. Obama's health plan is a grab for raw power and it will be equivalent to a war on old guys. Cap and Trade is only a tax scheme in disguise (Democrats are sneaky–weasels). CEI, a Washington "think tank" that monitors and advises our Gov't, in a recent report, shot down the hypothesis of man-made CO2 about to cause over-heating of our planet. It seems that our Gov't has been subsidizing science research with $30 billion in grants for twenty years to prove the validity of this hypothesis. The result of this huge outlay, according to CEI, on pure scientific research is zilch, "no one is able to point to a single piece of empirical evidence that man-made CO2 has a significant effect on the global climate." There goes Obama's and several fat cats plans to earn billions making windmills and solar panels for the purported purpose of saving the planet from old devil CO2. None of these shysters apparently realized that CO2 is vital to the production of our food supply from plants. We will need so called green energy 100 years down the line but we have plenty of time to convert to green energy in an orderly, planned and researched development.

    22. Richard Cancemi, Ar says:

      Somehow we Must rid our Government of the Progressive vermin that have infiltrated the very foundations of our Country. They have been at for multiple decades! They infest the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary! They are in Education at all levels, Industry, Financial Institutions, Business, Labor; they are in Everything!

      We Must also look at All Government Programs and undo all that are anti-Constitution. The Government has usurped too much of our Liberties and trampled on our Constitution too much. This all has to be reversed so we can become a great Nation within ourselves.

      We need to disavow ourselves from the World Order that Obama and Progressive radicals so love. We need a movement to remove ourselves from the United Nations which is, as someone put it, a Useless Nuisance!

      We need to put the Country on a sound financial basis by first spending Citizens Dollars at home and stop all the worthless and useless give-aways to foreign nations.

      We need to free-up ALL our energy resources so we can truly become energy independent.

      WE can return our great nation to Its rightful origins: "of the people, by the people and for the people"!

      And to hell with "world opinion"; It does not have our interests at heart!

    23. Robert says:

      Obama and Holder at war with the CIA. That should not surprise any of us. Just think about it!

      Here is a brief look at Eric Holder: Before leaving Bill Clinton's employ, he orchestrated the pardons of several Puerto Rican SEPARATIST TERRORISTS. Then in 2003, as a partner in a Washington law firm of Covington & Burling, Holder's client, Chiquita Brands, admitted paying to support TERRORIST DEATH SQUADS in Colombia and paid a $25 million fine. While our patriotic CIA agents were trying to protect our freedom in this country, Holder represented – FOR FREE – 16 Terrorist DETAINEES at Guantanamo.

      Obama and Holder are plotting and scheming – not against those "evil-mongers" who killed and are still insisting on killing our countrymen – but against those who are hunting the terrorists.

      Obama and Holder, we are smelling rats here and it's not coming from the FBI or CIA. It is simply too obvious!!!

    24. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We will take back our country, one politician at a time!


    25. Steve, Michigan says:

      I don't disagree with the "throw the bums out" sentiments expressed here, but I do think it is important to have something to be for, not just against. I'd like to suggest the following:(1) a renewed trust in the vitality of individual initiative and responsibility as the best way to create the most good for the most people; (2)a renewal of civic virtue and personal morality as expressed in the Judeo/Christian traditions and that undergirds our system; (3)a restoration of the proper power balance between the federal government and states as expressed in the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights; (4)free and unfettered commerce, except for fair and reasonable level playing field health, safety and environmental restrictions; (5)low taxes to encourage innovation and attract capital from other countries;(5)knock down all barriers to competition in all realms (yes, even labor and health care)to allow the genius of American risk takers to flourish; (6)celebrate achievements and thank those who risk all to deliver for us, private and public; (7)uphold the honor of our service men and women and thank them for protecting our unique and unprecedented way of life; (8) immigration – welcome the best and brightest from around the world (provided they support our Constitution) and humanely eject those who won't play by the rules to come here; (9)get kids trapped in lousy public schools some good options, state level; (10) Honor our founders not as perfect people but as imperfect people allowed, by the grace of God, to create our great nation.

    26. Robert says:

      To: Richard Cancemi, Arlington Texas:

      Thank you for sharing your exquisite insight into the huge problems we face in this country.

      I could not agree more with the commentaries you have sent to this site. You show the obvious, make it easy to understand and – hopefully – get people motivated and moving to get our Country, our Constitution and our Liberty back!

      Thank you!

    27. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Gererations to come will LONG remember it was the Demos

      that gave us HCare Reform.

      And that will solidify the Demo Base for YEAR And Years to come.


    28. Martha, Florida says:

      Are these politicians just plain stupid on their power trip? If it has not worked in Massachusetts and has taken over their state treasury practically, please do not let Obama and his ilk let the world take over our whole country. As an apologist of to all dictators in other countries, he only dreams of the same power for himself. His real problem is that our entire country was successfully built on just the opposite of his plans and there are just too many of us who will fight and fight and fight to get our country back from these extremists who he surrounds himself with and who are now holding Washington and us hostage. We will prevail in the end.

    29. John says:

      Not related directly to today's Morning Bell, but it looks like one of the intended purposes of the cash for clunkers program was to get dealerships on the hook for the money.

      At best that's not true and it's just a great example to the average joe how the government COULD NOT manage health care. At worst, it's a devious plot to get campaign contributions and other aid from dealerships, for the Obama Regime.

    30. cookie corej- michig says:

      There are many law abiding citizens in this country who are fed up with the way the Government has continually eroded our freedoms one by one.

      Do you feel like it is impossible to fight back?

      You want to do something but want it to be effective.

      We have to stop talking and start acting with conviction.

      What we need is an organization that will help direct us state by state, issue by issue to develop an action plan through ballot proposals etc, to take back our freedoms and our country. It would be an impossibility to try to impeach the president.It didn't work with Clinton and he had lesser offenses.

      If anyone has this organization OR individual who can direct us, PLEASE GO TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE!

    31. Eileen says:


      You’re under the illusion that the H.3200 is about health care or health insurance reform it’s about government control. Their deception that they are trying to spread by telling their constituents that both abortion and/or illegal’s are not in the Bill that the House members are desperate to keep in the Bill and are claiming that it doesn’t exist in the Bill. My Congressman was very upfront with us and lo and behold those lines or passages were in black and white. So who is lying? If the Bill was, actually about health care reform they wouldn’t need to send out their ACORN, Planned Parenthood and/or SEIU troops to harass those that disagree with the President’s policy. The Townhalls were respectful until Obama released his goons on us. So who started the pushing and shoving?

      If the Bill was about health insurance and giving the public a choice between insurance companies that had reasonable costs, allowed previous conditions, tort reform and interstate commerce would be well received by a majority of the public, unfortunately none of that is currently in the Bill before Congress. I guess we will have to make our feelings known to those in Congress that don’t care what we want. Whatever healthcare plan they come up with, needs to include their own participants. My congressional representative told us that he pays for his own plan, which runs about $450.00 a month.

      Ken, you're still an idiot. The issue at hand and whether the public wants this Bill to pass in it's current form, would mean that any Congressperson who votes positive for it will lose their seat next year. They won't gain more seats and most of the public will hold them accountable. Where were these people when President Bush tried to pass a Bill that allowed pre-existing conditions to pass in the House and Senate? The press, television and the liberal opponents against it in Congress made their rounds declaring how bad it was and said it wouldn't help anyone. It was much clearer then this current Bill. By the way, the Bill barely passed and only 20 states took the health plan that allowed pre-existing conditions. Where were the other 30 states?

    32. Bobbie Jay says:

      Wow Ken, I thought you were coming around. I was reading your comment and at first read, "generations to come will long remember it was the demons that gave us Hcare.

    33. Danny/Fla says:

      Good Morning Bell: America is based on the finest principles/ They are for life, And Freedom that entails everything else. It is past time to wake up/ protect yourself, and in every action you can be aware of. It is individuality that has value. It is not the Death of fostered additions that have, and contenue to destroy you, and What- has- the greatest value. Yes wake up, but look deeply at what is happening to you-for one day you will not have that choice. Freedom is life without it- to be alive, but still dead-is still just that. I ask you to pray.

    34. Harry, Illinois says:

      "What we have here is a failure to communicate". (Quote from the movie Cool Hand Luke I believe)

      The problem is they are not abiding by any boundaries. They are making and breaking the rules as they go along. Mr. Kennedy was not only a Law Maker but was also a Law Breaker. He had on occasion arranged to have laws changed whenever a particular law that he proposed went against him.

      Obama has already stated that he will pass Healthcare even if it cost him a second term. I've had more change than I care to think abour in the past 8 months than the past 8 years.

      What puzzles me is they can pass laws, but for some reason laws cannot be repealed. I wonder why that is.

    35. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Frederik Hayek was a brilliant man. As Fitz Barringer points out in his review of A Road To Serfdom (in Carolina Review, Nov. 2005):

      "While democracy is certainly a useful political system it does not, by itself, create or protect liberty. As Hayek notes, economic freedom, not democracy alone, is the ultimate protector of human freedom."

      He might have added: "…and a Constitution, like that of the United States of America, designed to protect a framework for economic freedom…".

      Or, as I believe Ben Franklin put it more simply and eloquently: "…those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither…" Or, "…you now have a Constitutional Republic, if you can keep it…"

      That's what those slick WH con-artists are really up to, be it with the help of TARPaulins, Nobamacare, CrashtheClunkers, Taxman-Snarkey: Persuade enough people of the opposite —- that safety is more important than freedom, and that -in any case- with THEM running things the laws of nature and history don't apply. Motto: "You Special People" can have both, those laws were just a "capitalist" invention for the dumb, but YOU are SMART, so vote for us! That's their whole schtick, their only real message! It's really THAT simple, and THAT sinister!

      Our mission, should we chose to accept it, is to convince people that only in freedom and liberty can be found the strength necessary to overcome ANY adversity. Our own history is proof! Opponents who then trot out their "altruist morality" for ultimate argument –and many on the Left who think themselves "intelligent" will do just that– will need to be reminded that only a FREE act bears any "moral" significance. Real change is the only hope!


      Speaking of morals and liberty: Will someone out there PLEASE "take the liberty" of putting a "bag over the head" of one EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson: HER CO2 output, whenever she exhales, is "poisoning" OUR atmosphere. She's a walking, talking, BIOHAZARD ! Honest to Pete — where in the UNIVERSE does the WH dig up clucks like her?! Does the Sierra Club recommend these, or "Friends of the Earth", or "Friends of Hillary", or do they just walk in "off the street"?

      New t-shirts: "(Stop Pollution – [Breathe Liberty) - Close EPA]". or "Save The Planet – No Taxman – No Snarkey" or

      "Act Healthy – Stop Healthcare".

    36. Harry, Illinois says:

      Very Good Roger S. Well said in my humble opionion.

    37. ChuckL, Henderson, N says:

      James Michael West (above) asks a valid question.

      The answer is that the Tenth amendment and the Constitution in Article 1, Section 8 PROHIBIT the actions of the current administration. These powers are reserved to the States or the people.

      So the question arises: How do we impeach the President and at least half of congress for TREASON?

    38. Edwin Buck, albuquer says:

      Whether we like it or not, OBAMA has the votes in both houses. He has a veto proof congress in his pocket. So, what ever and however we feel about this OBAMA CARE, THEY WILL PASS THIS BILL. These people will don't care whether they win or loose the 2010 election. If, after the 2010 election, they find that the republicans have the upper hand, it will take the republicans many years just to straighten out the mess these people have created.

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    41. Rita S. Jakiel says:


      Mrs. Rita Jakiel

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