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  • Monthly Archives: August 2009

    Cash for Convicts

    If you thought Cash for Clunkers was terrible public policy, just wait till you hear the latest from Massachusetts: Federal economic stimulus cash was handed out to cons behind bars in Bay State prisons after a bureaucratic snafu resulted in $250 checks being sent to some inmates – and now … More

    Morning Bell: The Left's War On The CIA

    In June of 2008, while campaigning for the election of President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder promised the leftist American Constitutional Society: “We owe the American people a reckoning.” Yesterday, Holder escalated his “reckoning” campaign by appointing a prosecutor to re-investigate nearly a dozen CIA interrogators and contractors alleged … More

    The FCC's First Target: Wireless Phones

    Don’t look now, but the FCC is back in business. For some nine months the Federal Communications Commission had been operating with no permanent chairman, and with 3 of its 5 commissioner seats vacant. Now, with the confirmation of new chairman Julius Genachowski, and new commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Meredith … More

    Fact Checking the White House: Public Plan Will Result in Loss of Private Coverage

    Rather than debate the substance, the White House is in full campaign mode in order to label any opposition to its government-heavy health reform agenda as “misinformation” or “myths you’ve heard.” Case in point: The White House now has a taxpayer-funded Web site to “reality check” credible criticisms and arguments. … More

    D.C. School Choice Supporters Protest Education Sec. Duncan

    D.C. School Choice Supporters Protest Education Secretary Duncan This morning, Education Secretary Arne Duncan held a joint press conference at a school in Washington, DC marking the start of the new school year. Sec. Duncan was there to speak about the challenges schools face related to the flu and H1N1 … More

    Six Reasons Holder Should Not Re-Investigate CIA

    According to a report this afternoon from The Washington Post, Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to appoint a prosecutor to re-examine whether there is enough evidence to launch a full-scale criminal investigation of current and former CIA personnel who may have broken the law in their dealings with detainees. … More

    Is The Individual Mandate Constitutional?

    We’ve already identified some possible constitutional issues Obamacare raises including whether the delegation of power to the “Health Choices Commissioner” violates the separation of powers and whether a government run health plan is one of the enumerated powers granted to Congress. David Rivkin and Lee Casey also have constitutional concerns. … More

    Video: Do You Know Your Obama Czars?

    We’ve poked fun at the proliferation of czars under the Obama administration, but we lost track of how many he’s actually created. Now PJTV has put together a helpful video detailing all 36 of Obama’s czars and czarinas: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMryl34YwE0[/youtube]

    Top-down Regulation Dressed in Cap-and-Trade Clothing

    That’s what David Schoenbrod and Richard B. Stewart call Waxman-Markey in their Wall Street Journal op-ed today: As a candidate for president in April 2008, Barack Obama told Fox News that “a cap-and-trade system is a smarter way of controlling pollution” than “top-down” regulation. He was right. With cap and … More

    How Cash for Clunkers Destroys Wealth

    The Obama administration’s Cash for Clunkers program is supposed to run through 8 PM tonight, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, dealers across the country are ending their involvement early. The reason? “They worry that if a last-minute rush to enter applications jams the system, they will be on … More