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  • Monthly Archives: August 2009

    Townhall Downfall: Senator Arlen Specter

    Despite President Barack Obama’s deadline, both the House and Senate failed to pass Obama’s health care plan before they adjourned for the month of August. Now Senators and Representatives will be returning home to participate in one of America’s greatest democratic traditions: the townhall. The events afford citizens the rare … More

    NYT Celebrates Death of F-22

    The New York Times ran a gleeful obituary for the F-22 today in which Congress was commended for allowing President Obama and Secretary Gates to end production of the fighter at 187 frames—even though the military requirement is for 243 of these fifth-generation fighters. The Times applauds President Obama for … More

    Is This What Passes for Economic "Success" in the Obama Administration?

    Celebrating the fact that his administration has blown through $1 billion in deficit spending on the “Cash for Clunkers” program in just one week, President Barack Obama said Friday: “I’m happy to report that it has succeeded well beyond our expectations and all expectations.” And just what exactly has the … More

    Guantanamo Bay: Why the Rush?

    On January 22nd, President Obama vowed to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by January 2010. The Washington Post reports today that the Administration is now considering moving prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to a maximum-security facility in the United States that would be jointly run by the … More

    Obama Improves Food Safety… One Egg at a Time

    It’s no secret that Americans are “dissatisfied with food regulatory standards” in the U.S. In response to plunging numbers, Obama decided to create a “food safety working group” to solve the growing problem. However, simply pumping more money into regulatory agencies will not alleviate the contamination problem completely. Obama’s food … More

    Still Not Convinced the Public Option is a Trojan Horse for Single-Payer?

    According to Gallup, while Americans favor some government involvement in health care, they do not want a government-run health care system. The left knows this. They understand that Americans would never sign on to health care reform that created a “single-payer” system where the government would run the entire health … More

    Morning Bell: The Obama Middle-Class Tax Hike is Coming

    Campaigning just last year, then-candidate Barack Obama repeatedly promised audiences at campaign stops across the country: “If you’re a family that’s making $250,000 a year or less, you will see no increase in your taxes. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your personal gains tax, not any … More