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  • Monthly Archives: August 2009

    Obama’s Failed Diplomatic Game

    “Open hand” is the name of President Obama’s diplomatic strategy in Iran. The administration’s current course of action for Iran is “open negotiations” which offer Iran better relations with the United States if Iran will enter arms control talks. It is a game of give and take. As Secretary Clinton … More

    Missile Defense Is No Clunker

    For a President who is supposed to be in tune with America, one has to wonder what Barack Obama is  thinking! The latest polls show most Americans DO NOT WANT more cash for clunkers (only 33% want additional funding), which would benefit only a few people, most of them car dealers. … More

    Details Matter: A Response to Secretary Sebelius

    Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s Washington Post op-ed shows that she’s studied the focus groups and tracking polls on health care: Just beat up on health insurance companies enough, and you can get Americans to accept a thousand plus pages of legislation that would do just about anything. And then, make … More

    Health Care Reform Cost Estimates: What is the Track Record?

    President Barack Obama has promised the American people that his health care plan “will help bring our deficits under control in the long term.” But so far, the cost estimates coming out of the Congressional Budget Office are not matching up with Obama’s rhetoric. The latest CBO scoring of the … More

    Townhall Downfall: Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WI)

    Despite President Barack Obama’s deadline, both the House and Senate failed to pass Obama’s health care plan before they adjourned for the month of August. Now Senators and Representatives are returning home to participate in one of America’s greatest democratic traditions: the townhall. The events afford citizens the rare opportunity … More

    Waxman-Markey Just Doesn't Add Up

    The Waxman-Markey climate change bill, a 1,427-page special-interest wish list, was put together in such a rush that the numbers don’t add up. Sum the percentage of emissions allowances to various special interests in the years 2016 and 2017 and (surprise, surprise) you get a value greater than one hundred. … More

    Can Iran Build a Nuclear Weapon Already? Another Reason to Support Missile Defense

    The Times of London reported yesterday (Aug. 3) that unnamed Western intelligence sources have concluded that Iran has perfected the technology to build and detonate a nuclear weapon. At a minimum, this confirmation would appear to repudiate a 2007 U.S. intelligence estimate that Iran had terminated its research program to acquire … More

    Left Is Attacking Free Enterprise, Not Just Health Insurance

    It’s becoming clearer by the day that the “public option” for health care is just rhetorical cover for kicking out free enterprise. The latest evidence is the strategy to attack and condemn private insurance. Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls the industry “immoral villains.” President Obama told the press, “If you take … More

    Morning Bell: Five Questions for Health Care Townhalls

    From Long Island to Philadelphia to Austin, Texas, Democrats returning from Washington to host townhalls are getting an earful from constituents about their concerns over President Barack Obama’s health care plan. Despite the fact that all recent polls show that a majority of Americans do not support Obamacare, the left … More

    Is Cash for Clunkers Stimulating the Economy?

    Alan Greenspan says no: “It’s an interesting issue. I mean, I have qualms about the concept, but there is no doubt that that very extraordinary response is a very important indicator that the state of confidence in the economy is beginning to pick up. If we had been — the … More