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  • Monthly Archives: August 2009

    Rigging the System with New Regulation

    As a follow-up to earlier posts on the so-called consumer protections included in the bills backed by Congressional leadership, a state level survey by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) offers additional analysis of the effects of regulation on health insurance premiums. The AHIP report shows that the states with the … More

    Where’s the Outrage?

    Given the apparent political motivations behind so many of the recent decisions at the Department of Justice (DOJ) — from the dismissal of the voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party to the re-investigation of CIA interrogators after DOJ prosecutors had already reviewed the matter and decided there was … More

    Honesty from Howard Dean on Trial Lawyers and Health Care

    On Wednesday of this week, former Democratic National Committee chairman and presidential candidate Howard Dean spoke at a health care townhall hosted by Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA). When asked by a Moran constituent why medical malpractice reform was not included in Obamacare, Dean demonstrated some admirable candor. Watch:

    Britain's Climate Model is a CO2 Machine

    From the department of irony, Britain’s weather supercomputer for predicting climate change is one of the nation’s largest emitters of carbon dioxide: The Met Office has caused a storm of controversy after it was revealed their £30million supercomputer designed to predict climate change is one of Britain’s worst polluters. The … More

    Cap and Trade: The Permanent Recession

    If you want to know what cap and trade will to do our economy, we’re living it. According to new data released from the Energy Information Administrations, United States carbon dioxide emissions are down 9% since 2007. The calculation compares the emissions of coal, petroleum and natural gas in the … More

    A Slap in the Face to Poland?

    As we reported yesterday morning, it now seems all but certain that the Obama Administration has abandoned our anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. This is a terrible decision that reduces NATO’s security, encourages Iran to proceed full speed ahead with its nuclear program, kowtows to Russian pressure, … More

    The ABCs of the Health Care Debate Bias

    ABC and NBC have so far refused to run a 33 second advertisement by the League of American Voters that questions the Obama health care plan. ABC has argued that the ad is partisan – yet ABC did not think that giving a megaphone to the Obama administration to make … More

    Morning Bell: Outsourcing Your Tax Dollars

    During a July 7th Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on the 1,500 page Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) got Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson to admit that “U.S. action alone will not impact CO2 levels.”  This is 100% consistent with all the best science which … More

    Colombia and Honduras: Learning to Play By Chavez Rules

    August 28 is a significant date for the Western Hemisphere. Colombia and Honduras will stand again in the limelight. They are there primarily thanks to Venezuela’s authoritarian-populist Hugo Chavez, a man who increasingly crafts the rules for setting Latin America’s political and security agenda. In Bariloche, Argentina, leaders representing the … More

    Fact Checking the White House: Obama's Health Reform Doesn't Help Small Business

    Heritage’s Bill Beach: If the root cause of the problem is high health care costs, the White House’s solution only makes tings worse. President Obama’s health reform will impact thousands of small business owners who are creating the jobs and wages for most Americans. These taxes will hurt small businesses … More