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  • Monthly Archives: August 2009

    Morning Bell: Dissent Is Not Un-American

    Whether the source is Gallup, Pew, Quinnipiac, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, the Washington Post, or even the New York Times; every recent poll on the issue shows that either pluralities or majorities of Americans have serious doubts about President Barack Obama’s health care plan. Reviewing the month’s polling data, … More

    The Moral Case for Capitalism

    White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel wasn’t kidding when he said that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste, and according Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), it was anything but wasted. “Indeed, the period of panic that everyone was facing opened a tremendous opportunity … More

    Criticizing The President Is Not Racist

    You know a side is on the run rhetorically when it deals the race card. The race card is divisive, disingenuous and outright dangerous, but its great virtue is that it can slow down the other side’s momentum, and even stop it altogether. So, in a way, those of us … More

    Townhall Downfall: Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO)

    Despite President Barack Obama’s deadline, both the House and Senate failed to pass Obama’s health care plan before they adjourned for the month of August. Now Senators and Representatives are returning home to participate in one of America’s greatest democratic traditions: the townhall. The events afford citizens the rare opportunity … More

    Another Study Shows Obamacare Would Dump Americans Into Government-Run Health Care

    We’ve reported before on recent analysis by the Lewin Group, the nation’s most prominent health policy econometrics firm, showing that full implementation of the House health legislation would force 83.4 million Americans out of their current plan and into government-run health care. Now Sageworks, a data analysis firm focused on … More

    Liberals and Conservatives Agree: Taxing the poor is no way to pay for health care reform

    The Senate Finance Committee’s proposed version of the “pay or play” employer mandate reportedly calls for employers who do not sponsor health insurance to pay a “free rider” tax equal to the subsidies their low-income employees would receive to buy insurance in a proposed national health insurance exchange. Yesterday, health … More

    Jobs Down 247,000 -- Mission Accomplished?

    In a discussion about the economy and the stimulus package President Obama signed into law earlier in the year, Vice President Joe Biden last Sunday said, “Jobs are being created that would not have been there before. Can I claim credit that all that’s due to the recovery package? No. … More

    Carbon Footprints For Me, But Not For Thee

    The Wall Street Journal reports: Congress plans to spend $550 million to buy eight jets, a substantial upgrade to the fleet used by federal officials at a time when lawmakers have criticized the use of corporate jets by companies receiving taxpayer funds. The purchases will help accommodate growing travel demand … More

    Paul Krugman And The CBO Are Not Terrorists

    Washington Post business columnist Steve Pearlstein writes about opponents of Obamacare today: They’ve become political terrorists, willing to say or do anything to prevent the country from reaching a consensus on one of its most serious domestic problems. And just what is the “anything” these “terrorists” are saying about health … More

    Manufacture This: 10 Democrats Express Concern over Cap and Trade

    Ten Senate Democrats recently expressed their concern over cap and trade legislation that would dramatically increase energy prices and particularly hurt the country’s manufacturing base. In a letter sent to the White House, Senators from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and West Virginia wrote: As Congress considers energy and … More