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  • Video: The Obamacare Threat To Your Job

    Heritage consultant Mark Wilson published a new study Friday, detailing how the “play-or-pay” employer mandates in H.R. 3200 will put 5.2 million low-wage workers at risk of unemployment or reduced working hours. Fox News covered the story:


    Also from the report:

    • The mandates will cost businesses at least $49 billion per year.
    • Another 10.2 million workers would be at risk of slower wage growth and cuts in other benefits.
    • The mandate will cause 9 million mostly low-wage and part-time workers to lose their employment-based health insurance.
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    12 Responses to Video: The Obamacare Threat To Your Job

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    2. Susan Columbus OH says:

      Thing is, it's an OPTION, not a MANDATE.

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    5. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:


      Mandates are disguised as 'options.' Think you can keep your health care coverage? Think again. The clever House authors installed a penalty for keeping private coverage.

      This OPTION really is a MANDATE!

    6. jami Mitchell , Cal says:

      I feel that this is not about health care

      This Govt. is about control. I feel that hr3200 is about breaking down of our society. I don't think of Americans as Wards of the state. This not the kind of Change that America needs. We need a Revival of our Constitution not a dismantling of our Constitution.

    7. Angie/WA says:

      jami Mitchell "I feel that this is not about health care

      This Govt. is about control. I feel that hr3200 is about breaking down of our society."

      My conclusions exactly. If passed we will have no more control of our care or our budgets than we have with the IRS.

      I am not an extremist but this feels like a desperate "solution" to their decades long hijacking & mismanagement of social security and medicare funds. They didn't listen to the voters who objected to the waste & abuse over the years or reckon with the aging of the workforce. Though they continued to assess our contributions.

      Now that the money is gone and there are only 3 workers for every retiree, they will tell us that they have to take some drastic action and that we should not continue to be a drain on society.

      How many of our jobs were outsourced in the last 40 years?

    8. John Roane Sarasota says:

      This is not news to anyone who follows business trends. However, it will be news to the US Congress for they seldom listen to those who employee most US workers, they prefer to listen to lobbyist.

    9. Butch Holman, Fl. says:

      That is a total Lie and we've already discusseed this. The Trial Lawers gave 75%+ to Obama's campaign, and that is a Fact and that is why that is not in the bill.

      Does Howard Dean think we're all Stupid. He should go back and look at himself acting like a Lunatic during his Presidential run. Does anyone remember that one?

    10. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Just consider for a moment how quickly Mr. Obama and his leaders in the House and Senate tried to ram this government health plan down our throats. They wanted this plan passed into law by August 1st. At that time none of them, including Mr. Obama, had read the 1,018 page House Bill 3200. They didn't want to give the American public the time to learn about this proposed legislation, its cost and its consequences, both intended and unintended. They certainly didn't want to have to answer to the public who voted them into their office, many of whom actually took the time to read the Bill.

      These politicians counted on what they normally count on – the apathy of the American public. Man, did they ever guess wrong. They didn't realize the building anger and resentment built up over things like:

      1. The $800 billion, 1,100 page "Stimulus" legislation that contained 9,000 earmarks for wasteful spending projects and wasn't read by any of the Congressmen and Senators who proposed it, nor Mr. Obama, who signed it into law. And which did nothing to prevent unemployment from growing from 8% to 9.5%.

      2. The government takeovers of banks and car companies after bailouts of these companies and others like Wall Street brokerage firms and AIG Insurance Company. All done with no input from the taxpaying public.

      3. The "Cash for Clunkers" program, which did stimulate the sale of new cars (more foreign than domestic) but again had to paid for by taxpayers.

      4. The proposed Cap & Trade legislation that would do nothing to stem pollution, but which would dramatically increase fuel and energy costs.

      5. And the LOG (not the straw) that broke the camel's back, the "hurry up shove it through" attempt to implement a government run, national health care plan that would cost trillions of dollars, that again, nobody bothered to read.

      It wasn't just the the government's national health care plan, its cost, its impact on Medicare, its impact on personal choice and its failure to be disclosed and debated in the light of day that angered the public to start shouting at Townhall meetings. It was the simple fact that the scheme that these Democrats had in mind for the rest of us, the scheme that was so staunchly defended by Mr.Obama, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, Mr. Steny Hoyer and Mr. Conyers, would certainly not apply to them.

      These Democrat politicians failed to gauge the resentfulness of American public over the name calling that these politicians engaged in with respect to the Tax Day Tea Partys staged across the country last April. These politicians are all wealthy people. They are so far removed from the struggles of the American public that they actually believe that none of us mind paying more taxes. Joe Biden thinks that paying taxes is no more burdensome than standing up when the Star Spangled Banner is played. Paying taxes is patriotic; hurray, open your wallet and salute the flag, wasn't that fun?

      These smug people in Washington, the ones who don't believe it's their job to read legislation before voting on it or signing it into law, the ones who are never personally impacted by their decisions, the ones who don't believe you have the right to question them, much less disagree with them – these people have stirred up a hornet's nest. And I for one am delighted to witness it.

    11. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Whatever Obama says or does threatens me, and insults me.


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