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  • Dingell Defense Deficient

    On August 6th, Michigan resident Mike Sola confronted Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) at a health care townhall about H.R. 3200′s effect on his son Scott. It is unclear from the exchange if Scott, who is confined to a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy, is enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. But Rep. Dingell did follow up Mr. Sola’s questions with a letter dated August 11th. Unfortunately the letter is non-responsive to Mr. Sola’s concerns. Here is what Dingell wrote:

    In our exchange, I mentioned an amendment that I offered that would help disabled Americans, like your son, Scott. That amendment is the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act, which would create a new, voluntary national insurance program for adults who become functionally disabled. This legislation will preserve the dignity of people who, despite their functional impairments, wish to continue living the American Dream – working, supporting their families, and living at home. This amendment, which I cosponsored with Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ), passed by voice vote on day three of the healthcare markup.

    Should you have specific questions about how the plan would affect you and your son, please do not hesitate to contact my office with those questions. We are happy to help explain how this bill might affect any Medicare or Medicaid benefits your son is entitled to and likely receiving.

    There are three problems with this response:
    1. Dingell’s letter assumes that Scott Sola is enrolled in Medicare. This makes Dingell’s response incomprehensible since people currently on Medicare, or Medicaid, are not eligible for CLASS Act … and Dingell should know this because it is his legislation!
    2. If Scott is on Medicare, Mr. Dingell failed to mention the $50 billion in cuts to home health services under Medicare.
    3. If Scott is eligible for the CLASS Act, he will have to pay premiums for a minimum of 5 years before he is eligible for a dime of benefits. But the program, according to the Congressional Budget Office, is already unsustainable. HR 3200, therefore, empowers Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to increase premiums or lower benefits in order for the program to remain solvent.

    Bottom line: The federal government and the states cannot meet the promises to current Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Adding more people to Medicaid is like putting more people into a leaking boat.

    This one event is a prime illustration of why the critical and legitimate questions raised by the legislation must be addressed rather than dismissed. If the proponents cannot give complete and accurate explanations about the legislation, it proves the rush to get the bills out of Committee before the August recess was ill-advised.

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    10 Responses to Dingell Defense Deficient

    1. Rubicon says:

      Your review of this episode, was excellent. You detailed what was proposed & what the effects would be. You also dispelled the belief the 'Class Act' could provide benefits to the man, if he was on Medicare already or how multiple years of premiums would hurt his situation.

      I must however point out the final part of your last sentence was just, spectacular! "it proves the rush to get the bills out of Committee before the August recess was ill-advised."

      "Ill-Advised"!!!! "Ill-Advised"!!! OMG!

      Now that was the understatement of the decade!

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      All messages sent by government or given from government are coded. Thanks to Heritage for decoding the horrendous display of government ignorance that leads to destruction of the American principles,freedoms and value of the American people.

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    4. StepIntoTheLight, Mi says:

      Thanks to conservative groups, like the Heritage Foundation, I am now able to understand and decipher the coded language found in Washington.

      Our so-called leaders and representatives should remember who they really work for — the American people, not the special interest groups or lobbyists crawling around our nation's capital.

    5. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Dingle-berry is a old fool who can barely complete a sentance.

      It is time to "move-on dot democrats".

      Hey, maybe we could use parts of Obama's health plan… When a senator reaches the age of 65, they are forced to retire and of course with limited rationed health care.

      I could support this.

    6. C. Adli,NV says:

      Mr.Dingel is one of those Dinasoars that;his legislations are written by two lawyares and he just passes it or he thinks his constituency is stupid as he is and and he thinks they belive him or just may be the letter is written by someone else and he just sign it.

    7. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      It is past time for term limits on these people, as well as puting to a stop the continue health care that we pay for. The above mentioned letter shows how far out of reach these people are, and the attitude they exhibit toward the "common" folk of this country. They all need to be reminded that they work for we the people, not the other way around. VOTE IN 2010 AND PUT THESE PEOPLE IN THE ROAD, WITHOUT BENEFITS. I FORGOT "WE THE PEOPLE" ARE THE ONLY ONES NOT TO RECIEVE BENEFITS, UNLESS WE ARE ON THE "GUVERNMENT' HAND OUT PROGRAM AND A DEM.

    8. Ross writes, Braden says:

      Rep Dingell is what he is; a liberal/socialist Democrat who wants to be part of the political ruling class that has been forming for years. Their goal is to destroy the very constitution that have sworn to uphold and defend. Then rob the citizen of their lands and liberties by any and all means, including shameless theft. They will do and say anything that will keep themselves in power. Sophistry and shameful lies are second-nature to his kind.

    9. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We will take back our Nation, and our States from these thieves, one politician at a time!


    10. jim smith says:

      Dingle is short for dingleberry. Dingleberries are harvested on paper, immediately adjacent to the same location where fecal material is flushed.

      Okay John, mumble someting incoherent and try to sit up straight.

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