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  • The ABCs of the Health Care Debate Bias

    ABC and NBC have so far refused to run a 33 second advertisement by the League of American Voters that questions the Obama health care plan. ABC has argued that the ad is partisan – yet ABC did not think that giving a megaphone to the Obama administration to make the Democrat’s case on health care was partisan. Fox News reports:

    [Dick] Morris, a onetime advisor to former President Bill Clinton, said he was particularly troubled by ABC’s decision not to air the spot.

    “It’s the ultimate act of chutzpah because ABC is the network that turned itself over completely to Obama for a daylong propaganda fest about health care reform,” he said. “For them to be pious and say they will not accept advertising on health care shuts their viewers out from any possible understanding of both sides of this issue.”

    Obviously Obama would only present objective facts, right? Not everyone thinks so. And, during the Obama propagandathon, ABC also refused to air opposition ads. Rick Scott, chairman of Conservatives for Patients Rights said at the time:

    It is unfortunate – and unusual – that ABC is refusing to accept paid advertising that would present an alternative viewpoint for the White House health care event. Health care is an issue that touches every American … to exclude even paid advertisements that present an alternative view does a disservice to the public.

    And, months later, ABC is still refusing to allow an alternative viewpoint. Apparently to disagree with Obama and the Democrats on health care is, always and everywhere according to ABC, just too partisan.

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    27 Responses to The ABCs of the Health Care Debate Bias

    1. Mt. vernon Il. says:

      This may be more than bias , someone should investigate the probability of white house control of the media thru indirect means, to me it reeks of chicago style pay to play, after all NBC and General Electric stand to make billions from the "green initative"

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    3. Roger S., Ma. says:

      If BS were water and flat-screens were porous, I'd have a major flood in the living room every time I tuned in MSM. I still watch and listen, from time to time, but I'm running out of salt shakers. And patience. The "real" news is elsewhere!

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      ABC PROVES IT'S BIAS, COWARDICE, IGNORANCE AND THEREFORE SO LONG IT WAS NICE TO KNOW YOU WHEN YOU WERE WITHOUT BIAS AND PRESENTED BOTH SIDES WITH TRUTH AND HONESTY! Before your "change" for obama. Hopefully NBC will realize the dignity they once had and that this "change" is becoming a disgrace to their viewers.

    5. MAS - Denver, CO says:

      Of course ABC was the leading cheerleader for Obamacare, providing a lengthy infomercial earlier this summer that no one watched. Interestingly, no one will watch the remainder of the ABC lineup either. ABC needs to pull the plug on its shilling for Obama – as well as these other parts of the fall lineup: http://www.conservativeblog.thewebinfocenter.com/

    6. Frank, Dallas Texas says:

      Guess the chickens have come home to roost. Google these ads that were rejected during the Bush years…

      Anti-Bush ads refused as “too inflammatory”

      Local Fox Station Bans Anti-Bush Ad

      Networks reject anti-Bush ads

      NBC Rejected Dixie Chicks Ad Because It Is Too Anti-Bush

      CBS Censorship At Super Bowl? Network Bars MoveOn.org commercial

      Think Progress » NBC, CBS, ABC Reject Ad Criticizing Bush Policies

      ABC refuses to air anti-war ad before Bush visit

      ABC Refuses to Run Al Gore's Commercial That Critiques Oil Companies.

      RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads

    7. Erin, Kansas says:

      I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis THIS YEAR. My injections cost over $2000 MONTHLY. Now that I have a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION, – will you, the PROTESTERS, PAY for the medicine I will NEED for the REST OF MY LIFE if I want to further my career at a different company?!!

      Private insurance penalizes those with chronic health conditions!!! I pay taxes. Why should I not be able to get health insurance?!? If YOU will not help me pay for my lifelong medical condition, then you should keep your insurance as Obama has said SEVERAL TIMES, and I should be able to get help through the reform Obama is pushing.

      YOU PROTESTERS are basically saying that anyone with a chronic condition has to stay at the job they currently are with. I shouldn't be punished into staying at my current job just because IF I LEAVE IT I WONT BE ABLE TO GET HEALTH INSURANCE BECAUSE NOW I HAVE A PRE-EXISTING CONDTION.


    8. dennis florida says:

      their just another bunch, who refuses to jump off of a sinking ship.

    9. Grace, Florida says:

      Unfortunate, but we know there is rampant liberal bias on the network news. We should not be surprised. Hopefully there are other avenues to get the word out.

    10. Debbie, Cincinnati says:

      One easy way to let ABC know of your displeasure – stop watching their network and be sure to let their advertiser's know why.

    11. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Write, e-mail, or phone ABC and NBC's to register

      your complaint against their bias attempt to stop

      free speech. But more important, contact every

      sponsor that appears on their network, regardless of how small. Let them know you will no longer support their products as long as they support this attempt to stop free speech. By cutting off these networks main sorce of funding (advertising), they will be forced to at lease appear to be fair.

    12. Jim T. Huntington B says:

      I watched O'Reilly, Hannity, Greta, and almost all of them take shots at Bush depending on the issues at the time. Hannity blasted him daily for his stance on immigration, O'Reilly was on him all the time. Rivera was always attacking Bush, so please don't say that FOX never presented anything but pro Bush material. To say that is to say your a FOX hater and it also probably means you watch ABC or NBC and not FOX. By the way, do those networks still have their weekly troop counts now that Bush is gone and the savior is in their, or have they stopped???

    13. Mary - Virginia says:

      I agree with Lloyd, we need to speak out against whatever media is stopping our free speech because we oppose ObamaCare. The best way to do that is boycott their sponsors. Washington is out of control and with the help of the media many people will not have fair and balanced reporting. We are living through very scary times and if we do not stand up against what is happening now it will be too late and we will have to live with the consequences.

    14. Normca says:

      Eric in Kansas – Some type of reforms are needed. But not this one, which would determine life and death, based on what unelected – appointees, some unqualified medically, see as our value to society. The health insurers have been getting away with the pre-existing condition excuse for too long. I hope that what comes out of the current debate is a law prohibiting a declination by insurers because of this. I too have pre-existing conditions, although not as severe as you, but have been turned down for coverage. And now paying almost as much as my home mortgage for monthly premium. Those of us that are opposed to government run plan are not selfish, we do not wish people harm. The House proposed plan though goes way too far, does not address the real problems and is severely intrusive. There are provisions that will kill the private plans; they need to be revised; not killed.

    15. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      The goverment has NO business in private lives, we fought a revolution and again the war of 1812 to prevent this. Health care DOES need reform, limit law suits, some are so frivolous it's alarming, INs. cos. pay them off instead of fighting them, second Health INs should be like Life ns, you buy it and carry it where ever you go, as with life Ins, if you have diabetis, high blood pressure or MS, etc youpay a higher premium, as with life Ins, there will be uninsurable, maybe there could be a pool they can join, like those who are not insured in their autos, the poor are already insured and illegals should NOT get free health care for crossing a border, this does not include emergencies, by law all incoming to an ER must be stabilized before being transferred to county or other hospitals that accept charity cases. Most people think different than what is reality in health care, talk to a nursr, doctor or social worker and get the REAL TRUTH. I am a nurse and I KNOW people DONOT get turned away from ER's for lack to pay, also federally funded hosp. are covered under a different law.

    16. Jill, California says:

      To Erin from Kansas …

      First, my condolences for your situation. No one should suffer as you are suffering.

      However, it's exactly for people like you that we protest Obamacare. We are not selfish at all.

      We want healthcare reform. But we don't want Obama and Congress to destroy what is good about our healthcare system.

      Under Obamacare, you could easily find yourself not worth the $2000-per-month investment. Instead, some government bureaucrat could decide that it's more cost-effective to give you $50-per-month pain killers and end-of-life counseling. Then if you really want the medications you need, you could find yourself paying for them out of your own pocket … until your money runs out and you have to declare bankruptcy or wind up homeless. One way or another, taxpayers will pick up the tab, though it's still probably cheaper than paying for your medications.

      Yes, you need the freedom to change jobs without fear of losing your insurance. You need insurance without fear of being dropped for preexisting conditions. We all want that for you and for ourselves.

      You also need affordable medications. It's insane that anyone should have to pay $2000 per month for the medications you need. You're grateful right now that insurance is paying for it. But guess what. It's not being paid for by some wealthy insurance company. I'm paying for it. So is every other person who pays taxes or buys health insurance. Your battle is our battle, because it's coming out of our pockets.

      If you think Obamacare is the answer, you're wrong. I had a taste of government-run healthcare when I was injured in the line of duty as a volunteer firefighter. The government illegally denied my Workers' Comp claim, and it cost me a fortune to fight back. The government broke numerous local, state, and federal laws in an effort to deny and delay medical care. And there was no oversight. At least when an insurance company does something wrong, you can complain to the government and maybe get some help. Where will you go when the government breaks the law? If an insurance company does something wrong, you can sue. How are you going to sue the government for illegal conduct, when the government makes it almost impossible to sue?

      Many of the problems that exist with healthcare today … including your inability to change jobs for fear of losing your insurance … are unintended consequences of decisions made years ago. (I'm quite certain no one intended this when the concept of health insurance was raised long ago.) That being true, think of the potential unintended consequences of passing legislation that Congress hasn't read and doesn't understand and that was written largely by special interest groups. Yes, we need reform. But we need to understand what we're doing and what the consequences will be for you and everyone else.

      We need to do the right thing … not lots of wrong things in the name of doing something.

    17. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Something about "………cast the first stone." Clearly the deception of Congress is universal and at this point I don't trust any of them. But don't fret, when Obama gains control of the internet under the ruse of National Security and Cyberattacks we will all but cut off and ignornace will be bliss.

    18. Jerry from Chicago says:

      To Erin in Kansas — If you are currently covered under a medical plan provided by your employer, whether it be a fully insured or a self-insured medical plan. There should be no problem with you getting medical coverage under a new employer's plan(s), unless the new employer you are thinking of joining does not offer health insurance to employees.

      Under the terms of the Health Insurance Portability and Acountability Act, passed a number of years ago, pre-existing conditions limitations have become a thing of the past. If you have been covered under your current employer's health lan for at least twelve months and take a job with a new employer that offers health insurance, and there has not been a gap of 63 days or more between the time your medical coverage under the prior employer ended and the date it bagan under the new employer's plan, then pre-existing conditions limitations of the new employer's plan would not apply to you. Further, many employers that offer medical insurance offer HMO coverage as an option to other medical coverage, such as a PPO plan. HMO plans do not include pre-existing conditions limitations for employees or their dependents.

      When considering employment with a new employer, ask about the benefit plans available before taking the new job. I hope this advice helps you.

      With respect to your assertion that people who don't want to pay for your misfortune are selfish, I couldn't disagree more. Grow up and understand something, your misfortune is your misfortune, not everyone else's. Asking for help is one thing, expecting it is something else again.

      With regard to NBC and ABC, is there any doubt that they are in the tank for Obama? Word is out that Chris Matthews is thinking of running for Congress. I think that's great. Then he can drop the pretense of being an objective newsman and join his brethern in the Democrat controlled Congress. I just wish that the others like Peter Jennings and Keith Oberman would do the same.

    19. Jill, California says:

      Jerry from Chicago, one of your statements to Erin from Kansas was unkind. Yes, Erin is a victim of misfortune. But her misfortune is indeed everyone else's. "There but for the grace of God go I."

      Erin didn't get MS because she was reckless and stupid. She didn't bring it on herself. She was afflicted with something we all hope never happens to us. That kind of misfortune I'm happy to help pay for, because few amongst us could bear that financial burden alone. And Erin has every right to expect help from a society that has agreed to the concept of sharing such burdens through our insurance premiums and taxes. My beef is with the cost of her medications—a cost that is entirely unreasonable and the product of greed.

      Any amongst us who pass judgment on whether or not someone's medical care should be covered under insurance should walk a mile in the other person's moccasins. Only when we've endured their pain and emptied our bank accounts, terrified of how we will survive the future, do we have a right to pass judgment.

    20. Tom Louisiana says:

      Erin in Kansas,

      Under the Obama or Dems plan, whatever you want to call it, after you reach a certain age your injections will be rationed because there will not be enough funding to pay $2000 a month for them. Even if there was there will come that day when your contributions to society will not equal the amount of the cost of your injections, then you will be givwen pain pills and sent home. CHECK OUT HOW THINGS ARE DONE IN CANADA AND ENGLAND. Then talk to people that live in these countries and see how it is… If things sound to good to be true, BELIEVE me they are….

    21. Bobbie Jay says:

      Selfishness is when someone begs for something that benefits themselves.

      Many of us have struggled throughout life and many of us with costly, chronic illnesses. The conservatives think of everyone and with insurance for the chronically ill.

      Yes, it is more of an expense then to those that don't have chronic illness, but why should they be obligated to pay for what happens in or to our individual lives?

      Access and reasonable cost.

    22. Rochelle, Colorado says:

      To Erin in Kansas, Jerry is right. You don't have a pre-existing

      condition because you were insured by your present employer when you were diagnosed. Get yourself together and act your best. Then go look for the other job. If the new company hires you, you may need to get proof of insurance coverage during the last job.

    23. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      Recently someone writing against ObamaCare asked – if a sixth of Americans were homeless, would we all be forced to live in government owned public housing? This is a good point seldom mentioned – if the Democraps succeed with this health care raw deal, which other areas of our lives will they take over next? Since a % of Americans don’t have cars, I wonder if the government will force everyone onto public transportation? (This would make the environmentalist wackos happy!!) Well, with the Democraps in power, all bad things are possible!!

    24. Jerry, Indiana says:

      I didn't read the blogs above in their entirety, but when I read the article, my first thought was concerning the Fairness Doctrine that liberals would love to put into place to control talk radio and Fox News. Once again, they seem all too ready to make the rules, but when it comes to playing by them, that proves to be another story!

    25. Ed Devine Dallas, TX says:

      I've already blocked ABC Programming from my DirecTV satellite, and I'll just bet that advertisers and shareholders will be thrilled that ABC's talking heads and management are responsible for the loss of AD revenue. I'll certainly let Advertisers on ABC know how I resent the networks misguided attempt to silence the growing resistance movement in this country. No longer are we, the people willing to accept the characterization of being the opposition, we are now the resistance movement.

      Hey ,doesn't Disney own ABC? Certainly it might be embarrassing for Disney to be shelling out 4 Billion to buy Marvel Entertainment, while the Bozo's at ABC Television are trying to undermine AD sales and shareholders.

    26. David Indiana says:


      Erin in Kansas

      If bill 3200 pass we will be paying for your monthly shots, which I choose not to do, as I am paying high medical expense for my wife out of my own pocket, and do not wish for you to help thru the high tax burden that will be required to pay the trillion dollar cost of government run health care.

    27. cheap true religion says:

      i like it very much!!!

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