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  • Cap and Trade’s Bait and Switch

    This morning we reported on a recently-leaked document from the G20 Climate Finance Experts Group detailing that while Congress has promised to give Waxman-Markey’s energy tax revenues to Americans, Obama administration negotiators are promising to give that very same money to the governments of China, India and a host of other countries.

    But that is just the beginning of cap and trade’s duplicity exposed by the documents.  Page 10 of the document shows that those working to give our income away know they can’t be straight forward:

    “A second question is how to address funding sources that might not be included in a contributor’s up front commitment. In particular, carbon markets are likely to provide a large fraction of financing for some contributors yet may be difficult to pledge.”

    Translation: “If taxpayers [contributors] know that cap and trade commits America to sending hundreds of billions of dollars per year to foreign governments for decades to come, they might not like it so much.”

    Who decides how much the rich countries need to transfer to the rest of the world? This group of finance experts offers two options with one being strongly preferred. The trick, here, is that “contributors” means “decision-makers” more than it actually means “contributors.”

    Option 1: “Only developed countries contribute. While this has been the dominant model in the past (although some developing countries have contributed to the GEF), among other things, it ignores the dynamic nature of development and the common feature of the climate change challenge.”

    Option 2: “All countries except the least developed countries (LDCs) contribute, but developing countries remain net recipients. By engaging all but the least developed countries, this creates global ownership in the process and further incentives for mitigation.”

    Question: If you put a dollar in the homeless person’s cup, the homeless person puts in a nickel but keeps it all, are you both contributors? If you said “yes,” you are well on your way to being a climate finance expert.

    Next question: Should you and the homeless person vote on how much you put in the cup? Say “yes” to create “global ownership.” See how easy it is to be a climate finance expert?

    In other words, there will be “global ownership in the process” that determines how much money gets taken from energy-consumers in the U.S. and given to third-world bureaucracies.

    In stunning ignorance of the cost to those who pay, this group sees a bigger problem with the third-world’s ability to spend the money than with our ability to pay:

    “The rate at which public funding can be scaled up as a practical matter is limited by the absorptive capacity of the recipient country, the efficacy of delivery channels, and potential constraints in contributing countries.”

    The constraints on spending are definitely there, while the constraints on taxing are only “potential” constraints. That is, so long as they can spend it, we can pay it!

    This leaked document is a litany of proposals for stripping financial sovereignty from the U.S. and other well-functioning economies for transferal to international organizations where the inept and kleptocratic get access to the wealth they prevent their own citizens from producing.

    Supporters of cap and trade, and carbon taxes have some more explaining to do.

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    28 Responses to Cap and Trade’s Bait and Switch

    1. Joan Boyd says:

      Whew! Scary! Thanks for enlightenment.

    2. Roger D Henderson Nv says:

      Sounds like the road to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

      again our US gov. is trading our freedom's away.

      less money=less freedom

      Very scary

    3. Barbara C, Green Val says:

      What truly frightens me is the ignorance of so many people I have come in contact with. They either haven't even heard of Cap & Trade, or know absolutely nothing about it. Yes, we should be afraid, very afraid. Also, the Health bill has diverted so much attention from it. We need to hurry up and slit our own throats if we listen to this adminstration.

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    5. Roger S., Ma. says:

      "…a litany of proposals for stripping financial sovereignty from … well-functioning economies for transfer to … the inept and kleptocratic ["brave new world elite" who then] get access to the wealth they prevent their own citizens from producing; [and, could never have produced themselves]" !!!–BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO, HF–!!! [mine]

      In some posts of the last few days I expressed similar thoughts without having enough facts to come up with your conclusion. Reading the two together, however, makes even better sense:

      "There is no other way to explain this particularly mad combination of Junk-Science coupled to Junk-Economics engaged to Junk-Politics, except for maybe invoking Freudian psychology." Now it's clear there is (another way), and they're managing to do the "impossible" and pervert even that, including the "Freudian psych." !!! Bravo Zulu HF !!!

      One more: "I prefer to call this bill “Taxman-Snarkey”, in honor of the only thing it is really set to accomplish: Tax the “bejeesus” out of ordinary Americans to feed another collection of “snarks” lining up to practice (b/p)ig-time “lobby-politics as usual”. It needs to be stopped with as much, if not greater, urgency than that unsavory HR3200. In fact, I’m beginning to worry that HR3200 was just the intended diversion to keep the public from becoming really untethered about this monstrosity."

      You've enlightened me that not only was I on the right track, but that future "Snark-Hunting" will have to be global. I can only say, "Good Luck and Good Hunting"! — It IS HIGH time, NOW, to really get the public "Frumious" about this monstrosity, or it will REALLY be TOO LATE !!! Let's Go Get'em, the Looters !!!

    6. John ADair meriage m says:

      This Bulliten requires wide circulation. I need to get this into my email so I can forward it to my friends and relatives.

      John ADair

    7. Ron T. Layton Ut. says:

      Eye, and my family (except 1 ) Hope and pray that

      supporters of our tea parties, and town hall and

      EEEEEmailers and phone callers, and faxers and

      internet convince the congress and senate that we

      the voters will fire those persons at every change

      of office that comes up in the next four years, and replace them with someone who will stand up

      for what the real Constitution and America loving

      patriots want!! Give em hell and CHANGE our country back where it belongs

    8. Bobbie Jay says:

      He is SELLING AMERICA OUT!!!! Please stop him! Today's American leadership is destroying America! Please! Stop this insanity!

    9. dennis florida says:

      it sounds like he wants to spread the wealth around again, only on a bigger scale. with america being the wealthy.

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    11. Charlotte says:

      Everyone's is so concerned about Obamacare that these tiny details hidden inside these bills somehow just seem to get swept under the rug. Thanks for providing a flashlight and a broom.

    12. Linda B says:

      Very scary article that ties in with the "Obama Deception" movie I watched recently.If you can get access to it you'll see how we are all being deceived and manipulated. It certainly isn't about saving the world , it's about total control. Please keep informing Americans of this danger to our existance.

      Thank you

    13. mary, ohio says:

      Stop the cap and trade bill. I do not approve of this ACTION, there is not any other AMERICAN CITIZENS that I have spoken with, that approve of, or want this insane proposal. It will BREAK THE BACK OF THE AMERICAN FREE TRADE SYSTEM.

    14. Jerry D Greenville says:

      its a shame our leaders would do such a thing to america we can't wait to the next election we need to get them out of office now.

    15. rich weirton, wv says:

      I believe Obama took an oath to defend the constitution when he was sworn in.

      I sure hope he stops trying to bring our country down to third world status by trashing our constitution.

      Start doing what presidents are supposed to do and defend the constitution! (as opposed to making up new rules as the old ones get in their way)

    16. Prevailer76AZ says:

      A concept based on pseudo science has become the hew and cry of the Left. It is nothing more than a means to gain more control, not only within the U.S. but globally. Very well planned and very dangerous. Who is the would-be Czar of the planet?

    17. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Well let's see. O-Zero's plan is to wipe out the "excess" wealth in our economy, and create a significant increase in government jobs to increase their votor base..If any of his BS lies fraud and treasonous ideas go through, sat goodby to our way of life.

      It is interesting, how many democrat representatives have all of a sudden come out of the closet as communists. Rep Watson, CA touting the genious of Che and Castro and the fabulous health care system they have there.

      Hey Fidel, when you and your billionaire brother get sick, you fly your private jets somewhere else to get treatment don't you.

      Cuba, beautiful beaches, hotels…no jobs no prosperity and people who are killed if they try to leave.

      That's what Che O-Zero has planned for us.

      Can he pull it off?

      Only if we don't organize or friends, family and everyone we know.

    18. Roy W, Westerville, says:

      This Waxman-Markey Cap & Trade Legislation will lead to the death of the USA or to the ultimate demise of the USA Political Class. I vote for the latter.

      The people I have been meeting at the Townhall meetings as I travel around Ohio are already fired up and this type of legislation will indeed be "The Straw the Breaks the camels back!"

    19. Ross writes, Braden says:

      Sophistry at it's finest!

      In carnivals and business, these actions would land the instigator into jail for not only breaking the law, but to protect them from the mobs of anger "contributors".

      If I remember my US constitution right, isn't there a provision for the recall of "duly elected" representatives of the people? Also wouldn't that include the president, the House members, and the senators? I think so.

    20. joan, connecticut says:

      We all have to make others aware of the facts in the Waxman- Markey bill. This act, will hurt all citizens with control of usage, and the higher cost to maintain it. Our taxes will skyrocket and for what purpose? Al Gore preaches to the public that global Warming necessitates the need of Waxman-Markey bill while many in the science world dispute this. Gore, tells us to conserve while he flies around the world in his own private jet,but he wants us to conserve energy. What a joke ,on us poor peons,we pay while old Al collects millions from this farce! Is this the same guy that invented the internet? What a joke on us he has managed to pull!

    21. Sean, Washington says:

      Your homeless person-cup analogy is overly-simplistic, and reveals your disdain for poor people in our own country and across the world who will be hardest hit by the impacts of climate change, should it turn out to maybe possibly actually be true.

      Try doing some real analysis once in a while.

    22. Bob Weiler, Somers P says:

      Iam overwhelmed by the actions and motives of our President. This not only needs to be stopped, but he needs to be removed from office.God help us all,

    23. Richard rural Texas says:

      Sean, from the looks of your post you must be a Democratic idiot. Cap and Trade is a socialist's dream and all false, global climate change is not, I repead NOT caused by human being's actions.

      This has been happening for thousands of years and even before people even existed. This should prove that this SOB Obama is a socialist. Now he wants to spread the money around all the poor on the planet.

    24. Charles Saunders, Me says:

      This is like something straight out of Atlas Shrugs. The D's are not going to be happy until we are completely subjugated to China and the EU. Watching this train wreck happen in slow motion just makes me want to cry.

    25. David VanNorman Wi says:

      This news needs to get to the general public

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    27. David Packard Warne says:

      It would seem that the government of the United States is our own worst enemy.

    28. Rubicon says:

      These guys seem to think the rest of the world is poor because we made them that way. Special interest activist groups have done all they could to limit or stop productivity gains in many or most third world nations. They think trudging behind an oxen plow to harvest barely enough to feed the family, is quaint, when tractors would allow those same farmers to produce enough to sell gads of it in markets & make profits. Oh, my mistake, profits are bad!!

      Economic tyranny is as bad as any other type & by allowing a communist regime to bleed off our economic health, all we will have done is transfer our freedoms to tyrants out to destroy us & our lives.

      I want actual scientific proof, that can be verified by multiple sources, that CO2 is the pollutant we are being told it is. Since CO2 actually makes the planet green, & solar or effects of the sun is more likely the cause of temperature variances, I believe this entire scheme is designed to steal away our wealth & freedoms.

      Why won't Al Gore & his types debate John Coleman (founder of the Weather Channel) on global warming? The answer is, all of Al's vacuous predictions cannot stand up to scientific scrutiny & he knows it. Al says the seas will rise 20 feet. Even the UNIPCC has now said this is false, yet the media have not told the public Al's assertions have been repudiated. Why???

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