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  • Obama Officially Abandons Missile Defense in Europe


    According to the Polish daily, Gazeta Wyborcza, sources in the United States have confirmed that the Obama administration has made the decision to abandon our anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Unfortunately this news is not surprising at all. In March of this year it was revealed that President Obama “secretly” offered Moscow a grand bargain whereby it would sacrifice missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic in exchange for Moscow’s help discouraging Iran’s nuclear program. Then in his July summit with Moscow, Obama reinforced his message that missile defense remains a bargaining chip that can exchanged for his college dream of a nuclear free world.

    This is a grave mistake for several reasons:

    Abandoning our best missile defense option in Europe only encourages Iran to speed up their ballistic missile program so that they can get their threat in place before a European missile defense system is available. We are in a depserate race to beat the clock on Iran’s nuclear program. Why on earth are we stopping now to let the Iranians catch up?

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    41 Responses to Obama Officially Abandons Missile Defense in Europe

    1. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      I am certain that the Russians are using all of their formidable powers to discourage the Iranian march to nuclear power, especially since they are economically intertwined in the entire project, and, their economy is also in shambles.

      I am also certain that this will have no effect on our allies in Europe – they will "understand".

      I am also certain that we are being played as suckers, once again, on the world stage. Why do we keep making the same mistakes – decade after decade?

      I remember many of my well-meaning college professors acting as if being a "nationalist" was paramount to being a monster. Well, every country is to some extent "nationalist" because they are looking out for their own interests. Makes perfect sense; it's been that way throughout history and still is. But, other countries do not apologize at every turn for their historical decisions/mistakes. Afterall, why would they want to humiliate themselves and give ammunition to others that will someday, certainly, be used against themselves, either diplomatically or economically?

      So, let me get this right, since our esteemed diplomatic corps pushed a red reset button with the Russians, we just ignore history in both Russia and Iran – and everything is ok?

      The stakes are too high to deal from weakness, perceived or otherwise.

      Since the U.S. Jackpot is a continuing payout – now is the time when we should be strengthening our anti-missle defenses at every level. Putting just a fraction of the debt we've accumulated now and in the future, toward missle defense, would help ensure the most important thing we have – our survival.

      If Israel is forced to protect herself from annihilation, it will be our fault. She cannot survive the unthinkable for she is too small. We cannot hamstring her from doing what we would do in a heartbeat, under the same circumstances (remember the Cuban Missle Crisis)?

      May God protect us and watch over Israel. The Jewish people have been through enough.

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    5. Roger S., Ma. says:

      To paraphrase Winston Churchill speaking after the Battle of Britain: "Never before in the history of mankind has one man visited so much insanity on so many". BO is so full of beans he could solve the next energy crisis all by himself. — But, the Carbon Tax would break him! — Absolutely insane!

    6. Jack, Washington DC says:

      The results for Obama's first international crisis are in…and they're not good.

      Joe Biden said Obama would be tested in his first few months as President, and promised that Obama will show the world just how strong he is.

      This crisis actually came sooner than most expected. On election day Russian President Medvedev promised to place nukes in Kaliningrad near Poland, if Obama went ahead with the missile shield.

      Now we know Obama's response to his first international crisis….he folded under just moderate pressure, and abandoned two US ally's (Poland and the Czech Republic). All other world leaders have probably taken note. The US president is weak, and the US's word means little to nothing. It's a shameful day for America.


      Heritage Foundation people;

      You are acting with very dishonesty, when strong and well founded conservative-oriented writingS are posted here in this blogs of yours , ARE NOT POSTED,…and when they do get posted they are ERASED SHORTLY AFTER THEY ARE VISIBLE.

      Two questions;


      2. Are you receiving BRIBES?,… form THE OBAMA GANG TO BE AT THEIR SIDE?

      For your organization to be called patriotic and american defender of the fundamental values of our great country,…well you can say that over and over,… but to me is HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE.

      And by the way,….the answer to those two questions (if you can manage to dignify in that way) keep it to yourself….do not even bother to post an answer of email me about it,for is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT TO ME SINCE YOU PROVED TO ME YOU DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC – JUST LIKE THE OBAMA GANG.

      Good day,


      Daniel Cabrera

      Merrillville, Indiana

    8. Normca says:

      Obama's aim is to bring this country to the size he and his reverend thinks it should be. Eliminating missile defense is just another step. He said the stim-pork bill was doing exactly what he wanted it to do. Yes; jobs are still being lost, foreclosures continue and he continues his merry way to socialism. How's that hope and change going for you; Daniel ? Heritage's blog as you called it is one media outlet you and your ilk cannot shut down – you've got it all except talk radio, where the news is Obamacare advocates. I know the left cannot stand facts – you'd rather claim victim hood. One question; is America more or less respected now than last year ? Obama in his effort to be liked is lessening the respect for our country. [However people like Daniel do not know what respect is.] With countries like No Korea, Iran Libya it is better to be respected than liked. Obama is abandoning commitments, like the missile shield for countries that are adversaries to Russia – that will make Russia like Obama, but weaken others who are America's allies.

    9. Ben Franklin, IN says:

      Maybe Reagan should have nuked the Iranians when he had the chance.

    10. MaryAnn, USA says:

      Nothing Obama says or does should come as a surprise. I admit, it is disconcerting to admit

      that any American president would actively work to undermine the United States, however his stated goal during the campaign was to "fundamentally transform" America. He is keeping his campaign promises. It is left to be seen if Americans have awakened too late to stop him.

    11. joan, connecticut says:

      The assault, on America from within, is becoming a realty. Freedom of speech, is under attack by the man appointed to head the FCC. He will target stations that do not agree with Washington power brokers. The president, also speaks of the formation of a group to protect Americans. Have I missed something,or have the USA Army, Navy, Marines and state national guard units been disbanded? Do not forget the City and town policemen that protect citizens, and even protect illegal aliens. Who will command this group, and what powers will they have,and who will they answer to? This idea is extremely disturbing ,and smacks of a need by Washington to manage, and step on every freedom that all of us hold dear. I am fearful of the recent changes in America, that seem to be leading us down the path to Socialism Is this even Constitutional? We can only hope and pray, that a few good men and women with political know how, and love of our great country , will defend our rights against, those who seek to trample on them.

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    13. James A, Canyon,TX says:

      When one launches a revolution, as o and the Chicago thugs have, there is an element the the revolutionaries do not anticipate. The opposite side becomes unpredictable. Conservatives are solid core but when confronted by the banality of evil as o and cohort are intending to do, the former push back hard, very hard, but legally.

      Time to push back legally, and hard, very hard, surprisingly hard and steadfast. Confront the WH bully and his miscreants.

      Longdrycreek Ranch

      Texas Panhandle

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    15. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Part of the oath of office for the President is to assure in the common defense of our Nation. Obama has broken that promise, and needs to be removed from office!


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    17. Steve in Waukesha Wi says:

      What Ronald Reagan worked so hard to bring to existance, a man who says "wee wee" has destroyed.

    18. Jerry from Chicago says:

      So, Mr. Obama had a college dream of a nuclear-free world. I once had a dream of sugar-plum fairies — when I was six years old. It's nice to have dreams, so long as you ultimately wake up and deal with reality.

      Many years ago there was a very conservative Republican Senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater. At one time, Mr.Goldwater decided to run for the Presidency. His critics called him an "extremeist". His retort, "Extremism in the pursuit of virtue, is no vice" cost him the election.

      I would say that Mr. Obama shares exactly the same sentiment expressed by Mr. Goldwater. Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for the rest of us, he was smart enough not to say it in public.

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    21. Claude Cornell says:

      The biggest mistake the American voters made was

      thinking the worst that would happen would be

      Socialism. Wrong, he is not a Socialist, he is a

      confirmed Communist.

    22. Claude Cornell says:

      This is what happens when you put liberals in charge of National Defense. They are "doves" and comprimisers. They don't have a clue as to how to fight a war. This is an administration of "empty suits".

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    25. charlie says:


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    27. dennis florida says:

      do any of you'll get the feeling that obama is painting a big bulls-eye on our back. the man needs to be removed from office. he's dishonored it. and the american people.

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    29. Bobbie Jay says:

      Obama has proven his lack of concern for the protection and safety to the people of America. Why are Americans so helpless?

    30. R.D. Holmes, Lubboc says:

      With thirty-five or forty "zars" covering every area of our government who can by order make "laws" never voted on, why do me need spend millions of dollars for congress salaries? If we have anything to say, do it quickly before the freedon to do so is taken away!!

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    33. L Lee Hinds, Saint L says:

      Officially nothing is really ‘known’ until the President speaks the facts of the “reality” that we all have to deal with. Back channels are but a means to an end in the “THIS IS ONLY A TEST” not only American Will but American resolve. I have been reminded recently the price for miscalculation, whether from resolve or from an expression or appearance of capitulation to foreign threats or demands. The most recent display of Soviet style threat was to deploy a “cash for knuckles” era attack subs off the eastern United States Coast. Regardless of the difficult choices for the President, WE THE PEOPLE, must hold the shield in the defense of America and if called the very sword in her defense. May God protect America and our soldiers that a brave President has already stated as a War of Necessity in Afghanistan and the threat to all mankind.

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