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  • Fact Checking the White House: Obama's Health Reform Doesn't Help Small Business

    Heritage’s Bill Beach:

    If the root cause of the problem is high health care costs, the White House’s solution only makes tings worse.

    President Obama’s health reform will impact thousands of small business owners who are creating the jobs and wages for most Americans. These taxes will hurt small businesses by keeping them from expanding and adding new jobs. It will hurt workers by stagnating wage growth or even eliminating jobs.

    New research from Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis reveals these new taxes could mean 400,000 employees could lose their job each year. Spending and new taxes will not be the way to bend the health care cost-curve downward. It will only exacerbate the problems businesses already face. Watch:

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    21 Responses to Fact Checking the White House: Obama's Health Reform Doesn't Help Small Business

    1. Jim says:



    2. Russell Ellis says:

      on I believe I joined, but have had no acknowledgement. I am trying to get info on the 'czars' and their histories – I can't seem to find a big 'Ask Me' box. — I'll try Google.

    3. Mark, Washington says:

      What are "tings"?

    4. Bill Lee says:

      The people need to keep "worked up" and remember who tried to ruin this country when we had a recession in 2008-2011 or whenever it is over.

      We go to the polls Nov 2010. I hope there is a change in the Party that is in power.

      But this time the people must make the Republicans tend to business and not get involved in "monkey business".

      One thing I wish we could get through Congress is to make them more accountable. I think it can only be done through a change in the legal framwork or corruption investigation of Congress.

      We need to make Congress subject to RICO legal action. If anyone in Congress is convicted of corruption they should lose thier pension and all of their personal property should be impounded!

    5. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Mark, What? Where did this come from? Like all libs, you can't explain yourself or your position, so you try to confuse the issue? Only reason I can think of right now to explain this post. Please enlighten me if I am in error.

    6. Michael, Fort Myers, says:

      You are right Jim. Totally destroy the private sector and blame greed and capitalism so that we can enter into a new dictatorship/form of government. We are truly at a crossroads in our country's history.

    7. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      What is going on in Washington is unconstitutional, Time for a revolution, after the tea parties comes elections, vote these people out, start with Virginia and New Jersey Gov.

    8. Jody Barry, Thousand says:

      Hi Mr. Beach,

      All of your videos are great, really, but in several cases, they assume a person knowns more than they do….in this one, what is the WH solution you refer to? You said "pay or play" a ways into the piece but I think it needs to be a bit clearer…in the above video (and this is not the only one to do this), neither the WH or you ever says that there will be an 8% tax on small business if they don't provide insurance(you assume everyone knows it) so your comments about the WH only "making it worse" don't have the impact they should…..just a suggestion.

      Again, you provide a great service and I applaud you and Heritage…I am hoping this helps address the more critical observer who might say you are only stating conlusions and not facts, etc…JB

    9. Steve in Waukesha Wi says:

      I'm a new visitor so help me. Why doesn't the Supreme Court step in and rule on Constitutionality of all of this stuff? Or, why is it not being at least challenged. It seems to me that while something is in concept, before time is spent and damage done, it should be decided if it is constitutional.

    10. Dean, Lititz says:

      Tings are like wee weed up….one is a typo(mistake) and the other is our President being silly. Silly ie:"This plan does not pay for abortions" or "If you like your plan you can keep it" or "My plan will be paid for up front with no tax increases"

    11. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      9/12/2009 is just around the corner! Tea time, and hopefully those in DC acting as if they have America's best interest at heart will be paying attention!


    12. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      We literally have to stand up walk out the door and go to these rallies.

      Be non-provoking and ignor Obama's brown shirts.

      They have no power unless we acknowledge their existence.

      Can you believe I just said "brown shirts"?

      Is this America?

      Hell yes this is still America, we are still here and they must go!


    13. Dean, Lititz says:

      To Steve in Waukesha Wisconsin, I am new also and this is my opinion:

      The Supreme Court can't rule on the Constitutionality of an Idea or proposed bill like HR3200. It can't stop congress from making law (seperation of powers) after congress makes a law and it is challenged then the Supreme court determines if the law is in fact constitutional.

    14. Danny , Lawrenceburg says:

      Let's all of us get rid of all the democraps next election cycle, before they destroy the entire nation !!!!!!

    15. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Facts? Facts, sen`ior? We ain't got no facts. We ain't got to show you no stinking facts!

      Just take our word for it, don't you trust us?

    16. Rick, New Mexico says:

      With the exception of a few of the most radical Dems on the hill I'm beginning to think the problem is within the administration itself.

      It's all a game of deflection. They overwhelm us with huge bills they haven't read, and then deflect to the investigation of past interrogation "crimes" and who knows what else. The Obama administration is collecting all the power into the executive branch. Look at the "advisors" and "czars" who report only to that branch. These people have the ear of Obama.

      We must stand fast and bombard our legislators with our values and position.

      My position is Stop the Spending, Stop the spread of Socialism, and Stop the ever increasing power of the Executive branch.

    17. Bobbie Jay says:

      Jody, WH is the white house.

      Please everyone, vote for those that live by and defend the constitution, independence and freedom. Those that represent the America we know and love! Those that stand with courage and conviction to give America back to the people.

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    19. Jack Cannon says:

      In April I said this administration is out of control and must be stopped, now in August we learn of a self-admitted communist Van Jones with an office in the WHITE HOUSE..You couldn't make this stuff up…unless your in a coma, get active.

    20. Maggie in Az says:

      Sept. 12, 2009 Washington DC – No more of Washington, it has come the time to regain our freedom and our rights. Time to downsize Washington, and remind them without the taxpaying slaves, there is no money !

    21. Paul Tenenbaum Fo says:

      As a Korean War Veteran, I am saddened and ashamed as to how much money is being spent in stirring up the people with hatred toward our President. Yes, he IS our president. The flag is our flag.

      Remember the famous phrase: Have you no shame left?

      Be constructive rather than DESTRUCTIVE.

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