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  • Video: Chief Diversity Officer Seeks To Stifle Free Speech

    We’ve written about this issue before, here and here, but the Fairness Doctrine is rearing its ugly head again. This time, however, its being pushed by Mark Lloyd, newly appointed Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission.

    In the name of “diversity,” Lloyd recommends that

    “Local public broadcasters and regional and national communications operations should be required to encourage and broadcast diverse views and programs.”

    It’s not hard to read between the lines and understand that successful conservative pundits will be the ones pushed off the airwaves by this. Watch:


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    45 Responses to Video: Chief Diversity Officer Seeks To Stifle Free Speech

    1. Tim, Bellevue, WA says:

      There's a radio show in Seattle called "The Commentators" that is hosted by two very well-known (locally) individuals who are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Their ratings: In the tank. People like me who follow politics closely have mostly chosen sides and want information that support their position. In my case, I believe in limited government, the free market, and The Constitution. I don't want to hear arguments from someone who says The Constitution is outdated. I don't want to hear from someone who says that it's ok for the federal government to keep spending trillions of dollars that WE DON'T HAVE. So, Mark Lloyd's efforts will fail. Very few people will listen to radio and TV that is sactioned by the government. WE'RE NOT VENEZUELA! THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    2. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      This is nuts, this is our FREEDOM of SPEECH, is this not maxist! If Congress doesn't stop this, they will be sorry! One day they will wake up and they won't have a job! Their FREEDOM will be gone along with ours!Radical people are running our country. Look who picked these people!

    3. Bill P says:

      It is scary to think about the people Obama seems to be listening to as his advisors. I feel like I am reliving the 60s and 70s. The only difference now is that I will participate against this radicalism!!!!!

      The "Silent Majority" doesn't seem to be so quiet anymore. I find that sooo exciting and great for America!!!!

      Elections and Supreme Court appointments really do matter.

      And technology is the tool that will allow truth to flood the country. I find it hard to believe this nut will succeed, but it is scarey isn't'it.

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    5. Brant, Suffolk Virgi says:

      What the moron's in DC don't get is that talk radio, Rush, Glen, Sean, Bork and all the others ARE the balance. If it wasn't for them we would only get the biased messages from the Main Stream Media. We are in a struggle for the basic truth's. OB said in one of his long winded speeches that "managing knowledge" is part of his agenda. Get involved or get run over.

    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      I could not here one word. But one thing is clear, Obama does not want the truth to be known as he is unaccepting of it and therefore will not let freedom of speech exist. He and his cohorts are a danger to everything American.

      If you can't handle freedom and power to the people Mr. president, BE A MAN AND STEP DOWN!

    7. Roscoe Wallace Jr. says:

      It seems we've sacrificed common sense in search of good government, and the old addige remains true, Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. God save us all.

    8. TGOTCB says:

      Brant is spot on. While I do not agree with everything Rush, Glen, Sean, et al have to say, they do present another perspective that the mainstream media will not portray. They are forcing people to look at the facts like never before. But be assured that BHO intends to silence them to the greatest extent possible. And he also intends to take guns away from law abidng citizens.

      He is the most devisive politician of our lifetime. And many of those who voted for him are starting to smell the coffee. Unemployment will worsen and inflation will kick in. Until then, too many people when get their marching orders from CNN.

    9. Roy W, Westerville, says:

      Fortunately, we live in a High Technology Age where we have lots of Communications tools to fight this type of takeover by the Obama Administration and his Czars. As Judge Andrew Napolitano said at the recent Liber-TEA party in Columbus, "The camera is the new gun." We need to continually expose these people to the light of day in order to make the cockroaches run. krosevideo.blip.tv.

    10. Pat E.M. Beaver Fall says:

      What I don't understand is how this man was elected in the first place. I read everything I could get my hands on while he was running for office and everything I read scared me.Obama is trying to over throe the government and take over as dictator. Pleas, people stand up and be heard. Stand up for the freedoms we have always had.

    11. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      Everyone, we need to become very vocal. Recently, the left has tried to silence Glen Beck by having his advertising cancelled. We need to fight fire with fire. Each of us needs to write, call and email any sponsors who knuckle under to the leftist tactics and let them know that their either with us or against us. We also need to communicated clearly with sponsors of ABC, NBC, CBS, etc and inform them that we will no longer do business with their companies if they continue to sponsor biassed media. Money talks.

    12. The Gabber, Elyria, says:

      This is just the beginning of shutting down our liberties and silencing all opposition to this radical group of thugs in Washington. We can't stop fighting this kind of oppression! Keep those emails, phone calls, town halls and tea parties going folks! (visit my blog at http://conservativegabfest.blogspot.com

    13. Tim AZ says:

      Looks like we are going to need to return Joseph McCarthy's policy of leave no communist behind when America takes back her government. I think we should have a two bronze's made of him and place one in the House And one in the Senate as a reminder of his awsome dedication to preserving the Constitution of The United States Of America. Of course those who would be offended would be free to leave the country and live under the dictator of their choice at their own expense of course.

    14. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Hey Brant, you are of course right, but fair and balanced to us isn't the same for them. Fair and balanced to them is a complete dilution of our economy, the end of the middle and upper middle classes and them looking down at us.

      I never thought I'd see the day where honest, productive, hard working and law abiding Americans would be the targets of our government.

      Fairness to them is that the majority of Americans settle into to pretty much the same economic status. The private sector will have opportunities to make a little more but not much more than those in government jobs. It has already taken place in the middle class where government employees with their pensions and lifetime health care make almost twice what their private sector counterparts do.

      When they refer to fairness, they mean fair pay, fair housing, fair profits fair number of kids fair health care.

      As for fair news, to them it's not fair that Glen, Rush, Sean, Bill, Michael, etc have such popular shows. In the words of the left, "as it relates to talk radio, the free market doesn't work because we on the progressive side don't listen to talk radio so it's not fair".

      Their solution then is to limit the amount of time the above guys are on the air and ultimately what they say.

      Controlling the air waves is an important step for them in their overall plan. In Obama's own words, "people get all ginned up on right wing talk radio"…

      He's right we do. Thank god for talk radio and TV and the internet.

      We all have to stay involved.

    15. Jon Weiss, KY says:

      Screw the FCC, and Obama & Co.

      I will continue to say what I want, when and where I wish.

      The Czars of all kinds are un-Constitutional and in the case of this clown, racist.

      The sooner Obama and his crooked minions are resigned to the scrap heap of history, where they so rightly belong.

    16. Martin/Georgia says:

      The Congress will not be sorry, nor will any left wing Czar or cabinet member. It will take more than the people's current efforts to stop this erosion of our rights. The left is so intrenched.

      I believe they are already scheming to throw the 2010 election. Look at the money Acorn and Americorp are getting. It will take a loss of a major city to rid our country of these parasites.

    17. Anita Chateau Califo says:

      People we need to wake up! We need to speak out! We need to to BOYCOTT all the sponsors who dropped Glenn Beck. It's time to speak out America before it's too late.

    18. Dennis, Sheffield Oh says:

      This is the most troubling of times. We cannot and must not sit by idly and watch this happen. We all must act now to stop this madness.

    19. Bill, Malta, Oh says:

      There is a sinister note to all the obama administration's drive to control OUR airwaves. This new czar proposes in a thinly-veiled manner to reinstate the so-called "fairness" doctrine. Yes, it will fail, but those radio programs and their stations will then go crawling to the government for "bailout" money because without it, they will claim, they will go bankrupt a-la GM and others. To save the "diversity" on the airwaves, the obama administration will give these failed stations the money to save them, thus becoming the owners and managers of these stations. In the same way GM is now a government-owned and run company, these stations will be required by the government to air only what it spawns and approves. That's the sinister nature of what this new czar proposes. Make no mistake, this is clearly a government-sponsored takeover of OUR airwaves, thus officially creating a totally-own and controlled propaganda tool for obama and his thugs, including the democrats who are today looking the other way and thus allowing this takeover to occur. Instead of investigating why and how these czars are being allowed to be introduced into our government with consumate power, answering to no one, accountable only to the white house, and yet being paid by the U.S. taxpayers, the democrats turn a blind eye to all this illegality in hopes of permanently turning this country into a totalitarian state. First the media is taken over. Next will be all our guns, ostensibly protected by the Second Amendment, but vehemently opposed by obama, holder, and their ilk. Once those two barriers are removed, those in current power have no further obstacles to overcome in their marxist march to absolute power and control over this country, its people, its military forces, and its entire spectrum of resources. Sounds pretty extreme, doesn't it? Well, if you study history, you'll see that this is precisely how the nazis, and the communists have taken control of Russia, N. Korea, Vietnam, and most of South America. If you keep your blinders on, soon you'll see nothing, while your freedoms are slowly but inexoribly eroded until they are absolutely gone. We simply cannot allow this to happen. You'd best be bombarding every senator, representative, newspaper, news source, friends, family, and even strangers you meet on the street and alert them to what's happening in this country! Just do it with facts, truth, and calmness lest the obama thugs come and label you insane, anti-American, trouble-makers, or worse. His thugs may even come to your home, threaten you, your family, and your friends with physical mayhem if you're not smart and if you don't protect yourself in an intelligent manner. It's already happening, so don't be naive and think it can't happen to you. It can! Question authority in government today – do it with truth and honesty, and with fearlessness. There are many, many people who will support you. Join in this effort NOW! Before it's too late!

    20. Bill, Malta, Oh says:

      There are reasons these "czars" are called czars. The word comes from Russia, a communist country. It means absolute power over their individual domains. The name was not coined randomly. It means what it says. That's why the obama administration is now insisting that they NOT be called "czars", but something, ANYTHING, else. They don't want you to associate the term with the communist Russian regime. Make no mistake! Russia and China and all the other communist states always have been, are now, and always will be our enemies. The are diametrically opposed to democracy. obama knows this, and is making every effort to disguise his personal beliefs and efforts to turn this country into a totalitarian government by his actions and selection of people who are avowed communists and/or marxists. Look at each czar's history and protestations. You'll easily see how they intend to change this country into their idea of Utopia, and fond dream of Karl Marx. You can see from history that people who are living in "utopian" countries like Russia, China, and North Korea are certainly not able to exercise the freedoms we enjoy in this country. If we want those freedoms to remain for us, all of us had better get off our duffs and do something to stop the march of this administration toward turning this country into a "banana republic" ala Hugo Chavez's "utopia"!

    21. joan, connecticut says:

      The chief diversity officers job, is to kill public radio by imposing a heavy burden on them that they will be unable to meet forcing them to shut down. He, is proposing that they give a sum equal to their yearly operating cost, to public radio. This is insane, no business would be able to survive and the new "diversity" FCC head knows it. He intends, to have government run radio, and possibly TV stations. Are we in Cuba or China? Wake up America, we are losing our first AMENDMENT RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH. Please write to your Washington senators and representatives before it is too late. My House and Senate representatives, in Connecticut are administration patsy's and go along with the democratic party, on nearly every issue, except when they are up for re-election, then they make a feeble attempt to show they are for the people.It's worked for them in the past, we can only hope it won't work the next time they run.

    22. Pat/California says:

      I agree with what most of the responders have said.

      However, I am concerned that Senator Rockfeller's proposed bill, Cyber Security Act of 2009, will, in fact, take away the ability of anyone in this country speaking out. If passed, the President, without process and review, will be able to take control of personal computers and networks.

      I am deathly afraid that this running rough shod over our Constitutional Rights is going to lead to something that none of us are prepared for: even higher unemployment, inflation, discontentment to the point of revolution.

    23. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Americans cannot trust in a Dictator who has thirty tzars answerable only to him, running the majority of the money spending businesses in this Nation.

      Free speech is a Right guaranteed in the Constitution, however, as our Declaration of Independence states, "We reserve the right to remove any tyranny from our governments, and our lands, and replace them with people who represent the will of the People of the United States of America.


    24. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      One the things these people are good at is making themselves look bigger in numbers than we are.

      They are not. Don't get me wrong they have the power, for now.

      If we organize our friends and family we have more than enough votes and they will be gone.

      Their numbers are falling.

      Be vigilant.

    25. Violet,Nazareth,Pa. says:

      Talking about Chavez,this is connected.

      Recall the recent Black Panther Goons who threated the voters,

      That head that the justice department wouldn`t allow to be brought to trial,when it was adjudged to be the worst case ever in violation of free speech,but Holder wouldn`t allow them to be prosecuted,?

      Well, that head of the Black Panther is the one,Shimmir Shabazz who also was involved with Farraquin and the Million man march the other year.threatening people the night before not to say anything about their reason for coming except to support Farraquin.

      He is also Hugo Chavez`s right hand man in Venezuala

      Now WHY would Holder give him a free pass,if Obama was not involved in this?

    26. Steve/Florida says:

      Does this mean that CBS, NBC and ABC, not to mention Public Radio International will have to comply and run the diverse views of conservatives? I don't think so. Were it not for talk radio, I would only have one side of the story — the liberal side. I'm still waiting for the mainstream media to tell me what is in the health care bill and I know I'll always be waiting. Thank God for talk radio, FOX News and the Heritage Foundation!

    27. Maretta, Idaho says:

      Pat, in California:

      Revolution is the word. The line has been drawn. Which side of the line are the American people on? We all need to know the number, and who they are. There are things we can all do. There are many action groups doing their part besides the tea parties, that was the beginning. Where can you go to be counted as a patriot? Join the 912 Coalition, which is in process to identify all members of these groups and bring them all together online. To join.. .www.join912.org…then join your state 912 coalition. There is a way to replace those in Washinton D.C this coming election (2010)… go to
      http://www.goooh.com…check it out, talk about it, roll it about, these people might have something. This would be a peaceful revolution. But let us be involved and not just talk about these situations confronting us.


    28. Bill San Antonio TX says:

      I wonder if the ACLU will help out?

      In light of the turnabout with the "re-investigations" of the CIA, count on the fairness doctrine being pursued.


      Why is it that the radical liberal left do not have the following of conservative talk radio? Because their Saul Alinsky radical thinking is in fact a minority view in this country, yet, the Democrats GIVE THEM the bully pulpit and power. Most Americans are at least somewhat conservative on some issue. The leftover 60s-types in the Bay Area and NE which control the media just cannot admit that most Americans will not accept a socialist society – so now they are forcing it on us, and quickly.

    29. J R--- Cleveland TN says:

      The Obama people are clear that they believe in "Change". The American People have been too trusting. The American people need to realize that when they elected OBama they seem to have elected a "RADICAL",,, A wolf in Sheep's clothing. The change envisioned is a total "REVOLUTION" WHICH IS TO CULMINATE IN A DICTORIAL GOVERNMENT BASED ON COMMUNIST PRINCIPLES. Can they be stopped? Only if the American people wake up and act before its too late. WHAT ACTION? Someone wiser than me would have to tell us. All I can do is look at our History when our country faced taxation without representation or the destruction of our Union. Freedom is never free.

      MANY of the president's appointees talk talk which is contrary to the principles of this country. They do not want this known yet. Clearly that talk shows they do not respect the Constitution and therefore do not expect established LAW to be a hindrance to them. Remember that a majority of OBAMA's associations before his election were Radicals who believed that the existing Government was evil and had to be ( changed) taken down ,no matter what methods it required.

      America is facing a terrible day. A day which the Obama people seem to be prepared to initiate and rush into reality.Our FREEDOMS are to be taken from us in the guise of stability and safety. The country is almost at the breaking point. Today they are talking about shutting down the INTERNET. THAT IS WHAT COMMUNIST CHINA DOES TO MAINTAIN CONTROL OF ITS MILLIONS OF SLAVES. (No information gets out on the Internet as to the evil actions it is taking against its own citizens.)THE PRESIDENT HAS THE MILITARY AND IS ASKING FOR AN ADDITIONAL ARMY OF 600,000 CIVILIAN ARMED AND TRAINED. What For ? Guess?

    30. Mark/Carolina says:

      Take away our free speech, radio, internet, electricity, gasoline, air conditioning, soda, meat, french fries, etc, etc…wow! What a country!

      I mean, you know, like, everybody is special, you know, like everybody should be able to, like, exercise their liberty, like, you know, like do what they want to do.

      Wake up, America. There is still time, but not much.

      Executive Branch: you work for us.

      Legislative Branch: you work for us.

      Judicial Branch: you work for us.

    31. Claude Cornell says:

      The problem is, Obama is positioning the Czars to step in and take the power away from Congress so that if the Republicans are voted in it won't make a difference. He is working to neuter the legislative branch and then when he appoints another Justice or two to the Supreme Court then

      all power will be in the White House. But I think

      the Conservatives and Independents are figuring to fix this situation through the ballot box, but

      the radicals that Obama is gathering together will

      not have any problem with using violence and intimidation to reach their goals. We will find out if that is true next year.

    32. Bobbie Jay says:

      I did hear it this time. Hey ignorance in government, if the people want diversity they'll make it for themselves. We don't need YOU holding our hands or taking our freedom.

      The one thing you get in freedom of speech that you don't get from government is truth and honesty. Thanks to the balance of talk radio and fox news and our own observations, this is our only source of truth and we are forced victims of another terror.

      What a demented group who's focus of demeaning humanity, to need anything government organizing any of the people. Community organizer. It's a waste and an insult! Get rid of these pathetic programs of special interests that interfere with the responsibilities of freedom and independence. Keep strong and maintain civil law.

    33. Bobbie Jay says:

      And Heritage, of course is a source of truth.

      Isn't that funny, the few sources of truth, the government wants to kill. So they start at the root. Freedom of speech.

    34. judy says:

      I believe Obama, is putting people in place. And when the time is right(He Will Strike)

      Remember 9-11,they where here in our country,going to school,work,living right here with us.

      And when the time was right!(They Struck)I hope I'm wrong about this..but I have a bad feeling. You know that feeling you just can't shack. Obama is doing things, that just don't add up!

      Has any president in history tried to shut down radio and news that did not agree with him? I ask you!

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    37. Elaine/Georgia says:

      Now is the time for all conservative men – and women – to come to the aid of their country.

      The original "Tea Party" in a harbor is a memorable testament to law-abiding protest to threats to our independence. And now the threat of government seizure and control of free speech on radio and in other media – Constitutionally protected in America – has been quietly "floated" in Washington.

      Congressional leaders would be wise to cultivate a sincere enjoyment of tea, and a respectful appreciation of "Astroturf."

    38. Buffoon says:

      @ Tim in Bellevue:

      Methinks you give the populace way too much credit…


    39. Angie/WA says:

      We know that conservative talk radio will be heavily attacked & we owe it to ourselves to do all that is possible to stop it. But my take generally is that all our sources of news will be compromised in the event of an emergency executive order (which could be any thing – swine flu, cyber-attack) computers & networks, all television, radio, cellular & landline phone service ….

      Rockefeller is the sponsor of S.773 and I saw him on you-tube some time ago stating that the internet should never have been permitted in private sector.

    40. Ron / Seattle says:

      The people are starting to wake up after only 7 months just think of the revolution we'll be having in 2 years.

    41. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Now, if this tax is really what it's being called, a "Licensing Fee", equal to one year's "operating expense", then it's also an operating expense and must be added to that! How's that supposed to work? What part of the "Gaussian Progression" did I miss, or misunderstand ?!

      BTW, "diversity", like so many things, is in the eye of the beholder, often a matter of degree. How does anybody propose to define, implement, or enforce it?!

      Also BTW, wouldn't that force this "New Emperor of Diversity" to require all PB channels from time to time to run stupid, raucous, debased, even lewd and downright "filthy" shows, in the "interest of diversity"? After all, such as myself out here, who "just love swill and slime", have also "paid into the system". We, too, "have rights, you know"?! We don't? Oh!

      Or is, once again, somebody from this administration "just doing the best he can from the 'richness of their experience'" ?!

      After all, the "Fairness Doctrine" is already a violation of individual constitutional rights, unfortunately of long standing. Instead of ditching it, they're adding another! When will somebody point out to these morons that you can't make things fairer by adding unfairness ?!?

    42. cbell says:

      As Ezra Taft Benson said in his book, "The Constitution, a Heavenly Banner" (copyright 1986): "Momentum is gathering for another conflict–a repetition of the crisis of 200 years ago. Another monumental moment is soon to be born. The issue is–will men be free to determine their own course of action of must they be coerced?" He also mentioned that we were fast approaching the moment foretold: "Even this nation will be on the very verge of crumbling to pieces and tumbling to the gournd, when the Constituiton is upon the brink of ruin." However, good people who value freedom shall "bear the Constitution away from the very verge of destruction". I have hope that freedom- loving Americans will come forward and fight for their freedoms and the rights for which our forefathers fought and died.

    43. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      The Democrats have control of the House and Senate , so forget impeachment. The only reason the "diversity czar" hasn't curtailed free speech is because the is no current "crisis" they can use as an excuse. They'll wait until just before the 2010 elections, see which way the polls are going and then "create-a-crisis Holder" will go to work with some ACORN based riots in Chicago or LA and "poof the magic dragon" martial law. Or some like version of the above. I asked a National Guardsman if he had been asked if he would fire on American Citizens if ordered. He said, with a smile,sure, the first dumb ass officer who orders me to shoot American citizens is the one I'll shoot" God Bless HIM.!!!! All you have to do is look closely at the people he has around him in positions of power. This country is headed for a civil war, pity is, no one will really understand how it got started. DIVERSITY CZAR, BS.

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    45. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Barach Obama appoints Mark Lloyd to be a "Diversity Czar" within the FCC. Why do we need such a "Czar"?Is his goal to bring more communists into the government?

      We know that he wants to eliminate conservative talk radio shows and news networks, like Fox, if in fact there are any others like Fox, which are critical of Mr. Obama or his policies. He blames corporate interests in Venezula for contolling the media and almost preventing the "incredible revolution" there. He is opposed to any private ownership of the media. He has proposed taxing

      private media at 100% of their operating expenses which would be turned over to "minority interests", and if they can't afford to pay this outrageous tax, they would lose their license to broadcast.

      Taking over total control of America's media in the name of competition? I guess Mr. Obama feels the same way about health care.

      We need to take a close look at the background and the writings of Mr. Mark Lloyd, he is Obama's man in the FCC and he answers to no one but Obama.

      Recently it was reported that the is a bill pending in Congress that would give the President the authority to seize control of the Internet in times of "national emergency". And today, it was announced that Mr. Obama intends to make a speech to all school children in the U.S. — in their class rooms. He is planting "seed corn", showing all the kids what a nice guy he is, who shouldn't be feared. I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I'm picking up a definite pattern here. He's attempting to do the same thing Bill (the bomber) Ayers is doing, spreading the message of the left, through our educators and our schools. This is something that both Obama and Ayers learned in Saul Alinsky's book, Rules For Radicles".

      This power grab is not as apparent as the take over of the banks, the auto companies and the attempted takeover of health care. But make no mistake, his attempt to control communications and the media as a means to stifle criticism and dissent is even more insideous and dangerous to our freedom than anything he has done so far.

      We need to shine the light of day on all of Mr. Obama's czars. We need to know something about these people and what they are doing and what they are proposing. I, for one, am glad that Glen Beck has brought some of Mark Lloyd's background to light. From the little I've heard, I don't like him at all and certainly don't want him in a position to exert any control over the FCC.

      This man, Mr. Obama, has 36 of these people in key positions, they don't answer to Congress and have tremendous influence and power, and we have no idea of what they are doing.

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