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  • Townhall Stand Tall: Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK)

    Oklahoma’s lone Democratic Congressman, Dan Boren, opposes any law that leads to a government-run health care system. Moreover, should a health bill pass he pledges to join that plan, even if the plan for federal lawmakers is a better one.

    For his stance on the health care debate he was rewarded at a recent townhall event with applause. So was Kelly Glass who summed up much of the sentiment consuming townhall protesters this month:

    I feel like a caged animal now. My freedom is going away and I have to go to all these town hall meetings and take off work and fight for my freedoms. You guys are up there in Washington talking and talking and talking and nothing is getting done.


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    12 Responses to Townhall Stand Tall: Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK)

    1. JIm says:

      There it is.

    2. Linda in TEXAS says:

      If I read this right, he opposes a government run

      healthcare, BUT will support one if it is passed??? How is this helping anything? How is that helping the people he was elected to SERVE in their best interests? This is definitely NOT in anyones best interest except obama's! This party thing has gone way out of control. Party should be secondary to the needs and wants of THE PEOPLE. I am an independent in every aspect of the word and it's meaning. I believe that should be how each elected offical should be, INDEPENDENT of party "control". It is as though these people we elect, check their morals, character, and conscience at the door of the halls of congress before they go in to legislate in OUR best interests. It is like they fall into a rabbit hole as did Alice in Wonderland!

    3. No, he will join the plan should a bill pass. he wont support a govt run option at any point.

    4. Daryl Martinez, Fort says:

      yeah …that sounds like him. Wishy washy leadership. If that is the case, why is he not a voice against this socialist throat ramming instead of the DC, status quo, get in line representation we are stuck with…for now!

      Vote out the incumbents…all of them!!!

    5. Jill, California says:

      Members of Congress shouldn't have any choice about their healthcare coverage. As long as taxpayers are paying for their healthcare coverage, taxpayers should determine what plans they get and what care is provided.

      After all, that's the way it works for us. Our employers determine what plans to make available. Our employers determine how much coverage to pay for. Well, who employs Congress? The taxpayers.

      We can make a worthwhile dent in the federal deficit by scaling back on the healthcare coverage provided to government employees, Congress included. Why should they get the "gold standard" in healthcare when we can't afford that for ourselves?

      The same goes for retirement benefits. Why should we pay for government employees to get better retirement benefits than the rest of us can get?

      On this point, Obama is right. It's time to "redistribute the wealth" in this country. Let government employees receive no better than the middle class gets.

    6. Bernard Libertore says:

      God Bless Dan Boron. I was beginnig to think that all Democrats had lost all reason!!

    7. Dana Lafaye says:

      Change under Barack Hussein Obama:








      Thanks for nothing!!!

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    9. Jerry from Chicago says:

      This feedback from the people of America is just exactly what Mr. Obama and his supporters feared. That's why they tried their best to ram this down our throats and pass it before the Congressional recess in August.

      Mr. Obama and his supporters are still in campaign mode, trying to sell us on the idea that the vast majority of Americans want his government run national health care plan. He and his supporters continually mock, denigrate and insult the people who show up at these townhall meetings because they get loud in support of those who are against the attempted government takeover. They acuse audience members of being trouble makers, hired by wealthy "right-wing" organizations. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.

      Talk to some of the local folks who tried to gain entry to the townhall meeting put on by Mr. Obama in Bozeman, Montana recently. There were many venues available that could hold several thousand people, but the venue selected held only a few hundred. Hundreds of locals who wanted to be heard were not even allowed in the meeting hall.

      There were SEIU members there, reportedly young and burly "bouncer" types that attempted to intimidate the crowd who were there in opposition to Mr. Obama and his policies, trying to provoke a violent incident. Many of those who tried to gain entry and some who did gain entry remarked at how "staged" the whole event was.

      Mr. Obama, his chief of staff and Ms. Pelosi will resort to any means to get what they want, whether it takes goons, thugs, politicians, lies, scare tactics, bribes and charm. This is the "Chicago Way". How are you liking it?

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    11. Sherri Stone, Clarem says:

      Dan Boren is not standing up for Oklahoma’s 2nd District. Dan Boren’s only concern is his re-election. Back in early June the congressman has an op-ed piece on his web site discussing why we needed health care reform. Congressman Boren initially refused to schedule town hall meetings. When his constituents demanded the Dan Boren schedule town hall meeting, they were scheduled for one day only during normal business hours with very short notice. This prevented a lot of people from being able to attend. And let’s not forget Dan Boren first vote was to elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House. HE IS NOT STANDING UP FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN HIMSELF!

    12. markelder texarkana says:

      In the beginning employee provided health care was a perk to keep emplyees due to wage controls after world war IIand then the unions got involved and started holding hostage the corporations and business that employeed great quantities of folks. Politicians started making promises and people were dumbed down in the process by an illiterate school system and bias news media now too many people are confused about the origin of health care. Ever since FDR the socialist have been trying this nationalized health care.

      It would be okay with me if employers were not required to furnish health insurance unless they wanted to it would sure bring down the cost of manufacturing in America and nueter the unions ability to run rough shod over companies. Let people purchase their own health insurance like auto insurance and lets continue to tell the Federal Government that they are out of control and that we will refuse to accept their policies. Vote them all out Except for Michelle Bauchman and a small hand full) I will not comply with any thing the feds try to ram down my throat even if I have to get medical care black market. DOWN WITH THE FEDS!

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